Days of Our Lives Video Clip: Sydney Goes Missing.

“Nicole has taken my daughter!”

While Maggie and Mia bake pies and chat about misery, Sami and EJ flip out when they notice that the baby has gone missing.

Check out this preview for Wednesday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From celeste

    brady will find nicole,but instead of bringing her and sydney back he will turn out to be as insane as she is.he will agree to run off with her to start a new life.when nicole finds that she is pregnant with ej’s baby,they will agree to raise the child as their own.they WILL be caught,but not any time soon!whole new SL!!!!!

  2. From Kino

    I doubt Brady will help Nicole after he had learn the truth about her causing the baby switch by stealing Sami’s daughter, Sydney and replacing her with Mia’s daughter, Grace from Arianna. He was angry and told her that he revoked her bail. He also mentions that she only has an hour to make amends with the people she hurt before she went back to jail.

    I think Mia should find comfort from Rafe in knowing that he and Sami had adopted Grace and gave her a wonderful home. She even babysit her daughter and got to know her while she was still alive. In the end, Mia will realise she has a reason to be thankful for Thanksgiving. I think she’ll thank Rafe and Sami for giving Grace a wonderful, loving home that she deserved to have.

  3. From eloise

    It’s above all Sami who takes care of Grace, not Rafe ! He was always too busy with leaving away every time she dared to ask questions about his past or to be kidnapped by loony’s a fantasy to say Rafe had a strong bond with Grace but Sami had so if Mia wants to talk with someone it will Samantha not Rafael !!!

  4. From eloise

    Ok i made an error when Rafe was kidnapped, Grace was already dead but i am right about the fact that he was always on again/off again in this relationship with Sami when Grace was Sami was there for Grace, Rafe not so much so i stay with the conviction that Mia has to talk with Sami, certainly not Rafe he is off-topic.

  5. From dc

    i don’t think brady will help nicole (even though he still loves her, what a fool)..
    but he may get back together with her when she returns from pregnancy leave, they will probably write a good story about them..

  6. From Lisa

    I BLAME EJ because he is a jerk he should have leave Sami and Sydney at her place or else Nicole would have kidnapped Sydney…What an @$$ sorry!

  7. From Lisa

    Also I am still waiting for writers to have Mia and Chad talk to Sami and Rafe..about their daughter, Grace..

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