General Hospital Spoilers For November 25.

Thanksgiving comes to Port Charles.

The holiday means that there is a bit of a break from the violence of everyday life. Instead, things concentrate on the convolutions of romance. Morgan shows some of his Corinthos cunning when he sabotages both Jax and Carly’s cars so that they’ll be forced to spend the day together. He’s not alone in play matchmaker. Robin, Molly and Kristina gang up in a bid to put Alexis and Mac together. Across town, Milo and Spinelli put their heads together to hatch a plan to get Max and Diane back together again.

It’s not all bringht though. Maxie already has a confession to make to Lulu about the mysterious Franco. Meanwhile, the town witnesses what is sure to be an odd sight as the Quartermaines are joined by Luke, Lulu, Ethan and Rebecca for a traditional Thanksgiving pizza dinner.

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