Days of Our Lives Spoilers For December 31.

Fights, feuds and festivities.

The start of a new decade isn’t looking so rosy for Maggie. Mickey has to bail on her again so she winds up getting invited to Chez Rouge with Doug and Julie. New Year’s Eve will be going a little bit better for Sami though. She spends the evening with Rafe, who has a special announcement about his career plans. Pretty soon, she’s on the phone, “I think I’m gonna tell him about the ransom note… tonight.”

Carly fills her fellow doctor, Daniel, in on the gory details about Lawrence. Then she tells him to stay out of her business. While Daniel is busy staying out her business by spending an evening with Chloe, Hope and Justin decide to get all up in Carly’s business. They search the Kiriakis Mansion for Vivian’s files on Carly. “It’s time for us to get to work,” Hope says. Meanwhile, Victor and Vivian are on their way to Chicago when something crops up to make them abruptly change their plans.

Melanie and Steph decide to change their usual fighting tactics and act abrasively polite instead. Mel tells her rival that she and Philip are eloping. Stephanie glues on a big smile and offers the couple her blessing. Meanwhile, Philip and his rival, Nathan, work things out the more old-fashioned way. “We’re eloping… tonight,” Philip announces. “Oh, no… no you’re not,” Nathan stutters before they pounce on each other. As they pummel one another in the street, a cop comes by to put a damper on their New Year’s plans.

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  1. From babs

    Here’s my new year prediction. Ready?
    Hope and Justin find out about Carly’s daughter. They find out who it is. (OR who they THINK it is, Mia)
    Vivian has Mia killed to punish Carly. Now Hope is responsible for Mia’s death. Let her suffer that.

  2. From dc

    hope and justin are gonna kiss ( i read that).. looks like they are gonna be a couple.. and i guess bo will end up with carly..
    i thought melanie was carly’s daughter, not mia..
    so much for philip and melanie eloping on new year’s eve..
    we have not seen mickey on the show in a long time.. are they writing him out??
    i just wonder if vivian and victor will find out what hope and justin are doing, since it appears they will not get to chicago like they had said..
    i wonder when sydney will be home and if they will find out that anna took her..
    when is nicole coming back??
    and i hated hearing that lucas had been axed..

  3. From Raymone

    I cannot understand why the writers would even consider putting EJ and Ari together. The perfect couple is EJ and Sami…check out Youtube clips of the two of them and then watch your computer ignite!

  4. From Janet

    To dc, I just read they are killing
    Mickey off. I don’t even know why
    they bothered to recast the role,
    they didn’t show him that much. I
    really like Kevin Dobson and would
    have gotten use to him as Mickey.
    Is it just me or is Days getting a
    little carried away with killing
    people off?

    Also, does anyone remember Will
    telling Sami before Christmas that
    he had a surprise for Johnny and
    Alli. Well, I saw the Christmas
    show but I never saw Will or his
    surprise. Did I miss something?

    Everyone have a very Happy New Year!

  5. From Doris

    so after all this Hope is going to help Carly! a woman who is making dips on her man, Hope is a good woman, damn good woman, IMO.

  6. From NeeNee

    Hey, Janet
    I’m with you. Mickey character is going to decease before his mother, Alice, who must be closing in on age 100 pretty soon.

    It’s a matter of economics. Days slashed the cast to the bone last year (John, Marlena, Chelsea, Frankie, Max, etal). Think they added Kevin Dobson as Mickey shortly before that. Who knows what contract snafu happened? Long & short of it is that Corday extended long contracts (and storylines) to Maggie, Victor & Caroline.

    And re: Carly and this ridiculous storyline about her killing Lawrence—is everyone here as sick as I am of that flashback of Carly knifing him in the stomach? Crystal Chappell & Michael Sabatino (Carly & Lawrence) are married in real life. Think both were let go from their prior soap roles on other networks. Does everyone agree that Lawrence either has a very bad hair style or is wearing a long-haired-flip toupee when he was knifed? Both he and Carly have aged. Do you notice that she’s always in black, head to toe? And please find a hairstyle that’s not just straight, parted down the middle and flat as a pancake. Some days she has a little fullness on the sides, but basically very unflattering. Just my opinion.

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  9. From Izzy

    I personally cannot stand Carly – never could and I totally hate the writers putting Bo and Carly together! Would have been more interesting to match her with Justin who is a total dork! All upset over Adrienne filing for divorce then a week later telling Hope he loves her. Just so sick of this repetitious storyline. And my opinion on EJ is he is becoming a total a..hole and Sami is so much better withg Rafe.

  10. From Missy

    love for philip be w/ melanie, they love ea other. bring them to be a supercouple,please??????????

  11. From DeeTampa

    Are Phillip and Mel brothers and sister? Can they marry??? I know it is a sope so anything can happen.

  12. From Clear

    I like Melanie and Nathen together better.

  13. From alexandra

    I like Melanie and Nathan together as well. Nathan brings out the best in Melanie and I am so tired of miss goodie two shoes – Stephanie. I think she should be with Philip as she brings out the best in him. But when has a soap ever wanted what brings out the best in a couple? Sometimes I like Sami with Rafe and other times with EJ. I could go either way. Bring back EJ’s mother, Susan, she is a hoot.

  14. From haley

    i think Mia is Carly’s daughter because all of a sudden it seems Carly and Melanie r ignoring each other and have like no scenes together, i think it is Mia for a second reason because even though every website with spoilers that say melanie i don’t believe it because i think one just started a rumor and the rest followed and there is also a spoiler that said Viv has suspisions of Mia

  15. From Joanne

    Please Please give Will a hair cut

  16. From Joanne

    Please Please give Will a hair ccut

  17. From Kimberly

    Ok first of all they are getting a new actor to play will.
    My theory….
    I believe that Mel is Carly’s daughter and that Daniel is the daddy. Vivian will think that Mia is Carly’s daughter and go after her. Mel and Phillip wil get married and then when it comes out that Carly is Mel’s mom Vivian will be less likely to actually be able t hurt Melanie. I also think that Hope and Justin will play into ppl thinking they are in relationship, but they will just use it as a cover.

  18. From Missy

    bring bo & hope be bk together as in a family. bring ej & sami remarry to become the supercouple in the new yr of 2010. philip wed melanie nathan wed stephanie, in the near furture. PLEASE………

  19. From buffy

    i hate Stephanie…let her character go!! Nathan and Melanie belong together!!! Brady does not deserve Ari. Sami and Rafe are my choice

  20. From buffy

    who is Carleys Child? Mia or Melanie?? whos the baby daddy????????

  21. From Kimberly

    I think Melanie is Carly’s daughter and that Daniel is the daddy.

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