Days of Our Lives Poll: Next Year In Salem.

They may not have had all their Christmas wishes granted, but can they keep their own New Year’s resolutions?

With the promise of a new year just around the corner, what would you like to see happen to the people of Salem?

Please vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see what you would have picked? Why not tell us what you would like to see in the comments section below.

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  2. From Precious

    I want Sydney back with Sami and Rafe..then Rafe and Sami to get married and Rafe to adopt Sydney. I don’t care about Bo and Hope ever getting together..she’s too judgemental these days…must be the lack of hormones, cuz Hope was never like this years ago.
    Let EJ find a new love interest, and stop bugging Sami..SHE’S TAKEN!!!!!!!!!

  3. From Casey

    I love Stephanie and Nathan together. I really think they could be the next Alice and Tom. Also would like to see Philip get married, Melanie’s become one of my favorite characters. So great to have Vivian back, too bad Lawrence couldn’t be back too.

  4. From babs

    I’m more than a little stunned that people seem to want Bo and hope back together. I want Hope to get nothing! couldn’t stand her back when she was popular.

  5. From judy

    why does everyone think Stephanie is so deseving of Nathan ?remember her days ofliving the life in Vegas ? I’m sure she had to be a member of the mile high club with then boytoy Jeremy I know she had a hard time with the campus rapist story line but I don’t think she is such an innocent she’s definitly more of a daddy’s girl than her angelic mother

  6. From Charlotte

    Ejami reunion finally ! Rafe and Sami could be good as friends but they are not believable as lovers.

  7. From Barbara

    At this point I could care less about Hope so I wouldn’t be against him and Carly getting back togther. I want Sami and Rafe together without Enormo Jackass butting in. Hell he could have Hope since she’s just irritating these days. As for Phillip I don’t think he should rush into marriage. Why not try dating the girl first?

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  9. From deb

    Sami & Rafe, Bo & Carly, Could live without Hope and Ej, hey maybe lets pair Hope and Ej, they can yell at each other all day long!! If Hope and bo are reunited it is a one way trip to Switerland for them … dull and boring!

  10. From Sodie

    EJ and Ari. Call me crazy but am ready for something new.

  11. From Kino

    Here’s one thing I don’t want to see for the new year, Sami and Elvis back together. I would rather see her with Rafe more because he’s everything she needs right now and her children can look up to him as a role model. He has proven to be a good father figure, especially when he raised Grace with Sami and he can be a good step-father to Sydney as well.

    If the writers much hook Elvis with anyone, then let it be Hope. They can fight with each other all they want. Let Bo be with Carly instead.

  12. From Sami

    I really like Rafe but I think Sami and Ej have more chemistry. I also thought I wanted Melanie and Phillip together but now that they are engeaged I see more chemistry between her and Nathan. I don’t like Nathan with Stephanie, she irritates me these days as well as Brady and Arianna. I’d like to see Nicole and Brady get together in the new year. I haven’t decided about Bo and Hope. I have been a big Bo & Hope fan for years but she too has been irritated me too lately – I think that is what the writers want.

  13. From Tricia

    I agree with Barbara, deb, and Kino!! Sami & Rafe, Bo & Carly….get rid of EJ & Hope. Put Melanie back with Nathan…Stephanie needs to get a life!!

  14. From Lori

    PLEASE finally put Sami, EJ & their kids back together as a family. Bo & Carly all the way…let Justin have Hope!

  15. From tara

    I am a huge Carly and Bo fan and I want them back together. I am shocked that others aren’t as sick and tired of Hope and Bo. Hope is stuck up and annoying, Carly is fierce and deserves Bo and happiness, let Hope fall in love with Justin or who ever and move on!

  16. From Cat

    Bo needs someone else to fall in love with (Carly) –Hope not been much fun lately

    Nathan and Stephanie are Great

    Phillip and Melanie are great specially since she might be Carly
    daughter story.

    Sam and Rafe good for now—Sidney needs to stay gone till after Sami marries Rafe –Keep it going but not a headline story–just a pop in–till Nichole is out of jail.

    EJ needs someone else to fall in love with that is bad so he can become a bad man again–He is better evil then nice

    Brady(New one please cant stand his acting) dont much care about Rafe sister either –

    Yes on the new Will coming into town— like the younger group popping in but not too much

    We need a few more old timers popping in Bad against GOOD

  17. From Deb

    I just figured out who the father of Carly’s baby is – Daniel! They could have had a liason when they knew each other – and a Carly-Daniel – Chloe triangle would spice up a pretty booring couple and underscore the fact that Chlor can’t have kids and Daniel wants threm. I’d like an EJami reunion (great chemistry) ditto for Melanie and Nathan. Stef is holier than thou and Carly is so irritating with her constant pouts and beligerant stares. I sympathize with Hope – Bo kissing Carly deserved a swift kick – he has been a real idiot regarding Carly.

  18. From lisa

    i am really upset at the fact that they might be trying to hook carley up with bo, put bo and hope back together there meant to be together, carley is nerve racking and that kiss between them should have never happend, get her involved with someone else, and there is noway that carleys baby could be bos, so i hope they don’t try to say that because that would mean that mia and will are relation and that would be crazy since there dateing but aanyway please don’t let mia be bos shes going threw enough loseing her baby just imagine if she lost will permanetly to.

  19. From bettyg

    I’m still waiting for John & Marlena to come back and slap some sense into Sami! Definitely don’t want Bo & Carly together–EEW! Unless Hope has some drastic change of heart, I’d rather see Bo with Billie again. I’d also like to see a love interest for Victor. What a character that would have to be!

  20. From Marc

    Sami & Rafe have no chemestry, ZERO. Sami belongs with EJ. Bo & Carly, absolutely. How about Hope & Dr Dan? He and Chloe are another couple with no chemestry.

  21. From Sandy

    I think Hope ________________

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  22. From Michele

    If Bo & Hope do break up, I have promised myself that I’ll never watch the show again. I’m so tired of couples always breaking up instead of working through their problems. It is a big disappointment to see what is happening. No wonder so many soaps are being cancelled.

  23. From just a fan

    bring sydney back so tired of the missing switched story. keep phillip and melanie together she is a pistol love that character. let nathan and steph stay together they are so boring they act like old people instead of the hormonal teens they should be. or twentys if melanie is bo’s her and phillip would be related yuck don’t do that

  24. From MIKE

    1 BO % CARLY

    2 Posibly HOPE and Justan or whoever

    3 THEN: BO & HOPE back together.

    GETTING back together is so much fun.

  25. From Sandi

    I think Hope is about to have a “Princess Gina” breakdown. Maybe we could get a few “oldies” back. How about Marlena hypnotizing Nicole to find out who the voice belonged to?

  26. From Missy

    ej sami reunion bk together, bring carly, down let vivian win this round. philip marry melanie, nathan w/ stephanie to be a supercouple bo hope together, they love ea other bring their family bk together. rafe & carly, together PLEASE ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? LOVE FOR THEM ALL TOGETHER IN DEF PLEASE ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  27. From Mary

    I think Hope is boring, vicious and the writers are TRYING to make us hate her…!

  28. From Doris JJ

    I hope they don’t put evil EJ back with Sami. He is a gangster and only has feelings for his father, plus EJ loves EJ. He only wants to control others. Not sure what the chemistry is everyone talks about. Sami is such a great actress that I see chemistry with all of her men.
    Stephani needs to be put in her place. She was very into sex with Jeremy and Phillip. Now she acts like Mother Theresa. Don’t like her never did. I don’t want her with Nathan because she doesn’t deserve him.
    Don’t want Melanie with Phililp either. I don’t think he loves her but feels the need to have her. This will end badly for Melanie if they get married.
    I hope the Victor is the one to stop Viv, she is one awful person and needs to have the tables turned on her.

  29. From RUTH


  30. From Missy

    philip & melanie get married
    ej sami remarry, & be a family
    some mess w/ carly because love to see bo hope bk together. love for rafe & carly,be together because
    love to see them fall in love & rafe, being the biologcal father of carly’s baby. PLEASE??????????,

  31. From Missy

    bo hope bk together as a supercouple & philip melanie too.
    rafe fathered carly’s baby. ej sami bk together & be bk as in a supercouple in this 2010 remarry for them. they belong together. let ej be bk to normal & help others involved not just himself but to help w/ sami raise their children together nathan w/ stephanie. PLEASE ?????????????

  32. From Missy

    philip marry melanie, don;t let her think twice about dear nathan love him marry stephanie sometime in thr furture bo & hope rekindle

  33. From penpal

    I agree with Sami. EJ and Sami have more chemistry than any couple on days but of course, they are the best actors. they can make you hate them or love them. Put them back together if you want days to click! Hope and Bo should be destined to become the new stable couple ready to take Tom and ms. Horton’s place. together as well!

  34. From Missy

    philip melanie, finally get married no matter what they, belong together. no matter what & no matter who it is even nathan to have his relationship more invovled w/ stephanie,more let these 2 belong as in asupercouple make it happen love for ej sami too remarry. bring anna, away fm sydney, to ej & sami bond w/ their daughter. rafe w/ carly, for him to be the father of her child melanie,for him to become the biological father not bo. rafe sami have this fight & so they can move on in def. do it asap.philip wed melanoe, no matther who it is let them wed. bo hope bk together. thanks, shake salem def thanks,

  35. From Tootsie

    Bo and Hope story line is so predictable. Personally everyone is sick and tried of Hope keep’s bringing up the past about Zack and Ciara., Writers you have got to come up with something better!!!
    Don’t like Carly and Vivan
    EJ should pay for kidnapping his
    own child
    It would be nice to see Sami and Nicole team up and go after EJ, once they learn the truth

  36. From Imstormie2

    Melanie & Nathan
    Get rid of Mia
    Stephaine is zzzzzzzzz
    Get rid of Mia
    Nicole & Brady
    Get rid of Mia
    Bring back Max & Chelsie
    Get rid of Mia
    Sail Bo & Carly off the end of the earth
    Give the writers a few brains
    and I also would LOVE to see this: “It would be nice to see Sami and Nicole team up and go after EJ, once they learn the truth”

  37. From Missy

    love ej & sami reconnecting & stefano & ej reconnecting not fighting all the time, bring ej move bk w/ sami, def let him cut stefano, out of his will. let anna, go free, & ej free. let rafe w/ nicole def. brady & arianna, finally wed of thier dreams please bring daniel & carly, together, bo & hope together. justin & adrienne together. nathan & stephanie, together philip & melanie bk together, chad bk w/ mia. will,bk w/ gabby thanks, plus new scenery too.

  38. From missy

    love for daniel, & carly, to be together & be parents to melanie.
    love for this couple,to become more of supercouple. thanks,

  39. From Missy

    let daniel & carly, finally be as asupercouple for being w/ thier daughter melanie, Um, stop vivian fm killing carly, & chloe, to stop hating carly, love for bo hope bk together, but love for her bk to her normal self. brady wed to arianna, find a new love for nicole thanks,

  40. From Missy

    let ej & sami bk together & remarry let ej go free, let stefano. get caught & for him not to mention anna’s name or ej def. let them hook up. esp for rafe, to move on thanks,

  41. From Missy

    do want ever it take to bring ej & sami, as soulmates not w/ rafe. bring them together, this wk or next wk & let rafe not ruin ej or anna for that manner of sydnapping they need to go free let them stop rafe & for him to get bk on a wild goose cahse again, bring the case dead cold stop PLEASE ?

  42. From Missy

    not let nicole, expose ej, let ej, expose nicole take her bk to prison this wk. let brady & arianna, bk together they belong together, as supercouple of all times PLEASE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  43. From Missy

    bring down nicole,def let ej, do what ever it takes to bring her down to her knees squeeze this wk. let nicole, do not bring ej down, love for him do wha it takes to go free & anna, as well. PLEASE,

  44. From missy

    keep ej & sami bk together give them another chance to become soulmates this next yr bring joy bk into ej, they been through enough keep them alive this next yr if not this yr, but more romance bk on track in the month of xmas Please for the fan’s for ej & sami, go get em bk in love Thanks,

  45. From LillieClarke

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