Days of Our Lives Spoilers For November 2-6.

New questions and new romantic possibilities.

The days of Sami being Nicole’s best friend could be coming to a conclusion. When Sami overhears Nicole comforting Mia, will this lead to increased sympathy, or will the pair say something to tip Sami off that things are even more wrong than she suspects. It might not matter since the final secrets of this story are in their last days. Sydney and Chad both give blood for a DNA test to determine if Chad is indeed the child’s father.

After their latest problems, Arianna worries that she has lost Brady permanently. However, it looks like another Salemite will be quickly smitten with her charms. EJ, who has been a bit distracted lately, is soon taken in by her fiery attitude. Could EJ on the rebound be looking for some fun, or might this be a way for him to get his revenge on Brady? Ari could quickly find herself in a dangerous, and lucrative position, if her undercover operation ends up pushing her under the covers with Salem’s drug lord.

Romantic uncertainty looms elsewhere in Salem. If he hasn’t said it enough times, Philip takes a break to advise Melanie that she shouldn’t wait around to figure out what she wants. Could he be what she wants after all, or will the young Kiriakis be disappointed? Meanwhile, Hope questions Victor about Bo and Carly’s checkered history. While they are entertaining themselves with Victor’s interpretation of reality, and maybe a few mullet filled flashbacks, the Feds make one of their rare appearances in town to do something the Salem PD seems incapable of – making an arrest. They grab Carly as she tries to leave. How will Bo be able to help now?

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  1. From Raymone

    Please, please tell me we do not have to live through EJ’s infatuation with Arianna! HE NEEDS TO BE WITH SAMI and Ariana needs to go with Nicole and hope and Kate,,,to some never-never land.

  2. From Precious

    I think Arianna will be “flirting” with EJ to get the goods on the drug operation he was handed by Victor. I think she really cares about Brady. EJ uses women for what he can get…much like his father. NO…Sami and EJ are only bonded by their children…she LOVES RAFE, and the two of them will pair up, much like Marlena and John.
    November 12th IS BABY REVEAL DAY


  3. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    I actually like the idea of putting EJ & Arianna together. Brady should be with Nicole, Sami & Lucas and Philip with Melanie. I can’t believe what a pompous beyotch Hope is being to Bo. He did everything he could to save/protect Ciara. What did Hope do? Just whine and complain all the time. Seriously. She needs professional help and a sandwich! No disrespect to Kristian Alfonso, but she is really thin & boney compared to how beautiful and curvy she was back in the 80′s. Baby switch has to end soon. Cannot take it anymore. I fast foward through the whole thing it’s so beyond believable now. Can’t wait for Vivian to be on!! She is hilarious and devilish. It’s going to be a delight to see what havoc she brings to Salem and Stefano/Victor!!

  4. From Shannon


    I love the Sami/Rafe pair. They should stay together.
    I am a long time watcher and am starting to get tired of the whole Bo/Hope situation. I am so glad that Carly is back to spice things up.

  5. From Jessica

    This whole baby fiasco really needs to finish, im getting so tired of it, its exciting, but i just want a new turn of events to happen. its the same old same old story, lets move on already.

  6. From MsBoulder-CO

    Bo already lying to Hope about Carly is going to pull them further apart. Also if rumor is true Chad is Bo and Carly’s son,more drama for BOPE(Bo and Hope). Maybe that’s what Lawerence meant when he told Carly she would never find before he was stabbed.

    EJ going after Ari, don’t think so once Brother Rafe is back in the picture. Guess we’ll have to see.

  7. From Dorothy I

    Finally the baby story line ends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway I said this before the new twist on Days will be Carly and Bo

    Hope and Justin (until his wife return’s)

    I don’t care if Ariana ends up with EJ

    Just make sure when Vivian shows up that Kate and Stefano exit

    It’s called budget cuts FANS!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. From Leah

    EJ and Arianna, good grief NO, NO, NO! Man what’s wrong with these Days writers?
    EJ and Sami belong together and should be raising their young family together.
    As for Rafe as many posters have said I haven’t missed him a bit. I think both him and his sister are a waste of space and need to go back from where they came from. Mmm…. that would be that Passions show, but oh that’s right it was cancelled and we wonder why. Bad writing and acting might of had something to do with that. I don’t want the same thing to happen to Days!

  9. From Janet

    I agree with you Shannon…Sami and Rafe belong together.
    Lucas is a whiner, and EJ is just plain sickening with his batting eyes! They aren’t good enough for her!!

  10. From Clementina

    Arianna is too boring for Ej !!
    Stop proping the passions actors with the best actors on Days (AS, JS). It’s ridiculous and not endearing at all !

  11. From Lindsey

    i’m so glad that sami is gonna find out the truth…its about time. and i tottaly agree with you janet. Lucas is the biggest whinner in salem oh my life is so screwed up everyone cheats on me. Shut up lucas go back to your precious bottle and let a real man take over…go safe! EJ doesnt deserve Sydney he threw jer her out on her

  12. From Lindsey

    out on her ass cuz he thinks shes not a demera whats up with that. If anything i think rafe should take over. but of course that wont happen. Im glad carly is back and town bo and hope are turning into a big yawn she blames him for everything. I feel bad for mia too she has no clue her child is dead…stupid nicole

  13. From dc

    well guys, i would really like to see sami and rafe together, raising sydney..
    and arianna with ej, come on, he probably found out she is undercover and will try to get her out of the picture so he can continue his drug trade that victor gave him..
    are kate and stefano leaving?? that would be a shame.. they are good together, so evil.. and asset to the show.. makes things exciting in their own weird way..
    and what will chad do when he finds out that sydney is not his and his daughter was grace and is dead.. what will mia do??
    i like brady and ari together, they were good together on passions..
    is adrienne coming back to be with justin??
    i like melanie and nathan together.
    it seems like that are showing stephanie less and less..

  14. From Autumn

    I’m so glad this baby story is ending soon. With that I am also so glad to see more and more screen time with Sami and EJ. These two actors have more chemisty than any couple I’ve ever seen in my 25 years of watching this soap. I really believe Sami and EJ have the potential to be a super couple, if the writers would just let it be. Sami and EJ compliment each other so well. They both bring out the best in each other, and you can see them wanting and trying to be better people when they are with each other. We get to se that softer side of EJ when he is around Sami, and when they were together he truly tried to change his evil ways. Hopefully we Ejami fans won’t have to wait much longer.

    I really like Melanie and Phillip together. At first I didn’t really care for her. But Phillip needs a strong women who wants him just the way he is, and Melanie seems to be that woman.

    I really hate Hope. She along with Stephanie, Kate, and Lucas can all go away and never come back.

    I really feel they need to expand the teen scene. Kinseys been gone for awhile now, so that leaves Will, Mia and Chad. We need at least a few more or the teen scene will fall short after the baby switch is over.

  15. From mandie

    there are only two men sami should be with LUCAS or RAFE

  16. From Kino

    I agree with #13 and 15

    I say Sami should stay with Rafe because he’s been a good man to her and she shouldn’t keep losing out so much. Plus, he was the one who reconciled her with Will and made him understand his mother’s situation. Let them get married and raise Will, Allie, Johnny and Sydney as their own.

    Elvis and Sami have no hope of reconcilliation even if Sydney is revealed to their daughter. There’ll be a custody battle for both her and Johnny along the way. Sami would like nothing more to keep both of them from the Dimera way of life. He will divorce Nicole, disown his father and leave the Dimera Mansion for a while.

    Mia will blame Nicole for Grace’s death because she went back on her word to raise her as her own by raising Sydney instead. However, she’ll find a little comfort from both Rafe and Sami because they loved and raised her as their own daughter until her death. In the end the right mother took care of Grace until her death.

  17. From sally

    Hey Rafe has no right to raise Sydney and Johnny like he has no right to raise Will and Ally..euh remember they have already a father..their names are Ej and Lucas !! He is maybe the goog guy hero type but he is not their father, point blanck !!

  18. From Ruth

    Why on earth would there be a romantic pairing with EJ and Arianna. There’s no logic to it.

    So EJ is upset with Brady for his hand in Nicole’s deception. How many triangle and quadrangles can there be?

    EJ picking up the drug business from Victor? Does he not remember just less than 6 months ago the Kiriakis and Dimera’s were at war. These writer’s seem to have memory problems.

    Once the baby reveal is done and if EJ is exposed of his hands with Arianna and dealings.. Sami might have even more reason to keep Sydney and Johnny away from EJ.

  19. From me

    I agree Sami and Rafe need to be together they suit each other very well.

    It’ll be interesting when the blood tests come back on Sydney and Chad not being the father. What was the point of bringing Carly back if she’s going to get arrested. Of course Bo will be able to get her out the “bind” he’s the commissioner and he can do “anything”…lol

    All in time, it’s too bad they don’t bring someone like Sami’s twin Eric back just to comfort her at least, since NO ONE from her family was at the funeral except for the locals….

    can’t wait to see what happens…

  20. From Clear

    The wench Hope character is not suffering like she should for being totally stupid!! Bo told her pretty good today, but they let the wench have the last word. She should have to beg him to come back. Meanwhile, Melanie and Nathen are so cute on their dates. I’m glad the baby switch is almost over–already wrote what I thought about that.
    I liked the other actress that played Arianna. I don’t see the chemistry that other fans have noted with the current actress and Brady. I thought their bedroom scenes today were boring. It is still E. J. and Sami that have the chemical flames, one way or another–even if she gets her love, Rafe too.

    It should be Nicole and Kate arrested and not Carly alrady!! Nicole at least did her bad deeds because she loves E. J. and she didn’t try to kill anyone this time. The actress playing her has done a great job. How about justice!! Kate is disgusting, though she certainly is a good match for Stefano, and I love how he keeps her under his thumb!! Still, he should still have to visit her in jail for his conjugal rights, he,he!

  21. From kathy

    Good grief! For the sake of the show and the viewers sanity please end this whole baby switch fiasco. It is beginning to get ridiculous.It is time to stop dragging it out and end it already.I hope E.J. figures Stefano out for who he really is. Hope needs to have Bo fall for someone else and show her that he can do without her. Everytime things get a little out of whack for them she leaves him. I do not like Phillip with Melanie. Melanie needs to stay with Nathan. There is an innocense about the two of them together. Brady needs to end up with Nicole because he loves her for who she really is but I don’t see that happening now especially when he finds out what she has done to Sami. I actually liked Sami with E.J. I think she brought out the good in him. I also like her with Rafe. Lucas and Sami do not need to be together. Arianna will probably end up with Brady but who knows about that. We will have to see.

  22. From michelle

    i agree with the people that sami and ej belong together because she brought out the good in him. they have the potential to be the number one top super couple of daytime soaps next to steve and kayla….no one will ever top them! missing them deeply. they were my all time favorite. anyone agree with me on that?

  23. From Kristy

    Ok…I completely agree about the baby switch…I have been anxiously waiting to see if the writers would make it a romantic moment for EJ and Sami….Darling, she’s yours…Happy and in love…oops…Rafe is back…Now we have a triangle again… Put Nicole with Daniel…She’s one of the few he hasn’t slept with…You know he will get bored of Chloe..the conquest is gone and he has yet to stay with anyone he has claimed he was MADLY in love with…

  24. From SIneca

    I am so glad the baby switch is gone to be over soon as for Sami and Rafe being together uhhh they make me sick to my stomach he is much too goody goody for Sami should be with EJ he loves her for the scheming woman she is. they should put Rafe with Carly The writers are really messing Bo and Hope they need to stop

  25. From janeycake

    The baby switch finally revealed on November 12th? How does Clear know this? I can’t *wait* for this. Maybe EJ will be so hurt about his dad and so will Sami be overwhelmed she and EJ will move together and raise all the kids–they have the best chemistry no matter what they are doing.

    Why would Victor sell his drug business to the Dimeras, a set up?

  26. From janeycake

    Oops, sorry, Precious said this, not Clear….

  27. From kristen

    i love sami and ej together!!

  28. From Delores

    So the baby story is about to end…okay, so what is the next story line to DRAG @SS around for ever? Gravy shaft for the easter bunny??!!

  29. From CC

    Arianna with EJ?? Yeah, I won’t be watching that, boring. I wish they would try pairing her up with Lucas, I am tired of him being a background extra give Lucas a good storyline. I think Lucas and Arianna would be cute together and I think she’d treat Lucas right, he deserves it after everything Chloe and Daniel done to him.

  30. From Precious

    OOPS….I meant Soap Opera Fan…

  31. From Annie

    I am glad that the baby switch plot is finally going to be over very soon. Now that Nicole is going to jail on DOOL (and in real life off to have her baby girl in December), I will be anxious to see what the new plot will be when Nicole returns. Also, it will be interesting to see who Sami ends up with; Lucas, EJ, or Rafe!

  32. From Mary from BC

    I can’t see Arianna hooking up with EJ, that doesn’t make sense for a lot of reasons. First, she is trying to redeem herself by going undercover so unless it is somehow a twist to that story line, especially now that Victor is selling his drug dealings to EJ or if it will somehow mean saving Brady from some sort of disaster. Ari has stated that there is some sort of guilt on her part regarding Rafe and with Rafe having such a hate for the DiMiera’s, I can’t see her falling for EJ except for the reasons up above.

    I wouldn’t put it past Roman to force Ari into a relationship with EJ. Obviously the man cares more about busting the bad guys than his own family. Why else would he allow his mother’s business be a drug drop and allow a very dangerous undercover operation to operate from the Brady Pub…Roman is still a Brady isn’t he? Are we suppose to think that Bo would allow something like that?

    Come on writers… what are you thinking??

  33. From Cara

    I totally agree with Leah about the actors who play Ari and Rafe, they are so boring!! I cannot see any way that EJ and Sami could be togeher. She can’t stand him and it wouldn’t be believeable. I really don’t know who I like her with but I think that Hope and justin are going to be a big yawn too along with Bo and Carly. The only story I enjoy is the baby switch. They should make Melanie or Stephanie pregnant with Phillips baby or maybe both, that would be good!! Maggie is also a huge waste of space.

  34. From cryslynn

    I like the thought of Ej and Ari together. Ej would bring out the “bad Ari” so ‘boring brady’ could save her. And then let Sami and EJ fall in love again!! I think the reason Rafe, Ari, & Brady seem boring is because they need a frkn decent story line! Come DOOL writers step up I wanna see more than Rafe’s gorgeous smile let him speak!

  35. From Kino


    I agree with you about Lucas and Arianna. I can’t even see Brady, nor Elvis with her.


    Forget it, Elvis and Sami are beyond reconcilliation. She despises him because he kidnapped her cousin, Stephanie, blamed her for Grace’s death and threatened to take Johnny from her. With all the hell her put her through. Sami deserves to have Rafe in her life because he brought the good out of her and brought her closer to Will. She needs a good man like him in her life, not Elvis.

    Also, I would like Vivian Alamain sleep with Stefano while Kate is gone and he tells her about his wife’s attempt to kill him by poisoning his food. Let’s see how Kate likes it when she exposes her to Salem and the police, then sends her to jail. I bet she’ll hate Vivian because she’ll lose eveything, including the remaining trust her children had in her and Stefano kicks her out of the Dimera Mansion, like Victor did from the Kiriakis Mansion.

  36. From Jo

    ESAMI FAN: I am so glad the baby switch storyline will be over also!!! I think Sami and EJ belong together. She is the only one who can make him a better man like he used to be. I agree with Autumn (#14) that EJ and Sami has the best chemistry of anyone I have seen in all my many years of watching soaps. The writers just need to keep on their “toes” and keep something difficult going on with them and add the romance.
    Lucas doesn’t need to be so serious and be the intelligent and fun guy he can be with someone new.
    Mel & Phillip, Stephanie & Phillip, Nathan & Stephanie or Nathan & Mel. Any of these combination of a couple will/can work.
    I think the writers did a good job when Stefano & Kate married. They could make a fun mean team out of them.
    And Hope is being unbelievable. We need to keep a couple together forever. Why not Bo & Hope? Keep them apart a while & bring them back together.
    I never did like Vivian-do not care if she comes back or not.
    Arianna & Brady are great together. Rafe & Carly could make a good pair.
    Mia is doing such a better job at acting. May need to throw another female in the mix for Chad or Will.
    So, where is Roman all the time? He is such a great actor. He needs to have more of a storyline.
    Bring back John & Marlena and Steve and Patch. They were some of the best couples on the show. Doug & Julie also. They need to give their children advice.
    And where is Mickey? He is nice looking.
    Think. Most of DOOL best actors are gone. They could have a small part every now and then couldn’t they? These actors never bored me.

  37. From sheila

    i, heying sick of hope every time she get mad she leave bo. she knows she has bo wrap around her finger. it time for bo to move carly is back and her and bo was my so faver coupler when they was togather. so let put them back togather. and hope with justie

  38. From sheila

    thanks days for carly. now put bo and carly back togather please. i like hope but i’m geting sick of her hurting bo all the time and jump up and leave. if it mean to be put her and justie togather.

  39. From sharron

    i am glad the baby story line is ending . i hope rafe and sammi should be together nathen and melanie ,ariana and brady and bo and carly should get back together i hate hope the way she is always on her high horseand thinks she is better than bo. let bo have a life if not with carly bring some else into the show who will treat him right

  40. From Tina

    Hope is really pissing me off. Always pointing the finger at Bo. How quickly she forgot that Ciarra was kidnapped on HER watch, even though Bo warned her for weeks about his visions that their daughter was in danger and to keep a good eye on her. Give the man a break. I’m totally “Team Bo” on this one, she really needs to lighten up.

  41. From cat


  42. From carol

    Yes, I can’t stand that Hope thinks she got the last word. Bo is hiding Carly, & he should tell Hope so she can’t get any thing on him. Tell her, & then move on & help Carly, & then have her move in. That would piss Hope off. We need another super couple. Hope has destroyed that. Don’t bring Marlena back, just JOhn. And bring back Kayla & Patch. Kayla & Patch are the super couple. They just never let it happen. What’s wrong with the writers.Great surmise on Chad being Bo & Carly’s son. It could happen.

  43. From Nancy

    How did Rafe end up in the water? Did they show that?

  44. From T

    why do the dool storylines take so long to wrap up. i mean come on this baby thing has been going on for months.i am so tired of it. but not as tired as i am of stephanie. she is sooooo annoying. she is a waste of a character. i think salem needs some real excitement like a seriel killer or something. so we can trim the fat of the useless characters such as melanie. i really feel like dool should do a storyline contest for the fans. and mine is a seriel killer to kill off stephanie. rafe is starting to annoy me alittle as well. i love philip chasing after mel. she is a real match for him.

  45. From lana wolsky

    I know quite a few people who quit watching this show and have gone on to another soap, days just linger way to long on the same story line and makes us get so fustrated and lose interest. this story line with Nacole, EJ, Sami and the baby has gone on way to long. Iam thinking also about throwing in the towel

  46. From bf

    I am sooooooooooooooo ready for Sami and EJ to get back together.
    Rafe is really nice and good looking, but Sami and EJ belong together. Brady needs to get with Nicole. I too am sick of the way Hope is doing Bo, she is really getting on my nerves with the whole moving out deal etc. He needs to tell her where to get off.

  47. From Ann

    Ditto on the baby storyline. Enough already. I think Rafe should get to tell Sami about the switch, then Same should get to tell EJ. Stefano is going to deny any knowledge of Nicole’s actions, and EJ will believe him. I like Sami with Rafe. I think Ari accidentally killed Rafe’s ex-fiance while she was on drugs and Rafe took the blame for his sister. That’s why he won’t tell Sami what happened. Mel is cute with Nathan. How about Phillip with Ari? She could keep him on his toes. One thing about Days is, there are lots of hot men to look at every day!

  48. From barbara

    november 12th is celebration day for baby switch outing. please, let it be and let’s have some new stuff. there’s plenty brewing if we can just get over the too long baby thing.

  49. From barbara

    ps: hope, kate, stephanie and maggie should all be put in a cave with nicole and let them all kill each other off!

  50. From mike

    I am sick of philip and stephanie intefering with nathan and melanie. can they get a life? they are my least concern. ej and arianna could be hot, but in the end I want ej with sami. rafe can either die or get a personality transplant. hope is ticking me off, she seem to have the same routine with blaming BO!

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  55. From Clear

    I see on another spoiler website where Gabby, Arianna’s younger sister, is going to appear. She can join the teeny boppers? Who is Nicole’s mother? What is she coming to do? What is her history? I never saw her on the show, and I’ve watched off and on for years. Roman needs a friend. Which one should he get from the list of available Salem witches next? I liked the idea Barbara had, but think they all need to suffer and pay–especially Hope for not trusting her man and being grateful he saved the child. Are Bo’s visions over? What will the next vision foretell?
    Rafe finally gets to Sami’s and he doesn’t immediately blurt out the baby switch and tells his sister. Give me a break!! Somebody tell her! I can’t wait for the 12th if that is truly the day. I had asked which spoiler website that came from??
    Stefano needs to go home so he can torture Kate!

  56. From alishia

    Also Sick of the baby switch. Let it be over please!!!!

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  58. From Angela

    thank goodness the baby switch storyline is finally going to end. I am so sick of it. Too long. Also,I can not believe how sickening Hope is. I can’t stand her anymore. I’m so Glad Carly came back just in time for Bo. I hope he he hooks up with her and Hope can have noone to blame but her stupid self for pushing Bo right to her by being so mean to Bo.

  59. From Vivian

    Nicole’s mother Faye had the affair with Abe Carver years ago and they are Brandon’s parents. Nicole and Taylor had a different father..he was a mean SOB and he was taken out…So do not know why Faye is coming back. I still think Nicole’s baby lived and the Doc sold it…and I think also that Nicole is Melanie’s mother. Wouldn’t it be funny in the DNA tests if it showed Chad to be a sibling to Sydney and not a father ROFL

  60. From Mary from BC

    Vivian… Taylor, that was the name of Nicole’s sister. You don’t know how much it bugged me that I couldn’t remember that! Thanks for filling in that gap for me!

    Maybe when Faye comes back there her and Roman will start something. I wonder how that would sit with Mayor and Dr. Carver?

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  65. From Arlene

    I think the writers want EJ to make a baby with every woman in town. First Sami, then Nichol and now Arianna? Also, think that Bo keeping secrets from Hope will only worsen the relationship. I read that Judy Evans role on another soap is finished, so I hope the Days writers bring her back as Justin’s wife again.

  66. From Janet

    Nicole needs to use Dr. Baker (since he is dead and all) and tell everyone that it was HIS fault that she ended up with Sami’s baby. That is what she should have told Stefano from the jump, blame it on the dead man! I like the vulnerable, helpless Nicole and I like her and Sami being friends, I wish there was a way to keep that going!

  67. From kn

    I still think Sami & EJ should be together. They have great chemisrry and 2 children. There will always be a chance of fireworks because of their families and the past. The turmoil for EJ to constantly have to defend Sami & Stefano form each other!And Sami trying to broker peace between the families? Throw in the Sami Kate relationship! Then top it all with Sami/Nichole (when she returns from maternity leave) It is an explosive coupling any way you look at it. This is what soaps are made of, not SAFE relationships!

  68. From Candy

    I love both KN and Janet’s ideas.
    I would love to see both Nicole and or Sami living with Kate and make her life hell….ha ha

  69. From Mumze

    The baby thing is going on to to to to long.. I DVR the show and skip that part. Right now I like the Melony and Philip part.. Never had liked Carly part except when Vivian put her in the casket. Bo and Hope is to wishy washy. I love the ideal of Sammie and EJ back together the fire between those is just to great.

  70. From den

    Sami and ej have the best chemistry- if you go to utube and see some of the videos that have been made you would get goose bumps!! the chemistry is undeniable! they should have nichole leave salem w/ syd… then have sami and ej find out syd is theirs- then they TOGETHER try and find her -watch the attraction they have for each other sizzle!

  71. From Janet Dickey

    From Janet Get over baby switch, put Bo and Hope back together. I have been watching DOOL for ever.

  72. From Jess

    OH oh i think Sami will destroy Nicole !! Nicole watch out seriously !!

  73. From Hildie

    I think Dr. Baker will surface sometime in the story. When they showed the last glimpse of him “dead”, his hand MOVED! Maybe he will finally tell the baby switch story.

  74. From julie/from illonis

    thank god the baby switch is almost over. ejami, i think when b rady finds out that nicole took his sisters baby he will never forgive her rafe is so boring who does hope think she is she thinks she is holyer than thou. mia should get back with will after the baby switch sl is over so she can tell every one that nicole and stepheno made her out to be a slut just to protect nicole they both nned to go to prison,i like mel with natahan philip needs some one new steph is boring she is nothing like her mom and dad. patch was so exciting. hope needs to stop blameing bo and take some action for her self remember when bo was having visions and he didnt tell her about her shooting kayla she blew a fuse ciz he didnt tell her well he told her about his vision with the kidnappers and she blew a fuse he’s damned if he does and damned if he dont.

  75. From clara

    The baby story is so dead! Bring back Marlena,Carrie, John, Kayla and Steve. And the writers who were writing for the show then. I am so glad to be out of the country for the next three weeks! Roman needs a woman in his life! Kate needs to go to JAIL!! c’mon Salem PD. Arrest her now. I don’t want more Rafe family coming on the show. Chad,Melanie and Phillip need to take a long hike.

  76. From Betty Boop

    Horray for the baby garbage coming to an end. They need to focus on something new. EJ needs a new love interest. Sami and EJ work as they are, apart! It’s apart that they do their best work together the fights between them are super in love mushy crap it gets boring! Sami and Rafe are great in my opinion. Rafe is the good to Sami’s semi troubled side.
    Keep Nathan and Mel together and for god’s sake get Steph a man of her own she and Philip make a great couple if she’d finally accept Philip’s flaws and get off her moral high horse.
    Lucas and Ari might make a great pair. You can see Dr. Dan and Chloe already fizzling out she needs to have that character beefed up make her interesting already. She did her best work in a COMA!
    I LOVE Kate and Stephano together its the best pairing they’ve done in eons.

  77. From NYGRL

    Horray for Days bringing back a great character in Vivian Alamaine! I loved Vivian’s zany whacky antics of old. Mixing the old and the new is an awesome idea. Keep moving forward but bringing back what we loved!
    For god’s sake will someone cut Will’s hair and give him a reason to stop scouling so damn much. I am begining to like Chad’s character he’s finally getting some story lines besides being a typical sperm filled kid. Amen for ending the whole gotta have Mia back Kinsey thing that girl sucked and so did her story line.
    Give Will a real story line other than Mia’s lap dog. Bo and Hope need a real story line other than this dull marriage problems crap. I never cared for Carly bringing her back is boring as hell so far.

  78. From Paula

    #40(Carol)… in reference to you’re statement ” Kayla & Patch are the super couple. They just never let it happen.” I would have to assume you have not been a long time viewer of DOOL. Kayla and Patch certainly were a super couple!
    I just want to reach out and smack Stephanie. She acts so rightous when it comes to others bad behaviors (mainly phillip and Melanie’s), yet she continues to hit on Nathan knowing he is involved with Melanie. She needs to be knocked down a few pegs!
    Personally, I think EJ and Nichol are perfect for each other. She makes a great DiMera wife, and truely loves EJ. Her acting in the last few weeks has been tremendous, right along with Sami’s. Kudo’s to both of them.
    Will still needs a haircut.
    I too am anxious to see what Mia does when she finds out Nicole let her think Syndey is her baby all this time and that her’s actully died. Nothing like hate and revenge to spice up her character alittle bit! Plus to add to it, Nicole and Stephano have her telling the world she’s a slut right now to explain the DNA tests (not being Chads baby), and then to find out they knew it wasn’t his anyway! I would think all this would “wake up” Mia’s character.
    And when is something going to happen to Kate?? Who in this world could attemp to kill 2 people (and everyone knows it!) and not have any consequences for it! And what makes her think she will take over the entire DiMera empire if Stephano dies?? They make it sound like he married her and completely wrote EJ out of the will. Very frustrating to have her get away with what she has, then to have her come out MORE than on top!

  79. From Clear

    I saw the 12th as baby reveal in the other posts, but reading spoilers and summaries on this and other sites, it has to be sooner than that!! Maybe not to everyone, but at least to Sami. Hurry up and tell her, Rafe!
    I agree with everyone that the evil villainous, Kate should be arrested. I do enjoy Stephano making her squirm. I don’t like to see her in safe comfort after what she has done.

  80. From Libby

    Totally agree with Paula, except about Mia – she is irritating! Carly’s return has huge possibilities IF the writers do it right. VIVIAN is awesome, she makes a statement everytime she is on this show and I can’t wait – besides, Victor needs a strong woman and Caroline has all but disappeared from the canvas. Vivian and Kate will get into it as well – too much fun – I may even start watching regularly again with her back on screen.

    I think Nicole has been at her strongest acting in the past weeks (yes I tape it to watch her scenes) and the outing of the baby storyline will allow her to have her real life baby – but she and EJ belong together, they have great chemistry. Sami should be with Rafe and Carly/Bo will be a nice change from all the daily diatribes/whining of Hope (writers have so ruined that charater)!! Mickey needs to be back on screen and where in the heck in Alice Horton – all of her grandkids/great grandkids are so messed up – where is this matriarch when most needed (I realize Frances Reid is elderly and unwell, but a few cameos PLEASE if she is able)!

    Days has a shot at makng this a great show again with the additions of same of the best old time characters returning to mix with some of the best current players. Now if only John/Marlena and Patch/Kayla would return most of us loyal fans would return in a heartbeat!!!!

  81. From barbara

    just when i thought i’d gotten rid of all my dool frustrations, mia appears. she is so pitiful as an actress and uses the same expression of so innocent all the time. i hope she’ll go to acting school and return later. also, nicole just makes me cringe when she acts and/or overacts

  82. From Renee

    I am starting to like Mia. Her acting has definatley improved over the last few months. I like her and Will together. I hate Chad! Melanie is the worst actress on the show and by far the most annoying character! I wish they would write her out. Nathan is way too hot for her anyway. I would rather see him with Stephanie. I am glad Vivian’s back! Maybe she will whoop Kate’s butt! I am happy that the baby switch is being wrapped up once and for all. I still like Sami with Lucas though always will.

  83. From carol

    Thanks # 58 for pointing out about Kayla & Patch. I just forgot that’s all. I am 50 & have been watching days a very long time. I remember alot of things that has gone on, but sometimes I forget, it’s been that long. I have soap opera books that are from the 1960′s. Now & then I go thru them. I can’t believe some of the things I come accross.
    But can any one remember who that little Nicholas was. He was always with Carly in the past. I think he was her nephew. Appreciate any one who knows that.

  84. From carol

    back again. Yes # 55, I said the same exact thing, & i wrote in about it. Bo sure is damned if he does, damned if he don’t. I so agree with so many, Poor Hope. She really needs to gain weight. I mean the real person, Kristian Alfonso. She is so painfully thin. Her face is just all bones. IN the past she was really over weight, but now she is really thin. When she first came back from that castle from being held hostage by Stephano, she looked really nice, but now. c’mon

  85. From Di

    I also like Sami and Lucas together but they seem to be better as friends. She so does not belong with EJ. If things go the way they have in the past…………Chloe should be his next victim. I think that Ej subconciously goes for Lucas’ hand- me- downs because it’s really Lucas that he desires! Lucas has such a bad track record……….the logical thing is to put them together ( Elcus or Luvis ). That way they can raise their children together and don’t have to play partnerswap.( I should be a writer for Days!) Let Hope be alone…..everyone doesn’t have to be hooked up to someone and she doesn’t deserve anyone…..except maybe Victor (hmmmm.) I also hope they don’t hook Rafe up with Carly……….she is too old for
    him. I love Nicole and can’t wait to see what they do with her next. Maybe this is where they bring in Eric. I hope Chad does not turn out to be another Brady brat! Jeeeeeeez! Doesn’t anyone in Salem know what a condom is!? As for Mia…..she always has the same look om her face…..doesn’t matter what the situation is. She just always looks bored.

  86. From Renee

    I don’t remember Hope ever being “overweight”. She used to look great back in the early 90s. Now she looks like a drug addict.

  87. From Di

    Nicki is Carly and Lawrences’ son.

  88. From judy

    I don’t want Alice on camera as the last few times she was on it was just so sad to see how she has deteriorated she must be in her very late 80′s or even 90′s but I believe I read she suffers from Altzhimers so lets just remember her as she was please bring back the confident ,energetic race car driving Stephenie that first showed up this imitation could never be Patch’s daughter

  89. From HEDY

    OMG, how long can this story drag on. It’s getting to the point when all I do is fast forward. I can’t take it anymore. Everyone’s storyline is annoying. I want to slap Hope and say “wake up.” Why would Rafe wait to tell Sami. Cheez……get it over with. DOOL drags a storyline out until you almost want to kill yourself.

  90. From HEDY

    I meant “Why wouldn’t Rafe want to tell Sami immediately.”

  91. From Jess

    Di you seems to be in love with Lucas ! lol good for you !
    But Ej was just interested by Sami not by Lucas or Lucas’s lovers girl ! Actually he even wanted to get rid of Lucas like that Sami could be with him !! The show and your fantasies are not the same thing !
    But you cracked me up : ejucas lover ! lolllllllllll

  92. From Nancy

    Sami and EJ chasing down Nicole would be a great way to get them back together. Rafe is a nice guy, but too boring for Sami.. she and EJ are meant to be together. Steph is the most boring character out there and Nathan is not much better so put them together.. Mel and Philip are hot! Maggie is way too nosy.

  93. From Paula

    #65…when Hope and Bo first started dating she was somewhat overweight then. They used to dress her in long shirts to hide her hips. Course, “overweight” in terms of the soaps means you weight more than 100 But I agree with your description of her as looking like a drug addict. Aside from her weight problem (or lack of), the writers have made a mess of her character. Like we haven’t lost enough vets already, and now they seem to want to destroy the few we have left. They’re doing the same thing to Maggie by making her a nosey witch who has nothing better to do but to judge who should be with who. Please writers! Leave the vets alone. You are destroying overnight what took years to build up. As far as Mia goes, please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying she can act in ANY sense of the word, but thats why I thought when she finds everything out, maybe that would help her to kick it up a few knoches.

  94. From Dorothy I

    I have this to say,I feel that Stephano and Nicole are ruthless a-whole’s doing that to Mia not to mention they know that Grace is her baby to put them though something like that is awful.

    I’m well a where that this is a SOAP but they could of handle the matter differently ok

    Stephanie is really hopeless as far as I’m concern she has no confidence at all she needs to grow up soon and find someone else.

    I don’t think that Sami and Rafe will last, I feel that eventually she will be with EJ

    I see a lot of good in Mel she needs to have a normal relationship she needs to be with Nanthan

    I hope Chloe wedding is soon we need something to pick us up writers

    I can’t wait for the week of NOVEMBER 9TH when the baby switch is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!amen

  95. From carol

    Wow, I just couldn’t remember that Niki was their son. Lawrence wasn’t on right away when she was back with him that I can recall. Then before she left the show they left to be married.
    Yes, my husband mentioned many times how he remembers how over weight hope was when she got with Bo.I thought she was too. But now, she went to far. She is to old now to be that thin. I feel sorry for her. I wish she would take some hints & read these, and maybe gain some.

  96. From Janiebell

    Bo may put hisjob on the line to help out Carly. Hope rushes to the rescue in time to save both Bo’s job and Carly. Hope gives Carly a stern direct order to stay away from Bo in her absents. Seems Hope wants to work everything out with Bo, allthe proble,s of the past and present and then come back home, where the 3 can b a family again.

  97. From Paula

    And the really said part is that they say TV adds about 10 lbs! If that’s true, she’s worse off than she looks.

  98. From Paula

    oops..sorry..that’s “sad” not “said” part.

  99. From Doris JJ

    I’m still confused when people say Sami helps EJ be the man he was. He has always been a mobster. He hurts people for a living. He has a terrible temper. I don’t think she needs to be with him. This is a soap and his character is evil like his father. So no, Sami should not be with EJ. Alison is a terrific actress so she is good with any of the men they have paired her with not just EJ. I would not want my daughter with someone like that and Sami should not be with some like that.

  100. From Kim

    What is with all you Ejami fans? Are you sick in the head or what?!! EJ RAPED, I repeat, RAPED Sami!!!! He is head of a crime family! Is that the kind of behaviour/actions you fans think is exciting in a man? Romantic maybe? Is that the kind of person you think Sami needs in her life? What kind of people are you anyways?

    OK. Done. Had to say that.

  101. From Shina

    just like everyone else I am soooo ready for the baby drama to be done and over with. im love nicole and cant wait to see what happens to her after her jail sentence.

    i am so disappointed in hope!
    I can’t stand Mia.
    I hope Chad is Bo and Carly’s son :-)
    I still believe that Melanie is Nicole’s daughter.
    Can’t wait for Faye to come back!
    I hope she can be the new love interest for Roman. He is so underused right now.

    I really think that there is absolutely no sparks between Sami and Rafe. I love each of them but I don’t buy them as a couple.

    In my ideal world:
    Brady and Nicole
    Arianna and Lucas
    Melanie and Nathan
    Chloe and Philip

  102. From Shina

    oh yeah! and can we please get some old characters back?!

    John and Marlena
    Patch and Kayla
    Doug and Julie
    Craig and Nancy
    Shawn and Belle

    And whatever happened to Rex and his sister? I cant remember her name?

    And lets bring back Mimi and let her and Philly find their baby!

  103. From emma

    Kim it’s just a soap where characters are kidnaped,murdered and come back from the death, they switch babies or inflict bacteria to destroy the other and forgive and become best-friends !! Yeah evil deeds but everything is forgotten and here we go for another storyline !!
    Ej has blackmail/raped Sami and Sami has tried to burn him alive (tit for tat), actually they are the perfect match and the actor’s chemistry is off off off the charts !! It’s just entertainment after a long day of work, so one advice : don’t take it seriously and enjoy the ride or don’t watch!! lol

  104. From barbie

    I loved it when Melanie made Phillip go away. I still want her and Nathan together. I wanted to slap Stephanie when she snitched on Mel. and Nathan. She needs to be a “budget cut” . I hope that Vivian stays around long enough to give Kate a health dose of crap. Another to get in my slapping line was Sami, seriously she was annoying the other day in Stephano’s room. I had to laugh that he said Nicole was the lesser of two evils.

  105. From janeycake

    Ok, EJ could get busted for being the new Drug Lord when set up by Ari (and maybe Victor). Ej then finds out the colossal betrayal from his father when he learns the truth about Sydney. He moves out of the mansion and Sami can visit him jail, with their two children. Maybe this is how it will happen eventually. :)

  106. From myrna thomas

    can’t wait until nov 12 – horray – its finally going to be over and the sami baby story will be over. sami – congratulations now please go back and stay with RAFE – he is so cool

  107. From Ann

    #77, Rex’s sister was Cassie…and great idea about Mimi and Phillip’s baby! Forgot about that one.

  108. From Alison

    Am I the only one who thinks Melanie is awfully annoying?? Ugh. She tries too hard to be cutsey and it’s irritating. She looks and acts like she’s 12. I can’t stand her scenes.
    EJ and Sami and meant to be. They have amazing chemistry. I wonder why the Colleen and Santo huge storyline was ever written if they weren’t supposed to be together. It was the gateway to their future. They were destined to be together. It’s a shame the writers keep getting changed or we may have seen some consistency. I can’t wait to see the Nov 12th epi!!! I want to see Sami rail Nicole for all she has done.
    And all I can say about Rafe is….snoozefest. Huge snoozefest.

  109. From wynrok

    I think EJ is just trying to find out more on what’s up with Rafe.
    Whether he knows about her dealing.

    He’d love to discredit him more to Sami ( whether he’ll admit it even to himself )

  110. From Paula

    I used to think Melanie was annoying too, but she has finally won me over. I really like her now, and feel bad for her that Phillip keeps trying to use her. As soon as Stephanie dumped him, he ran right to her practically professing his love for her, but just before that, he was begging Stephanie to stay with him and make it work. Nathan all the way!
    I notice many of you keep hoping EJ and Sami will reunite. I’m not seeing it. I agree that he still loves her, but let’s face it….he raped Sami, he shot John point blank, he was responsible for the embryo switch with Belle and Mimi, he was responsible for Kidnapping Stephanie, and was part of the plan made to shoot and kill phillip. He has proven himself over and over again to be a DiMera and has done way too many “evil” things to be a part of Sami’s life at this stage of the game. It’s a shame because I see the chemistry too, but too much damage has been done now to make it work.

  111. From carol

    I do agree with #100(kim). I still think E.J. raped her too, but everyone seems to think it was concential. Yes, she did agree to it to save Lucas, but the idea of rape was there on E.J.’s part.MY husband watches too now & then. We talk about it all the time for fun.He likes Sami & E.J. too. Thinks he is screwed over by these women that he does these bad things. I tell him he was evil when he first got here, & is a true Dimera. Very conceited & bad acting. I really want the baby to be Lucas’s. I know they never work out but, still like them. Yes, if the camera puts on 10 pounds, boy Hope is in trouble. I wish I knew her in person to tell her to please take care of herself.
    I know this soap is just for fun, that’s why I don’t like when people write in & are nasty with others opinions. I like to be polite with everyone. It is just for the fun. Please, everyone try to do that. This page is fun, & I don’t want to stop writing because of hurt feelings. Try & be kind, it’s only tv.

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