General Hospital Spoilers For October 28-29.

Tight escapes and the tightening noose.

Claudia offers Olivia another warning that she is planning to tell Sonny the truth about Dominic. Of course, she’s not the only one who knows too much. Dominic explains to a bewildered Lulu how she wound up in his bed. He’s relieved that she doesn’t seem to recall anything of what she discovered the previous evening, particularly the fact that he’s an undercover cop.

Fully resolved, Jason goes to Sonny to tell him all of the gory details about Claudia’s part in Michael’s shooting. To his surprise, Sonny doesn’t react to the revelation at all. Determined to end this once and for all, Jason decides that he will have to kill Claudia himself whether it’s what Sonny order or not. Will he be able to retain his determination when Michael asks Sam to stop Jason from seeking revenge?

Although they know there could be some surprises in store, Carly and Michael end up at the party anyway. Johnny’s attempt to save his sister gets cut short thanks to being held captive by Joey Limbo. The mobster ends up being freed up a pair of unlikely heroes – Molly and Morgan. He runs to the party as it gets under way, but it may prove to be dangerous for more than just his sister.

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