The Young and The Restless: Eric Braeden Leaving? (UPDATED!)

Is he or isn’t he?

Updated on October 24:

Good news fans, Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Eric was able to work out a new deal with Sony and will not be leaving the show! Eric’s rep. confirmed the news by saying, “Eric has agreed to return to Y&R.”

Previously Reported on October 17:

Unable to come to an agreement with the show, during contract negotiations, Eric will in fact be leaving The Young and the Restless and told Entrainment Weekly, “We reached an impasse in the negotiations. I have shown flexibility, they have shown none. It is over. I pulled the plug. That’s it. No more. If I show good will, I expect it to be reciprocated. If there is a rigid attitude on the other side, what is there to to negotiate? That’s a sign of utter disrespect. I will not negotiate with people who remain aloof and arrogant about the whole thing. Not after 30 years, I won’t do that. I’m saying this with a great amount of sadness because I’ve had nothing but respect for my fellow cast members, I have deep respect for the crew who has done an extraordinary job year in and year out, and I have enormous respect for (head writer) Maria Bell.”

Previously Reported on September 28:

After reports have been sweeping the internet, fans of The Young and the Restless have been wondering if Genoa City is about to lose one of its veteran actors Eric Braeden (Victor Newman), so Soap Opera Fan Blog, through our sister site, contacted Eric’s representative who confirmed the reports are true – that Eric is considering leaving the show!

“Eric is in talks with Y&R and may or may not be back,” Eric’s rep conveyed.

Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep our readers posted, and we hope the actor and show can come to an agreement, as Genoa City would not be the same without Victor Newman.

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  1. From Donna

    I will be really disappointed if Eric Braeden leaves Y & R. The show just won’t be the same without him!!!

  2. From Rhonda Flanders

    C’mon Victor!A great soap needs guys like you.A guy you pull for one minute & want to strangle the next minute,aka RESTLESS!

  3. From Missy

    give colleen’s heart to victor,let him live.give him the transplnt thanks,

  4. From icey miles

    I have been watching y&r for years and my favorite actor is victor newman. He has his ways but he is very cool about it. I would really hate to see him leave because he is basically the reason i watch y&r. if there is a dispute about money you need to pay him, he is worth it. DON’T HATE THE PLAYER, HATE THE GAME. HOPE TO SEE VICTOR FOR YEARS TO COME.

  5. From Suzanne

    Hope things work out for Eric. He is a wonderful actor. You may as well cancel Y&R if he is gone. Get rid of Adam and give Eric his worth.

  6. From Barbara

    Y&R just won’t be the same without Victor Newman – he is the heart of the show along with Katherine Chancellor –

  7. From loxley

    I have watched YandR for years but dont think i will watch anymore as its all gloom and doom. The writing stinks, no wonder eric B is leaving just like the other adam left. Story lines are horrible.

  8. From Splashyy

    Eric is the man. A solid man of character. If he goes, i can understand the story lines completely suck the man has a reputation to protect. The writers need to be lynched. No vision at all!!!!.

  9. From From Marcia

    Is Victor going to get Colleen’s heart?I am a long time viewer but I am getting so confused about what is going on the Y&R.To much messing around.Adam doing alot of low down dirty things for him to have lost his eyesight he sure get around real good.I agree with some of the other long time viewers the story lines are getting to be ridiculous.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  10. From Suzie

    It is about time they got rid of him. I read an interview he gave last year which made me lose all respect for the man. Y&R has now killed off two young women when it should have been him.

  11. From Tracey

    I can’t believe they are thinking about writing Victor Newman-Eric Braeden out of the story.I will not watch the Y&R if he is not in it.I am sure the ratings will plummet without him.Please pay him what he is worth.

  12. From Bonnie Harrington

    Pay Eric what he wants. Victor has some much more to do. He has to find out about Adam. If you take him off then the show might as well go to. What are the writers thinking.The Abbotts and the Newmans are the Y&R.Victor his family company friends there are so much that hasn’t had any closer.You brought Niki back. Please

  13. From Glenda Wasson

    Who is writing this junk!! It’s not enough that grown people are dressing up like silver chipmunks, stealing babies, and one of the few young people (Colleen) that can actually act is killed off. Now the producers are too cheap to pay Eric Braeden what he is already being paid to keep some sanity in the show. I’m done after watching for 20+ years and I’m not the only one!! Watch those YandR ratings drop like a stone.

  14. From Pat

    I’ve been watching Young & Restless since it aired in the 60′s. Eric Braden cannot not be leaving the show. He is an ‘icon’. There is no actor that can replace him.

    CBS do whatever it takes to keep him. If you don’t maintain Victor’s character,count on a decrease in rating/viewership. Eliminate Adam…he has not substance. Bring back the Winter family.

  15. From jthixen

    Now that we know he is not coming back, I am very disappointed in CBS, Sony or whoever has been doing negotiations. I cannot believe what they have done to the Victor Newman character. Eric Braeden is an icon on this show, along with Jeanne Cooper and others.

    I’ve had it with the powers that be on this show for treating such a great actor (all the actors in fact) the way they have. Y&R is no longer a show I will watch.

  16. From Linda

    Y&R will drop in ratings and lose many of it’s viewers if they let Eric go. He is the main reason I, and many others watch this show. It would be a very sad day if they let him go. He deserves whatever he requests, he’s the best actor they have on the show and has the most fans! What are you thinking people?

  17. From reggie

    I am so tired of the ruthless, unfeeling, arrogant Victor Newman. Unless the character can become someone we actually like, then I say RIP Victor Newman. I know u gotta be a jerk sometimes, but he does it all the time

  18. From Michele

    I don’t think Y&R is THAT stupid to get rid of Victor. They know they WON’T have a show if they do. To many people will stop watching. LONG LIVE VICTOR NEWMAN!

  19. From Debbie

    The show has already become somewhat of an unrealistic joke with Adam stealing Sharons baby OMG!!! BUT IF ERIC BRAEDEN LEAVES THE SHOW I’M DONE!!! I have loved the show for years but these writers are ruining it.

  20. From maureen

    Y&R without Eric Braeden? Give him what he wants Sony… you are going to lose the heart of this show, but more importantly you will lose viewers. Sony if you don’t have enough money you can gain adv revenue by showing name brand products on the show and or have characters run to McDonalds for breakfast or stay at the Marriott instead of the Genoa City Athletic club. Let’s get creatvie….really!

  21. From Pam

    Kick off Adam instead! He’s a truly evil character without ANY redeeming qualities. Everyone HATES him and wants him gone!

  22. From Lisa Day

    Y&R is the only soap I ever watch. I always said it was the best. But, lately I blame bad writing. So many lame storylines. It’s sinking fast. Without Victor it won’t be #1 anymore. Can CBS afford that ?

  23. From Joy

    “WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?” I can’t imagine watching Y&R without Victor Newman. I agree, get rid of Adam, not Victor or any of the other longtimers. The shows foundation is built around them. This is the only soap I watch. Don’t screw this one up guys. Come’on!!!!

  24. From Janet in Alaska

    Eric if you go, I am finished watching Y&R. Your character has made this show intriguing from the beginning, 30 years ago. What a shame that this show will lose a great actor. Oh well I was eagerly awaiting the next “reunion” between Nicki and Victor that is clearly not to be. Producers if you are reading this-don’t even bother with a “re-cast”!

  25. From Penny

    I do have to agree with a lot of the comments before me. The writing has really gone downhill with all of the ridiculous story lines. What really sent me over the top was the baby switching and this whole Adam thing. No wonder the original Adam and now Victor is leaving. I am sure Eric Braeden and his fellow actors cringe when they read their upcoming scripts. Just a shame.

  26. From no eric no watch

    Come on people, you don’t watch Y and R because it is believeable! No Eric, I will not watch. He is iconic to daytime and Y and R. The young people story lines are the dumb ones anyway, not Victor.

  27. From Sadie

    The only thing constant in life is change….Next.

  28. From diana

    he is a very good actor he can,t leave he is the show.

  29. From Gillian

    Mr. Braeden needs to understand economic realities. I’ve been a fan since he started on the show and will miss him terribly. But this isn’t just about him. Employees everywhere even in “successful” businesses like Y & R are getting pink slips and taking pay cuts. Wake up Eric.

  30. From Gillian

    Mr. Braeden needs to understand economic realities. I’ve been a fan since he started in 1980 and will miss him. But employees even in supposedly successful enterprises all over the country are now given pink slips or asked to take pay cuts in these tough times. Mr. Braeden should reconsider.

  31. From Kellie

    If Eric leaves, I leave – Nikki and Victor are the show and the rivalry between the Newmans and Abbotts is classic. CBS/Sony needs to stop playing games.

  32. From DJB

    There are certain characters– and there are only a handful!–that can NEVER be replaced by another actor or actress—not successfully. There is simply no one who could fill their shoes….no one with the same flair, attitude, skill, personna, heart & give-it-their-all dedication to that character.
    The character of Victor Newman is one of these select few characters.
    Eric Braeden IS Victor Newman to millions of fans. No one else could possibly take his place in that character, no matter how skilled they may be.
    Killing off the character would be such dirty pool. >:o(
    Pay the man what you agreed to—his contract should stand until it’s time to re-negotiate.

  33. From Faye N. Brown

    Y&R won’t be the same without Victor Newman (Eric) He and Katherine Chancellor. I don’t like Adam, so get rid of him and his character. Give Sharon and Nick their baby Faith. The truth needs to come out ASAP.

  34. From Rene

    OMG, the execs at Sony have their heads up their arses! How could Y&R go on without Victor Newman? He and Jack Abbott are the heart of the show! Another example of corporate greed!

  35. From sheila

    Get rid of Adam & keep Victor! The current storylines are ridiculous!! All you have to do to get out of the “looney bin” is to have a baby.

  36. From Emily

    I have about had it with this show. The writing stinks anymore. This whole Ashley getting Sharon’s baby and Sharon being so unapproachable and Nick bouncing back and forth — Sharon and Nick obviously have a bond that keeps bringing them back to one another, go with it !!! Stop all of this nonsense. This baby stealing story has been the last straw for me. Unbelievable even for soap opera’s. If you don’t watch it, all of your fans are going to leave with Eric Braeden for your poor story lines. You can kiss your #1 spot you have held for years good-bye.

  37. From Laetitia

    Give Eric what he wants!!!!!! Without him there is no Yound and the Restless!!!!! This daytime show is the best ever!!!!!!! who Jack s gonna fight with Adam???? Please!!!! No one has the charisma that Victor has!!!!
    GIVE HIM THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. From Carolyn

    It all falls on the writers shoulders again. Surely they can pay Victor what he’s worth. He might be a villian but he earned that title.

  39. From Lisa

    Good luck CBS/Sony! I’m done watching!

  40. From Evelyn Boudreaux

    The Young and the Restless without Victor Newman cmon get real.He keeps the soap going.
    Please give him the money he wants.He has Colleens heart.Don’t let her death be in vain.I have been watching the Young and the Restless ever since it aired.Go Victor you’re the man.

  41. From glenna

    If victor goes so do I. I think the show would be nothing without Victor. I would not watch it any more

  42. From Teresa Nestor

    If Victor goes I go! I’ve been a loyal fan of the show since its inception. Why give Victor, Colleen’s heart if you’re going to get rid of him.
    I”m disgusted with the powers that be if Victor leaves. He is the main character of the show. Without Victor there is no Y&R. It’s the same with Jack and Catherine Chancellor. HE goes I GO!

  43. From Shaun

    I don’t think I will continue to watch the Y & R if Victor leaves.
    I’ve have been watching it for over 20 yrs and he makes the show. Please Sony come to some kind of agreement so he can stay.

  44. From Sabrina

    Please come to some comprise between the two. I have love Eric from the beginning. This is the only soap opera that I really watch.Victor is the bomb, and he has it going on. Just to say you may see ratings fall if Eric do leave. So please work it out! I’m crying in tears of the fact that he may leave. Stay please. Love always.

  45. From /w, Moore

    I’ve watch Y & T Y for over 30
    yrs. If you let Victor go,
    that’s it…….

  46. From /w, Moore

    Don’t Like the idea of
    Victor leaving at all.
    Won’t watch it any more…..

  47. From ashley

    I also hate the writing on the show these days. The baby switch story is horrible. I rarely watch the show these days. I mostly catch the updates and look for spoilers online. I’ll watch more if the storylines get better. I wish they would get rid of Adam. His character is ridiculous.

  48. From Vanessa

    I just hate that Victor is leaving!!!! The Good, Bad guy is needed. But it’s just like CBS to mess up. Just like with Moonlight, you realized when it was too late, that you made a mistake. Looks like whoever is making those judgement calls should be let go.

  49. From s.douglas

    If victor leaves this show consider it off the air!!! he is the young and the restless!!! they should pay that man whatever he asked for!!! they will regret the day they let victor newman walk away!

  50. From sharon

    Keep Victor!!!!
    The show won’t be the same without
    him. Male viewers will leave.

  51. From EVa

    I can’t believe that CBS will write off Victor Newman, their will never be a replacement thought higher then Victor Newman. Honor his contract and then when it is up, then take another look but don’t cheat a good actor out of his rightful dues. CBS will never be the same without the Newman (Victor nor Nikki) if Victor leaves then a lot of the viewers will leave along with him. Think long and hard before you let the key person go?

  52. From Mary Ann

    Have watched this show since it started, my mother was a big fan of CBS soaps. Hated the fact that they got rid of Guiding Light, now they are going to let the best guy on Y&R go? Well, I’m sure that CBS will eventually get rid of all the soaps and put on all game shows!
    Way to go CBS! I even remember when CBS kick Capt Kangaroo off the air! Great reputation!

  53. From Alex

    Ok so this is terrible. Eric Braeden is Y&R, if hes gone i’m gone. Honestly, people say “the show must go on” well ya know, the show WON’T go on without him. Theres no way, no chance Y&R will survive more than a couple more years without Victor. Nikki was one thing, the whole Melody Thomas Scott leaving thing was terrible, I was ready to stop watching then, but Victor? Eric Braeden? I’m gone, no doubt. They can’t do this, they need to respect the fact that Eric has been doing this for years, decades, and most of them have been doing this for what 5 minutes? Seriously, get rid of Adam, Abby, even Ashley, not THE Victor Newman! I’m gone, after nov 2nd, no more Y&R for me if he doesn’t come back. To bad, it was my favourite show, I didn’t mind the crazy storylines, Victor and Nikki made it better, they are Y&R! Now that half of it could be gone, it wont be the same.

  54. From Rhonda Flanders

    I’ve never seen a man who could be SO SCARY when he’s angry.Don’t let him go before he finds out about Adam.

  55. From Rita Dwyer

    I agree with some of the others out there. The writing is awful! How are we long-time soap fans supposed to enjoy watching these unbelievable plots such as Ashley not knowing she miscarried a child and a blind Adam sneaking around a restricted psychiatric hospital switching babies???? This is why rating are so low.

  56. From glenda howery

    i’ve written to eric and he has written me back before and if you ask me him, jeanne cooper and melanie are what holds the show together if anyone would have to leace it should be the one that plays jill and jack. if eric goes i will not watch the show and i have watched it from the very beginning and all the movies hes done i wish i could find someone like him in my lide time. they need to keep him the show won’y be the same without him.

  57. From carrie

    I can’t imagine Y&R without Victor.
    He is the linchpin that holds the show together. He and Catherine Chancellor and Nicki are the class.
    I don’t know of anyone who will watch the empty shell of a show without Eric Braeden. He doesn’t need Y&R but we need him!

  58. From Patty

    I can not imagine Y&R without Victor! He is someone who you love and hate at the same time. There are times you feel for him, and other times you are so irritated by him. Soap Operas are supposed to be nonsense, but at least his storylines had a bit of belieability about them. Adam, on the other hand is so terrible to watch, and the writers write in the stupidest things for him. I knew how things would play out, because it is so predictable! Still it is so terrible to watch! There are times I just FFWD through his scenes! With all of the soaps hurting, Y&R would be wise to make some better storylines, and don’t write off people like Eric Braeden!

  59. From jessica

    I can’t believe they are going to let Eric Braeden go!!! I’m going to echo most of the previous comments – as a devoted, long-time Y&R fan, the show simply will not be the same without Victor Newman! And, I also echo many of the comments about the horrible writing – Y&R doesn’t do baby switches?!?! Get Eric, Melody, Jeanne and all the other veterans – write some great story lines, and watch – the ratings will sky rocket.

  60. From Betsy

    I will quit watching the show

  61. From Becky

    To Pat…..The Young and the Restless was not on in the 60′s. It started in the spring of 1973. I personally can’t believe Victor won’t be on the show. It won’t be the same.

  62. From Sharon

    If Eric leaves it ends it with me. Adams character being replaced due to a gay scene was bad enough, the gay scene should have been wrote out. Eric is a major part in this soap and with him gone it will be enough for me to stop watching Y&R.

  63. From Ashley

    Eric Braden’s character is the corner stone to the show. Point Blank! I love all the actors and all of the other story lines but lets face it. If a line was drawn from every relationship, problem, business deal, it all seems to work back to victor. And the war between the Abbots and Neumans comes from Victor. The children and nikki don’t have that drive. And if you want to character replace him, Iwill stop watching the show.

  64. From Cathy

    Your writers need to redo their scripts – it has not been good for a while. However, Victor and Jack are the backbone of the show and if Victor dies so will your relationship with many many baby boomers. Several other characters need to be dropped from the story line. But please work with Eric – we need Victor.



  66. From julia lane

    no show without victor!!!!!!!

  67. From Margo

    like everyones before as stated you will loose a hold lot of people if you get rid of Victor.
    Get rid of Adam Ashley and Maryjane
    and pay Victor

  68. From sugarmama

    i have been watching for many years
    sence i was a little girl. when y&r
    and victor had back hair now how will fight jack. just give victor his money he is the main reason i watch y&r so give him the money. or
    you will loose your ratings and drop off and some other soap will take over. or do you care we do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. From DIANA P.H.

    OMG….The Y&R without Victor. He’s the man. My mother watches this soap and her mother who is 99yrs of age watches the show.I grew up on the Y&R. What storyline would you be able to give without this man? He and Catherine are what makes this show. Nothing against the others because they also do a great job. But please make the right choices. We need Victor to stay on the show.

  70. From Michelle Warren

    Victor is the show. There is no show without him. Please dont do this to us die hard Victor fans. Get rid of Phyllis and boring Lily and give their salary to Eric.

  71. From Grace

    What no Victor? The entire family would stop watching. Even our husbands are faithful watchers and love Victors character. He is the center of the story and it would not be the same without (the mustache) as the guys call him. GET IT TOGETHER Y$R!!!!! BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. From Marilyn

    If Eric Braden leaves,it is my opinion there won’t “be” a “Young and the Restless”–at least not for long and certainly not one that I would want to watch!!They better do whatever is necessary to keep him and give him a better storyline than the ridiculous “Patty Williams”one. As much as Victor dislikes Jack it never seemed like a scheme he would have taken part in.

  73. From Gigi Anderson

    Anyone who writes the Chipmunk scenarios should not be permitted to write out a terrific actor like Eric Braeden ! I have watched since it was created ! I truly will not watch if Victor and Nikki are not there. Honor your contracts ! Do something right….it certainly isn’t writing scripts!

  74. From gilligans island

    Too late, he’s gone! a few more episodes and adios victor it sucks! Now we can all go back to living real lives.Damn Eric first Michael Jackson now you, the world ain’t fair!

  75. From rcc

    This sounds like a great opportunity to save money, and increase my productivity. Y&R will not have to pay Eric, and I can/have stop(ped) watching the show. No Eric, I am not watching. Besides, this show was ruining my productivity at many points in my life. I have to take time out to watch it.

    that Victor, John,

  76. From Barbara

    Eric Breaden is the Young and the Restless. Can’t Sony figure that out. If he goes everyone that I know that watches the show is through. He and Nicki must be there.

  77. From Roxanna


  78. From GUY

    I started watching the Y&R because of Eric!
    when I got back from vietnam I watched him in the Rat Pack and when I caught him playing Victor Newman on the Y&R I thought I had died and gone to heaven I have always respected and admired his acting abilities and he is such a terrific actor. He could work anywhere and he always brings the best of his acting abilities and makes you really feel what he is portraying. I say give Eric Braden what ever he ask, because as I look at it he is underpaid anyway. If you loose this wonderful actor you will have lost the only true quality your show has.

  79. From Venetia Dye

    Y&R will not be the same without Victor Newman! Sure his morals are very questionable but that is what makes his character. Give him his money and cut out some of the small players that people really don’t care that much about.

  80. From carolyn

    Please, please don’t leave Eric…..This show will NOT survive without you…. YOU are the show….Y&R do what ever you have to to keep Eric B.

  81. From Kathi

    Why would they continue to build a cast of non-relevants- i.e. Deacon, Riley, and the whole art-scam posse, Mac, Chance, And the list goes on- when they cannot afford to pay the stars what they’re worth? Do they even listen to the fans?!?!
    If he leaves they better kill him because NO ONE can replace Eric Braedon!!!

  82. From Sadie

    I wish EB all the best IF he leaves the show. However, not any ONE actor makes or breaks a show. The only think constant in life is change. Y&R will survive.


    OMG..I am begging PLEASE do not!!! get rid of VICTOR. I love him as well as ERIC. I have even watched him on Westerns etc..The Y/R will not be as successful as the writer think should they not offer this well deserved actor of 30 years. THINK WRITERS THINK!!!!!!PLEASE DON’T! DO THIS



  85. From cami r

    after watching y&r for 31 years i would really hate too see eric breadon leaving since he is the original victor there is absolutly no way they can EVER recast him and would be also boring as hell w/ no fueding w/ the abbot family which is alot of fun to watch and w the 2 famililies have been feuding since i started to watch y&r in the mid 1970\ and have been a fan ever since give eric breadon the contract he wants the show WILL NEVER B THE SAME W/O HIM and you will lose many many loyal watchers as well

  86. From Sarah Jordan

    I think because of the economy that he should take a pay cut but not before his contract is up. many people watch the young and restless just to see victor newman it would bwe a terrible loss. Any way I dont not think that he deserve a pay cut.

  87. From Rhonda Flanders

    HOORAY!!I just KNEW Eric wouldn’t leave us,aka his adoring fans.The man is too much of a professional.

  88. From Jude

    Come on guys! I didn’t even bother to tell anyone I heard about it because I knew this would end just like it did with Melody uh, Nikki. A little money, a lot of publicity.

  89. From Nana

    YEA, I thought my days of watching Y&R were over. I think this man is incredible.

  90. From Mary Burke

    If Victor is taken out of the story I won’t bother to watch it. I’ve seen the story for some 25 years now and he is one of the main characters. You will lose a lot of viewers if you remove him after all these years. A loyal viewer in St. John’s Newfoundland.

  91. From ckr

    Y&R began in 1970′s…not 60′s.
    I have been watching since the days of the Fosters and the Brooks. Since the days of Snapper, and a married Katherine! I remember the beginning of Victor and Nikki.
    If Victor goes, I go.
    This is ridiculous that they are doing this. He is too important to the show, don’t they realize this?

  92. From Martin

    I have never been a fan of Victor Newman’s since I started watching this show back in 88. I have always wanted him to get his by Jack, Brad and now Paul Williams. However, after watching todays episode and the retrospective, I have to admit, this was not the it I had hoped for.

    I know we are dealing with a tough economy and change is inevitable, but I have to admit this feels wrong and like the recent issues with Melody and Jess, this does not bode well for Y&R. The new generation does not have 1/10th of the power that Victor, KAtherine, Jill, Nikki, Jack, Ashley and others brought to the power of this soap.

    I have enjoyed the Patty storyline, Nina coming back and some of the old characters return, but I fear soaps and Y&R are heading for a bad turn they will not recover from.



  94. From Linda

    I was so excited to hear he was leaving…now im very sad to hear he is staying…

  95. From Sheila

    I’ve been watching the show since the beginning.It was a great show then and over the years Victor and Nikki have been pivotal in making the show the sucess it is. I also have to say that the Sharon and Nick storyline has kept us glued to our sets. The recent story fiasco has me rethinking my rushing home from work to watch it.Are the writers on “crack”?

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