Days of Our Lives Spoilers For October 29-30.

Sneaking, slapping and secrecy.

Carly sneaks out of Bo’s house to return to the boat. The detective does what his gut tells him and follows her. Bo asks Carly, “What the hell do you think you are doing?” Even if he should have been able to figure that out already, she opens up to him some more anyway. He tries to give her some comfort since she fears for her life. “I took a life. They’re going to want mine in return,” Carly tells him. It looks like Vivian may be preparing to make sure that happens after she receives her nephew’s ashes.

On the boat, Rafe dreams of Sami and struggles to get his strength back. Mustering what he can, he leaves as he overhears Chad and Nicole talking about Sydney. After he serves her some papers ordering a DNA test, Nicole yells at Chad “My baby will never forget about me. Never!” While Rafe is making his way to Sami’s, Chad confronts Will for helping Mia lie about everything. Rafe finally gets in touch with his sister and tells her that Nicole is not Sydney’s real mother.

Meanwhile, Stefano tries to actually tell Sami the truth, but that plan is short lived thanks to Sami herself. After she blows up at him, he decides she’s far too mentally unbalanced to handle reality. Elvis even pays her a visit to lay into her for flipping out at his father. Stefano continues trying to avoid everything from collapsing and explains his newest plan to Nicole. He then tells her and Mia, “No one outside of this room must ever know the real truth.”

Feeling inspired, Philip makes a pass at Melanie. “We are perfect for each other,” he says. She takes a pass on his pass and slaps away his smarmy grin. As she runs off to Nathan, he’s busy receiving a peace offering from Stephanie. She admits that she is jealous of Melanie and then turns to Philip to tell him to stay out of Nathan and Melanie’s relationship. He suggests that she try doing the same.

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  1. From Kino

    Too late, Rafe will get out of Carly’s boat, get back together with Sami and tells both her and Arianna the truth about the baby switch. Let’s see how Nicole get’s out of this one when they exhume Grace’s body out of her grave and do a DNA Test on her. Sami will get Sydney back, take Johnny out of the Dimera Mansion and keep Elvis away from her. I guess that’s what Stefano gets for hiring Meredith to kill Rafe in order to keep their secret.

    I bet Elvis won’t forgive his father when he hears the truth from Rafe. That is going to be one angry son as he divorces Nicole, disowns his father and leaves the Dimera Mansion for a while. After what she and Stefano did to him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he never wants to see either one of them again.

    Mia will definetly blame Nicole for Grace’s death because she went back on her word to raise her as her own daughter, by raising Sydney instead. However, she is comforted by Rafe and Sami who tell her that they were with her throughout her sickness and had loved her until she died. In the end the right mother took care of Grace.

  2. From annie

    Why call these midweek spoilers when all they are is a recap?

  3. From Precious

    #Kino…Is this just your opinion, or do you have inside info???

  4. From Kino

    The part where Rafe tells Sami and Arianna about the Baby Switch will happen on tomorrow’s episode.

    The exhumation of Grace’s body, Elvis disowning his father and Bia blaming Nicole for Grace’s death my by my opinion. But it could happen.

  5. From Kino

    I meant Mia, typo

  6. From sally

    No Kino Sami will know the truth the 12 nov not tomorrow !! I am totally sure of that : it is the big reveal of this storyline !!
    We don’t know who tell the truth to Sami but it’s probably Rafe indeed.
    I don’t know who tell the truth to Ej but he will know pretty soon, maybe in the same time as Sami, don’t still know but YES it is sure he will disown his father, he will not react pretty well with the truth, he will fell REALLY REALLY REALLY BETRAYED !! That’s all for the spoilers..i am really sure of what i said.

  7. From dc

    no kino, rafe did not tell ari or sami about sydney..
    maybe next week the truth will come out..
    ej will be mad at stefano for awhile but he will finally forgive him..
    it will be fun to see if ej and nicole get back together.. with her going on pregnancy leave soon it would be nice to know..
    i would love to see rafe and sami raise sydney..
    when chad finds out he is not the father i wonder what he will do and if they will keep him on the show.. i read where a younger sister of rafe and ari will be on the show soon.. maybe her and chad will become an item..

  8. From Precious

    From the spoilers I read, the BIG REVEAL will be November 12th. Who gets told “what”, I don’t know for sure yet, but I’m kinda thinking Rafe clues in Sami about Sydney..that’s probably when Rafe learns the DNA results he gets back, so he is certain of what he will tell Sami. Spoilers also indicate that Nicole is going to jail,for her role in this switcheroo… (during her
    pregnancy leave).:)

  9. From earn money blogging

    I love the soap… I can still remember Joey Tribbiani…

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