The Young and The Restless’ Tammin Sursok Leaving!

Not really a shock…

Given the current storyline, we all figured as much that The Young and the Restless actress Tammin Sursok (Colleen Carlton) would be leaving the show in the very near future, given her character is brain dead and in a coma. Now it’s official…

Soap Opera Fan Blog wants to wish the actress our very best, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted with a final air date.

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  2. From monty bowen

    Why did the writers have to kill her off, her and JT would have made a great story line, but no had to kill her off for no reason, i guess writers likes screwing up.

  3. From Tina Adams

    I am so disappointed that Colleen is being killed off when there are so many others that would have been more appropriate. How about Victor or Jack and certainly Mary Jane Benson could have been taken out. How about that psycho Adam or the whiny Ashley Abbot, Gloria, Jeffrey or Deacon?! Come on you guys-how about a little creativity.

  4. From Ashley

    I know i felt the same way!

  5. From Kathi

    I hate to see her go, but without a real storyline…

  6. From jo ann lombard

    shoot the writers, they are getting rid of all the good actors and keeping,people like adam,,,,with no storyline to his role. your writers need a lifeline
    bad.. I can help save the show the viewers are getting tried… what happened to working with the best and leave the rest….. you need to save Colleen,to save your viewers… next you will be getting rid of Jack and Ashley…
    There are millions of loyal viewers who feel the same way I do.
    Call me I can help…..

    Jo Ann Abram


    I don’t think we should have killed off Colleen, and I know Victor cannot die, how about Victor having amnesia after surgery, we can drag that out?? He doesn’t know either Nicki or Ashley??

  8. From Bre

    I’m glad to see Colleen go because her acting is terrible. Please pull the plug on Abby next.

  9. From CRISSY

    thats miss up with out a fair warning

  10. From James

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  11. From Kelly B

    It would have been nice to see something renewed with Colleen and JT, but what do you do? I wish the actress the best, but I do wish the soap would quit dragging this all out. Are they totally out of ideas?

  12. From Julie

    Please don’t kill Colleen. This story has been getting to depressing. Can’t a miracle happen when they ‘unplug’ her? I think this show really needs something uplifting for a change! Keep Colleen!!!

  13. From haley la

    wow maybe the writer needs a cut in pay to wake up!!! Keep up the good work just keep on writing that show off the air.

  14. From sonia

    I’m sorry to see her go, but I saw it coming, after they got rid of brad, they should have kept them and got rid of adam or sent ashley back to the bold and the beautiful. they make me sick with trying to make her like Pathetic,useless, weak, sad. Get a grip you dont wnat to turn out like ‘GUILDING LIGHT.

  15. From heidi

    Please don’t write off Colleen. Pulling the plug, and having JT and her reunite, they deserve to be with each other. Especially after that bitch Victoria cheated on JT with Deacon. Come on writers, show us true love and miracles, happen, even if it’s just with a pen and scripts and storylines!

  16. From avid restless watcher

    i was very sad to see someone killing off a young woman in this way, it would be nice to see some good writing, as a writer i do appreciate the birth and death story lines at the same time as well as the other parallel lines, it is good writing but id really like to see some adventurous writing a little more upbeat and a little less dragging out one gets bored when it is drug out, when you do that it makes it less believable and we start not giving a crap about it. best wishes to the actor leaving, bring carlton back.

  17. From Suzanne

    Y&R definitely needs regrouping and new writers. Story lines are really bad some so repetitive with Ashley. The first character who played Adam did the right thing…QUIT.

    Colleen, I agree would have been a good story line with JT.

  18. From Wendy

    Colleen dying? Not a good move. Writers get a grip. WAKE COLLEEN UP!! So Tracy gets no generation to continue. Collen and JT should reunite. Here are some ideas..Collen wake up – Victor gets Adam’s heart. Dr. Taylor tells all Adam’s secrets. Or Victor gets Deacon’s heart..some how. Why not get rid of Summer Newman – she has not role and Phyllis has a child. Why do yall always beat on the character Tracy? Is this why she was created. Use any of these ideas make something happens and wake up and WRITE !!!!

  19. From Lesley

    I loved Colleen! The others are right…I fastforward through the stupid storyline with Daniel and Amber and Deacon… STUPID! The baby switch is just more than I can bare. If Tammin left on her own, that’s one thing, but for her to leave over the horrible acting of Abby and Adam and the stupid Daniel storyline is just too much! I have always loved Y&R, but this is really getting rediculous. Y&R producers: get new writers! Listen to the fans!

  20. From Vince

    I’ve been watching Y & R for about 20 years. I think by far it’s the best soap opera to date, but I do confer with some of the other blogs that the writers are having some “writers block” and need some fresh blood for not just this show, but for their cousin show, “The Bold & The Beautiful” There are way too many yo yo (relationships) events going on that are annoying the shit out of me and pushing me away from watching at times. Tammin is a very talented girl and sad to see her go, but I’m sure she wants to purue the movie industry and her music, since she has some extra coals in the fire already. I would LOVE to assist in writing these two shows, since I would bring some fresh and exciting ideas, helping to keep this two shows on top, but really, who is listening anyway except for the fans. Thanks for reading.

  21. From Margaret

    I have been watching Y&R since it very first aired. The writers are so lame!! Get some new blood on the writing staff, before this soap goes down the toilet. It is heading down now. I can already hear the toilet flushing now. Get a decent story-line!!! Pu-leeeze!!!!

  22. From Michelle Warren

    Im glad she left her acting is terrible and she is not pretty like the other Colleen.

  23. From mary mcclaine

    me and my baby sister barbie watch young and the restless every day why did they get rid of collen so fast. bring her back whats the new address. so we keep up with her coming and going please leave us the address.

  24. From ashley p

    I really love watching tammin sursok on the y&r and i loved her…i was so freaking sad when she left….the writer need some help writing maybe i could help because if it was up to me colleen would have stayed on the show…and her and jt….would have gotton back together again…..because victoria sometimes dont play a good wife and i like the old victoria better…sorry…but i did….i wish you the best tammin….in the future

  25. From Vince Lombardi Trivia

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  26. From lifeline

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  27. From shaye sivils

    wow guys reallY I know she died a long time ago, it was so horrile but see all the questions yall ask? hmm shows its not that boring huh? and adem gives the show spice, makes it exciting as does mary jane. I love this show so dont put it down!

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