The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary For September 21 – September 25!

Colleen’s family received devastating news, Nikki resurfaced, Amber posed as Gloria, and Jill and Kay confessed their feelings…

After shooting Victor three times, Patty ran off, but later, with Paul’s guidance, turned herself in, as Jack admitted that Victor jumped into the line of fire to protect him! Ashley packed up to leave Victor for good, but Billy arrived with news of Victor’s shooting then Ashley had Adam bring her to the hospital, where she appeared suspicious when Paul informed Jack that he was looking for Nikki.

Before Victor was taken in for surgery, he admitted to Vikki and Nick that he still loved Nikki! Afterward, Adam begged his unconscious father to come back – to see the big finale that Adam had been working up to all of these months – then broke down in tears. Colleen’s family was devastated to learn that she was brain-dead, and Ashley was stunned to hear Victor call out to Nikki! Once Victor woke up, Ashley blamed him for Colleen’s situation and announced she and Abby were leaving the ranch – then Victor started experiencing issues with his heart!

After having taken respite at a spa, Nikki was found by Paul, who explained Victor’s shooting and the fact that Victor had turned his sister Patty into Mary Jane. Paul scolded Nikki for being MIA, but Nikki assured him she sent letters to the ranch – and even received delivery confirmation! Nikki refused to return home, but after calling Nick and hearing news about Victor’s heart she headed back to Genoa City!

When tests proved that no blood was reaching Colleen’s brain, her family struggled, including Lily who arrived at the hospital, with the decision to remove Colleen from life support. Nikki arrived to see Victor, causing Ashley to panic and insist to Jack that she killed her. Ashley finally agreed to be admitted to the psychiatric facility, where Nick filled Sharon in on the situation at the hospital – and never realized that Sharon began to have contractions after he left! Back at the hospital, just as Traci came to terms with taking Colleen off life support, Victor’s family received word that he needed a heart transplant ASAP!

Deacon convinced Gloria to retrieve the painting from Tom’s safety deposit box, but Kevin, Jana, Daniel and Amber, dressed as Gloria, who had clearance to access the box, arrived first, as Gloria appeared on their heels! Though the kids convinced Gloria to go along with them, the bank manager threw them all out – never realizing that Amber had retrieved the rolled-up painting from the safe deposit box!

Jill and Kay continued to butt heads, over money, while Nina became territorial with Chance – in regards to Chloe, and after Kay visited Jill at the nail salon, Jill admitted she lost her fortune – and that she’d missed Kay, who missed Jill too! Kay allowed Jill to give her a manicure then left Jill a check for one hundred thousand dollars!

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