Days of Our Lives Poll: The Problems Between Bo and Hope.

Hope has been coming and going for weeks.

Last week she finally decided, thanks to some nudging from Victor and Justin, that she should go back to Bo but he had to turn her away for her own protection. It was much the same claim, that he was trying to protect Hope and Ciara by doing things his own way, that pushed Hope out in the first place. How deep are the couple’s troubles and what’s their biggest obstacle now?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Do they have even more problems? Why not tell us what you think is troubling them and if you even care?

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  2. From myrna thomas

    tell hope to get a big box of tissues as she deserves everything she gets.

  3. From Joe

    Are you kidding me “Myrna Thomas”? Bo put Hope through so much over the years with Billie. First, he would not accept Hope when she came back as Gina even though she looked EXACTLY as Hope. Even when everyone accepted John as Roman when they are physically different.

    Bo slept with Billie numerous of times and gave a lame excuse. Bo forgave Billie when SHE was the culprit assisting Larry while he kidnapped Hope and Zack.

    Bo has done a lot of idiot things and Hope always forgave him.

    Now that Carly is in town, carly’s issues are somehow Bo’s??????? He put Carly before his wife???? That is wrong and you guys know it.

  4. From Clear

    Hope needs to squirm and crawl back to Bo begging him to take her back for being so stupid and arrogant. Did she gain a few pounds? She hasn’t looked quite as anorexic of late? The only thing about Bo is he really never was up front with her about his visions. What about them? Will he have more?

  5. From rose castillo

    they can never separate or get a divorce either. they belong to gather period. they told that to themselves a while back. carly i dont care for her either. and nicole finally goes down. i want to c sammi and ej togather. come on we know they will be togather later.

  6. From rascal

    maybe they need to not be together. this storyline is just stupid. Just stupid…..

  7. From Casey

    Sami and EJ – I hope not! Nicole and EJ were perfect together. Sami is great with Rafe. EJ should forgive Nicole especially when he finds out Stefano was on her side. Stefano is right about Sami being bad news.

  8. From Kino

    The problems in Bo and Hope’s relationship is that she’s both stubborn and insecure for his taste. Bo needs to move on to Carly and Hope needs a long timeout.

    I don’t want Elvis to forgive Nicole after all the hell she put him, Sami, Sydney and Mia through. I can’t wait until he learns that Stefano knew that Sydney was his and Sami’s daughter and was only helping Nicole keep her secret about her miscarriage and the baby switch. Who wants to bet that next week, Elvis will be disowning Stefano, renounces the Dimera name and leaves the Dimera Mansion after their confrontation.

    However, I do like Sami and Rafe together.

  9. From candy

    Come on Hope has been leaving every other week. This is getting old and kinda stupid….who does this who is that dumb? She keeps saying it is for the kid and the kid wants to go home, so whats up with that? I don’t really enjoy watching someone act so stupid it is not funny or entertaining

  10. From Had_it

    I thought this was a poll about Bo and Hope. Why are people posting about Rafe, Sami and EJ? I am sick of the Rafe, Sami, EJ and Nicole. Hope needs to wake up and realize what she has with Bo, it is stupid of her to throw it all away without trying to fix it.

  11. From rogue188

    I realize the writers think that Bo and Hope need a front burner storyline but doing one that has been done by them at least a dozen times is old. Anyone who has watched for a few years knows that they will eventually get back together and if I know Days (been watching 25 years) it will be after a divorce and followed with a new wedding. Anything for good ratings.

  12. From patthebrat

    I have been thinking about this, does anyone think that Mia is Carly’s daughter and Bo is her father.

    The time line fits.

    Just a thought, but there is something going on in this storyline.

  13. From Hill

    Rogue- lol amen…how many times have bo and hope been married? like 10 right? it’s so old. i’m tried of hope just acting like a self righteous b—- all the time. it’s annoying.

    Patthebrat – I kinda thought that too! with the connection between carly and mia the other day i was like hmmmmmm. maybe

  14. From Casey

    Wow, I’m wondering if Mel is Carly’s daughter – BTW was Carly’s pregnancy part of the DOOL story? I don’t remember it, nor much else of Carly’s past!

  15. From JMH

    Hope sure has a “holier then thou” attitude. When she got pregnet with Ciera, she didn’t know until she was born who the father was. They both have cheated.
    She has no reason to be so high and mighty now. I’ve never seen Bo throw that back at her.
    I think he’s been very tolerant and she is acting very spoiled.

  16. From Leigh

    You are so right Joe! Bo has not only put Hope through a lot, but has proven time and time again not to trust her. He kept the truth from her about Chelsea running over Zack, didn’t tell her about the \her shooting Kayla\ vision, didn’t listen to her input about the kidnapping and he refused to tell her Carly’s secret even when Carly approved! Just because he’s cute and a nice guy doesn’t mean he hasn’t messed things up with Hope over and over.

  17. From nancy powers

    I have watched this soap opera for 44 years.I am so tired of Bo and Hope splitting and then getting back together again. Let them stay together so young people today can see what a real marriage is like and try to model after them. Hope is being too childest. She has always been older acting, but not she is not. I have quit watching every day.

  18. From Kendra

    I have to agree with Leigh and Nancy. And, I believe that the wrtiers, porducers, TPTB, or whoever is in charge need to put Bo and Hope back together, leave them together, have them out front on DOOL as the core couple and give them really good sl. PR/Bo and KA/Hope are what has kept many people with DOOL for over 20 years. They are last supercouple out there and they need to be kept together. I hope that soaps are never a thing of the past on TV, but if they ever are, then DOOL can go down in history of having the longest standing supercouple, Bo and Hope Brady.

  19. From Missy

    let hope blow carly’s world & be bk w/ bo & hope, to be more standing supercouple they need their marriage bk on track please. they suffered so much bring them bk to ea other,

  20. From Dee

    Bo and Carly…ICK and MAJOR ICK

  21. From Tess

    This is another biased pole. The problems between Bo and Hope are clearly because she is a bitch. She always has to be right even when she is wrong. She is very childish and clearly thinks she is better than everybody else. The bottom line is that she is not a very likeable person.

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