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The kidnapping story continued to unravel this week. Bo spent most of the week sitting in the pub pouting about his fight with Hope. He complained to anyone who would lend him an ear and fueled a remarkable degree of enmity against Justin. Hope hung out at home with her remarkably untraumatized daughter until Dean stopped by to bite his fingernails and act concerned. His nerves soon turned to be his undoing. As he anxiously played with his lighter, Ciara recognized the sound and tipped her mom off that he was the kidnapper. She tried to play it cool but Hope is even worse at lying than she is at police work. Dean cornered them and threatened them. Justin dropped by and Dean let Hope stick her head out to tell him she was busy cooking and couldn’t be disturbed. He jumped through the door and tackled Dean, who promptly shot him in a tussle. Then Dean tussled with Hope. Ciara stood around and watched like it was a bad cartoon. Wounded Justin called Bo, who ran over with reinforcements and arrested Dean. That’s a lot of action, but it didn’t feel that way and there were holes in the way most of it played out. As usual, Hope seemed like a flake, Bo came off as an arrogant jerk, Dean was another in the show’s list of random psychos and Ciara seemed bored stupid. It sounds harsh. It was. And yet, there was something humorous about it, even though it might not have been intentional. This was, I suspect, because the writers didn’t seem to particularly care about, or believe in, this story. It’s merely an expedient way to get to something else. Again, it seems like this little farce has been a way to set the stage for Carly’s return.

Victor was fatherly all week and all it took for his sons to gain his affection was one nearly ruining their marriage while the other appeared in a porn movie. Victor’s already had one porn star in the family, so another couldn’t hurt. Philip and Melanie’s special video was seen all over Salem within minutes, from the mansions to the hospital wards, which leads one to believe that the town has some serious porn addiction problems. Steph was slightly more crushed than usual, even if her hair looked fluffier than usual. Nate was Nate. Mel wept profusely. Philip blamed her and then apologized for blaming her. Steph dumped him (again). It didn’t feel like anything dramatic happened, although it should have, but a few of the scenes were shot with framing and pacing strangely reminiscent of the show in the 80s, even if the feeling still wasn’t there. Brady and Ari are the ones who had the video taken off the internet. Ari seemed shocked by how threatening and violent Brady could be with the sleazy motel clerk/porn producer. But her look of terror soon turned to a pout. Victor found out all about her drug dealing operation and ordered her to steer clear of his grandson. She couldn’t refuse. She seemed crushed, maybe too much, and didn’t want to talk about it.It was then revealed that she happens to be working undercover for Roman.

Meanwhile, Chad tried to dig into Mia’s life. Maggie kept stopping him and soon became his confidante of sorts. Will decided (again) that Mia isn’t trustworthy. Mia decided (again) that Nicole is, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. This act of faith happened after she caught Nicole creeping into Maggie’s to steal the mail. Baby in hand, Nicole managed to rush around town and grab both of the letters Dr. Dick had sent out. She told Mia it was just an old restraining order she meant to cancel and she flushed Sami’s down the toilet. Rafe tried barging in to catch her but he was too late. After finding out from the nuns about ‘Mary’ aka Nicole, he followed her to the mansion and then pulled her over to the convent to talk to Sister Theresa. Stefano got to her ahead of time and had the nun sent out of the country. EJ was snarky to Sami in the park, but none too pleased to learn that she had been babysitting his daughter and hanging out with Nicole. Beyond that, he was still pretty clueless, but he did use his inside voice when he was outside berating Sami this time.

Anyway, now on to what you can expect to see next week should you allow yourself to spend some time in the magical mystery world of Salem with its enchanting waterfront alleys, drug dealer filled parks, random perverts, incompetent police force and porn addled medical staff. Of course, if you’d rather not know what is coming, please avert your gaze and enjoy a pleasant weekend. After his persistent badgering, Nicole decides it’s time to take the next step with Rafe. She takes out a restraining order against him. Will that be enough to work, or will he misinterpret this as the Salem version of flirting? She also taps Brady on the shoulder to help watch her back but Mia may be accidentally spilling their secrets as they speak. Mousy Mia decides to come clean with Will, but will this be the whole truth this time? Meanwhile, Nate seems to have forgiven Melanie’s transgressions and they team up once again to help Daniel help Chloe. She continues to return to consciousness after receiving another dose of medicine, but they wind up in jail. While they are doing some prison bonding, Kate is pulling out all of the stops to keep herself out of the slammer. She turns to Stefano and asks for his help. He reminds her that he asked her for something awhile ago too…

Lines of the week:

Victor: If the front wheel of a bicycle is stolen in this town I know about it.

Arianna: We had sex and it was great but… sometimes you only have to experience it once.
Brady: And now you have experienced me and us, you are done with it now?
Arianna: Exactly.

Melanie: (to Philip) I didn’t know your breakup had an expiration date.

Brady: (to Mel) He took advantage of you and you wound up in a sleazy video on the internet. (Turning to Philip) Were you too cheap to pay for a good motel?

Philip: So after years of seeking your approval this is the way I finally get it… by winding up in an internet porno?

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