Days of Our Lives Video Clip: Weekly Preview.

Sami and EJ get excited when they think that Syd’s kidnapper is having second thoughts…

But their adulation proves to be short lived. Is it Nicole’s determination that’s beginning to crack, or is it something else?

Check out this preview for the week and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Missy

    let Nicole, give up def bring her down to her knees so Ej & Sami, be together to become a supercouple in salem for good this time

  2. From celeste

    please let nicole end up in a mental institution where she can get the help that she has needed for a long tome!!she passes out because she is worn out and stressed out,also she is pregnant with ej’s baby.someone will track her down,but it might take a little longer to find sydney.i hope it isn’t brady who finds her because i have a feeling that he is on the brink of insanity too.

  3. From Lisa

    To celeste,

    Nicole is NOT pregnant with EJ’s baby, she had a miscarriage last year…but Ari is on maternty leave last week we wish both Kyle and herself the best luck of luck!! I was shocked to see Nicole dyed her hair black…

  4. From celeste

    lisa,i meant a new pregnancy that she doesn’t realize YET.they will discover it when she ends up in the hospital.

  5. From Kino


    I think Rafe will find Nicole and and bring her and Sydney back to Salem, not Brady. Nicole will return to jail, except she may find herself pregnant with another baby. That reason is because she found a doctor in Cleveland who cured her from being unable to have children. It wouldn’t surprise me if Brady decides to leave Arianna, get back together with Nicole and raise her baby together.

    Sydney returns to Sami and Elvis and they decide to share custody of both her and Johnny.

  6. From Clear

    Kino, that would be great! But after she and Kate are incarcerated together in a small cell and Nicole snatches Kate bald and breaks her nails, okay?
    I can’t see how the writers would write Sami back into EJ’s arms at this point. He’s still a criminal Dimera, and she has Rafe who “Went to the mat” for her a few times already. He deserves to be happy with Sami. His deep, dark secret will probably come out finally about Emily and cause trouble then. Whatever it is must be connected to Ariana and her past drug use.

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