Bryan Dattilo Exits From Days of Our Lives.

Bryan_DattiloIt looks like it’s the end of Days for Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Horton).

It is being reported that the actor will soon be departing from the show he has called home since 1993. He has taped the final scenes. His contract expires in February 2010. The actor has been informed that the show will not be renewing his contract.

A final air date has yet to be released. We will keep you informed of more news on this story as it is released.

Soap Opera Fan Blog sends our best wishes to Dattilo, who has added his own unique spark to the show for so long. We’re sure that he will pop up again on Daytime soon. How do you feel about his departure? Share your feelings with us below.

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  1. From Katy

    One less reason to keep watching this show. John. Marlena. There were only 2 story lines left I care about and Lucas was in one of them (kept looking for Sami/Lucas – loved that pairing).

  2. From Barb

    I will really miss Bryan/Lucas. He has been on so long and has been one of my favorites. You will be sadly missed. It won’t be long before Days has no long-time people left. Good luck Bryan!!

  3. From annie

    That’s fine with me. His character was to immature and weak. He has been on the show forever, so I’m sure people will miss him. Best wishes to Brian. I hope his next role is a more “manly” and Mature role.

  4. From Joy

    I will miss him. Bryan is one of my favorites. Will they replace him or is this the end of Lucas

  5. From Ali

    I’ve been of fan of Brian’s since 1993. I’m sad that he’s not going to be on the show anymore. I wish him the best of luck and hopefully he’ll come back to the show

  6. From Precious

    Bryan’s been “out of the loop” for so long now, that it doesn’t really matter on the show. I am sure he knew way beforehand that this was a “bad omen”, (not to be seen on screen). I wish him the best in this TOUGH ECONOMY..and hopefully, he can weather the storm and find something to fulfill him.
    I just wonder how they’ll protray this on screen? Maybe to never mention him? I just “love” the way the powers that be handle the exits of long-time actors on this show…shame on Ted Corday!!

  7. From babs

    OMG NO!!!! I love Lucas. He’s the best actor they have. Please say it isn’t so!

  8. From Cindy

    I always loved Lucus and Sami together! It really semed like they were in love. Hopefully this is just temporary until they can think of another story line for him. Good Luck, Brian! You will be missed!

  9. From linda romanoff

    i am sorry lucas’s role has been cut. i truly enjoyed him and sami together.
    sad to see you leave brian, i think you got a raw deal.

  10. From JMH

    I do feel sorry for Bryan, but Lucas on the show was always frowning and had too much shaggy hair. He never looked like he had any pride in his looks. I think it’s a shame to have to see them always in a bad light because of casting.

  11. From island girl

    OMG…why? one less reason to now watch the show unless they will have melanie and nathan back together!

  12. From island girl

    maybe they should have nicole and brady together and have her get pregnant again with Brady’s?

  13. From dc

    GOOD LUCK BRYAN, in whatever you do..
    I have been watching the show for a long time and remember when Lucas came on the scene..
    It seems like they never gave you a break when it came to your character..

  14. From Days Fan

    What are the Day’s writers thinking??? they have removed almost all of the original cast members, and losing Lucas will be the last straw for me!!! I will not be watching any more. They need to remember who, and what started and made this show.

  15. From Dinky

    Ok, follow me here: Sami = Marlena, Rafe = John, Lucas = Roman. Marlena and Roman always remained close and even rekindled there relationship every so often. Lucas could do the same with Sami. Then, I do have another opinion. The show worked so hard to make them a super couple, Lucas’s prpopsal, their weddings, their honeymoon. Even though Sami has Rafe and EJ waiting in the wings. Lucas is the most realistic super mate for her on the show. They have a history together. Bring him back for Sami.

  16. From Casey

    Good luck Bryan. I too am in AA and appreciated the part you played. I did hope Sami and Lucas would make it and hope they bring Lucas back in the future. After all, Sami will screw things up with Rafe someday! She always does!

  17. From boo

    Good luck Brian….but I’m with Annie on this one!

  18. From adrienne

    this sure sucks. i loved lucas with sami (in or out of a relationship). they needed to get rid of stephanie and nathan (boring) and let lucas stay and break more beds with sami. i mean c’mon, they BROKE beds. hilarious.

  19. From Anne

    I am not surprised because as much as I thought he was one of the best actors on the show, why did they never wright for Brian? He was always crying in the background over lost love, and never got a story line of his own. Hopefully another soap will pick him up and do him justice. Good luck Brian, you will be missed!

  20. From arlene

    It isn’t a surprise that he was let go. The writers haven’t really given him any good storyline in a long time now that EJ and Rafe are the men in Sami’s life. I personally like Sami with Rafe, they have great chemistry together. Maybe some day, Brian will be brought back.

  21. From Sandra

    I love Brian Datillo! He is such a good actor! I absolutely loved seeing him and Allison Sweeny/Sami
    bounce dialog off each other. They were so much fun to watch. I believe they were in top form when they were acting together. They had a natural chemistry. I believe Brian has a natural comedic streak that has never been fully taken advantage of. Shame on the powers that be at Days of Our Lives. You keep messing with the beloved characters and long time actors and actresses of this show and you’re gonna get your backside in worse crack than it’s in already. I cannot believe that Brian has been let go.

  22. From donna

    Why is the Horton family being slowly dismantled? They are the foundation of the show! This makes no sense.

  23. From Mopy

    Oh for PISS sake!!! I love this actor, and I hate this news! I know that his character, Lucas, has been lacking luster for the past few years (even starting as early as just after he got out of his first coma), but it’s not Bryan’s fault at all. To be honest, he’s my favourite Day’s actor. He was the only one that I was a “fan” of (I don’t usually have crushes, but I had a big silly girly crush on him in my teeny-bopper days in the early-mid 90s, and even had a boyfriend that resembled him). So, I’ve been pulling for a character redemption of him for a long time (bring us a kick-ass Lucas). Crap news. Just pure crap.

  24. From Vicki

    So many fans have watched Days for years….there was a reason for it. Don’t see any reason to continue watching when the people we so love to watch are taken off the show. The only good thing to happen to Days is Rafe!! Other than that, the show is quickly going downhill.

  25. From Chiligirl

    Wow really sucks. This is the final straw for me. Goodbye Days (or should I call it Passions)

  26. From Jeannergirl

    Oh, booooooooooooo! One of my favorites! I will miss him more than John and Marlena! LUMI fan always!

  27. From Mary

    WTF!?!?!? No wonder the writers were turning Lucas into such a spineless jerk!
    I will miss Byran, very talented actor and apart of my life since I’ve been watching the show in 1994.
    It’s as if the writers are doing this intentionally to piss the fans/viewers off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Days is turning into Passions! Even the actors from Passions are on the show! OK, I think it’s seriously time to find another soap to fill my vice. General Hospital is looking weird with James Franco, hmmmm…………..?

  28. From DIane LM

    Well Days is definitely going downhill. The only true Horton left if Hope and now Nathan. There are no more strong leading charcters to follow. I am very saddened about Lucas’ departure. I will definitely miss him. I guess it doesn’t matter that his kids will be without a dad. I guess since this show is becoming Passions then its just a matter time before they stop using MacDonald Carey’s voice! I think Days’ days are numbered!

  29. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    I’m very sorry to hear that Bryan will not be returning to DAYS. Maybe in the future. I really think the writers could have changed Lucas for the better. Make him more evil. He could have been a challenge for Philip & EJ as well as Victor and Stefano. They could have let him become more mature. He was great with the kids and you could tell he really cared for Sami.

  30. From Pie

    Bryan will be missed, However his character was always a second choice or someone to settle for. His character was whiny and always felt sorry for himself. Good luck on your next adventure Bryan, well be watching for you.

  31. From justafan

    oh i hate to see brian go he gave a heart to lucas hate to see him go but they (the writers) haven’t given lucas any real story line shame to waste such a good actor. but i do like ej and sami rafe is handsome but something about that evil ej and he made me cry the other day when he was so hurt and accuseing arrianna of taking sidney

  32. From Linda

    I will miss you. I have been watching this show forever. Lot’s of luck in the future.

  33. From Lissa

    He will be missed although for awhile now the writers have sabotaged his character. They sure did a number on him with how pathetic & nagging they made him over time. They’ve written him into a corner with nowhere left to go. Sad really…

  34. From Leslie

    This never really happy character has been done for a long time, not sorry to see this one go. Unfortunately there is not much left to watch unless you are into high school romance…I’m NOT!

  35. From Michael

    Bo Hope
    Victor Vivian
    Stefano Kate
    Abe Lexie
    Nathan Melanie
    Philip Stephanie
    Daniel Chloe
    Chad Mia
    Will Gabby
    Sami Rafe
    EJ Nicole
    Carly and Lawerence(Bring him back)
    Send Justin back to Adrianne

    Then Roman and Arianna hook up but pput Arianna with Brady and Roman with Anna or Fay

  36. From _sky_

    had a feeling this would happen when they brought him (BD) back and still gave him zero storyline and barely any air time. i think they’re going to kill off his character cuz this way they will not have to answer fans requests to bring him back like they have in the past cuz they’ve been trying to get rid of him for a while, which is unfortunate cuz they coulda done so much more with his character and shoulda.

    this show is really starting to suck big time. If the rating for this show has gotten any better it’s not because the storylines have gotten better, it’s cuz they gained viewers from axed shows like passions, guiding light and whatever else soap they cast from when these shows got canned so instead of catering to their loyal fan base, they are catering to their new viewers and casting aside all their vets.

    I can’t imagine KA wanting to renew her contract when it expires, she’s been given pretty crappy storylines lately and making fans of Days hate Hope’s character. Bo’s only around to serve Carly’s storyline. Roman, Roman who? Kate really doesn’t have a storyline. They’ve domesticated Stephano and not gonna bring Sami & EJ together even though they’re probably going to kill off Lucas. While they’re at it, why not just kill of all their vets and rename the show.

    Having anna be the one responsible for kidnapping syd for money is a stupid storyline. If you’re going to make her be the kidnapper, you coulda let the storyline be a little more creative by involving her daughter Carrie since she can’t have kids so Anna wanted to make her happy while making sammi pay for all the mean things she did to Carrie by giving Carrie & Austin Syd to raise as their own. It woulda involved anna taking the baby to Switzerland or wherever the show wrote carrie and Austin living in and giving them syd as a Christmas miracle present

    What a shame days has become. Good luck to you Bryan-you’re better off without days-they never appreciated you anyway nor a lot of the vets they’ve let go of these past few years. Days has just lost another viewer, not that they care.

  37. From Oddnana

    i can’t belive he is leaving it is too much there will be no one left soon for us long term fans

  38. From Tina

    Lucas has been one of my favorites over the years but like Jack, John, Marlena, he is dumped after years of wonderful service. Dan, Chad and Nathan get to stay but Lucas is gone? Un-freakin-believable

  39. From Prairie

    The producers and writers of Days never have cared about the viewers so Lucas leaving is no big surprise. Nor is it a surprise that they are killing off the character of Mickey. To me the show and it’s fans are just a joke to them and just a paycheck. They have no respect for the show or it’s characters. Sad but true.

  40. From nancy

    I really like Lucas and hate to see him go. They seem to be taking all the good characters off the show. I think it is a mistake.

  41. From Priscilla Niten

    I can’t believe they are letting him go!!!!! First John and Marlena, Kayla and Patch, Carrie and Austin, Max and Chelsea… I mean come on… And Shawn and Bell to… What is Days becoming??? I am about to the end of my ropes with days….

  42. From Sharon

    This is very sad. I love Lucas and love him even more when he is paired with Sami. Pretty soon there won’t be any reason to watch. We won’t know anyone on the show. I’ve watched this since the beginning and look forward to watching it everyday. But for how long?

  43. From Smiles

    Where is Lucas going to go, back to rehab? I know that the show is mcaking story lines for the younger viewers but seriously, these story lines are horrible. Im so over the Bo/Hope story line as Hope has clearly goone delusional. sami/EJ/Rafe is good but the kidnapping is just drawn out. Month by month, I am slowly getting more and more disinterested in the show. Get some better writers if your going to get rid of the good actors.

  44. From cass

    Keep it up WRITERS!!!!!!!!!! You wont have to worry about what ANYONE thinks of the characters you keep getting rid of. BECAUSE YOU WONT HAVE A SHOW ANYMORE,, People will quit watching…you came close to going off the air once!!! You need to KEEP most of the ORIGINALS… Alot of us ARE the ORIGINAL watchers… you are going to lose us. And Frankly,, you NEED US!!! You also need to LISTEN TO “US”, your viewers. If you are that BAD of writers,, Have these polls weekly and LISTEN to them,,, heck you can even take our ideas and put a twist on them,,, come on,,,, I have to se D.O.O.L gone… Keep the Charaters Just give them BETTER ROLES!!!

  45. From cass

    type O,,

    I HATE to see,,, (not Have )

  46. From Susan

    Why do those (I wont say stupid) writers have to get rid of all the good actors? Soon we wont even recognize Days. Just a bunch of new people.

  47. From from teri

    I will miss Bryan on Days (lucas was a great charater on Days). I loved him with sami. They make great lovers and friends. I like sami with ej but think we need to keep lucas around for sami they have been friends for a long time and I feel sami needs a good friend. It is a shame he has been on this show for a long time and they need to keep there long time charaters around. I know he will get another job but I will miss him. Good luck Bryan you will truely be missed.

  48. From Kaitlin

    Lucas/Sami were the only supercouple I still cared about really getting a happy ending. Shame on Days for ripping yet another great couple away. I’ve been and Sami/Lucas fan since the early 90′s. This is no time to have Lucas leave the show. He would be there for Sami. Stop re-writing characters basic personalities!

  49. From Jenn

    I can understand why they are letting bryan datillo go given he hasn’t had any storylines. However, this actor has stuck with this show, as has allison sweeney for a very long time. It makes me sad to see Bryan leave, because it was wonderful to see the same actors playing Sami and Lucas after so many years. Sami and Lucas have a lot of chemistry, even as just friends and your killing that with Bryan gone. I wish you would bring John and Marlena back. Also, I know kirsten storms is on GH now, but it would be great to see Shawn and Belle back played by Jason Cook and Kirsten Storms. Also, reunite Bo and Hope! I know a lot of people are sick of Hope and I am too, but Bo and Hope are vets and the one super couple we have left on days. Stop pulling them apart and let hope be the old hope and not this witch she is lately. Put Bo and Hope back together!

  50. From Jen

    The Character that should go is Stephanie. She went from race car driver to scanky ho to lets hit on Melanies boyfriend….She needs to move with her parents

  51. From Jen

    The character they should be getting rid of is Stephanie. What is her purpose on the show anyway.
    She went from race car driver to scanky ho to breaking up Melanie and Nathan. not to mention first she was in love with Max, then Jeremy Hortn back to max then to philip now nathan. She is in love with the one more times then I wash my hair. And I wash it every day twice a day….Her character is pathetic.

  52. From jenn

    Boooooooo!!!! Why are they getting rid of Lucas? I think Melanie should be the one leaving! Good luck to you Bryan! I wish you the best, I also wish to see you back on Days very soon!

  53. From anabelita

    I have very much enjoyed Bryan on the show. He was a loveable character, and very nice to look at. They should have given him more scenes without a shirt. I hope to see him in other shows soon, or please bring him back to DOOL.

  54. From Sandee

    It’s a shame that Bryan is leaving, as he is the only one that could ever have made Sami happy, and could have turned her into something besides a whining scheming spoiled bratty little witch. I can’t believe that the powers that be can’t see what a jewel they have in this young man. He is a fine actor, and will be sorely missed. I guess I’ll just have to keep fastforwarding the Sami scenes from now on, because I could only stomach them when he was in the scene. Goodbye, Bryan, and good luck to you.

  55. From Jane

    So Sad, who’s next?

  56. From Jane

    I am afraid that this show will be cancelled. I can’t imagine not watching it.

  57. From Ry


  58. From Ry

    Rafe EJ
    Stephanie Melanie
    Will Chad
    Chloe Daniel
    Brady Arianna
    Rest of the kids Rest of the kids
    Bo Hope
    Justin Carly

  59. From Paki

    I never cared for the character and he has been around for a LONG time. Far too long for me. He is a very weak character. Most of his time was spent fighting for custody of Will which was extremely boring through the years. He doesn’t really have any chemistry with anyone. Been waiting for this for a long time.

  60. From Paki

    I never cared for the character and he has been around for a LONG time. Far too long for me. He is a very weak character. Most of his time was spent fighting for custody of Will which was extremely boring through the years. He doesn’t really have any chemistry with anyone. Been waiting for this for a long time.
    Too bad he isn’t taking Sami with him.

  61. From Mary

    I absolutely love Lucas…I think he was a weak character because they gave him WEAK storylines and bad writing!!!!

    I am with everyone else on here who was pro Sami/Lucas. I’m so tired of these new characters and Salem turning into Harmony. Sami and Lucas have amazing history.

    They are also one of the only couples that you can do flashbacks with and actually have the same original characters– they are veterans at, like, age 30!!! I still remember Sami’s near death sentence, the custody battle, all her failed relationships with Brandon, etc…and everything they went through. Sworn Enemies, best friends, black sheep of their families, manipulative, etc. They had all the makings of a young super couple…a Bo/Hope (even though I am pro- carly). They were the hated ones of their families and turned to each other.

    I’m SOOO upset to see him leaving. But, I will have faith, like Austin/Carrie, Carly, and so many other beloved characters, I believe he will be back at some point. UGH!!!!

  62. From cherokeesun

    It is sad to see the changes being made. I started watching Days in the mid 60′s and now I feel like there is nothing for me to watch any more. All the main actors are leaving. Thank goodness Stefeno and Victor are still there and Vivian is back. I don’t like the role Bo and Hope are playing. We need stability.

  63. From unproncble

    i always loved the scenes between lucas and kate…most of the time they were a crack-up (though not necessarily written to be that way). LOL

  64. From missy101

    what a shame. i really liked lucas. Bo and Hope just need to get back together already. is there any talk of bringing shawn and belle back?

  65. From Sissy

    How many more screw ups are gonna happen? Oh Yea, They made Hope the most annoying woman on daytime, ( ” I want you back Bo, but only on my terms” BOO WHO!!!!!! Shape up people

  66. From Jan

    So sorry to hear this…he is so handsome, charming…and was great with Sami. It’s true he hasn’t had much going on lately…but I also loved the way he handled Kate.

  67. From Nikki

    I started watching in 1993. I was sent home in the 9th grade with walking pneumonia. Nothing was on, so I started watching Days. I have been a fan of Sammie and Lucas from the start. I can only hope that they bring him back in the years to come :)

  68. From Angie Days

    I have been a Lucas fan from the beginning. My sister and I have a picture with Lucas (Bryan) when he made an appearance at Sears when they made a re-grand opening. He is a great guy!

    Remember all the different triangles he’s been in: Carrie/Sami/Austin, Nicole, Sami/Brandon, and Chloe/Daniel. I believe there was a red-head in there a long time ago too, before Carrie.

  69. From Brooke

    What a shame…I was always hoping that Sami and Lucas would end up together and stay together. I love, love, loved that pairing. *sigh* Lucas always got crap story lines, but I enjoyed his role none the less. Very sad to see you go. :(

  70. From Amy

    Lucas?!? Ahhhh. This is as bad as Austin leaving. This show has gone to hell lately. Taking away sooo many good characters. I still watch tho. I’ve been a faithful DooL fan since I’ve been a kid.

  71. From Tasha

    PLEASE WRITERS bring Lucas back at some point! Sami and him belong together!!! They always have…always will!!!!

  72. From Christy

    UGH!!!!!! WHY do they keep letting go of our favorite actors? I was hoping for a Sami/Lucas reunion at some point. I have watched this show for at least 20 years, and I guess this is as good a time as any to take a break and find a new show.

  73. From Misty

    Good. I hate that character! Lucus Pukeus! I am sooo happy. Maybe they will bring another character on the show that used to be on passions!

  74. From Lisa

    From Lisa

    I love Lucas (don’t want to see him go). Wake up days writers, you have almost been canceled already; what are you going to do keep getting rid of actors and actresses that people REALLY want to see until DOOL is a distant memory? I almost stopped watching when John and Marlena.

  75. From Lisa

    This is CRAZY, give me a break. What ‘s going on with the writers of DOOL? I think they should be REPLACED for screwing up the show by getting rid of actors/actresses that people want to see. I love Lucas especially his interactions with Kate, priceless.

  76. From karigan

    I agree with so many of these comments. Days has some wonderful characters,(actors) but the writers just don’t know what to do with them. What I don’t like is how so quickly they will change someone’s personality, from one day to the next.(Hope/Bo) Then, whoops, they don’t know where to go with it, so eventually they get rid of the character. Bryan doesn’t deserve to be let go. It was not his fault he was given a crappy storyline w/ the Chloe/Daniel affair. Hey, Chloe was his wife (not that I liked that) and he couldn’t even be mad about it. The whole thing was stupid. I see Dylan Patton will be going as well. I liked him as Will. So sorry for both Bryan and Dylan. The list goes on and on. Marlena/John, Steve/Kayla. Roman is still around but they don’t use him, as they should, which is a shame.

  77. From Karigan

    I agree w/ these comments. Days has some great characters (actors) and they don’t use them to their advantage. Bryan got a crappy storyline w/ the Chloe/Daniel affair. Hey Chloe was his wife, not that I liked that, and he couldn’t even get mad about her affair? The whole thing was stupid. I see that Dylan Patton, is going as well. I liked him as Will. So sorry for both of them. I don’t like it when the writers, overnight will change a character’s personality. They have been doing that lately. Bo/Hope have been thru too much to all of a sudden make Hope act so bitchy to Bo and Bo turns around and acts like a teenager in love as soon as Carly comes to town.
    Poor Roman, he is great and needs a storyline. Bring Jack back for some good laughs. Salem really does needs to add some fun and humor to its scripts. Keep the actors, change the storylines.

  78. From Paki

    I never cared for the character/actor. Sure have had to watch him for a LONG time not do very much. He was too week of a character and never had chemistry with anyone. Too bad he can’t take Sami with him.

  79. From Paki

    Have to agree Will, Stephanie, Chad, Mia the whole younger crew is boring, boring, boring. Melanie is actually an excellent actress and one of my favorites now. She needs to be with Nathan for sure!

  80. From diane

    The show has become a disaster. Brian is fortunate to be leaving it now before it’s cancelled. There are absolutely NO interesting characters left on the show. Stefano keeps trying but good grief, he can’t hold the entire show! The rest of the cast made up of mostly teenagers or young college aged people just aren’t very interesting. Lots of bed-hopping, no serious instrocpection into personalities, as in the “good ol’ days”.

    Soon Days will go the way of the rest of the soaps. Sad because there are still so many who are interested in the show. Just not interested in the bed-hopping teenagers! Come on! Give us some grown-up story lines!

  81. From Christine

    I’m very upset to hear this news. I don’t care about the new generation of “teens” on the show which seems to be all that is being shown. Bryan is a great actor and I have enjoyed the character of Lucas since I started watching the show at age 10 in 1996. The show needs to stop alienating its loyal viewers and keep on characters like Jack & Jennifer, John and Marlena, Mike and Carrie, that people actually care about.


  82. From Jody

    Everybody knows that Lucas didn’t shoot EJ. It was Will, that is why he left the show. What a waste of a good story line, you never finished. Sami and Lucas could have got back together, that is untill he found out she was lying about being pregnant with Rafes baby.

  83. From cherie

    I hate that they are getting rid of Lucas. I love him with Sami and always had hoped they would get back together. He was always there for her in the past…now she has no one..I sure hope they don’t put her with E J, the raper…and I like Rafe, but it just isn’t the same as Lucas….I hate to see the show lose anymore “core” characters…I’m afraid it is going down hill fast, especially with all these “teenagers” and their silly problems. The writers have now decided to make Mia bad…WHY… They have even changed her look in a way…whatever, without Lucas I probably really won’t watch much anymore…I hope the writers wise up and rethink all these drastic changes they are making.

  84. From kate

    Let Doug and Julie be the Tom and Alice. They don’t need to be in every story line, but could actually live in Salem and show stability of people in a true lasing relationship. Glad they finally did something with the Mickey character. Maggie needs a story line since it is obvious John Clarke will never be back.

    Good luck Bryan hopefully you will get a better offer and better storylines elsewhere, because the writing on Day’s lately has been sub-par at best!

  85. From annie

    I have watch days since the beginning and hate to see all the original characters going by the way side. I will miss Lucas and believe he and Sammy belong together. They connecRaife is too nice for Sammy. Bo & Hope break up again…no no no. I like 84 from Kate’s idea too.

  86. From Betty

    Good Luck Bryan & good luck to Days, if you can call it that anymore. Sad to see Days going down the tubes because it is. The writers are destroying what was such a good show. RIP :-(

  87. From Dee

    I only watch once in a while anymore, can’t get into what is happening with the characters anymore and don’t care – and Carly and Bo? barf! Didn’t like her the 1st time around either. Only saving grace is Vivian and she isnt as funny anymore either. YUK and agree with comment 85 RIP DOOL!

  88. From LC

    I’ve watched the show for 40+ yrs. I remember the day Lucas/Bryan walked up to the front door of the K. house. I blame the writers. They didn’t help him out this last year. What are they thinking with Bo and Hope?? Give us something to be happy about. I had to turn it off today with Bo and Carly. Yuck!

  89. From lilrascal

    I’ve watched the show for about almost 20 years. I remember watching Lucas everysince I was a little girl. The really don’t need to write Lucas out of the show. He adds a lot to Days. I’d rather he be with Sami than Rafe. That guy is better on Passions… oh! WAS better. He needs to just go. If any of Days writers are watching: PLEASE BRING LUCAS BACK. Seriously, Bryan has always been good on the show.

  90. From Colleen

    I hope this show isn’t going by the wayside and next cancelled. All the good characters are leaving – I have been watching over 40 years since I was a kid in high school. You need better writers with believable storylines. Something REAL instead of who is sleeping with who.

  91. From Judy Webster

    I’ve watched Days since it first came on tv. I think Lucas should stay and the writers need to write better story line for him. NOW Bo and Carley that reaally makes me sick I turned it off today myself.
    Please get Sammy’s baby back this is being draged out way too long BORING

  92. From Terri

    I really think the show needs to reconsider renewing Bryan’s Contract, if they want to keep their fans watching the show plain and simple!

  93. From Betty

    For goodness sakes! Are the writers trying to sink this show? First John and Marlena. Then Patch and Kayla. They kill of Shawn Brady. The send Eric, Max, and Chelsea away. They bring on a bunch of teenagers that no one in their right mind cares about! They have Bo sleep with Carly! And now they send Lucas away! I swear…I’m ready to go bang my head against a wall! GET A CLUE WRITERS!!!!!

  94. From justafan

    General Hospital is doing the same thing too. Dropping the senior characters/actors, crappy crappy storylines, bad couples, etc.

    Now to hear DOOL is doing it too…breaks my heart. I’ve been a fan of both of these shows since the 80′s. I loved Lucas. I blame the writers! They all suck! They started giving Bryan the shaft since they brought on EJ!! And made EJ one of the babies father! How twisted is that? Poor Bryan. This just blows my mind. I always thought Lucas is I can’t believe he’s going to be gone. I think the days of Soap Operas are coming to an end. Because now my fave two both suck. Bryan is going to be incredibly missed…and it saddens me knowing he’ll never be on the show again. Sami and Lucas were a powercouple. At least Lucas wasn’t evil and twisted like EJ is. I also think he’s hotter than EJ. I can’t stand EJ and if I had to choose who to keep on the’d be Bryan as LUCAS!!

    I do hope to see Bryan again. Maybe he’ll go over to General Hospital and make it interesting somewhat again!


  95. From Leann

    Oh, he’ll be back!! How many times has he been off the show and back on again! I don’t see this as being a long time thing!!

  96. From Kathy

    I also loved Brian as Lucas and have watched him since his very first day. I also miss Marlena and John deeply. In fact, I miss many of the characters I’ve loved on the show who are no longer on. However, what I’d REALLY miss and would be most devastated by, would be the loss of Days itself! So when characters come and go I don’t attack the show itself because while I may miss a character, that in NO way compares to losing the show itself and if all those who threaten to stop watching actually do so, we may lose Days forever. So yes, I may miss many of the people who are gone but what about everyone who IS there….like Victor, Stephano, Bo, Hope, Sami, EJ….just to name a few. I started watching when I was 16 and I’m now 53 and I may miss certain people but I’m much more worried about losing EVERYONE if the show ends……

  97. From DOOLingDragons

    Why do they keep getting rid of the people that the fans actually like? John, Marlena, Bell and Shawn, Bo and Hope are being destroyed. Now they are getting rid of Lucas with no chance of a Sami/Lucas reunion. If they are doing this though, I have to agree with Justafan when they say if Sami and Lucas get back together and Rafe goes bye-bye what’s the point of watching. I’d rather they just end the show after 45 years with some dignity rather than letting go of all these good characters, the heart and soul of the show.

  98. From Holly

    I have watched days for the last 15 years, and I am very disappointed to hear that Bryan will not be back on Days. I am a BIG Lucas fan. I hope that the writers/producers change their minds. Days will not be the same. I will definitely miss him.

  99. From Susan

    I hope they bring him back with a decent story line!!! They kept him Mr. NiceDad, do the right thing for Will until it became sickening sweet. He could be a really great bad guy. I don’t think this show did him any good except for exposure. He did a SUPER job with the task given him.

  100. From mlanoux

    I love lucas but really wont miss him his story line was really getting boring. I am so glad Carley, Vivian and Larence are back they really make a great show.

  101. From Pat Smith

    What a shame! the character of Lucas will be missed by many of us fans! This character has been on DOOL for many years growing up! “The powers that be” would rather pay a bunch of young kids than invest in an excellent draw for the fans!
    This show has gone down the tubes for me! Farewell Lucas! & thanks!

  102. From Lori W.

    going to miss all those nice shirtless scenes of our guy Lucas. They always made me smile. His acting was always with a wink to the camera, that’s how it should be. Lighten up folks, it’s only a show, have fun and let the audience in on the joke. Sad to see another Horton out on their hiney!

  103. From amber

    Thank God, I could never stand Lucas.

  104. From sharpshooter

    I am so sad to see Lucas leave. I have loved him since the first.He really was a good actor, he just needed a better story for him. I liked him much better though when he had half a beard & longer hair. I like the ruff look not the preppy look. To many actors look too preppy in their suits & too cleaned up. I don’t like that.But I will miss him so much. He made the show when he was there.

  105. From Lynn

    Lucas storyline has been awful!! New Will shows potential… I’m happy to see the writer’s are not making him a victim anymore. Where is Daniel and Chloe they were so hot to no storyline once they got together I love this couple!! Don’t let Daniel be Melanie’s father PLEASE! Ariana and EJ are good, she sees thru him aw ha yippee!! Brady and Nicole storyline a winner!!

  106. From Nellie M

    good luck to you Brian we will miss you on the show they are letting all of the good players and bringing in new ones it looks like they could at least recast some of the old ones every now and then and I don’t like them breaking up Bo and Hope give them a story line like you had a long time ago with detective work and humor also like you did with Julie and Doug, Maybe they will bring Lucas back a little later we will miss you they could have given you a part with Sami instead of making you out to be a drunk that was unfair to you although you did a good job with your acting. Again GOOD LUCK!

  107. From bambi

    Lucas is such a good actor. They could have came up with a storyline for him. I hate it when they begin to get rid of good actors.

  108. From hanna

    Hate to see Bryan leave. Love this guy He is a good actor and so beleivable and real. Keep him. He is one of the best

  109. From Dotty

    Good ol’ NBC. What writers on Days. Take off all the good actors/actresses and leave a bunch of stupid story lines that go on and on and on…..
    I now only watch about once a month. Can hardly stand it more often, and after a month the stupid same old plots, e.g., baby kidnapping, are still going on aand on

  110. From sue goodman

    Lucas will be missed for sure, all of the oldies are leaving, But I still think EJ and Sammy should be together they connect so well. Khey let them two fight with the old man,Sammy riles him and let EJ always protect her from him. also kate would be so mad if she came to live at the mansion again.

  111. From sue goodman

    I think Sammy and Ari are the best two actors on the show,also love Sammy and EJ together as a couple love it when they get jealious of each other and show it in a normal way, by trying to kill each other instead of everyone else.Ari is so real She and Brady are really cute together also. That girl can act. Melanie is my favorite by far.She really clicks with Eathen not Phillip

  112. From sue goodman

    Hi I have one more thing to say. Please get Bo and HOpe back together We need them along with Sammy and EJ for their flriting and the good humor they bring to the show.

  113. From soapgal1

    i luv Lucas/Bryan. what a hunk and great actor. I will miss him alot wish him all the best too. now it’s time to add more young actors to the equation or a spin off of days for the the young ones.

  114. From bonita

    this is starting to suke big time’ brian should stay and vivian and her side kik should leave BO AND HOPE BACK TOGETTER poor Sierra is going to end up like sami.and carly can stay for melanie just give her anothe guy to chase good luke Bryan

  115. From lightnin strykes

    Will miss you Bryan! Saw you in person at the Universal fan event and you are SO MUCH hotter in person than they ever let you be on Days – except for the scenes with Sami that were over too soon. Hey i’m not too tall, I’m single and … well I just want to say I hope you come back sometime and stir things up with Sami – the woman who “eats men alive” I think you said! I’ll be watching what you’re up to next!

  116. From Liddy-uh

    If Bryan chose to leave, then more power to him. If they really just decided that they dont want him around any more? Then that is so lame! Lucas was great and I was really pulling for him to finally find the DOOL love of his life! I just cant believe that they are letting him go and they are going to bring back jessica tuck? I mean really, shes been like 3 different characters on this show ALL BAD… :P Lucas has been on the show since I started watching when I was 13! I cant imagine DOOL with out him. He was my first DOOL crush ;D WE WILL MISS U LUCAS!!!

  117. From linda burns

    You take too many of the favorites off, and no one will watch, including me.

  118. From Jill

    YEA!!!!! He is the worst actor on the show, and i’m so glad to see him go. Good choice!

  119. From JnJsMom

    I’m probably the only person who thinks Lucas and Sami belong together. Sami and EJ is just plain gross and Sami and Rafe is so contrived. For us long-time viewers, both Sami and Lucas were pretty vicious when they were younger and they could have really reeked some havoc on Salem together. But the writers split them up and turned Lucas into a wimp and Sami into a sniveling idiot. SOOOO disappointing. Either way, good luck Bryan, you’ll be missed.

  120. From JnJsMom

    Oops…just read more posts. I guess I’m not the only one who thinks Lucas and Sami belong together. Oh well….

  121. From jcb

    Very disappointed to see Bryan/Lucas leave DOOL. He’s a terrific actor!! He belongs on the show. It seems as if the show is loosing it foundation–all the original castmembers are leaving or they have bad story linesthat doesn’t make sense. I hate the fact that Bryan/Lucas never had the storyline he deserved!The Bo/Carly story line–it goes against everything that Bo/Hope stood for. Carly comes back and Bo acts like he can’t remember anything that him and Hope stood for. WHAT IS WRONG WITH DOOL!!!! Bad!!!!

  122. From rascal

    Lucas is a very good actor. Sometimes the writers give him stupid storylines. One of them is being married to Chloe. They just did not go together. Hope he will come back and the writer will give him good storylines.

  123. From suzy

    Sorry to see Bryan/Lucas go. I have good memories of him since 1993. I have been watching Days since the beginning. What will happen to Alli, his and Sami’s daughter. Will they just write him out without explanation? Does not make sense to me–just like Sami never refers to her mother, Marlena, or step-father, John. The writers are certainly making a mess of this and what is going on with EJ and Sami and Sydney–ugh!

  124. From femroc

    They had not been writing anything interesting for Bryan for a long long time. Bring back Marlena and John and Jennifer and Jack – I sure miss them a lot.

    So sorry to hear of Francis Reed’s passing – she was a dear person and a much needed anchor to the show.
    Wish the show had done more to acknowledge her death.

  125. From karen

    It does not bother me at all that lucas is gone. I got really annoyed with his temper and holy – er than tough attitude. And, there was no sexy attractiveness there……BTW…sami’s drama is getting incredibly old…enough with the yelling and screaming already…..

  126. From Marianne Mason

    Sorry to see Lucas go, he’s always been the best partner for Sami. They were great together. I think they are pretty rotten not renewing his contract.

  127. From Glenna

    For all the years we have been fans of Salem and it’s Citizens, nothing surprises us with what they try to make us understand. They throw us a bone and we are happy, and show up day after day, ready for more.

    We are hooked people! And I may add, lovin’ every minute of each character and their highs and lows..

    Bring it on… We can take it…

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