General Hospital Spoilers For November 30-December 4.

New suspicions and new doubts.

As he gets closer to Sonny and those around him, Dante is having a hard time turning his back on them. His resolve gets a swift boost after he catches his mother with the mobster. After handing off evidence to Ronnie, Dante accuses Sonny of wanting to take Johnny out just so that he can have his way with Olivia. However, he still can’t shake his mixed feelings about taking the boss down. Unfortunately for him, his inquisitive nature is starting to make Sonny nervous.

After assuring her that Sonny’s time is about to run out, Jax asks Olivia to keep his secret for him. She’s reluctant, but she’s got more problems than Jax to worry about – like Johnny. She vows to the increasingly unbalanced mobster that he is the one she wants to be with. Things are about to get a lot more awkward though when she make up her mind to finally tell Sonny the truth.

Elizabeth blows up at Nikolas after he offers her money to build her dream home with Lucky. The prince also offers her some advice and says she should come clean with the cop. Meanwhile, Lucky mulls over whether this engagement is really such a good idea after all. He soon becomes distracted by his suspicions of Michael. Across town, Rebecca has her work cut out for her as she attempts to seduce Nikolas.

Jason and Sam are determined to learn more about Franco. The reclusive artist continues to taunt the hitman by sending him another art piece. Jason questions Maxie about the latest eccentric psycho to arrive in town. All the while, he remains clueless that Franco is watching him.

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