The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Summary For September 21 – 25!

Stephanie had a stroke and Justin learned he was a father.

After a couple of days of strange behavior, such as slurring her words, forgetting what she was saying and making overly impassioned speeches, Stephanie fell to the ground in front of Steffy. Steffy called 911 and once she was rushed to the hospital, Stephanie learned, but tried to deny, that she suffered a mini stroke. Steffy urged her grandmother to listen to the doctor and Stephanie agreed, only if Steffy promised to keep her diagnosis a secret from the family.

Stephanie went back to work after her trip to the hospital, where, in front of Whip, Nick, Bridget and Pam, she had trouble speaking and seeing. She shooed everyone out of her office and discovered she could barely hold a pen and couldn’t sign the contracts Whip needed from her. Pam later returned to Stephanie’s office and discovered her looking online for symptoms of a stroke. Pam was upset and wanted to help, but Stephanie continued to deny there was anything wrong with her. Pam asked her to sign the contracts for Whip and when Stephanie couldn’t, she broke down in her consoling sister’s arms.

Despite Donna’s insistence he was not Marcus’ father, Justin believed he was. After learning Marcus’ birthday was just months after he and Donna broke up, Justin was convinced and confronted Donna one last time, where she eventually confessed it was true.

Justin understood why Donna kept Marcus a secret from him and then learned Eric wanted to adopt him and that Marcus didn’t want to meet him. He kissed her as he expressed how happy he was to have a son in any circumstance. As they embraced, Marcus walked in and made the connection, asking if Justin was his father.

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