The Young and The Restless Video Clip: Jack Gives Billy A Warning!

October 26th, 2009 by Amy Mistretta

A word from the wise…

Being the new owner of Restless Style, Billy’s playing with the big boys now, but Jack has some advice for his younger brother. Watch this video clip preview of Monday’s episode on Soap Opera Fan Blog!

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Days of Our Lives Video Clip: Back In Bo’s Life.

October 25th, 2009 by Matthew Purvis

Just when Bo thought his troubles with women couldn’t any worse…

Hope may be taking some distance from his life, but someone else is already ready to fill up the space. Carly is back in town and in desperate need of some help. But will Bo’s new position be a help or hindrance? She’s not the only woman back either. He better watch out for Vivian.

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The Young and The Restless: Eric Braeden Leaving? (UPDATED!)

October 24th, 2009 by Amy Mistretta

Is he or isn’t he?

Updated on October 24:

Good news fans, Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Eric was able to work out a new deal with Sony and will not be leaving the show! Eric’s rep. confirmed the news by saying, “Eric has agreed to return to Y&R.”

Previously Reported on October 17:

Unable to come to an agreement with the show, during contract negotiations, Eric will in fact be leaving The Young and the Restless and told Entrainment Weekly, “We reached an impasse in the negotiations. I have shown flexibility, they have shown none. It is over. I pulled the plug. That’s it. No more. If I show good will, I expect it to be reciprocated. If there is a rigid attitude on the other side, what is there to to negotiate? That’s a sign of utter disrespect. I will not negotiate with people who remain aloof and arrogant about the whole thing. Not after 30 years, I won’t do that. I’m saying this with a great amount of sadness because I’ve had nothing but respect for my fellow cast members, I have deep respect for the crew who has done an extraordinary job year in and year out, and I have enormous respect for (head writer) Maria Bell.”

Previously Reported on September 28:

After reports have been sweeping the internet, fans of The Young and the Restless have been wondering if Genoa City is about to lose one of its veteran actors Eric Braeden (Victor Newman), so Soap Opera Fan Blog, through our sister site, contacted Eric’s representative who confirmed the reports are true – that Eric is considering leaving the show!

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Days of Our Lives Poll: Salem’s Creepiest?

October 23rd, 2009 by Matthew Purvis

Halloween is almost here.

Salem has some pretty creepy characters, on all sorts of levels. They might not all be the kind of people who would give you a fright if you opened your door and saw them standing there, but who do you think would make the most frightening disguise for All Hallow’s Eve? Read the rest of this entry »

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General Hospital Weekly Summary For October 19-23.

October 23rd, 2009 by Matthew Purvis

Just when Claudia and Sonny bond, Jason finds the proof to blow them apart.

Once again, Dante refused to sleep with Claudia. She was outraged but he walked out on her, turning to Lulu for some flirtation before noticing a familiar bit of graffiti on an alley wall. Claudia returned to Sonny and told him she wasn’t pregnant. To cheer her up, he decided to take her with him to Puerto Rico on business. While there, she promised to prove what an asset she could be to him. They met with some of his associates who were tangled up with Anthony. Sonny confronted them and Claudia even pulled a gun on one to save her husband. He was so impressed that he wanted to throw a celebration for her. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Summary For October 19 – 23!

October 23rd, 2009 by Lori Wilson

A coup, an engagement and a baby.

After more pressure from Bill, Brooke convinced the FC team to accept his offer to buy the company and put Katie in charge as CEO. She told Eric, Ridge, Donna and Katie that they could keep control of the company if Katie was the public face of FC, but Ridge made the day-to-day decisions. She also declared they would hold important meetings at FC and not in Spencer offices. She asked Katie if she would be loyal to the family above anyone else and Katie assured her she would. Ridge told Bill they accepted his offer, as long as Katie was their only connection to Spencer Publications, to which he agreed.
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The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary For October 19 – 23!

October 23rd, 2009 by Amy Mistretta

Patty received a familiar visitor, Ashley and Nikki staked claim on the ranch, Billy made Phyllis an offer and Kevin rescued Ryder!

When Nikki heard Ashley wanted the ranch, she confronted her but was thrown out of the ranch! Meanwhile, Victor asked Michael to sign over the ranch to Ashley but was upset to hear Ashley had scheduled Faith’s christening to be held without him. However, Victor showed up with Nikki, and Ashley welcomed him to the front of the church. After Faith Colleen Newman was christened, Traci, her Godmother, laid her hand on Victor’s chest and promised to honor his child.

Jack refused to allow Billy access to his trust fund, but Billy still offered to buy Restless Style, and with the help of Chloe, convinced the Newmans to sell – and convinced Ashley to loan him the money to buy it! Though Billy shared the news with Mac, Chloe kept it from Chance, who ordered Chloe to save her explanations and accused her of still being hung up on Billy! Speaking of which, Billy didn’t like the newest RS cover and secretly stopped the presses, so he could include an expose on Victor taking his niece’s heart! Over at Jabot, Kay reinstated Jill, as Jack’s equal, who couldn’t wait to make her presence known at the company.

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General Hospital’s Greg Vaughn On The Newlywed Game.

October 23rd, 2009 by Matthew Purvis

General Hospital’s Greg Vaughan (Lucky Spencer) appeared on last night’s episode of “The Newlywed Game.”

Greg was joined by his real life wife, Touriya Haoud, for the game show. Check out this video clip to see how they fared against the other celebrity couples.

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A Fan’s Tour Of The Days of Our Lives’ Set.

October 23rd, 2009 by Matthew Purvis

Days of Our Lives fan Gordon Parkhurst was lucky enough to take a tour of the NBC Studios in Burbank where the show is filmed.

He got in touch with us to tell us all about his time checking out the sets and costumes. Here’s a sample of his article:

“Soap opera actors and crew members are among the hardest working people in show business, as new episodes air every day, there are no repeats. The day usually starts about 8 or 9 AM, with hair and makeup, and costuming. They rehearse and go over their blocking in the first part of the day, and then usually start filming about 3 PM, and work until sometime into the evening. Why do you rarely see soap opera stars in the gossip pages? Because they have no time for partying or late nights! Speaking of hair, make-up, and costumes, wardrobe and make-up were our next stop. They had an assortment of costumes on display, including the Marilyn Monroe inspired number Sami wore to serenade Franco on his birthday, and the circus costume worn by Jennifer when she was hiding out with Jack in the circus. The window into the costume shop is now covered, as apparently ambitious reporters for the soap opera magazines and websites were known to take the tour, just to spy behind the scenes and learn possible spoilers! They also had the Marlena Evans doll on display, which I was ashamed to admit to owning! Hair and makeup was the next stop. Many wigs were on display, including those worn by Celeste, and a Marie Antoinette wig worn by Marlena at the DiMera masquerade ball. Interestingly, many of the wigs contain horse hair, which is much more durable than human hair, and will stand up to the harsh styling conditions used. Also, many of the actresses wear wigs on a daily basis, as it makes for much easier hair styling, and more easily allows for switching between different scenes in the same day.” Read the rest of this entry »

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General Hospital Poll: What Is CO77X?

October 23rd, 2009 by Matthew Purvis

Mysterious people are common enough, but mysterious tags? Are you intrigued?

For a few days now, we’ve been seeing the graffiti tag ‘co77x’ popping up before Dante zones out and a flash of a bloody scene happens. Although the detective turned to Spinelli for help, the tag is so mysterious that there isn’t even a trace of it on the internet. Read the rest of this entry »

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