Days of Our Lives Spoilers For November 30-December 4.

Warm feelings, more confessions and a big decision.

Philip puts his brain to work and figures out that his old flame, Stephanie, has a fire burning in the cockles of her heart for Nathan. Will Philip put out the flame, or does he have other fires to set? Meanwhile, his nephew, Brady, reheats his lukewarm romance with Ari. The pair bond while they search for Salem’s latest lost child, Sydney.

The scandal around the missing baby continues to drag more people into the fray. Gabi may have only just arrived in town and she’s already getting involved. Will lashes out at her after he discover that she helped out Nicole. Is this the start of a new friendship for the teens, or something else? Gabi may have other things to keep her occupied, like her sister’s problems. She forces her big sis to open up and Ari finally admit that she is working undercover.

Arianna won’t be the only Hernandez in some awkward moments though. Rafe gets an eyeful when he witnesses a special moment between Elvis and Sami. The tenderness is short lived, however. EJ is soon busy demanding that Nicole tell him where Sydney is. Feeling trapped and alone, Nicole finally makes a difficult choice and decides to call Sami and give up the baby.

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  1. From Kino

    Nicole will be brought back to jail and I hope slutty Kate joins her. I think when Vivian learns that Philip was really her son with Victor, she’ll plot her most heated revenge ever on her enemy. She’ll exposes her for her failure attempt to try and kill both Stefano and Chloe. I would love to see Kate lose everything to Vivian and she’s in jail with Nicole. It would be an interesting plot to see both women fight it out when they’re sharing a cell together.

  2. From Clear

    Exactly!!Right on, Kino! I’ve been visualizing Kate and Nicole in the orange jumpsuits, scratching, fighting, conniving, and breaking their false fingernails for weeks now! Nicole can pull the red strips out of Kate’s hair and Kate can snatch a bald spot back with some ugly fingernail gouges here and there and some fightin’ dialogue. Go for it writers!

  3. From Kino

    I hope they do it too because I would love nothing more than to see Kate and Nicole duke it out in jail. I could envision this going on prime time too.

  4. From Precious

    Gee,…wouldn’t A good ‘ol fashion cat fight be just the present for all of us fans for Christmas???? I hope you’re “spot on” with this one, Kino!!!

    Clear, #2…I totally agree with you on Kate’s nails and that god-awful tri-color hair-do of hers! She’s too old to be wearing her hair like that…obviously, she doesn’t look long enough in a mirror to see that, or listens to some very bad hairdresser’s advice!

    I am still thinking Lucas will be revealed to actually be Stefano’s son, while EJ will find out he’s NOT!

  5. From Shari

    YES!! Kate & Nicole in Orange Jumpsuits..that would be NICE!! however it better be a big jumpsuit for Nicole b/c they are not fooling anyone with her wardrobe these days…it’s quite obvious that she’s very

  6. From don

    yes this must be how there writing nicole out so ari can have her baby i just hope dena higley and her writing team dont mess up her return and have nicole be good shes at her best being bad as a villaniess and with vivan i hope she reburies carly alive ala 1992 and someone need to bitch slape hope what a whinny sap she has become at this point she dowsnt deserve to be with either bo or justin grow up hope imgo they should have 86 bo hope as the supercouple and kept deidre and drake as marlena and john

  7. From Days Girl

    Oooooh!! Special moment between EJ and Sami!! I’ll take anything at this point!

  8. From Dolly

    I just want the baby back with Sami and EJ, they could share a life together with the 2 kids.

  9. From NeeNee

    Were you guys watching 10-15 years ago when Vivian had Kate shanghai-ed on a Japanese fishing boat? She spent like a year or two in dungarees & blue chambray workshirt cleaning fish! Another actress, by the name of Deborah Ward as I recall, played Kate then. But after Kate managed to find someone who spoke English, she escaped & made her way to Salem. That’s when Lauren Koslow took over the role.

  10. From Patti H.

    help me out hear I seam too remember bacc a little too Philip’s conception and i belive what happened was Kate had her eggs artafficaly insemanated with victor but viv swiched the eggs and were implanted into her though she caried philip the truth came out before he was born and returned too Kate when he was born and there for his true infact vic & kates bio son anyone else remember that far back ?

  11. From barbara

    i really can’t believe that we’ve got to wait until week after next to get sydney back from nicole. even if she turns her in, nicole should go to jail for a long, long time. kidnapping is a capital offense, i think.

  12. From cassandra

    kate & vic are philip’s foks that all came out bak then i think the the righters don’t need to make bo have a kid with carly he all redy has a kid with some on other than hope i think bo and hope shoud just get back together and quit aking like they don’t belong together

  13. From dc

    nicole should never get a hold on sydney again but i guess it will happen from what i am seeing..
    sami will finally get her back though since nicole is going on “real” pregnancy leave and will be gone from the show about 7 weeks..
    just want them to get sydey back with sami and i still want her and rafe to be together.
    ej says he is gonna change and not be like his father, but i don’t believe him.. after all he is still a dimera..
    and why is carly staying in town.. just read where she is looking for a child she gave up because she had become pregnant and it appears it might be, maybe, melanie.. i believe she had an affair with melanie’s dad, ya know he was a sleeze bag..

  14. From smoo

    Patti H. You are right on – Phillip is Kate and Victors biological son and Vivian had the embryo implnated into her to win over Victor.

  15. From theo

    I think this could be a pivotal pointfor EJ…After the Kirk/Dim fued over Tony…And all of the lies…Is it not possible that Ej could follow in Tony’s steps of disowning him??? After Sami, and then Nicole’s lies? Really? Altho- I struggle a bit with comparing Sami and Nicky…Keeping in mind that Johnny was concieved by rape. No one has thrown that in Ej’s face. We seemed to forgotten WHY Sami would be hesitant to want him to be the father of a second child. I do like EJ’s character- and I do think they have worked to redeem him, I just struggle with how they compare the two women in this instance and their reasoning for hiding the “baby facts”…
    Last note- HOPE IS A TART!!! She starts this shxx and then turns it around on Bo and then everyone says he’s the “damn fool”…uhm yeah- first he had the visions and didn’t completely share them, then he did have the visions and shared them, and then it involvied Ciara and she rehashes the past and flips her wig…. I’m on Bo’s side-She needs to get a grip and stop acting so impulsively!

  16. From ella

    Why some people always said Ej can’t change because he is a Dimera ?? I don’t get it ? He is Ej before being a “Dimera” maybe for once he will make his own choices without the Stefano’s depends on the writers not on the “Dimera” mojo !! lol
    And yes Sami is more justified to make evil deeds to Ej than Nicole..after all the crap Ej has made to Sami it’s a tit for tat..and the dude knows it that’s why he will always forgive Sami and not Nicole (and also he is in love with Sami and poor Nicole will always be the 2nd choice..hey she knew it that’s why she was so jealous and insecure in this relationship..she chose her fate seriously..). And little point: yes Sami didn’t have let Ej grieve a shild who wasn’t his..

  17. From tracey

    NeeNee, that was so funny! I remember that too, she was so P.O’d! and Patti, yes you’re right-but rather than switching eggs didn’t she get rid of the surrogate or something like that? I remember Kate crying and whining and how great they had to treat Vivian for that time. it was really pretty funny how they handled that.

  18. From marden

    Patty are correct on philip’s conception,I believe Tracey is correct there was a surrogate.It’s interesting to see vivian back.Does anyone if Mia is going to belong to Carly&Bo?

  19. From kappyblu

    NeeNee and Patti H, I totally remember that. Vivian got rid of the surrogate, and then she dumped her own eggs down the drain and took Kate and Victor’s. They were implanted in Vivian and 9 months later along came Philly. I liked Kate at that time. Felt sorry for her. Then she was held on that fishing boat and when she came back she was hateful beeyotch.

    Remember when Viv was married to Stefano? Now that was a trip! And I loved Ivan. Wonder why he’s not with his “madame” anymore.

    I could see Will and Gabi together. But kind of weird since she is his mom’s boyfriend’s sister. lol

  20. From DaysRules09

    So glad Vivian’s back! (but where’s here sidekick, lol?) I’d
    forgotten how much I wanted to see
    Kate get put in her place since
    Melanie showed up, that girl has
    the brains of a box of rocks.

  21. From MsBoulder-CO

    Of course Nicole will gain access through the patio. Didn’t she complain about that a while back when Sydney went missing but was with Stefano?

    The teens? Where is Kinzie/Kizzie? I see her being the psycho like Jan now that Gabi is in the picture.

    Carly, who cares who her daughter is now that we know it won’t be Bo’s like we’ve been hearing. I want to know what Vivian is up to. I’m going to love watching Kate be the bitch with Viv now that she’s coming on to Victor. After all, Victor in his own way has been feeling sorry Kate married Stefano.

  22. From donna

    I think the original Kate was Deborah Adair.

  23. From Dorothy I

    Hi Fans

    Happy Thanksgiving to all

    I think that Mel is Carly daughter

    Also off the set Mel is supposedly dateing Chad

    Think about this Carly had a son with Bo who is Chad and a daughter with Trent who is Mel

    On the other web sight is where I read that Chad is her son with Bo ok fans

    I can’t beleive that Nicole kidnap Sydney when will that stupid story line end !!!!!!!

    I’m also getting sick of the way Stephanie is acting over Nanthan

  24. From carol

    I totally rembember when Kate was on that fish boat. She complained how bad she smelled of fish.But it was the other Kate then.Yes, I have said many times about Bo’s visions. He didn’t tell Hope, then he told Hope, then she moves out because he tells her. She really makes me cringe when I see her bony face & neck all the time.
    Nicole is going to take Syndey through the patio now that they are out of the room. Why don’t they lock it? And why didn’t they change the locks to the mansion when Nicole was thrown out. They have the money to do it. Who does E.J. think he is telling Sami he’s moving out & wants the 2 kids with him. He is very greedy & possesive.

  25. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    How is it that with all their money, the DiMera’s don’t know how to lock their doors??? Where are all their security guards that only happen to appear on “certain” occasions? Nicole should have never been released from jail first & formost. Where is Brady getting all this throw-around money? Didn’t he steal Victor’s money to give to Nicole for some reason? How come no one on soaps ever worries about finances? Or actually works for a living? I know it’s only a soap, but come-on!! If Mel is really Carly’s long lost daughter with Trent, how does Melanie not know this? Wouldn’t she have seen pictures of her mother? For God’s sake please don’t let their be more appearing children on the soaps. I can’t stomach long lost sons/daughters suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Those stories never make sense anyhow. When Ari returns from maternity leave and NIcole is suddenly released from jail (as we all know will happen for some reason), I hope that Mia & Chad torment her for a looong time to come.

  26. From dc

    yea, that door not being locked is just crazy.. after all with that mansion and all the security they should have with who they are you would think it would be locked..
    and it looks like the security personnel would know that nicole is banned from the mansion..
    i would hope, from what i have read, that the baby thing would be over next week, since nicole is going on pregnancy leave and will be gone for 7 weeks..
    sydney will be back with sami soon..
    i just wonder who will actually find nicole.. also read that nicole calls sami.. maybe she will go and get sydney..

  27. From babs

    could Stephanie just shut up and go away now? maybe take Hope with her?

  28. From Mia

    Soooo want Sami and Ej together:) Nicole has to hit the hot and dusty. Why did they get rid of Marlena, Jon, Chelsea? To bring in Rafe, Ariana, Brady? All the rejects from Passions? One more thing, has anybody, BO? brought up the fact to Hope that, she was the one that befriended the kidnapper in the first place? Didn’t she invite the kidnapper into their home??

  29. From Mia

    Amen babs, WTF is Hope’s problem? Stephanie and Melani both need to go away. Phillip needs a haircut and to wash his hair.

  30. From Mia

    One more thing, I feel for Mia and the pain she must be feeling. But I think she is a really annoying actress.

  31. From Emily

    Does anyone else think it’s weird that we still don’t know Rafe’s past…and then not only was there one sister that he never spoke about…but now there are two! How do you go with never talking about your past or your family?

  32. From eloise

    Guys the “Ej and Sami arguing over Sydney’s custody” and Nicole can kidnap Sydney while their parents are in another room = plot driven to make a twist and continue the storyline, that’s all !! lol

  33. From Clear

    Spoiler said on the other website something about Brady running down Nicole after she got Sydney again? So now we have Chad adopted, Mia who never talks with her mom, and Melanie whose mother has never been brought to light? PULEEZE, enough Who’s the Daddy already, much less the Mom. I hope Mia is Carley’s because their scenes together were sweet. Mel can turn out to be Nicole’s long lost daughter. that would be cool for when Nicole comes back to the show after maternity leave. I just do NOT want to see Phil and Mel together. I can see Chad and Gabi together–with the D. A. (Chad’s adoptive Dad) having to accept the drug dealing sister, he,he!!
    Happy Thanksgiving, and looking forward to Days on Friday after the holiday.
    My browser keeps sticking, so sorry for the spaces and misspells!!

  34. From Delores

    Did I miss something here on the show today? Did Sami & EJ actually LEAVE a sleeping baby—ALONE, to go to the Dimera mansion to talk to Stefano? Or was Sami, EJ and the baby ALREADY at the Dimera mansion? I was busy putting up my tree between this and that so I couldn’t figure that one out. I thought the baby was at Sami’s place with her all this time after Sami got her back from Nasty Nicole. Boy—speaking of Nicole, she doesn’t belong in prison. She belongs with NORMAN BATES in a PSYCHO WARD!!!!!

  35. From Vanessa

    Hey Delores –

    EJ demanded that Sami bring Sydney to the Dimera mansion after he found out Nicole was out of jail. Rafe had to leave because of Gaby finding the drugs, and while the baby was sleeping in the Dimera main room,
    Sami and EJ went out into the foyer to argue so they wouldn’t wake Sydney. Meanwhile, Nicole slips in through the unlocked balcony door and eventually swipes her. I say eventually because it took her awhile. She just stood there and looked at her. I loved Rafe questioning them about how they could let it happen. That was a hoot. I mean, really!! Actually, I think it would be more fun if after giving the baby back, Nicole escaped. Although I don’t want her to be any where near Sydney for a long time. I’m only guessing this, but I bet they do put her in some kind of psych facility because she clearly has snapped.

  36. From judy

    The smirk on Victor’s face today when Kate saw him with Vivian was absolutely priceless I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time ! Please let Mel be Carly’s child this could provide months of why didn’t you protect me from a father who treated her as his personal loan payment but Mia is also a possibility as she could be an unwelcome result of a cheating husband who then died and left her with an unaccepting wife to raise the plot thickens enjoy your Thanksgiving

  37. From Paula

    The other part to today’s scene with Sami and EJ is when Sami heard a noise and questioned it. I realize Stephano walked in, but for the moment before he did, I know the first thing I would have done was to open the main room door to peak in on Sidney…especially with Nicole on the loose! They both looked at each other when they heard something, but then just stood there..neither one bothered to just look in the room for god’s sakes! Very frustrating when they do stupid things like that.
    It’s looking like Maggie has started a boarding house for wayward ‘
    I hope Stephanie doesn’t wind up with Nathan. I like Mel and Nathan together so much, and according to most of the postings, so does most everyone else. But, unfortuntely, the writers seem to have their own agenda which appears to include Stephanie. She’s too old for him, and there is no chemistry between them like he and Mel have. Stephanie is becoming the sneaky little witch that fits well with Philip, so let her go back to him. They’re a much better fit.

  38. From Paula

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy your day.

  39. From cat

    Oh for crying out loud!! Nicole got her hands on Sydney again! Give me a break. Come on writers, you can’t even give us a few days of “baby’s with Sami where she belongs” time…..Now another week of fingernail biting? Not me. I think I’ll skip the coming week’s episodes and tune in after Sydney is returned to EJ and Sami. Lot of holiday stuff to do anyway.

  40. From kappyblu

    #17…Brady is a Kiriakis. He runs part of the Kiriakis empire so he is freaking loaded.

    I want Sydney back with Sami where she belongs. End that storyline and make some other story the major one already!

  41. From kappyblu

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! :-)

  42. From C J C

    #17 & #27…not only is he a Kiriakis but he’s also John Black’s (loaded) son…He was also probably left an inheritance from his mother Isabella Kiriakis Black..

  43. From NeeNee

    In many ways, now that Frances Reid is like 97 and unable to even be on the holiday shows, they’re making Maggie into the Matriarch.

    About 20 years ago, all young newbie female characters would end up at Alice Horton’s house. In fact, I do believe it was called “Horton House” and affiliated with a free clinic or some such thing.

    Evidently with the budget cuts, there was no money for Doug & Julie—unless they show at Christmas. What really bugs me?? Bringing Kevin Dobson on board as the new Mickey and then never using him. It kind of overlapped with John & Marlena departing.

  44. From some one

    This Nicole thing is B.S!! and it will probally drag on for 2 years like every f’n story line days has to offer…..just hope the ratings won’t go down any more than it has

  45. From me of course

    i just lost interest in days the nicole thing is boring now and now i’m not going to watch it GET CREATIVE WRITERS!!

  46. From high per


  47. From Linda Warren

    I love it – it is very interesting

  48. From LIZ

    I love the story line so far. I would love to see Kate and Nicole duke it out though. The other things i would love to see is Victor getting his just dessert for his part in the salem drug thing, Wil and Mia back together. I would Absulutly love to see things work out with Bo and Hope again.

  49. From Dotty

    Days should give itself a Xmas present and hire new writers! Their plots are so overused and overused and overused.
    Also, they fire good people like Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestin
    and put all these Melanie and Stephanie characters on. Also, give Hope a decent script already and put her back with Bo.

  50. From Clear

    I miss not being able to watch Days today. I DVR it, and watch later. It was a good Thanksgiving Day, now I’m relaxing in my easy chair and want to watch Days. I hate it when it gets preempted with something else.
    I was thinking every year they go to Alice’s house to hang the ornaments too. Don’t the Bradys usually go to the pub at Christmas–can’t remember from last year because I wasn’t following it so avidly. I have watched off and on depending on work for a lot of years! Times are hard writers, give us some cheery lines with Mel and Nathen, family time for Sami, babies and lovers, fun with Caroline, Victor, Viv, and his sense of humor, just desserts for Hope, and the catfight in orange jumpsuits with Kate and Nicole would make it a thrilling Christmas!! Plus will Lucas get home to hang his ornament on the Horton tree. It may be kind of sparse this year!

  51. From Sandra Kahn

    Yes, I agree. I’d like Sami and EJ to be back together; also maybe a changed EJ now that he said he’s moving out of the “big” house.

  52. From Neli

    I like some happiness for ej . I like to see him with his kids around him for holdays

  53. From Arlene

    NeeNee. Yes, it’s sad to see that Frances Reid is no longer appearing on the show. I’ve watched Days since Day 1 and even remember Thanksgiving shows where they actually prayed and you never heard a cuss word on the show. Gee, how times have changed. Took a few years break off the show and when I started watching it again, couldn’t believe how much cussing was now allowed on daytime tv. I guess they don’t care if little kids are sitting in the room while mommy watches a show opera.

  54. From Brenda

    Do we now have a new “Days” family in the Hernandaz form? Why do we need a sister? Bad enough the Passion people are here. I do like the men but they needed to have the same relationship? Maybe all these new people make no money. I guess Drake and Deitra made so much money the show could hire 21 new people for less money? They probably don’t pay medical insurance either. Does anyone know if Deitra really filed for bankruptcy . I am just curious about what acting jobs an older soap star can get. Not many jobs out there. Probably a Madoff casuality too. He got lots of people.

  55. From CJ

    Sami and Rafe needs to be together! EJ is bad, putting a hit out on Stephanie, dealing drugs, etc and his temper is always at the surface. Rafe has been the solid force for Sami and has matured her.

    The baby story really needs to end – how long can they drag this out!

    Why are people speculating that Stefano may be Lucas’s dad? Did I miss something?

  56. From Juanita

    Well since Mia is Carly’s I will say she is Bo’s also. But Bo of course don’t know that. That is why Carly husband was going to kill Mia. Yes I wished they would put Nicole in jail & Kate & do somethng with Hope… But I want Sami & Rafe together with the baby.

  57. From alishia

    Yes,Vivian stole Kate, and Victor’s fertilized egg (Phillip), and had herself implanted with it. Phillip is most definately Kate’s son.

  58. From Wendy

    I think Sami and Elvis belong together and get Sydney back and Rafe needs to take a hike…Mia & Will should work things out… Hope needs to shut the hell up and come back to reality with Bo… Stefano should stop interfering with everyone and like eveyone else said Kate should be in jail with Nicole togeher! Ok Philip should leave Mel alone for good and get back w Stephanie and Mel and Nathan are an awesome couple.

  59. From claudia

    who is carly’s daughter? mia?? did I miss something?

  60. From claudia

    never mind… found it. melanie? really? that’s a stretch.

  61. From alexis

    I would like to see Ej and Sami as the powerful grey and edgy couple they have the potential to be.
    Rafe is a nice guy but he is not Sami’s match. I would like to see him happy too but with another girl.
    The TPTB have to bring back a good Brady girl like Carrie or Belle to being the soap heroine, Marlena’s heir.
    Sami has to stay the black sheep of the family, not the evil/viliainess girl but the anti–heroine. And of course no more storylines with babies for her but a storyline
    where she has a JOB !!
    Rafe with Carrie would be perfect or maybe his dead lover Emily (we know on soaps everybody can come back from the death..).

  62. From Vivian

    My $50 says that Melanie is Carly’s child. But who could the father have been? Lucas belongs to Bill Horton. His affair with Kate is what broke him and Laura apart and she “went off the deep end”. Hope all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  63. From Houston

    Well, I would think the father of Carly’s child (Mel) would be Mel’s “dead” father…. (the professor). Unless The Professor had taken Mel under Lawrence Alamain’s instructions & if so, maybe that’s why The Professor used Mel for gambling, etc… rather than treating her the way a daughter should be treated.

  64. From KaS

    OMG I dont care if Carly has a long lost child its probably Mia… just dont let it be Beau’s all he needs is another long lost child with another woman other than Hope, then it gives her a reason to continue acting like a total NUTT CASE…. come on now poor Beau cant do anything right …

    Hope: “Tell me your visions Beau, tell me, tell me tell me” (about kayla) “I hate you b/c you didnt tell me and I shot her”…
    Hope:”Your visions are wrong and stupid I dont want to hear about them STOP THINKING”(about Hope and Roman) then” …
    Hope:”I’m not listening to your visions cause there wrong and have been wrong before” (about Ciara) Then there daughter gets kiddnapped (like Beau visioned)and for the first time he grows a pair and acts with out her permission …. then she gets pised and drudges up sh*t from the past (like a woman)…

    lol then Carly shows up all like Beau be my knight and shinning armor “your the ONLY one that can save me” you and Hopes all like beyotch who you think you are shackin up with my man… I’m trying to teach him a lesson “He’s MUST obey MEE” …”How dare u undermind my punishment?”
    W/E that whole story line is BS who in reality has ever been engaged to their ex step mom =p
    Someone has also mentioned that everyone seems to forget that EJ is a rapest… Hello he gave her an option! she just could have let Lucas die who really cares bout him anyway He’s too pathetic
    Lucas: “wha wha wha my life sucks, all my wives cheat on me with other men, and my mommy stil wipes my @ss… the best thing I have going for me is my alcoholism” lol
    My point is Sami had a choice she choose to save her looser whiney husband at the time, she knew she wanted her a piece of English @ss.. so she killed 2 birds with one stone… yea it may sound a bit twisted… but W/E…
    EJ’S a great dad and Sami’s a great mom (despite someone else is always watching her kids)…. but Rafes a pretty good guy too soo maybe Sami can have her english cake and eat her latin icing too ahahhahahahaha!
    Nicole did a very bad thing & probably should be punished… but if she hadnt have done it then the story line wouldnt have been soo much fun soo instead of punishing her lets reward her by letting her stay on the show… Arianne is a great actress… cant deny that… as for arianna and brady ummm thats gonna be a good story line as will be mia/chad, will/ (maybe gabi), mel/phil. Steph/Nathan, victoe/ viv, kate/stephno,and the rest of salems blooming couples… i see a possible sami/ rafe pair and EJ/Arianna pair and then sami and ej will be bro/sis in lamws lol

  65. From Lisa

    Okay so who is Carly’s daughter? Mel? Mia? Maggie? :) I am sure Bo is not the father in any way. I just don’t believe that he is.
    I cannot stand Gabi! Why do we need another useless character?
    I like Kate and Stefano together. The perfect mob couple.
    Rafe is really growing on me now and I like him for Sami. I feel bad for EJ…let him have some peace with his children.
    Who did Vivian’s hair! Horrible! I know the old red upswept style might be outdated but now her hair looks like a dead animal on her head.
    Still love Victor and his quick combacks.
    The first Kate was Deborah Adair, I believe, and I remember her on the fishing boat. You would be a royal B too if you had to go through all of that.
    Stephanie acts like a love sick jerk with hot pants around every man that is involved with someone else. At least her hair looks better and is more age appropriate.
    Hope looks stunning! Get rid of Carly!
    I have watched DAYS for 35 years!

  66. From Clear

    Looks like they are setting it up for Carley”s daughter to be Melanie by Trent. Remember Mel has a half brother–the adopted Brady that is with Chelsea–if it’s Mel, the Dad must be Trent. I don’t want Melanie to succumb to Phillip’s seduction–not even that interesting together. She
    and Nathan are cute and funny together.
    Carly isn’t even trying to break up Hope and Bo. Hope is managing to continue to mess up her marriage with arrogance and pride. Hope hasn’t eaten enough humble pie yet!
    Speaking of hair, did you ever see any hair as black as the dye job on Nicole?

  67. From Ash72

    OK Days fans, I am totally confused! Didn’t Carly and Lawrence already have a son together back when they were on Days 15+ years ago? So why is she now talking about how he could not have kids…huh?? Since they had that son together, when would she have had time to cheat/have another baby??

  68. From Ash72

    I distinctly remember that little boy that was their son. Viv liked to spend time with him. he was some blond kid(forget what his name was)that Carly had but never told Lawrence about until years later. so, if Mel or Mia is now Carly’s kid from an affair, and they are about the same age as the boy should now be…???????

  69. From alexis

    If some want the character of Ej happy (i know some doesn’t lol..hey he is a controversal character !! fun and interesting for me)they would like to see him reunite with Sami. The poor guy if he is paired with Arianna, it will be another substitute for Samantha like it was with Nicole..hey yes Sami will always be the first choice for him (pretty ironic since she was always the Austin’s second choice and she made lots of her evils deeds because of her insecurities..).
    Nicole or Arianna or even any other girl will not be happy with a guy who always love another girl more than them.
    Brady really loves Nicole but i think Arianna too so we will see who will be his choice.
    For Sami we don’t really know, she loves Rafe but she is always really really attracted to Ej and she always is ambivalent toward him (because of their rocky past) so we will see who will her choice too..
    One thing that i love about Ejami is that there is not a predictable/cliche soap love declaration (and we all know Sami has always did that with all her corny for me !!) but it’s more subtle where the actions speak more than the words..seems more real for me. Sami is more spunky, independent, sassy in this relationship, she calls Ej on his shit when it’s needed..i love that and i think Ej loves that too ! Love just their dynamic and how the actors express it by their looks, facial expressions and body’s fascinating to watch..

  70. From Cara Thompson

    I guess I am the only one who feels bad for Nicole, but she is bonded to that child and it is true that if she hadn’t switched babies that EJ would have never had his real daughter. Regardless of whether she switched the babies or not Sami was not going to let EJ near that child. And Nicole has had a rough life and just wanted to be happily married with a child of her own, what’s wrong with that? Ok Carly is so freaking annoying and I just don’t give a crap about her! If Mia is Carly’s daughter who is the dad? And on Friday Bo said to Carly it must be hard living under the same roof as your daughter when he asked if she would be ok at Maggie’s. So she already knows Mia is her daughter? I don’t know I Tivo my show and fast forward through anything having to do with Carly, Mia(who has got to be the worst actress I have ever seen), Melanie, Phillip, Nathan.

  71. From Paula

    #39-KaS: I can’t believe you don’t see where Sami was raped by EJ! Are you out of your mind??!! When someone’s life hangs in the balance pending the “choices” your are given, that is fact NOT a choice. I couldn’t sleep at night knowing a man died because of a choice I made. Whether Lucas is a momma’s boy or not, she did what she felt was the only thing she could do…in other words, he didn’t leave her any choice..and THAT is rape…anyway you look at it!

  72. From alexis

    Paula it’s just a soap !! Characters cheat on each other, try to murder each other (Lucas with his mommy dearest tried once to murder Sami,once to frame her for a murder and because of that she was put on death row), come back from the death, steal/switch babie ect…it’s totally crazy and insane but it’s just big fantasies for entertain the if you don’t like that don’t watch it’s simple ! lol

  73. From patsy

    I,ve been gone for two weeks and see it,s still the NICOLE SHOW .So didn,t miss a thing .

  74. From Clear

    I have to say I think the writers have done pretty well the last two weeks, and I’ve enjoyed it! I have already said I hope that Sami gets to spend Christmas with her children, and I feel a little sorry for Nicole. Nicole needs to realize what she did was wrong and maybe she will and give the child back. She still needs to spend time in the cage with Kate. I’ll be able to cheer her on to make Kate pay if they ever get them both in jail. I’ll be cheering Nicole on for the big comeback!! I think it’s going to be Melanie who is Carley’s daughter. I’d rather it was Mia, but what doctor would be Mia’s father back in the day?? Still it’s sounding like it was the infamous Trent! I like seeing Viv and Carley spar because Carley seems to hold her own. I miss the old sidekick–Ivan for Viv.

  75. From Eddie

    Carly is awesome, Im so glad they brought this chracter back to DAYS! The next thing they need to do is let Phillip and Melanie sleep together again, they make a great couple! I feel like Vivian is going to go after Carly and then Kate, she hates them both, but at aleast DAYS writing has improved tremendously

  76. From Clear

    Spoiler alert! I’m getting addicted to looking to see if anyone has more news. I see on the Sister Site that Nicole ends up unconscious in Cleveland and Sydney is missing! NO!!!! I wanted to see Sami happy with her baby back and Nicole in jail again!! Enough of Sydney in the wrong place already! Leave this baby storyline and finish it for now with her back with Sami and Rafe. E. J. can visit while he plots how to get even with Stefano, or how to get Sami back. Plus sooner or later the drug business must catch up with him. He is a villainous character.

  77. From Simone

    Sydney story line is tooooo long…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I really like the chemistry with EJ and Sami but find Sami a bit of a wimp now. She seems to be really weak as a character. I miss the old Sami sometimes bad and sometime good and always justifying her behaviour by saying she was only trying to help. It would be an amazing powerhouse couple if EJ and Sami go back together and ran the DiMera business. Its a lot more enjoyable when the public have a love hate relationship with characters. Bo and Hope just bore the living daylights out of me. Go Ejami!

  78. From Doris JJ

    I would like them to make Brady a stronger character instead of this whimp. I don’t remember the other Brady acting this way. I do like Nicole but don’t think she should get by with what she did. I have read a few times Nicole could be Melanies mom. Wouldn’t Nicole remember if she had a child before? Wasn’t she pregnant when she married Victor and was shot and she lost the baby and was told she would never be able to have children? I saw on another site that Mia is supposed to be Carly’s daughter. I don’t want Stephanie to be with Nathan. When she first came back to Salem, she was a slut and sleeping around. Now she is this good girl and looks down on Melanie. I really hope they put Mel with Nathan. They are closer in age and look cute together. I don’t want EJ and Sami together. He is still a gangster and will always be. He is so used to getting his way and if he doesn’t he has that person eliminated or hurt. He has a moment of fillings then his anger takes over because he feels betrayed and he has to lash out. I don’t want Sami to ever go back to him. She must always move forward instead of going back.

  79. From kappyblu

    #43 Paula–BRAVO!!!!!! Well said!

  80. From NeeNee

    I agree that Mia is a very inept actress. Her habit of not looking people in the eye when she talks to them is very disconcerting. At first I thought it was the bangs in her eyes giving that impression. But when the hair dept. gave her a different ‘do last month (no bangs, exposed forehead), she continues looking down or off to the side when she has dialog. Age-wise, she looks & acts the part. It’s just the eye-contact thing that irritates me.

    Statistically speaking, it’s practically impossible for all these characters to have had so many relationships that resulted in heretofore-unknown children. Yeah, it’s fiction. But what has made soap operas great in years gone by was that special blend of realistic storylines & escapism. IMO, the past 10 years have been over-the-top, unbelievable plots—along with rapid aging of main characters children. I’ve watched since 1967 and truly miss Doug & Julie, Mickey, Jack & Jennifer, etc.

  81. From janiebell

    Nichol might get to filling traped and call Samiand offer to give Sami Sydney but will Nichol rilly do this 1 right thing? If Nicholgives up Sydney Nichol will be wanting something in return but what will that something be?

  82. From Kay

    I love Sammi and Raef, they are hot together. Dump EJ

  83. From Olive

    LOVE Viv…always have. She’s as evil as they come, but what an actress. She can deliver a one-liner better than anyone. LOVED the scenes with Viv, Kate and Vic. I’d love anyone who could really do a number on Kate.

    As for the baby switch saga…enough is enough. I can’t believe how hypocritical EJ is. “Sydney is better with me – she’s used to me”…was that before or after he threw her out of the house because “she wasn’t his”. He deserves NO ONE!! – except his father and his wife!

  84. From Jemima

    DOOL is getting better at all the time . I would rather see Sami with Rafe because he is mature and knows how to make Sami feel more condident in herself.
    Mia with Will Melanie with NATHAN they are perfecvt for each other while stepanie is with Phillip.
    I hope Mia is the daughter of Carly. not Melanie.
    Hope is so stupid , poor BO . She got him confused.
    Hope is better off without him .Caira should go back with her DADDY ,

  85. From pattypat

    Wow! Days is getting interesting. I too miss the Horton clan get-to-gether this year and hope they do a holiday famuly gathering. As I watch Rafe and Ari I swith overt o Passions when they were brother and sister and also Brady was Ethen on Passions the love of then Teresa. It will not stop me from watching one fo athe greatest soaps to come along. Happy Holidays to everyone.

  86. From Kelly

    I love Carly & can’t wait to see her & Mia bond together & also to see who Mia’s dad is!

  87. From Clear

    We aren’t sure yet though–I want it to be Mia too, but I’ve seen conflicting spoilers about it. If it’s Melanie, the dad had to be that horrible Trent doesn’t it?

    Looks like with these last posts we are all together on what we would like to see! Get busy, writers, and give us what we want to see. Plus thanks for the last interesting week!

  88. From Delores

    I thought for a minute that I was watching re-runs of THE MUNSTERS, or a re-run of this past years AMERICAN IDOL with Adam lambert after seeing Nicole’s new doo! But might I say with a little bit of Adams eye liner and stuff, Nicole would actually look like his identical twin sister. But aside from all of that, Nicole has totally flipped! And has any one ever noticed that when poor Sydney is toted from one person to the other how there is NEVER any DIAPERS, BOTTLES, CHANGE OF CLOTHES, ACCESSORIES, ETC. I bet that she has a rash up to her navel by now. Poor kid. (*SNORT!*)

  89. From PAM

    WHAT’S UP WITH Hope? She’s soooo skinny! That’s not beautiful, it’s gross! Wish they could make 1 more scene with Alice. I agree with Maggie looking like the new matriarch, she’s gotta be the oldest one now. I wish Brady would get more of a storyline, he’s hot! hate,hate hate Melanie, Philip, Stephanie, they’re just annoying! Sami & RAFE SHOULD GET MARRIED ON CHRISTMAS OR VALENTINE’S DAY!! There, that’s my 2cents.

  90. From Melissa

    I think that Mia is Carly’s child. It would make sense since, Lawrence wanted to kill her kid because she was making a bad name of herself which would represent him. And Mia would be making a bad name of herself by getting pregnant. Also, why would Carly ask Mia’s permisson to live in Maggie’s house and not Melanie’s? I think it is because Mia is Carly’s daughter.

    I love Sami and EJ together, but then again, I love Same and Rafe together. But I guess it would make more sense for her to be with EJ because they have two kids and EJ looks at her like their still in love.

  91. From babs

    Just the one question… what the heck is wrong with Hope’s turkey neck? she need to eat a cheesburger for the love of all that’s normal. Ugly.

  92. From Allie

    I really don’t like Gabi- she is very unattractive. And her acting sucks!!Bring someone else in her place!!!

  93. From loyal viewer


  94. From loyal viewer

    Thanks to sister station I also know for fact,that mia is carly’s baby,thus do you remember lawrence having a picture of her baby girl all grown up in the flash back scenes.
    It is mia

  95. From loyal viewer

    vivian is philips real mom and she tells philip,thus making him hate his mom even more.

  96. From janiebell

    Nichol ran to her momma Faye. Nichol never bothered getting in touch with her untill she is up to her yzoos in a mess Nichol, herself created. Likeany mother, Faye was to the rescue. That is how mothers arem we always make our selfs available to our children, wheather small or all grown-up, our children are always our children.

    Hope go home to Bo.

    Melanie cannot decide what or who she wants.

    Days has so nany teens now, it would be good to see a few grown-ups return such as John&Marlena and Steve/Patch&Kayla.

  97. From carol

    I don’t get the stephanie has age appropriate hair statement. I don’t think the age is a big thing when it comes to hair styles. Her hair looked its best when it was real long. I think she looks great any way. The Hope is stunning remark! Wow! That floored me. Nicole’s hair is really a wig, not a dye job. Yay Doris! I agree. And what choice! E.J. knew that choice was still rape, no matter how you look at it. OH imature was he, giving Sammi a stupid choice like that. It was rape! What was she gonna do. She wanted to save Lucas. And Lucas is not whinny. He never complains about all the crap. He just seems to get on with it. Who wouldn’t drink after what they do to him. He does nothing to deserve it. I like him. Can’t wait till Christmas to see him hang the ornament. Hope he gets a nice girl for christmas.

  98. From carol

    Sorry,you are right to, but I meant Paula. Right on about the rape thing. You are so right.

  99. From Eve

    Just when I thought the baby switching was over…come on writers enough…bring back Sami’s baby.
    As for the writers and the story of Hope and Bo….pleaseeee. On todays’ show Carly atells Hope she is not after Bo, Bo gives Hope a kiss – and Hope walks away…she has no real reason why she is not with Bo and the writers should do better then that.

  100. From loyal viewer


  101. From loyal viewer

    mia looks more like carly also than melanie.
    plus i found out it is true vivian is philip’s mother and it was kate hiding all those lies for years from everyone.
    justin and hope have a moment also like bo and carly.
    will and gabby eventually get together also.

  102. From clara

    I think Days should fire the writers. Why isn’t Kate in jail?Why isn’t EJ in jail for raping Sami? Why does the Salem PD always wind up looking so incompetent? Why are Daniel and Chloe still on the show? Why is Melanie on the show? Rafe and his family should go into witness protection program. Why bring back Carley? It would be better to have Steve & Kayla back.

  103. From Delores

    HOLY MOLY and more—the cell phone switch was even more stupid than was the baby switch!! And I dunno—I see something wrong with the picture that Nicole is SUPPOSE to call Sami to COME GET the baby??!! I dunno—something is not right in Denmark on this situation. Knowing Nicole like I do, she will have some evil scheme up her sleeve and will start yelling and screaming that Sami is trying to kidnap HER child now that she has changed her looks and is dressing Sydney up as a boy. But alas—pull the diaper off of the baby and reveal whether it is a girl or boy!! THAT was what “I” would have done if I had been the hotel lady questioning Nicole!! As the late Patrick Swayze said in the movie GHOST—”WHAT A CROCK OF SH*T!!!!”

  104. From Paula

    #72 Alexis: My comment had nothing to do with the show being “just a soap”. It had everything to do with a person’s thought was on what rape is or isn’t.

  105. From Nonya

    Ew… looks like they are headed back down the EJ/Sami path. No thanks, not interested in the victimizer/victim pairing.

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