General Hospital Spoilers For November 2-6.

Carelessness, conflicts and the inability to forgive.

Following the chaos of the party, Dominic, Lulu and Spinelli team up to find Carly. As Lulu and Dominic head out in search of the impatient pregnant woman, she winds up nearly losing her life. As Dominic saves her and stays by her side, the trauma reawakens memories about the night she discovered who he really is. He can’t help but admit to it, but vows that this won’t stop him from taking Sonny down.

After a terrible accident, Carly is desperate to deliver a healthy baby. She’ll get some help from a surprising source – Claudia. Meanwhile, Olivia tries to ease Jax’s guilt over the mess which is engulfing them. He finally notices that Michael is missing. The young man has run off to try and save his mother. After Claudia is cornered and deal with, Carly is reunited with her husband, but doesn’t know how she can forgive him for his betrayal. The answer may come quick. After Jax and Sonny have a brutal fight, Carly blames Jax for the horrible things which have transpired.

A careless remark leads Johnny to jump to the wrong conclusion about Sonny. Dominic offers to help him find out what really happened to Claudia, much to his mother’s chagrin. Olivia worries that her son is using Johnny as a pawn and putting him in harm’s way.

After Sonny’s violent behavior early in the week, Kristina is starting to feel relieved that she’s stayed distant from him. The same isn’t true for her brother. Michael proves he’s more like his father than anyone expected. And Jason is left wondering if he did the right thing. He should probably be more worried about the looming figure who seems to be obsessed with him.

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  1. From Raymone

    I really, really like Elizabeth with Nikolas. Neither the old nor the new Lucky are good to watch with Elizabeth, but Elizabeth and Nikolas are great together. If we cant have Luke and Laura, then how about Elizabeth and Nikolas???

  2. From Nancy

    What a great performance by the actors who play Sonny and Carly on Friday 10/30 at the party when it all came down…..

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