Days of Our Lives Poll: Who Loves Sydney The Most?

Although we already asked who should look after Sydney in a previous poll, the trickier question is actually who genuinely loves the baby more.

As Stefano pointed out, the second EJ thought the child wasn’t his, he chucked her out like trash. As Sami admitted, she never felt maternal love for the child until she was told that Syd was hers and she assumed that she should feel it. While Rafe prodded her into that with ease, Nicole was far from convinced and even suggested that Sami only loves the child because she sees her as property. However, no one, even they hate her, has been able to deny how fanatically Nicole is devoted to the child, even if it’s not in anyone’s best interests.

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would pick? Why not tell us what you think will happen in the comments section below.

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  1. From celeste

    it appears that nicole loves her the most,but lets not forget that nicole is is not a healthy true love that she feels for sydney.if she really loved sydney,she would want sydney to be with her real mom.ej loves sydney,even when he threw her out with nicole,he was having second thoughts about it,and at that time he thought chad was her dad.i don’t know about stefeno,he seems to have an ulterior motive in all this.i can’t put my finger on it just yet.sammi’s love for sydney will grow in time.

  2. From Patti

    The first time Sammi saw Sydney she felt more drawn to her than Grace. She didn’t feel the close bond with Grace–didn’t know she was sick, etc. Sammi has always felt drawn to Sidney.

  3. From fanny

    Nicole loves this child but above all she has used her for create “the family she deserved according to her”, if she really loved the child she would give her back to her parents instead of kidnap her.
    Sami has never really has the chance to bond with her daughter (even if during the Sydney’s christening at the church there was an instant/organic bond between them whereas Sami didn’t know she was her daughter) so it’s not fair to compare Sami and Nicole amount of love for Sydney.
    Ej loves this child, he distanced himself from her (i have to admit his way of behave was rude) because he wouldn’t suffer more when her supposed real father would come back after the awful Grace’s grief he suffered. I understand his bahaviour, it’s not nice or brave but it’s flawed, selfish but very human. Refreshing to see that on a soap.

  4. From Casey

    Sami is always running around, never has time for her 3 other kids, Will left the country because of her. Sydney would be better off with EJ and Nicole. I hope they reconcile and get custody of Sydney.

  5. From bettyg

    Nicole definitely loves Sydney the most. If she ever got her act together, she could be a good Mom to Sydney. You know, like, get a job, get a place, stuff we normal slobs have to do! Didn’t she work at Titan for a while? She must have something she could put on her resume!

  6. From Kino

    Nicole does love Sydney and shows it by spending time with her. I hope she will be able to have children again so she can be as loving to the baby as she was with Sydney.

    Sami didn’t even have any time to spend with her 3 other children until she met Rafe while she was in the FBI Witness Protection Program. When she got out of it and return to Salem, she cleaned up her act and raised Grace with him. Even though Sami didn’t feel a connection towards her but Sydney, it didn’t mean that she didn’t love her. She gave Grace a good home and raised her with love while she was still alive. I think Mia should find some comfort in knowing that Sami loved her daughter

  7. From dc

    nicole is a little nuts, but i think she really cares for sydney, even though she is not hers.. she just wanted a baby that would connect her to ej..
    i just wonder how they are gonna work her role back into the story when she returns from pregnancy leave..

  8. From big days fan

    yah i have to admitt too that Nicole does love sydney the most. But at what cost? Sami did love sydney from the beginning. But she also really loved grace… i’m also curious how they work nicole back into the story. but i deffinitally hope her and rafe stay together. he has seen her threw thick and thin this past year. he loves her, and she really loves him. Way more then she ever cared for EJ.

  9. From Lissa

    I think Sami wants the chance & deserves the right to love Sydney, but right now Sydney is most bonded with Nicole. EJ is wrestling with his instincts & fighting for a posession than daughter. Rafe loves Sami & wants things to be right. Stephano loves Sydney because he always wanted to keep her near him at the time even if selfishly.

  10. From alexis

    Casey, Ej will never forgive Nicole, move on girl !

  11. From ilovemydays

    I have to laugh whenever Sami says, “I want my daughter!” cause I always think, yeah, where is Ali?

  12. From Karen

    I’m sorry, but Rafe has spent all of 5 minutes with Sydney so why is he even an option. Even Brady is a better option than him.

    IMO Nicole has the most love for Sydney because she has been raising the baby since birth. But it doesn’t mean she should have the child either because it’s not
    her baby.


  13. From Karen

    I believe that EJ and Sami are second to Nicole when it comes to love for Sydney, being that they are her parents. EJ is an ass sometimes, but I never doubted he loved Sydney, and Sami always felt a connection with Sydney before she knew it was her daughter.

  14. From Kiren

    Well, Nicole has been the one taking care of Syd for the last year..maybe she does obsessively love her more than the rest. She’s attached to the only person that will love her back without question..Cause’ Syd just doesn’t know better. SO I think right now, Nicole does love SYdney more. She’s beeen mothering her in every episode Sydney’s been on. Sami just found out that SYdney is actually her own daughter..

  15. From KirenD

    ALSO!I know I’m of biased opinion…but anyone who chose a vote other than Nicole, Sami, EJ or Rafe….WOW people…just wow.

    BTW I agree with karen (creepy coincidink) Sydney’s been with Nicole since birth, she would naturally be the most obsessingly lovingt towards SYdney. SHe has no one else.

  16. From Deb

    Nicole is too selfish and evil to be forgiven. She has no redeeming qualities. The love she feels for the baby is wrong – she stole the child, which is unforgivable. Look at what she did to poor Mia. And EJ. And Brady. She has never helped anyone.

  17. From Leah

    I have to say I am gob smacked at the results of the poll above at the moment. Come on people LETS GET REAL!
    Nicole was obsessed with Sydney because that kept her with EJ. She stole Sydney from HER real mother for goodness sake. I bet when you ask Sydney in years to come she won’t call it love either!
    As for Sami being second, what a joke! She hasn’t really connected with Sydney yet. Babysitting her a few times doesn’t really count. AND if she really was a good mother she certainly wouldn’t have been playing games, laughing, drinking champagne and making love on NYE with her daughter missing. When is the last time we have REALLY seen Sami with her children doing motherly chores. Yep it’s been a while.
    Then apparently Rafe loves Sydney only 4% less than EJ. Again come
    on let’s get real here. He doesn’t know Sydney and has had little to do with her. He’s a wanna be dad who runs around and bad mouths Johnnie and Sydneys father EJ down every chance he gets. Yep that’s real good step father stuff – NOT!
    If people were honest here and put aside who are there personal favourite characters it would be EJ who clearly loves Sydney the most, followed by Stefano and then in her weird way Nicole.
    EJ has always put his kids first and has been there from day one with Sydney. He loves that girl and even when he thought she wasn’t his was conflicted on whether to adopt her and raise her by himself. Sami herself knew this that’s why she tried to convince him to fight for Sydney. IT WAS ONLY when Chad appeared on the scene he tried to step aside. Why? Because of what Sami and Rafe did to him with Grace. He didn’t want another father to go through what he had and not know his daughter. EJ is a good father something Sami herself acknowledges and has said it to him over and over again. In my opinion EJ should have full custody of Sydney and Johnnie if Ejami don’t work out (I’m rather hoping they do). After the Grace situation I think EJ is right not to trust Rafe. It was a pretty low act for someone who is so by the book and self righteous. IF unfortunately Rafe stays in Sami’s life EJ is right not to trust either of them.
    This poll is a crock!

  18. From Tess

    I voted for Nicole but regardless of who loves Sydney the most,she belongs with her mother Sami. I can’t stand Sami but she is her mother.

  19. From Ashley


    It’s not Sami’s fault that some insane, disgusting, psychotic, and obsessed with Sami’s life & children women like disgusting and trashy Nicole, kidnapped, switched, stole, harmed, and abused her daughter! Its not Sami’s fault that Nicole did that to her daughter and used her daughter as a “card” to get into a Sami’s man’s pants, bed, and money.

    SAMI LOVES HER DAUGHTER THE MOST! AND HER DAUGHTER BELONGS WITH HER! No child kidnapping, selfish, and disgusting person like Nicole loves anyone but her selfish and disgusting self! If she loved SAMI’s daughter, that SAMI pushed out and went through carrying for 9 months and went through labor pains with…if Nicole loved SAMI’s DAUGHTER at all, then she would not have abused, harmed, lied to and treated that poor baby the way she did and she would not have put that poor baby through all that she put her through!

    Nicole loves NO ONE BUT HERSELF!! And she needs to stay FAR AWAY from ALL children. She’s a danger to children, society, and to herself. She needs to be placed in a mental institution! Nicole needs psychological and professional mental medical help! She needs a padded room…pronto!! Insane disgusting child kidnapping and baby switching loser tramp!

  20. From Ashley

    And EJ & SAMI love THEIR duaghter the most!!

    Not some creepy a**, nosey, looser wanker…who only cares about looking like a fake cheap a** comic book hero; and only cares about coming between Sami & EJ and staying all in Sami’s face!

    Sami should yell at Rafe more often the way she did that day in the DiMera mansion and when she pulled away from him.

    He has no respect for Sami, her children, or their situation. All Rafe cares about is being the cheap a** loser hero and jumping into bed with Sami. What a creepy wanker loser a**hole he is! He needs to go away and get his own family and his own girl and stop trying to be EJ.

    And no insane, lunatic, child kidnapping, biggamist, trashy, porn-star, attempting murdering, baby trafficking sl*t like Nicole loves ANYONE! She sold out the love of her life, Eric Brady for a $5 million dollar check. And she used and treated the next (very close behind Eric Brady) love for her…Brady Black, used and treated him & his step-niece (Sami & EJ’s baby girl) horribly all for her OWN selfish self and reasons. Just so that she could stay with SAMI’s man and father of her children, and in his home, bed, and bank account. Nicole is such a psychotic, insane, and horribly disgusting character and sl*t!

    She deserves nothing but a whole lot of suffering and pain! And deserves to be alone and rot in hell for what she has done to ALL these babies, their parents, and their families! Selfish, disgusting, psychotic sl*t! Nicole is OBSESSED with ALL things SAMI BRADY-DIMERA and wants to be her on EVERY level. Nicole is a disgusting hog, who loves and cares about NO ONE but herself and being OBSESSED with Sami Brady-DiMera.

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