General Hospital Weekly Summary For November 23-25.

An indiscretion, eerie images and Thanksgiving.

Jason, Dominic and Sonny gathered together dates to take to Franco’s art opening in a bid to gain alibis. The mobsters were confused and put off by the artwork. Dominic couldn’t shake how familiar some of it looked to him. Franco spotted Jason and asked Maxie to introduce them. Jason refused to speak with him, angering Franco who then took Maxie away with him. He blindfolded her and drove her to his studio where be photographed her posed like a corpse before giving her a tour. They bantered and bickered. He told her phony stories and challenged her to see how long she could keep her panties on. It turned out not to be very long. After he’d had his way with her, he dropped her off at her apartment. The next morning, Maxie confessed her indiscretion to Lulu.

Jason went home and freaked out at how Franco waved at him. He got Spinelli to pull up footage of the homeless man waving at him earlier. They were a match so the hitman began contemplating his next move. Sonny returned home and Lucky came to see him, concerned that he’d discovered his father might be involved with Joey Limbo. This made Sonny contemplative. When Dominic came to see him, Sonny told him how terrible he would feel if one of his children were investigating him.

On Thanksgiving, Morgan showed that he knows how to be conniving by sabotaging both Jax and Carly’s cars so that they would have to spend the holiday together as a family. Meanwhile, Kristina bumped into Ethan on her way to her family get-together. She flirted with him and he declined her invitation to dinner, heading over to the Quatermains instead. He joined his father, sister and the Q.’s for their traditional pizza dinner. Kristina arrived at Robin’s where the family was busy trying to set up Alexis and Mac. Across town, Spinelli and Milo connived to get Diane and Max back together by telling Diane that Max had ED thanks to his accident. She was heartbroken at the thought and, after seeing Max with a plunger in his hand and a pair of rubber gloves, furiously made love to him on the floor of Sonny’s office, finding uses for plungers which few can imagine.

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