Days of Our Lives Spoilers For November 27.

Lies, slaps and a makeover.

Gabi wastes no time telling her big sis what is what. “All you do is lie,” Gabi bleats. While Ari tries to explain that she does a little more than that (like pout, deal drugs and have a lot of sex with a man who she knows is thinking about another woman the whole time), Elvis and Stefano continue to search for Nicole and the baby.

As the search heats up, Sami runs into her step-brother Brady and things don’t go so well. He confesses that he posted Nicole’s bail. When he tries to explain his actions, she bitch slaps him and bellows, “How dare you!” Meanwhile, Nicole has made it all the way to Cleveland with Syd. Just to make things more difficult for everyone, she does what all people on the run do – gets a quick makeover. She dyes her hair, but will that be enough to outwit the minds of her enemies? Back in Salem, Carly weeps on Bo’s shoulder. “I had to do it. He was gonna kill my baby,” she tells him.

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  1. From Kino

    Rafe will find Nicole before the others do, because he has some friends in the FBI in Cleveland who are informants. He’ll bring her back to Salem and force her to give Sydney back to Sami. Then Nicole finds herself back in jail again.

  2. From babs

    Love watching Sami slap people! most fun I’ve had all year.

  3. From ella

    Go Sami the bitch is back !! lol so fun…now it will be cool if she can bitch-slap Rafe ! I know she has no reasons to do it, quite the contary but it will be just for fun, maybe after the slap he could finally emote a little !! LMFAO

  4. From Raymone

    If Nicole stays on the show much longer she will give birth and never miss a minute in front of the camera!

  5. From Becky

    I agree, go on maternity leave already Nichole and while your there, lose some of that weight and all those layers of clothing.

  6. From Marge

    Becky, how mean of you to talk about Nicole’s weight, she’s pregnant. I applaud her for continuing to work up to the last minute on screen. No, I don’t like her character, but as an actress is fabulous!!

  7. From Marge

    Oops! She is a fabulous actress!!

  8. From dc

    brady deserved that slap.. he is such a fool when it comes to nicole.. i can see them getting back together when she comes back off pregnancy leave..
    and i just knew that melanie was carly’s baby by trent (yuk).. now how does she tell her or will she??
    i’m sure rafe will find sydney and bring her back to salem where nicole will go back to jail..

  9. From Kathy

    Nicole is gorgeous no matter how much baby weight she gains! That’s pretty cruel to diss her because she’s pregnant.

  10. From Karen

    Are they really planning to turn Carly into Melanie’s mom? I always thought that Nicolas was her only child.

  11. From Kino


    I wouldn’t be surprised if Mia turned out be Bo and Carly’s daughter that he never knew about. After all, he does have Chelsea with Billie Reed(his other ex-wife).

    I agree Brady deserved to be smacked by Sami because he was so stupid to bail Nicole out. It wouldn’t surprise me if Nicole calls him and tells that she’s in Cleveland with Sydney. She reveals that she’s pregnant again this time for real and mentions that she met a doctor there who cured her. I know Rafe will find her and Sydney in Cleveland and bring them back to Salem. It also wouldn’t surprise me if Brady dumps Arianna, got back with Nicole and raise her child together, when she’s done serving her time.

  12. From SL

    carly supposedly had a fling at a medical convention so it makes sense that Trent might have been in there doing something scientific….the show is trying to build up a relationship between Mia and Carly right now, so that makes me think the long lost daughter is Melanie – she has never mentioned a mother before and Trent wasn’t a nice enough person to fill her in on any details -

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