The Young and The Restless: William Russ Cast! (UPDATED!)

Could he be Genoa City’s next tycoon?

Updated on November 24:

William will make his first appearance in Genoa City on December 2! Stay tuned! Until then, here’s one of the first looks of him as Tucker.

Previously Reported on October 20:

When putting out the casting call, the show was looking for a well-established actor – and they got one! Great news fans, Soap Opera Digest is reporting that William Russ, who played Alan Matthews on the 90′s family sitcom “Boy Meets World,” from 1993 to 2000, has just been cast to play billionaire Tucker on The Young and the Restless! Longtime fans of “Another World” may remember him from his role as Burt McGowan back in 1978.

Stay tuned for William’s air-date when it’s released. Soap Opera Fan Blog wants to welcome such an accomplished actor to the show!

Photo Credit: JPI

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Fun fact! Amy Mistretta wrote this story just for you on November 24th, 2009 |

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  1. From Kathi

    Again, I say it….why are they adding to a cast that can’tfford to pay the established actors? I can’t believe they let Eric Breaden’s Victor go, just to bring in another charachter….it makes no sense!!!

  2. From Barbara

    I, my daughter and friends have stop watching the show because they are letting Eric Breaden’s Victor go. I object to their decision and I do not know why the writters are writing such uninteresting and heart breaking mess regarding Sharon and Asherly. They need to remove Adman. I can not understand why they are letting Adman get away with so much unrealist issues/events. He need to go and keep Victor. If Victor leave the rating will go down, that is a fact. It is not right as Kathi said.

  3. From Gerry

    Hope the news that Eric Braeden is returning to Y and R is true. It boggles the mind that they would let such a pivotal character go…..glad they wised up and listened to their fan base.

  4. From Earnestine Collins

    I agree with Barbara I’m sick of the way the show is going. It is most unreal.

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    [...] First Tweet: 4 hours ago amymistretta Amy Mistretta Y&R Character Update for Tucker retweet [...]

  6. From awtribute

    Yes, another AW alum with a job!! Congrats to Mr. Russ…show ‘em what Bay City’s made of!!

  7. From sheila crone

    This Tucker character may be alright, but frankly it’s extremely manipulative of you to think that will satisfy the fans of Eric Braden. Additionally, the writing for Sharon as the Dunce female of the world, Ashley as the Amazing Transformation is stupid to say the least. Get a grip and kick that idiot Adam in the b—s.

  8. From sheila crone

    Your story would make more sense for the naive Ashley to yield to Adam’s game. Don’t you remember that you were trying to “grow Sharon away from male dependency?”
    Give us some good news. It grates on the nerves to always watch people being cheated and lied to and the cheaters getting away with it.

  9. From sheila crone

    Can’t you even conceive of a “good” guy being at least as smart as the “bad” guy. Adam’s running around causing chaos and no one on the show can catch him. Pure doo-doo.

  10. From Barbara lewis

    PLEASE get rid of Adam fast. He is not even an interesting evil character like Kimberly Brown.

  11. From Lisa

    This show is becoming so unrealistic! First off, Ashley and the “pregnancy” they never did reveal that she had a dead baby inside her or parts of one! This show must get rid of Amber, Adam, Ryder, Daisy (she must be related to someone on the show because she cannot act!). THe new Adam is a terrible actor. I would say, ask Cricket to come back just in time to find Paul and Nina in a relationship. I like Victor on the show, but, PLEASE, no more kids! He should be a grandfather not a father to more babies! Last but not least, this baby of Mac’s is not Lily and Caines it is Billy and Macs baby because they had sex before the invitro process.

  12. From Stacy

    I have been watching YNR for over 25 years now, and I have to say these past 6 months the show is just going downhill, it’s boring, unrealistic. I think they have to hire new writers. I feel bad for the talented actors having such stupid story lines to be in. PLEASE BRING BACK THE GOOD OLD DAYS OF YNR!!!

  13. From sharon T.

    i reallyloved seeing william russ on y&r and now that he’s gone i might just go to no offense to stephen i just feel that william russ brought a fine sexy style that y&r is missing russ made tucker out to be sexy,sneaky,rugged and oh sooooo!cute and every bit the part of what i would see tucker mccall as being, stephen projects evil to me and i thimk russ’s mccall was a hell of alot better, y&r i hope cbs relizes what a big mistake they did with russ you want QUALITY!!!!not quanty so i feel myself that y&r isn’t all that great anymore thats how i feel bring back william russ the real tucker mccall!!!!!

  14. From Trish Galvin

    Mr.Russ, Finally got to the DVR to catch up on the Y&R yesterday. I was bummed out with the announcement of your replacement, in the role of Tucker McCall. I turned off the t.v.
    I have been watching the Y&R since it’s debut, but the relationship has been sporadic. My interest comes back with the introduction of a new character, and am always so hopeful it might be someone who knows what it means to act.
    I enjoyed Tucker McCall, great characterization, your work and delivery with other actors was fun, you have a nice grace on camera, I am sure move with grace on a stage.
    Sorry I won’t be able to enjoy you as an actor on daytime, but I look forward to seeing you in future projects. Break a leg.

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