The Young and The Restless: Darius McCrary Cast As Malcolm Winters!

He’s coming back!

Yes, fans, the much loved character of Malcolm Winters (previously played by Shemar Moore from 1998 to 2005) will be returning to Genoa City to reunite with Neil and help his biological daughter, Lily, through her cancer – but with a new look! Actor Darius McCrary has just told Entertainment Weekly that he’s been cast, with a multi-year contract, to play the popular Young and the Restless role!

Though the actor has appeared in many Primetime and movie roles, he’s most recognizable from his 1989 to 1998 role on “Family Matters” as Eddie Winslow. Darius starts filming today and can be expected to make his first appearance on December 29!

Soap Opera Fan Blog wants to welcome Darius to the show!

Photo Credit: Darius McCrary

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  1. From April

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Darius McCrary and would love to see his sexiness on the soaps,but Shemar Moore is and will always be Malcolm. Its like change the chacater of Victor Newman. I am going to try my best to accept this but I am heartbroke that the would replace Shemar Moore with anyone. I would have rather him stayed dead and left me with my memories.

  2. From Dee

    I agree this is a horrible choice on Y & R’s part. He isn’t dead he did come back and Shemar played that part, but I would rather he just call to check on Lily from the set of Criminal Minds.

  3. From Kake

    Not liking him in the role at all. Doesn’t seem to fit the part in any shape or form. I can’t believe they have an extended part for him.

  4. From From Lisa

    I Have to agree with April. The whole vibe of the show changes when you change the character. Viewers spend more time comparing the two and pointing out the differences/flaws of the replacement than they do enjoying the show. Y & R will have to recover from this blow that they are thrusting on their viewers.

  5. From Renee'

    Darius is not a good fit for the character, Malcolm Winters. He does not resemble him physically, speak like him nor act like him. Too drastic of a difference!

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