Days of Our Lives Spoilers For October 12-16.

Reckonings and revelations.

Returning to Salem always seems to be hard for everyone. He may not have been in rehab long, but Lucas is already back in town. To keep himself on the wagon, he begins running through each part of his 12-step program. This means that he’s going to have to make amends for his mistakes and Chloe’s near the top of the list.

Things aren’t going to be easy for another Salemite returning to town. Her absence has been far longer and, apparently, more eventful. Before she can shore up to her old friends and enemies, however, Carly has some more problems to face when she is confronted by a crew member with a gun. Back in town, Victor fills Bo in on what he’s heard about Lawrence’s untimely ‘death’.

While these new developments build, some old business continues to crumble. Nicole comes clean with Mia and tells her that EJ knows the truth. While the two blonds work out the repercussions, Elvis confronts Brady about helping Nicole. Will he be even more unforgiving to him than he was to her? The reckoning still isn’t over though. Nicole is forced to confess to EJ and Chad that she made a special deal with Mia. These new details are likely to obliterate her relationship with Elvis, but could wreak destruction of Chad’s with Mia as well. After he angrily confronts Mia about all her lies, who will be there to pick up the pieces?

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  1. From Marilyn

    I hope this ends the baby story and finally Sami will get her daughter and EJ will have to eat crow for all the things he said to her about Grace.

  2. From brandy herndon

    just wonted to say i love day of our lives i watch it every day keep up the good work cant wait intell aj finds out the truth about the baby

  3. From April M.

    I think E.J. will forgive Nic when she tells she swapped out babys so he can be with his baby…. twisted as it is it is thoughtfull… lol.

  4. From Latice

    Glad this baby mess is coming to a close. Getting tire of it and I am not going to be watching the Bo and Hope split. There needs to be a couple like Tom and Alice that seem to always stay together no matter what. i thought it would be Bo and Hope.

  5. From MsBoulder-CO

    I hope EJ doesn’t forgive Nicole buth then again Stefano is holding the trump card. I have a feeling EJ and Nicole will be forced to stay together. Where is Rafe?? Why hasn’t the cold water woke him up or as other story lines have gone why don’t we see some poor soul nursing him back to life?

    Mia will run back to Will of course. He’ll understand.

    Didn’t know Victor went out of town and is back already to hear about Lawerence’s death. Did all this happen or did i miss something?

  6. From cat

    Now we will have to endure another 6 months of “whose baby is it really.” Another 6 months before Sami and Elvis find out the truth…..

    Any one watching the young and the restless? Their storyline is that this woman’s baby “died” but that is wasgiven to another woman who lost her baby previously but didn’t know it. Now this “other woman” has the baby that the doctor gave her and the real mother thinks her baby died.
    I don’t know if I am making any sense to all of you but this is getting ridiculous.

  7. From Lisa

    I am feeling sorry for Nicole for bringing up that horrible thing that just happen months ago I just hope Ari’s baby girl is gonna be alright as Nicole..

    Yeah on Young and the Restless, Ashley’s baby WAS miscarriage by jerk, evil Adam and he switch Sharon’s baby to hers

  8. From Asia

    I am one of the few that has been enjoying the baby switch on Days. I love Nicole and feel bad that she has no confidence in herself and has to resort to playing tricks. She wants to be a good person, but she’s so insecure that she ruins herself. I hope she comes back after her maternity leave.

    As for Y&R, UGH. Ashley is sooo delusional that even though she doesn’t “remember” giving birth she doesn’t realize that she has no physical evidence to back that up. She’s so dumb.

  9. From Nancy

    When is Kate going to cut her bangs? She is too old for the teenage look. She looks more like an old sheep dog, but then, she is a bitch!!

  10. From ann

    what happened to rafe he was dumped in the river a week ago ??Is he gonna wash up on the pier in a month dead or alive? i hope he is not off the show really liked him with Sami

  11. From dc

    sure hope rafe is ok.. i think i read somewhere that carly finds him..
    yea, kate does need to cut or trim those bangs.. that haircut does not do her any good..
    glad this baby thing is slowly coming to an end..
    i don’t think ej will kick nicole to the curb..
    and yes mia will get back with will (that is just my opinion)..

  12. From Jay

    I agree with the others about Kate’s hair. Also, they should have her dress more appropriately for her age and social standing. She dressed like an overage rock star or hooker.

    Chloe should also dress more appropriately. All that cleavage showing is not necessary.

  13. From judy

    Iagree Jay remember Kate was a high priced call girl or maybe since she’s prostituting herself to Sefano (to keep her out of jail ) the writers want her to look the part but I think she is a little long in the tooth for that getup baby story line over ? no way I’ve seen nothing about Nicole actually saying that Sydney is Sami’s remember sweeps aren’t untill November sigh!!!

  14. From Jo Anne Wilkinson

    Wait until EJ finds out HIS father knew all along about the baby switch and Stephano is off the hook because of being in a coma.

  15. From NeeNee

    Mark my words . . . Rafe will turn up in a cabin, being nursed by an attractive redneck girl. Think back how many times we’ve seen something similar—always a cabin, miraculously stocked with food and a roaring fire going.

    Kate will probably get a pass because she’ll be diagnosed with personality disorder as a reaction to her meds. She’ll have to live another day to do battle with the vivacious Vivian!! Yes, considering how old she is supposed to be, she dresses quite inappropriately. Think the layers of beaded harness framing every top, must be hiding a crepey neck!

  16. From missy

    please dont put rafe with carly, as i said before she is toooooo old for him. who is gabby another sister, maybe for phil, (will it be another passion star. bring on another female for rafe, ej and sami all the way!

  17. From Ina

    Asia, you are not alone! I did not enjoy this week, when Nicole had to suffer, she already had enough!O.K. , the truth is out, now let her be! She is making THE STORY from a long time already, don’t you see? She’s the finest actress of this soap-opera, don’t let her go, even if she’s pregnant!Find a way, we-the “others”, must have
    also a joy,we want Nicole!

  18. From Paula

    I can’t help but wonder if Kate really did have anything to do with Stephano’s heart attack. Remember how angry she was when he first showed her the wedding deal, and now she acts like she’s ok with everything. Yet…she seems to consistantly let him eat whatever he wants knowing it could kill him. And when he fell from his attack today, she just stood there with no emotion at all…hmmm…looking to be the rich griving widow maybe???
    I agree with most of you who like Nicole, but I can’t believe even EJ would come to accept what she did. I don’t want to see her leave the show, but, what she did makes her a very sick woman. EJ should kick her to the curb, and she needs to go into the psyc ward..which could make for a great storyline. I feel sorry for her too in many ways, but only a very sick person would do what she did.
    I was truely hopeing the baby storyline would end in a big blow up of the whole thing. Personally, I think we’ve waited far to long for this to be torn apart little by little. We deserve the excitment of the whole piece of cheese!

  19. From Cathy

    Boy, I am enjoying Nicole getting hers. The actress is pregnant in real life so she will be taking maternity leave so it fits right in with E.J. tossing her out. She will be gone for some time. Now that Hope is out of the picture, watch Carly move in on Bo and they will be a pair, sort of. She was trying to call Bo today from the plane. There always has to be a triangle relationship.

  20. From linda

    i read where carly finds rafe on a boat waterlogged. i’m guessing carly’s plane crashes in the water and she is picked up by the same boat that rescued rafe. don’t think writers will try to pair her with rafe, i think it will be bo. anyway i am a ejami fan, hope they get together and they bring mckensie westmorland (sheridan from passions) for rafe. they had wonderful chemistry on passions.

  21. From Melthatsme

    I cant wait till EJ and Sami find out its there girl. This really has gone on long enough. EJ and Sami still love each other and EJ is proving that by being over Nicole as soon as he finds out its not his baby. When the writers put EJ and Sami together finally it will be good. ANd lets hope its not a week long and then pull them apart again. Let them have some time together!!

  22. From Tricia

    I’m with Paula! I was hoping for a big blow with the baby storyline as well..these bits and pieces day by day are driving me insane! Where’s the excitement?? I’m really interested in this Carly storyline…why would she kill Lawrence? Hmm.

  23. From Michelle

    I really think EJ and Sami should be together so that Brady and Nicole can be together. As much as I hated what Nicole did with the baby switch, I really felt bad for her when she had to tell EJ about Sydney. As far as Bo and Carly goes, I think that it would make for a juicy storyline, bring Billy back along with Carly and watch the sparks fly when Hope finds out. Even if that did happen I would want Bo and Hope to be back together in the long run. I really do miss all the days characters that are gone. John and Doc, Austin and Carrie, Jennifer and Jack, Shawn and Belle and MiMi. Hope they come back one day.

  24. From Debbie

    I really don’t think EJ and Sami should ever be together. Does everyone forget he raped her. Sami and Rafe are SO good together. They make an awesome couple and so much chemistry between them. I feel sorry for Nicole, she is crazy to take Sami’s baby, but she just wanted to be Happy. I have no idea why she would want to be with EJ though as he is always so nasty to her.

  25. From Sharon Bratt


  26. From carol

    I don’t agree on Kate’s hair. I really like it. The bangs look great. She should stop wearing all those layers of clothes though. She looks great in jeans. Her age has nothing to do with it.If she can do it, I say do it as long as she can. You only live once. Get what she can out of her great looks. She is so beautiful. My husband thinks she is the most attractive one on the show.I do too. She never seems to show her age. Lucky girl. I am also older and wear young clothes. Thinking young keeps you young.

  27. From patti

    but Debbie…Sami has forgiven EJ..and still has a spark from him. Remember the steamy scenes long after the rape? I do like Rafe…perhaps Rafe and Nicole??? but I like Nicole with Brady…Brady and the right partner could be another jack and jen….or bo and hope. Bo and Hope of OLD however…..

  28. From Lizzy

    I don’t think Nicole is going to tell EJ or Sami the truth about Sydney’s biological parents. I don’t know why either….save us from this neverending story and just tell the truth. EJ is done with her right now and I don’t think it’s gonna get better. I want her to have to tell everyone that sweet little Grace was actually Mia and Chad’s kid and maybe if she hadn’t done what she did….maybe things wouldn’t have turned out as bad as they did. Please let Rafe get free soon! I want the WHOLE truth to come out for once. Get rid of this whole stupid Hope disappearing with Ciara and surprise Carley’s back storyline. This could be as good as it was in its glory days if they’d get away from these boring and repetitive storylines.

  29. From Arlene

    Hope should not have taken Ciara away from her father. They should have worked through the problems together. I feel sorry for Bo, he was just doing his job. They will probably try to pair up Bo and Carly since she had a thing for him in the past. I agree with Bo for seeking legal advice on his rights as a father.

  30. From missy

    linda #17, i agree totally about bringing sheriden to days to be with rafe, they have awesome chemistry they always did, i never understood why passions never put them back together. ej and sami are great togeher. rafe has to be with a blonde he does well with them, not sami they had no chemistry, there sexual moments were boring with a capital b. they make better friends. i too like nicole, better when she was sarcastic though. hook rafe up with someone other than sami, i think him and nichole act well off each other.

  31. From Patti H.

    I think when Carly finds Rafe he will have no memoery of Sammi or the whole baby switch this will take us way into November,how about a Thanksgiveing blessing for Sami? Iam a Sami&Raff fan.I like Brady& Nicole really like Nathan&Mel

  32. From Jessa

    I too like so many others am looking very forward to the baby switch ending. I think though that the full truth will take a while to come out. This is just a theory of course but I think that with Rafe gone and only Nicole’s half of the truth out E.J. and Sami will grow closer. Rafe will return but with a case of amneisa of course. With that many blows to the head and possible half drowning this is plausible. Sami of course will nurse Rafe back to health while he is bothered by the fact that he is sure there is something very important to remember. Eventually he will and the truth will be out but by then the triangle will be established with Sami, Rafe, and E.J. Who will Sami choose, the father of two of her children or the man she wished was the father of her chidren?

  33. From stevemokay

    We really like Nicole. She can be so funny. Hope she comes back from maternity leave and EJ takes her back. Wish Kate would get her ‘just rewards’ and just go away. She used to be interesting, but now it’s rather boring. Don’t think Stefano will die, maybe just ‘out of it’, and Kate can take over the business? Then she’ll be dealing with Victor. That may be intersting.
    I agree that Chloe needs to cover up more. I don’t understand the reason for all the skin showing.

  34. From Jeanne

    who is carly? who was she on here before? and what happen to her?

  35. From carol

    I don’t know why the writers would have Chloe wearing Dr. Dans ring. She isn’t even anulled from lucas yet. She is shameful for doing that so soon. But then, not really her, just the writers. After all, it is just a soap. All in fun. Any way, any one out there remember who little Nicky was? The little boy who came to town with Carly. He was so cute.

  36. From Serena

    I LOVE EJ and Sami!!! Nicole and Brady would be good and really, Rafe needs to go find himself somewhere. Hook Lucus up with Arianna Dr. Jonas and Choloe should just leave together sick of them.Carly why are they bringing her back??? Oh because Bo and Hope have been together again too long….Bring back Shawn and Belle!!!

  37. From Cassandra

    Here’s a thought! Whatever happened to the blood work EJ had done on Sydney? Would that not tell him that she is really his daughter and not Nicoles? I have not heard them say anything else about that since the subject was brought up.

  38. From Ruth

    I am so sick of this baby switch I have stopped watching the show and only read the updates.I have been watching for 30+ years, and this is the worst storyline ever.

  39. From Maze

    I think Cloe should be pregnat
    they father should be Lucas…
    … that would screw things up a bit.. and Nicole too… this time the baby lives & it’s a boy.. and it’s EJ’s and I think Stefano should loose his memmory and not remember who he is… for a while …for fun!!!That would screw Kate up a bit too .. for her court case…lol …Raff should also loose his memmory…and go back to his past with Emily… and think she is still alive.

  40. From Leah

    I have no sympathy for Nicole what so ever. First of all she wasn’t happy to just have any baby she wanted EJ and Sami’s baby. Wait until EJ and Sami find out about that! Then she has also lied and manipulated young naive Mia. Mia sang at Grace’s funeral not knowing she was singing at her own daughters funeral – but dear old Nicole knew. Then Nicole sat by and watched EJ and Sami go through hell and mourn for a child that wasn’t theirs. Then theres Brady her so called friend….. well he may have helped her with Sydney but he certainly didn’t know it was Sami’s baby he thought it was young Mia’s. He wouldn’t have agreed to it had he known the truth.
    No Nicole you’ve burn’t way too many bridges to get yourself out of this one. Maybe you should have been a Mrs Di Mera but just not EJ’s Mrs Di Mera should have been his poppa you married instead Stefano. You and he would make a right pair.

  41. From Samantha

    I truly hope that Sami and EJ get back together. Rafe and Sami are so borning and they just don’t have the chemistry that she has with EJ! Nicole rocked this week, her acting has really improved and I actually feel bad for her. I want her to be happy…maybe with Brady. Brady and Ari are horrible together. It worked on passions but this is DOOL!!! Also, I love Mel and Nate together. They look great. Steph and Phillip need to get back together after she gets of her highn horse! And last but not least. Bo and Hope are the best couple ever and I am not sure about her acting all crazy with him. I do not want to see a Carly reunion. His love affair with her was not all that back in the day and I certainly don’t want to see them back together. If that’s the case bring Billie back for Bo. That is my 2 cents! Did i mention how much i love EJ. Gosh the accent alone is GREAT!!

  42. From Michelle

    I just wish Nicole would fess up and tell Sami and EJ the truth. If he forgives her – I swear I will stop watching this show! Its obvious Brady has feelings for her, and judging that he kept her secret for this long, I’m sure he can handle being in love with the woman. I am torn with Rafe, I like him with Sami – but I also really like EJ and Sami too. I don’t know about that one. I am just ready for that storyline to finally come to an end.

  43. From cat

    How about Kate saying that if anything happened to Stefano she would have control of the DiMera business? Come on now writers, Stefano has no illusions about Kate do you really want us to buy the premise that he would actually turn over the family “business” to her if anything happens to him, and leave EJ out in the cold? Geez we have to be more realistic even if it is fiction ala soap operas…..

  44. From Clear

    Where’s Rafe!!! Let him come tell the truth about Sydney!! Please arrest Kate and put her into the Orange Jumpsuit whether she tried to kill Stefano or not, she would if she could. Nicole could be arrested for kidnapping Sydney, and they could share a cell–yeah!!
    Catfight tournament!

  45. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    I really don’t understand why Kate thinks she will be in power of the DiMera businesses. Stefano & Kate got married quickly and he would have had to sign a legal document requesting she take over the business. Just because you are married to someone doesn’t mean you have the legal right to take over a business. I would think that EJ would be the boss if something happens to Stefano. Kate needs to be punished. Nicole needs to be punished. And crazy Meredith needs to just go away. I get a headache everytime I see her. I also cannot believe that Nicole, Dr. Baker & Mia never signed any paper work or had lawyers involved in this shady adoption story. That needs to just be done with. Let Sami have her daughter and let’s see how Mia, Chad and Will deal with the loss of baby Grace being Mia’s. From what I have read Chad’s parents have money & power. Good. Problem is, then why did Chad allow Nicole to try and blackmail him into leaving Mia alone back in the days? Nicole was a drugged-out porn actress (I know it wasn’t her fault, but still) that info would be all over the internet for Chad to find out. If I were Chad I would have told her to try and do something to him. Just because she married a DiMera doesn’t necessarily mean she has the power to do anything to anyone else.

  46. From Grandma of 18

    Personally, I would like to see Brady and Arianna get back together – really saw sparks there. Sami & Rafe belong together, and EJ should forgive Nicole – of all the women in his life, she has loved and cared for him the most. Kate needs to pull time. But, of course, this should all happen in a perfect world, and as we all know, the Town of Salem is far from perfect !!

  47. From Delores

    Yes when are they gonna dress these ladies in jeans and a shirt and stick their hands in dirty dishwater is what I’d like to know!! If any ladies were to walk around like Chloe and Kate around here we’d be tossed in jail for either being a *hore or trying to look like one.

  48. From Diane

    Nancy I agree with you about Kates hair, to me it looks like she had a fight with a lawn mower and lost and her bangs are going to be to her chin soon…I think she is ok looking but guess I just don’t like her haircut….

  49. From Christina

    Hi Carol,

    The little boy who played Nicky is Erik Von Detten. I agree, he was very sweet. I used to hate Nicole, but now I feel sorry for her with her lack of self esteem and the childhood that she had, it is no wonder she ended up doing something as sick as trying to pass another woman’s baby off as her own. What really gets me is that the poor little baby who plays Sydney was crying so uncontrollably, and no one was picking her up. I think all the actors on Days do a fantastic job,
    but the writers are the crazy ones, what with sacrificing children for the sake of a story line. Claire, Zack, and Grace all hhad to suffer, and I think they have gone too far. Don’t mean to be negative, just my opinion.

  50. From Laura

    Well, I guess I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to watch two episodes of DOOL in one day. I’ve already seen the one for Monday and I seriously won’t be missing that! I’ll give you all a sneak peak. Nicole goes back to the mansion to speak with E.J. and is telling him how much their “daughter” misses him. She tells him she’s not leaving and he says . . . not giving away that bit, but it’s AWESOME. Bo and Victor have a conversation about Hope and Carly. Lucas calls Chloe while she’s at the pub and Kate walks in. Saw a preview for the following day and yes, Carly saves Rafe’s life. Can’t wait for Monday!

  51. From barbie

    what Stephano didn’t help Kate enough and then he has to give DiMera enterprises to her as well? Someone commented that Kate looked like an old rock star or hooker, she used to be a hooker and technically still is if you look at her marriage to Stephano. I hate that the writers are making Maggie so wishy washy with Melody. First she tells her that she would like for her and Nathan to be together then she’s trying to pawn him off on Stephanie. I really do not want Stephanie in the picture with Nathan at all- I like Philip and Nathan kind of fighting over her but in the end, I’d love for Nathan and Melody to be a couple, they are pretty cute together.

  52. From judy martin

    stephanie is a _______….nathan should be with melanie…and philip should be fighting over her…ej should be with sami..rafe should be with..hmmm…and why does kate wear long sleeves all the time…does she have some nasty tatoos that no one should see??..and maggie is a hag

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  53. From Janet Robertson

    I don’t know how Kate can see through her bangs to see the teleprompter for her lines. And, her breathy voice is so irritating. I guess she’s too old to change her voice.

  54. From ldycamaro

    I am tired of the baby storyline , if they didn’t talk to themselves or each other so much no one would have overheard anything .

  55. From barbara

    i’m about ready to give up! looks like nothing in the next 2 weeks will end the b- switch. if sami amd ej don’t know the truth, it’ll never end. the b , nicole will go away, have her own baby, and return with a toddler sydney. she’s still trying to use her to keep ej. how dumb can he be if he takes her back

  56. From Paula

    I’ve always been a fan of Bo and Hope, but I too am sick of her leaving him every time something goes wrong. And this time taking Ciera without any contact as to where they even are? I don’t blame him for getting a lawyer!
    I sooooooo hope Nathan doesn’t lose Melanie to Philip. He and Melanie make such a cute couple! What concerns me even more is how he keeps looking at Stephanie. They DO NOT belong together. If we can all see the chemistry between Mel and Nathan, why can’t the writers?? BARB…I think Maggie changed her mind about Melanie and Nathan because of the tape which showed her Melanie still has feeling for Philip. She’s just trying to save Nathan from being hurt.
    I see Carley is supposed to save Rafe…he was tossed into the water about a week ago…wouldn’t he be alittle waterlogged by

  57. From Brandy

    I used to love EJ and Sammi together, not anymore after just about attacked her, when she was trying to be supportive to him.

  58. From Kelly

    Please save Rafe & let the baby mystery be done. Time for Sami to be reunited with her daughter! Time for Rafe & Sami to tie the knot too.

  59. From Dorothy I

    Hi Fans

    Well my computer is finally fixed so I have this to say

    The baby story line will not end until Rafe comes around ok

    If EJ takes Nicole back he is more of jerk than I thought

    Also I would like to see Mel and Nathan together

    Once the baby story line ends EJ will be fighting for Sami cause she will stay with Rafe he will be her hero more ways than one

    That’s it for today Fans

  60. From tammy

    Please baby switch come to an END!!!! Hoping EJ and Sami get back together. I am a HUGE Ejami fan!!! Love their chemistry and also love the “love hate” relationship they have. Nicole’s acting was GREAT. I actually feel sorry for her. I hope she comes back after her maternity leave.

  61. From missy

    i said it once and i will say it again, make nicole, vicki or something her evil twin that she does not know about. ej and sami all the way, ej jumped on sami because she too lied about his daughter, she could have told him before she died and things would have been different. stop nagging on ej he is the victam twice from both blonde bimbos.

  62. From paki

    I agree with the people who say Kate looks terrible. She looks like a skunk most days with those streaks in her hair. Her lips all blown up are not good either. Can’t stand the clothes they put on her. SHe actually looks like she belongs in a circus. Take all the layers off and the massive chains from her waist. She looks ridiculous. Who dresses like that. Really!

  63. From Nikkie

    I like Nicole, I think a women in that situation would do anything for a child especially if she is never able to have another. However I dont think EJ deserves her. I really do like Nicole with Brady, I think it would be nice if Nicole found out her baby didnt die and finds her. As to Bo and Hope, im so tired of everytime things get hard she runs off.. I think it would be funny if they brought Billie back and bo and her got together. Oh yeah as for Sami I think it would be nice if she reconnected with Lucas.. or Rafe… I think EJ should end up alone for a while and follow Stefanos footsteps for a while…

  64. From Delores

    Are my eyes and ears seeing and hearing things that others are not? Did Nicole or did she not tell EJ one day last week during the confrontaion of the truth that he WAS the bilogical Father? I could have SWROE she DID!! So, therfore, why did EJ not put 2 and 2 together then and figure it all out? And then TODAY—Did or Did Nicole confront Mia AND Chad that Sydney was NOT Mia’s??? So then Why on earth did both Mia AND Chad go back to talking like they knew nothing about what Nicole just said? In example, Chad went to the Dimera’s asking to see HIS daughter. Now something here does not add up or make one hill of sense to me at all. Just like last week when Carly stabbed that SOB. I thought my channels had changed or something. I could not figure that out to save my @ss, it just went from the regular scenes we have been use to seeing, all of a sudden to some strange something. They should have had scenes adding up to that, not just going WHOOSH right in to the stabbing scene as they did.

  65. From me

    Ok so Rafe needs to get back to town to blow this thing out of the water and bring it to an end. I’m sure Chad’s parents will demand a DNA test which will show EJ the father but Nicole not the mother, and I’m sure EJ still won’t figure out who the mother is. Sami will probably figure it out before he does. Hope needs to get over herself leave the past in the past, every sign of trouble she runs because it’s not going her way. Bo should just kick her to the curb. Why is Victor constantly medling in Dr. D’s life, leave the guy alone he’s not your kid and he’s an adult. You would think that EJ would put 2 and 2 together when Nicole said Sydney was his but because she’s lied to him thus far he has no reason to believe her. I still think Chloe is a cow for accepting Daniel’s proposal so fast and not even giving the ink time to dry on the anullment papers….soap operas gotta love them….hahaha

  66. From Dorothy I


    You made an excellant point today

    I feel that the baby story line won’t end unless Rafe comes back

    I still don’t understand why Carly is back yet,someone must be leaving the show

    I would like to know if Stefano will tell his son the truth once Nicole leaves????

  67. From cherie

    Isn’t it strange that Rafe was hit in the head several times…tossed in the water and drifted at sea…and still has a clean shaven face??? No whiskers or marks of trauma anywhere…oh to live in the soap world….

  68. From Dorothy I

    Well after seeing today’s soap,
    I feel that this is how the baby switch will end Rafe is getting stronger he will come though soon
    and tell Sami the truth, Nicole will be gone by now the Hero Rafe will have to use his FBI ways to find Sydney

    I think that Hope and Bo are over she will be involved with Justin then his wife and kids will arrive ,that will be a new twist on Days

    Bo will connect with Carly the new couples will all be fighting over each other.

    Kate must be leaving soon that’s why Vivian will be back the week of the 26th

    So maybe Kate and Stefano leave for good and go to Tuscany

    What do you think about this Fans

  69. From dev

    I LOVE E.J. AGAIN…finally he has gotten back the demeanor i fell in love with so much…he was becomming the show dummie for awhile…love the show today!!!!!

  70. From Barb

    Is it just me or is Kate starting to look like Joan Rivers in a wig? Her face is looking like it’s plastic – high cheeks, inflated lips….what was wrong with the old Kate? I don’t feel sorry for Nicole any more – she just keeps trying to keep “her baby” at anyone’s expense and blames anyone who’s available for all her problems – she needs to just look in the mirror! EJ has been doing some fantastic acting lately – hope he doesn’t fall back in his “naive EJ” ways – ‘specially about Nicole – she definitelt needs to be kicked to the curb. Wait until they find out who Sydney’s real parents are – don’t think Sami is going to be much of a “friend” to Nicole any longer! Good to see Carly & Lawrence again – but did they have to kill off Lawrence so fast? What about Vivian? She needs to rock Victor & Kates world! Can’t wait to see her back! The show is really starting to pick up again – Hope needs to leave – so tired of her whining and leaving Bo – maybe Carly can “straighten” her out on what’s important to her!

  71. From Olive

    EJ is the most narcissistic jerk ever – not to mention the fact that he is so hypocritical. He is no kind of father that anyone would ever want their child to have. Nicole’s worst sin (well, other than the one where she took Sami’s baby) is that she think EJ actually cares about his children. He has no idea what love is, except the love that he has for himself. I’m totally enjoying every minute of his misery. And I LOVE Sami for giving it to him right between the eyes. I still think the character is way over-acted though.

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