Video Clip: The Young and The Restless’ Eric Braeden On Good Day LA!

Hear from the man himself…

Did you miss The Young and the Restless’ Eric Braeden’s (Victor Newman) appearance on “Good Day LA?” Soap Opera Fan Blog included it for our readers below – and you won’t want to miss what Eric had to say about his decision to return to the show!

Are you happy Eric will be keeping Victor in Genoa City? Please leave Soap Opera Fan Blog your thoughts below!

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  1. From Tyla Fox

    I was saddened to learn that Eric
    (Victor) was leaving the show. Victor is the HEART of The Young and The Restless. I am delighted to know, after watching the interview on that he’s
    staying on the show!!! Thank you for staying Victor! You’ve made alot of fans out here Happy!!!! Don’t scare us like that again! :)

  2. From Rita

    Ive watch the young and restless ever since i was little girl and now im 60 and i still watch it. never miss it. if you take Eric Braeden off the show. im done watching it cause he is the show.Best one on there who keeps the show going.

  3. From Dee

    I wish that Eric would be gone from the show. I like to watch Y&R but I must admit Victor’s attitude towards women is not something I choose to support. I was hoping that the soap would not go cheesy and have Colleen be a match, then I hoped he would reject the transplant. Then I hoped that a new Victor would be coming on the show after rehab.
    Well, maybe they will ____________. I don’t mind the character. I just wish they had someone who ________.

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  4. From Penn

    Im very happy that Eric will be staying on as Victor on Y&R. If he left the show there will be no show. I will not watch the show

  5. From Marlys Sluggett

    If they would haven taken Eric off the show I ‘m Sure they would have lost of fans. Victor and Nikki make the opera, I’m 62 years old and have watched this show pretty well when it first began. Thanks for keeping Eric.

  6. From elizabeth carde

    i am overjoyed to have victor newman return to the show as i am 64 yrs old and have watched y and r from the begining if victor leaves the show i would not want to watch the show again he is the show him and nickie liz carde winnipeg canada

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