The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary For November 23 – 25!

Adam kissed Sharon, Billy had a one-night stand, and everyone celebrated Thanksgiving in Genoa City…

Adam went to Sharon’s, kissed her then left with an open invitation for Sharon to call him. Sharon invited Adam over for Thanksgiving, where Sharon expressed she’d like to see where their kiss would lead then they kissed again – and Jack witnessed it!

Chloe admitted that she was happy Billy and Mac broke up, causing Chance to think she still loved Billy, who returned to the single life as Liam. Chloe convinced Chance that their relationship was real, while Billy had quickie sex with a girl who ended up knowing his real name! Celebrating Thanksgiving at the mansion, Jill announced Paul as her date. Nina figured out that Paul and Jill were using their relationship as a cover-up, while trying to locate Kay’s daughter, and when Nina claimed she hadn’t been jealous of the thought, Paul kissed her!

Kay offered Nick a part in her business deal, and Jack quickly realized why Nick bailed on him – after Phyllis admitted she’d confessed that they’d slept together. Jack took a break from work and invited Emily to celebrate Thanksgiving at the Abbott mansion with him, Ashley, Abby, Faith and Billy. While Abby disrupted dinner with defiance, Billy decided to jump on the bandwagon with his own family issues – and reminded Jack that their once happy family had now crashed around them.

Vikki and JT arrived home to surprise Nick and Phyllis for the holidays, and though it was obvious that JT was happy, Vikki admitted to Nick that she wasn’t sure how she felt, even though JT’s new job was relocating him back to Genoa City. Everyone was thankful to be with family, and the fact that Summer put crayons in the stuffed turkey only put a small damper on the occasion! However, when Phyllis brought Nick to the Abbott cabin to say goodbye to his baby, Ashley appeared with Faith!

Many residents, including Neil, Cane, Lily, Billy and Mac, just to name a few, came together to donate some time to volunteering for the local shelter, and Michael and Lauren even opened up their hearts and invited Ryder, and Daisy, to join them for a family celebration, which ended on a bad note – Michael had to inform Daniel he was to appear before the grand jury, and Ryder privately asked Daisy what she’d do if everyone found out she was in the other half of his ripped photo!

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