Days of Our Lives Spoilers For January 4-8.

Another year starts out on a dark note.

As Salem heads into a new year, some people are still holding on to the past. Nathan can’t get the whimsical pouts of Melanie out of his mind. He begs the would-be nurse to back out of her plans to marry Philip. Meanwhile, her friend, Arianna, ends up with some very unwelcome attention from a man. Troy has the task of hiring someone to remove Salem’s most successful drug dealer from the DiMera crime empire. Will he hire the usual incompetent thug, or will he make special plans for her?

Vivian is doing a little destructive work of her own. She goes out of her way to tip Bo off about the smooch shared by Hope and Justin. After Viv has related some other people’s sins, Carly comes around to confessing her own. She tells her nemesis all about murdering her beloved nephew, Lawrence.

While Vivian gets closer to getting ‘justice’, someone else is in store for a little. Nicole heads to trial and throws herself on the mercy of the court. The sentence comes fast. While Nicole’s future is being settled, Sydney’s is still up in the air. The same applies to her parents, of course. The kidnapper reaches out once more to the increasingly frazzled and frayed EJ and Sami, but will she be offering them some respite, or something else?

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  1. From MsBoulder-CO

    Okay, does anyone have any idea who the mystery man is working with Anna?

    Phillip is rushing things with Melanie that I already see the writing on the wall the marriage will have problems. Didn’t we just go through this with Lucas and Chloe?

  2. From island girl

    aww nathan still has feelings for Mel! i hope they end up together!

  3. From Wilson

    How old is Sydney? How old is Johnny and what’s her name?

  4. From Annie

    Sydney is about a year old and Johnny and Alley are about 2-3 years old.

  5. From Annie

    There are several still-unanswered questions I have lingering: How did Rafe’s fiance really die? If Rafe/Ari/Gabi’s mother is such a concerned mother, why did Rafe grow up with the the Nuns? Who are Mia’s parents? And everyone’s question, if Melanie is Carly’s daughter, who is the father (Daniel?)

  6. From maria

    ej and sami need to have special time together without rafe. ej needs to soften up and be the man sami will fall back in love with.

  7. From Pam

    I am sick of Carly’s sleepy-eyed trying to be sexy look. Is Bo the bigest idiot in town or what? Stephanie needs to go – she is a sneak and Nathan is so nice.

  8. From babs

    I can’t stand Stephanie. She’s underhanded and she whines too much. maybe she can leave the show and take Hope with her.

  9. From buffy

    I would like to know who the father of carlys baby is. if her daughter is Melanie isn’t Trent the daddy?? I never got the full story on that.. Where is Gabby living?? many unanswared questions.

  10. From buffy

    Stephanie needed to go when her mom and dad left..hate her.

  11. From mandii

    I missed a few episodes. I thought Mia was Carly’s daughter. What did I miss?

  12. From Jennifer

    Melanie is not Carly’s daughter, Mia is her daughter.
    Bo is a big idiot but it is a soap so people have to cheat sometime.

  13. From Kim

    Gabi is living above the pub in the room next to her big sister!! I never thought of Trent not being Melaine’s father, but I suppose she was put up for adoption, I say Daniel, Justin and Bo are the top three contenders for fatherhood.

  14. From cindy

    If Bo or Justin were to be Melanie’s father, her and Phillip would be related, yuk!

  15. From judy

    could (that awful man)that Carley turned her daughter over to be our own lovable Dr. Baker remember he was a baby broker since Mel’s mother has never been mentioned could her sleaze bag of a father adopted her on his own or is Mia’s unloving mother been forced to raise a child she didn’t want when her adoptive father took off we’re still not sure which one it is

  16. From Kelsey Anne Lee

    So, I was looking through this Days book I got and found that there was a Dr. Layton in 1994.Who is he? I couldn’t find him anywhere else in the book though.Could he be Melamie’s dad?

  17. From Lisa

    Mia is Carley’s daughter not Melaine

  18. From Sandra

    # 5 Annie…I have wondered the same thing about Rafe! Why did he grow up with the nuns if he has a mother, sisters, etc.
    I’m betting Daniel is the father of Carly’s child. For heaven’s sake, is it Mel or Mia?
    The kiss shared by Bo & Carly and the one supposedly on the horizon for Hope & Justin has disrespected and cheapened the long standing marriage of Bo & Hope. I know, I know, they have had many similar problems in the past, but at some point, maturity, wisdom,commitment,integrity (shoot, I could go on and on) – has to kick in. Every soap opera needs a stable power couple, and I thought Bo & Hope had stepped in to those big shoes. I’m disappointed that in order to have a “storyline” to keep Bo & Hope in the “active” picture, they created such an ugly situation. Come on DOOL’s writers, get creative and think outside of the “cheating spouses/divorce looming” box. DON’T MESS WITH BO & HOPE.
    However, my deepest respect and admiration goes out to the powers that be of DOOL’s for still having guts enough to tell the CHRISTmas story. In these days of such discrimination against Christians and Christmas, it was with great relief to see that someone on TV still holds the Christmas story dear and has been such an endearing part of Days of Our Lives for all these years. Thank you.

  19. From Lillian

    Whats up with Hope. She has to stop acting like she’s above reproach. Did she forget all of the affairs she’s had and yet Bo has taken her back unconditionally. And what happned with the Cristmast spirit. What happned to all the other siblings, eg, Shawn, Bell, and the rest. Isn’t Cristmast a family thing? What happened with Micky and the rest of the Bradys. The writers have got to stop these wemans jumping into bed with whom ever comes along. Where is the family values, have they gone out the window. Young girls also watch the show and I think its sending some negative message. Doesn’t anyone work in Salem? or is everyone soo rich that they don’t have to work. I think the writers better sit down and get a handle on whats going on in the world and not be so quick to have everyone jumping in the sack with you cousin’s ex fiancee

  20. From Renee

    poor Carly, nobody in town likes her except Bo and Daniel. I kinda wish she would get with Daniel they would look hot together. I wish Chloe would get back with Brady.

  21. From crissy

    I don’t like that after all this time Bo and Hope are going to seperate. Bo has never really acted like he is toward Hope.

  22. From Caprice

    Okay if Mia is Carly’s then Bo can’t be the father because Will and Mia would be 2nd cousins and thats gross. Daniel I think would be a good choice but that would effect him and Chloe and that isn’t where the writers are going. If Mel is Carly’s daughter if they made Bo the father Mel would be engaged to her uncle and that is even worse. Daniel is too young to be Mels father, I think. They could however make Roman Mels father and they had an affair when Roman was off somewhere not knowing who he really was. Too bad I would really like it if Carly and Bo had a child. But hey if Mel is their daughter it would be a great way to break them up let’s say on their wedding day for more drama. For some reason I like her with Brady though (Mel). They planted seeds for Ari and Ej when she said she started feeling bad for him. Oh wait didn’t Carly marry Victor at one point, Mel could be Victor’s daughter? I hope Phillip turns out to be Vivian and Victor’s son

  23. From Kelly

    #5 Dear Annie, where did you get your information that Mel is Carly’s daughter, or did you mean to say Mia, because you are confusing people. Get your facts straight. As far as I have seen, Mia is her daughter!

  24. From vj

    Back to Carly – if she is really katrina Von (something) then why doesnt she have any money as she and her brother (who just happens to be a lawyer) and the adopted brother of Bo, are suppose to have inherited all this money from the Von (something) estate. And why isnt Carly brother helping her out of this situation.

  25. From Carool

    Has anyone heard there is a hugh baby twist. I heard from a out of state friend that the baby belongs to Nichole and EJ. Anna was involved in the switch along with the good late doctor. ]
    Has anyone heard this? I agree kiss Mel and Phillip goodbye. I do not like Justin and Hope together. No chemestry at all. Interesting that Mia’s personality is changing, sweet little Mia is no more. Does anyone know when the new Will is going to come on the scene?

  26. From Cheryl

    Actually, I think Mel is Carly’s daughter. I think the writers are making everyone think it’s Mia to throw us off. Mel was “raised” by Trent but no mother has ever been mentioned. Besides, Mel actually resembles Carly in the face (namely, her mouth). Until the writers tell me differently, I think it’s Mel.

  27. From Cheryl

    I think Dr. Layton was the doctor who switched the eggs so Vivian could give birth to Philip instead of Kate.

  28. From Kali

    It’s been spoiled that Melanie is Carly’s daughter. Mia is the classic misdirect.

  29. From honeybun

    Everyone has always said it was Mel that was the daughter. But I say it is Mia. #21-why would you say Bo has never treated Hope this way. He has kissed her @#@. She is very ungrateful. She deserves more as far as I’m concerned. He should be letting her have it, but he just stands there & looks at her. i’m not so glad Bo & Carly kissed, because I think he is using her, & she is in love with him. I wish Viv would be put in her place, I can’t stand her at all. She is horrible. And her outfits are really bad.When is Nicole coming back? When is the 6 weeks over.

  30. From DaffyTaffy 4 elvis

    …well, if nicole-ari’s maternity leave started in the last part of November, count two and a half months forwards…nicole-ari will probably return sometime in late January or early February….that is what she said her leave was, was two months..look for her then…

  31. From Cherie

    Boy what a tangled web they weave. I can’t stand that Bo and Hope are spliting. They are the backbone of the show. And Sami and Rafe are PERFECT together. Finally Sam is the good girl. EJ is sinister and doesn’t deserve her.
    Melaine….well, what can you say about her. She is a mess. And Phillip has changed so much….kinda come down a few notches. Carly is a marriage wrecker and should go to jail. I think Mel is her daughter, but doesn’t even deserve to know her. And this baby thing is just getting out of hand. Enough already, get the baby back to Sami and Rafe so EJ can continue to be a jerk !!!!

  32. From Theresa

    I’m confused, who is Carly’s daughter? One minute it seems to be Melanie, the next it seems to be Mia does anyone know?

  33. From Clear

    Yes Kali–it’s Mel. Writers how about tying up some lose ends on all these questions and some Happy New Year for Days. Ditto on reading the Christmas story–good show. It would be great if Victor was the dad, and stopped Mel from stupidly marrying Phil. Anyone know who could be behind the scenes with Anna giving her info? How did she get the note there with all the security? Tired, tired of this baby Syd storyline. Find her already!! I’m looking forward to seeing Nicole back and what she does if she gets out of jail. I was still hoping for the catfight in the cell with her and Kate. Did everyone enjoy the Kate/Viv sniping as much as I did? Kate needs to lay off the lip injections. Her mouth is beginning to look funny, and worse than Viv’s curly upside down V hair! Hope keeps blowing her chances and Bo can’t express anything that would clear things up. I liked the Bo/Carley kiss and enjoyed seeing the Hope wench squirm after all her stupidity. In her case pride WENT before a fall. Last, but not least, go Nathen! Happy New Year!

  34. From Pam

    #24 vj
    Who is Carly’s brother?

  35. From Clear

    PS Writers can do whatever they want with Arianna–dull story, and I never saw the chemistry with her and Brady. I’m sure the hench that Troy gets will be completely inept and Brady will probably save her. Perhaps EJ will be discovered to have ties to the drugs and get thrown into the slammer with Nicole!

  36. From Pam

    I don’t remember Hope having several affairs – only Patrick and of course John when she thought she was Gina. Bo’s the one who hops into bed with anyone.

  37. From Brenda

    I love this site. Very few know what happened fifteen years ago. Ha Ha. The writers for sure. I wonder if there is a manual that the new writers are required to read to give them an inkling of what “Days” was all about. I would say they skimmed it. Perhaps they have a video thay fast forwarded thru. Must be the case. I have this terrible disease. I am addicted to “Days”.No matter how I hate the story I keep coming back with false hope it will get better. I do like this better than the “Marlene was the devil” story. Who’s dad was Michael Horton’s was one of the first stories. It lasted seven years. Loved every minute.

  38. From babs

    #36 Brenda. I LOVED the Michael Horton story! Best soap story ever!. I just laugh when the people on this site want a story line to be over in 2 weeks and for everyone to be nice ans sweet. Cracks me up. I hate Hope and would love to see her unhappy FOR A LONG TIME! That’s the fun! without ugly, nasty, (Vivian) people and the ugly nasty things they do this wouldn’t be a soap.

  39. From Natalie

    The writers have gone off the edge with Hope’s character. Ever since Zack died, Hope has become so spiteful and self-centered. She continually pushes Bo away and then responds like she is the agrieved party. And, when is Sami going to learn … even after EJ disowned his father and told her he wants to be a good father, she makes comments to Rafe wishing that EJ had never found out about the baby (Grace/Sidney) being his? No wonder EJ doesn’t trust anyone or have the desire to change.

  40. From Mumze

    I didn’t think about Daniel being Carley’s babys father. That’s a great twist. I do like that idea.

    And it’s time to get over this baby thing on the show. It’s getting boring.

  41. From Delores

    One thing is for sure Hope has lost ALL of her beauty. And no wonder, I’d lose mine too if I went around acting like she does on this stupid soap. I don’t know why I bother to even watch because apparantly the Sydney story isn’t going to go any where but stay stuck in a rutt until she gets grown and goes off to college, which will be within the next year the way kids grow up, and the parents stay YOUNG looking and never grow old. Then she will find out what really happened to her and go searching for Sami and Ej only to find them bedridden at the local nursing home but still looking like they are pre-teens. So there!!!!

  42. From ecole1mom

    The father of Carly’s baby will be Dr. Dan!!!!

  43. From Charlotte

    The writers are destructing Sami, she is totally unrootable i really hope it’s a plot point because it is suicide to make lot’s of viewers do not like the leading lady of the show…this direction is awful and weird..

  44. From Sandra

    Too bad Marlena doesn’t come back to help Sami – she could hypnotize Nicole and voila Sydney would be home!!

  45. From Allie

    To #34:About Arianna-
    I think that EJ will save her not Brady. I’m sure he set it up that way.

  46. From Allie

    I mad that Bo kissed Carly. I agree that Hope is an idiot, but that does not excuse him kissing his X. I had alway felt that crossing that line should take more time then just a few months of problems with your spouse. But then again, this is a soap and people on soaps have NO self controle. I’m sure they’ll have sex next week- and so will Hope and Justin.

  47. From Allie

    As for EJ/Sami/Rafe:

    The reason Sami and EJ will get close is that they will be looking for Sydney for a while. The two of them will continue to keep things from Rafe and that will later cause problems for Sami and Rafe. At the same time EJ will fall back in love with her and that will stir up her feeling for him.
    I love Rafe-but I still feel that the good girl alway ends up with the bad guy… it’s just more attracting to watch- what do you think everyone?

  48. From Allie

    I want Mel with Nathan!!!I do not like her with Phillip. Her and Nathan have great chemistry. Please do not let her marry Phillip. I can’t stand Stephanie!!

  49. From Annie

    Clear and Kelly: Didn’t mean to get anybody excited. Don’t know anything for sure, just a fan like everybody else. I read a spoiler from another site weeks ago alluding that Mel was Carly’s daughter instead of Mia. Nobody knows for sure!

  50. From Paula

    I wanted Hope to suffer some but I didn’t want Bo to kiss Carly. I don’t like Carly. I still want EJ and Sami together someday. I want Mel with Nathan and I thought when Carly spilled coffee on Mel and she said later that her daughter hated her because of it, that it had to be Mel. Bo better not sleep with Carly. andruin the future ofruin

  51. From Paula

    Yes I like this post. I like every ones comments

  52. From me

    So Phillip is going to marry Melanie, well you would think that with all his coin that he’d have her signa pre-nup. But I guess he wants to go broke when they split up. Bo & Hope what a joke…Hope: “oh know we had an argument now I have to break up with you” REALLY!!! I think we’ve heard and seen that MANY times in the past. Sami & Rafe belong together they have VERY good Chemistry and Sami is actually happy and will be happier when her Sydney comes home. EJ deserves to be miserable oh or wouldn’t it be exciting to see EJ and HOPE together, now there’s DRAMA….hahaha

  53. From Arlene

    To answer some of the questions asked. Soap Opera Digest and some Days of Our Lives Spoiler Websites have said that Melanie is Carly’s daughter. These places have accurate reporting on spoilers. Since Melanie started the show being Trent’s daughter, they never said anything about her being adopted, so Trent should be her father. Also, it’s starting to come out that Anna stole Sydney to get back at Stephano DiMera. Tony was not his favorite son, EJ was, so she is trying to hurt him by stealing his granddaughter and Anna wants to also get her hands on a fortune of money before giving back Sydney to the parents. The Soap Opera Digest I received today says that Days is going to have some powerful stories this coming new year and there will be a twist in the storyline about Anna and Sydney.

  54. From december

    Sorry Rafe fans, but I do not care for him at all. Even the hero should have some character flaws (i.e. old Bo’s wild side/stubborness). He is very one-dimensional and BORING! Days should get the woman from Passions who was his love interest and make her his dead fiance Emily. Then he can ride off into the sunset with her! I’ve been watching days since I was 9 years old and I hate to see the tween/teens get more time than the veterans who we care WAY more about. Please take Carly, Chad, Mia, Gabi, Kensi, Arianna, Brady, Stephanie, Nathan and have them GO far far away, never to return. Oh, and good, but feisty Sami with sarcastic/good EJ please.

  55. From Kelly

    Loved the Bo & Carly Kiss! Oh I hope they get together. Bye Bye Hope!

  56. From summer

    I don’t like RAFE. He is very one-dimensional, monotone, and boring to watch! Even the hero has character flaws (i.e. Bo) yet RAFE is like an android…no feelings and no emotions. I wish they could take his love interest from Passions and have her come to Days as his not so dead fiance Emily. Then, they run off into the sunset and Sami is left hurt by someone “good” as she has done to many others in the past. Then she can go back to being good, but feisty Sami and get back with sarcastic, but good EJ. Oh and if they ride off into the sunset with Stephanie, Mia, Chad, Kenzy, Gabi, Brady, Arianna, and Melanie I will be overjoyed! Happy New Year!

  57. From Vivian

    When all of the Carly mystery hit town…she told Bo that she had had an affair with an intern…Red Light, Fireworks….who else but Dr. Dan? My money is on him…Could Auntie Viv really hurt/harm Philip’s intended bride?

  58. From Sandra

    Why are people saying that melanie or mia is Carly’s daughter? obviously, one of them is her daughter but, she has never said which one. Please stop saying that it is Mel, please stop saying that it is Mia, nobody knows which one is her daughter.

  59. From Sandra

    Why are people saying that Carly’s daughter is Mia or Mel? Obviously one of them is her daughter but she has NEVER said which one. Please stop saying it is Mia, please stop saying it is Mel, nobody know which one of them is her daughter.

  60. From Audrianna

    I can’t see Mia being Carly & Dr. Pervert…I mean Dan’s daughter. She has brown eyes and both Carly & Daniel have blue eyes. Two blue eyed people cannot have a brown eyed daughter. It’s imposible!! It’s better to keep Melanie as Carly’s daughter. I like that better anyhow. I’m really sick of the whole baby kidnap story. Can we just move forward?

  61. From Paula

    I couldn’t believe it when Carly was talking to Bo expressing concern about hurting Hope when she said “I took an oath to do no harm”. Is she kidding??!!! Did she not stab and kill her husband! I think that’s my line of the

  62. From Michelle

    OK, I love reading these but don’t pipe in very often….
    First of all, #53 (Audrinna), I mean no disrespect, but it is NOT impossible for 2 blue eyed parents to have a brown eyed child – it’s in the genes, and perhaps the grandparents had brown eyes…
    That said, though, I do have to agree that I believe Mel is Carly and Dr. Dan’s child.

  63. From Clear

    I know it’s a soap, but even though I enjoy the Viv, Kate cat fights, and like to see the stupid and arrogant suffer the good guys should keep winning or why watch. I don’t want to invest my time every day watching a story to find out all the good possibilities go bad with some evil twist and nothing is ever resolved. If the writers are good enough they don’t have to draw out a story for years because they have other ideas! Yeah, I think it’s Melanie, but I’m not too worried about when I find out. I am also am sick of the baby kidnap story and some of the characters that remain unscathed though they have done criminal activities. I want justice! I don’t get this a lot in real life, but I want it in my escape literature and my soap!

  64. From NeeNee

    Today sitting in my store,
    waiting for the furnace guy to
    finish repairs, I re-read
    Lorraine Zenka’s “Days of Our Lives the First 30 Years.” Since that book was written, 14 more years of plots & mayhem have happened. Flipping through the book, it is unreal how convoluted storylines have been.

    Carly was Katerina von Leuschner, blood sister of Frankie Brady. Yeah, I’m with you guys wondering why she didn’t contact him. Of course, there’s no money to bring back yet another character—even for just a few cameos. Cripes, that’s why Maggie has been seen with photos of the old Mickey (John Clarke). Obviously Kevin Dobson wiggled out of his contract or was dismissed. So now to make further use of Maggie’s contract, a new storyline must be found for her. What better way than to make her a widow offstage??

    I think Carly & Daniel are parents of Melanie. And yes, icky as Melanie actually being filmed having motel sex with her brother is, this storyline has been done before on Days. In the late ’60s, the character Marie Horton was dating a handsome young doctor who seemed to know the layout of Alice & Tom’s house & had quirky habits that reminded all the Hortons of Someone . . . Turned out to be the young doctor was her blood brother Tommy Horton who had been given up for dead in the Korean War. Plastic surgery and time worked to blur Marie’s memory of her brother. Once she found out, that’s when she became a nun and left town.

  65. From Kelly

    I’m so bummed about the Carly/Bo kiss…not a fan of them at all !! Bo and Hope belong together !! they have been together for over 20 years !! Why ruin such a supercouple. It’s actually nice to see a soap couple staying together from time to time.

  66. From Michelle

    I still think EJ is behind the kidnapping to get back at both Stephano and Sami for keeping him in the dark.

  67. From dissapointed

    i have watched days for 25yrs minus a few months the suspense , the mystery and storylines but there is so much reality into children being wronged come on people ,producers ,writers ,do you all watch the news ? why continue into daytime tv with this horrible acts against the future ?is that not what our kids are ? there are so many story lines to reach out and work with so why not ?

  68. From Charlotte

    Clear you will be very disappointed, justice on soaps ??!!
    You will find more justice on real life than on soaps, be sure of that. Writers write drama drama dram not happily ever after, everybody is a good guy, the mean people go in hell…without villiains there is no drama, no actions, just a BIG BORE and nobody want justice on a soap opera means you want a cancelled soap opera !!

  69. From Cara

    Can anyone tell me how Carly knows that Mia is her child and how does Carly not know who the father is? How is that possible?

  70. From DaffyTaffy 4 elvis

    ..i want to say that i personally think that when Carly gave birth to her child in that Switzerland clinic, that Lawrence told her that the baby was a girl to confuse her…and if they took the baby out of the room before she could even see the sex of the baby……………[[ ie-Samantha's birthing experience ]] then she really might think the baby was a girl and not a boy….[[ chad is adopted, and kinsey looks kinda like carly...and i think that the character T is a good actor, so he could be the child ]] or, my personal favorite would be if lil’ ciara turned out to be carly’s baby with daniel..

  71. From nancy

    What happened to Nicoles dog Pookie??

  72. From Lana

    I have watched this show for more than 37 years. I think Bo and Hope belong together forever. They have always been my favorite, but I hate the way Hope is acting now. I do not like Phillip, never have, no matter how many actors play him.
    Can someone tell me? Is Sydney E.J.’s child or Lucas’s? I have heard there is a possiblity that E.J. is not Sydney’s dad.

  73. From twinny

    I think it would be fun if through no fault of his own, Philip leaves Melanie standing at the alter. LOL

    I could see Victor finding out at the last minute that Melanie is Carly’s daughter and having his son abducted at the last minute so that he misses the wedding.

  74. From barbara

    been away a few days. looks like i didn’t miss a thing! what happened to pookie is searching for something to conclude, something, somewhere. i don’t know but i’m feeling the flak is still flying and i’ll have to end before this baby switch ends. also wish melanie could be a little more “real”. she’s cute and smart and so phoney.

  75. From Cheryl2

    NeeNee… If Mel is Carly & Daniel’s daughter, she is not Phillip’s brother. Don’t forget that Victor is Daniel’s GODFATHER, not his real father.

  76. From Ellen

    I agree. I don’t think the writers have a very good grasp on the history of the show. I started watching in the 2nd year the soap was on TV. I have the book written on its history. A new one needs to be written beginning where the last one left off and cover to the present. This is one really good soap, but not nearly as good as it was years back. The financial crunch has really hurt the show. Since this NBC only soap, I wonder how long they will support it. CBS seems to have no loyalty to its fans of their soaps. How sad!!

  77. From Bet

    I think Victor and Viv are hilarious! Loved yesterday when Vic told Viv to reign it in! Ok, now Sami is going to mess up her relationship with Rafe, like she does every relationship, by not telling him about the ransom note. (not that I really like Rafe) This is how her and EJ, UGH, get back together. What a great twist if we found out Sydney was really Nicole’s baby with EJ, and I hope Nic would never let EJ near her. Of course that would never happen but one could hope! As for as Hope, what a whiney, stupid character they have writtten her
    into. Who could blame Bo for anything? He needs to tell her off just one time. You know they will eventually get back together! As for Stephanie, she’s a snake in the grass…what changed her character. Remember what a party girl she was and now shes miss Prim and proper. I hope Nathan is able to stop the wedding of Mel and Phillip. How wrong is that twosome? Ok, I’m done! lol

  78. From Tess

    Bet you are right on. I think Victor and Vivian are really funny together. And Sami is of course the ding-bat of the century these days. E J goes berserk when he thinks somebody is keeping something from him and now Sami and him are keeping the ransom note a secret from Rafe. She is so stupid and Rafe is a doormat. I am so glad that somebody else sees what a snake in the grass ( love your expression bet) Stephanie has become. I too hope that Melanie sees Phillip for who he really is. Imagine having two wicked mother-in-laws to deal with? And since Trent is Melanie’s father that means that Carly had hanky panky with Trent 19 years ago. That’s twisted! if indeed Mel is Carly’s daughter because Carly has never mentioned her name. She just keeps calling her “my daughter”. She could be any young chick in Salem. Mind you in this show anything can happen. Maybe there was a baby switch in Switzerland 19 years ago. Melanie is way too young for Phillip and should not be marrying him. I guess if her mother is Carly that means that Vivian will kill Mel off? I like Mel and hope that never happens. She is really a delightful character. I think the writers should incorporate time travel into this show to explain stuff that happened in the past like they did in the fifth Season of LOST

  79. From Stephanie

    It is actually impossible for two blue-eyed parents to have a brown-eyed daughter…..Blue is recessive. This means that in order have blue eyes you need two blue eyed genes – brown is dominant, ie. if you have the gene along with a blue eye gene you will have brown eyes……it overshadows any recessive trait. However, a brown eyed person can have a blue eyed child. I know, I know, blah blah blah. But I just had to…’s the nurse in me :) Happy New Year all! It’s entertaining reading everyone’s opinions! Enough with the kidnapping is my opinion. Just bring the kid home already!

  80. From Houston

    what’s with this 2 blue-eyed parents can’t have a brown eyed child stuff. Look everyone… you’re watching a soap. They could have a child with purple eyes.

  81. From Tanya

    Ok, does anyone remember Stepheno calling Anna (before her face was revealed) to check up on Sydney? I vividly remember that scene.
    Also, I believe Carley had an affair with Mel’s dad. He was an international man, not Daniel. On another note, Mia knew her mother, she has made many comments about their rocky relationship.

  82. From Houston

    What’s with the comments that 2 blue-eyed parents can’t have a brown-eyed child. Look people, you’re watching a Soap… they could have a purple-eyed child in that world.

  83. From Houston

    What’s with the comments that 2 blue-eyed parents can’t have a brown-eyed child. Look folks…you’re watching a SOAP. They could have a purple-eyed child in that world.

  84. From Paula

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

  85. From Clear

    I liked what Bet and Tess had to say about it all. I especially think the writers are making Sami a real dimwit! She’s a policeman’s daughter, and she would have a clue that there might be forensic evidence on the ransom note. She should have already told Rafe! Sc@#w E.J. and his opinion coming from a criminal mastermind. Give Sydney back and go on to the more enjoyable and funny storylines please! I loved Hope and Justin today almost getting caught working to find out the secret’s Viv is working on. It will be Bope, Carley, and Justin against her now–plus Vic will turn on her if he sees she is going to hurt one of his family. Meanwhile Viv is hilarious! Her hair looked a little better today, but why does it have to have the shape of an upside down V?

  86. From Renee

    I think Daniel is the daddy! That will turn Victor against him and cause problems in his relationship with Chloe.

    anyone besides me think Nathan and Stephanie look alike? LOL

    I like Rafe and Sami I hope they stay together. Rafe is hot!

    Couldn’t bare to watch Justin and Hope kissing!

  87. From margie in texas

    Where is Marlena and John??sami’s baby has been kidnapped and she hasn’t contacted her mother and told her about it. How come Sami’s father, Roman, doesnt seem to be working on the case..I agree I like Sami with EJ not Rafe. Rafe has no chemistry with Sami at all..Like a dead fish. Please bring back MARLENA AND JOHN.also stop dragging the storyline of the kidnapping. Stephanie and Nathan yuck he’s way to young looking for her..

  88. From Margie in Texas

    Where is John and Marlena???Why wouldnt Sami let her mother know whats going on??John is an expert in various fields why wouldnt he help her try to find Sydney??/also I believe sami and EJ belong together..what chemistry they had..Rafe is a dud not a stud..make him leave town on an assignment hes an FBI agent right whats he doing hanging around salem also how come Roman isnt involved with finding the kidnapper???

  89. From Eve

    I don’t belive EJ is behind the kidnapping – as for Hope – stop shedding tears for her…her character is hoo – as I said several times before – she has no legit reason for leaving Bo for the how many times now….yeah for Bo…pick up your feelings you had for Carly years ago. As for Mia – I think she is Carly’s daughter – the dad – I am not quite sure yet. I think rafe has signed on a deal with another soap…I read that some time maybe him joing the FBI again- is his way of leaving the show……Anyhow Happy New years to everyone

  90. From Sami

    #23 From Kelly. Mel is Carly’s daughter….it tells you on every other spoiler you read. You might want to get your facts straight and stop confusing people.


    oK..When Nicole 1st went to the Clinic..Dr. Baker told her that she lost her baby..Did she really? & did Dr. Baker steal her from Nicole..any comments on this one..

  92. From Charlotte

    scoop : Ej is the Sydnapping mastermind, he works with Anna ! Dream team yeah, finally Ej will come back being smart ass !! What a long overdue ! You can hate him or love him, i am just glad he is clever again he had been so dumb down in this Nicole storyline, it was awful for his character, thank god it’s over !!!

  93. From Erik

    If Bo And Hope’s Marriage Over In Divorce For The 3rd Time, The Romance For The 2 Couples: Bo And Carly, And Justin And Hope, Would Change Salem, Forever. Bo Would Say To Carly: “I Love You, Carly.” And Justin Would Say To Hope, His New Girlfriend: “I Love You, Hope.” And Justin Would Say: “You’ll Never Gonna Get Hope Out Of My Romantic Life, Bo.”

  94. From Erik

    The Couples For The DOOL Week Of 1/4, 2010 Will Be: Bo And Carly, Justin And Hope, Victor And Vivian, Rafe And Sami, Daniel And Chloe, Philip And Melanie, And Nathan And Stephanie.

  95. From Erik

    I Bet Bo Would Say To Carly, “Since My Marriage To Hope Ended In Divorce, I Think You’ll Move Back In With Me, Because I Do Love You Better Than Hope Who Now Loves Justin, Right, Carly.” And Carly Would Say To Bo: “Yes, Bo, I Love You Too. I Will Move Back In With You So It Would Be The Brady House Of Ours Again.”

  96. From Erik

    As For Hope, She Would Become From Bo’s Wife (Soon To Be Bo’s Ex-Wife) To Become Justin’s Latest Girlfriend. Since She And Her Daughter, Sierra Moved Into The Kirakis Mansion And Into Justin’s Romantic Life, Because Carly Moved Back Into Bo’s House And Bo’s Romantic Life.

  97. From Erik

    If Melanie Becomes Carly’s Birth Daughter, She Will Become Philip’s Wife. I Bet She Would Move In With Bo And Carly. She’ll Move Into Philip’s House Since She Moved Into Philip’s Romantic Life. I Bet Philip And Melanie’s Romantic Future Plans Continues To Grow.

  98. From Erik

    Bo Would Say To Hope, “I Sorry That I Did Yell At You, Hope…That You Did Kiss Justin Just Like I Kissed Carly.” And Hope Would Say, “I Sorry Too, Brady.” If Bo And Hope’s Marriage Ended In Divorce For The 3rd Time, They Will Be Friends, Forever…By Shaking Hands, Holding Hands And High Fives…But Not Touching Each Other. With Hope Becomes Justin’s Girlfriend…And Bo And Carly Became A Romantic Couple Again. It Would Be A Great Romantic Future For Bo And Carly, And Justin And Hope.

  99. From Erik

    Hope Would Have Said To Bo: “I Hate You, Brady, But I Don’t Hate Justin.”

  100. From Erik

    Months Ago, Stephanie Ended Her Engagement To Philip For The 2nd Time. Now, She Has A New Boyfriend In Nathan. That Means The Romantic Era Of Nathan And Stephanie Has Begun. So, She And Philip Would Be Friends, Forever…Since Philip And Melanie Will Get Married.

  101. From Erik

    I Bet The Couple For DOOL In 2010 Will Be: Bo And Carly, Abe And Lexie, Justin And Hope, Victor And Vivian, Stefano And Kate, Rafe And Sami, Nathan And Stephanie, Chad And Gabi, Brady And Arianna, Philip And Melanie, And Of Course, Will And Mia.

  102. From Peg

    DId I imagine this: on CHristmas Eve didn’t someone ask Bo to help Mickey get Alice in the kitchen for the tree party?
    So where did they go?
    Please, please don’t break up Bo and Hope, they are all we have left of the super couples. I see where Patch is going on another soap, Days you’ve lost it, giving up these great actors. Also, Mel is toooooo young for Philip, put him with Steph. and get rid of Justin. can’t stand him.

  103. From catherine

    I think EJ and nicole baby did not die?i think DR.Baker sold the baby to pay his gambing debt.

  104. From anne marie

    think daniel is the father cause when chloe ask for kids he sound funny like if he was hiding something from her n am pretty sure daniel is father

  105. From sissy

    Nobody really knows who is going to be Carly’s daughter yet…

  106. From Dolly

    Mel and Nath are so good together, and they both have such longing when they look at each other. Mel does not want to marry Phil, use soap to get that ring off her finger.
    EJ and Sami, it is about time for them to raise their children. Rafe can join the FBI again.

  107. From Vicky

    #89 Peg: Yes, Bow was helping Mickey get Alice out of the car for the tree party. But that was all for the “listening” audience since the actress is in a nursing home now.
    I also loved the reading of the Christmas Story and also the flashback of Tom Horton doing the reading. I would have loved to see more of him. Many memories since I have been a follower of days for years.

  108. From Vicky

    Oops – that should have been Bo.

  109. From patsy

    Sydney is Nicoleand EJbaby!!!If the writers go that route DOOLmight as well close up shop , be cause the only thing it has going for the show now is the possiable of a EJ/SAMIlove story.MOST OF THEM ARE GETING TIRED OF THE RUNAROUND .Just get the baby story over with .

  110. From Lisa

    Did I miss something? Some posts are saying that Mia is Carly’s daughter…I never saw that episode. Could Daniel be the father? They seem to have some chummy talks together.
    Bo wake up!!! Hope…what are you doing???
    On the Christmas episode where everyone was putting the Horton balls on the tree…Julie got a call from Mickey in the driveway with Alice but they never came in! Are they still sitting out there in their car? That was totally stupid and confusing!
    I kinda like Mel with Philip.
    Can’t stand Stephanie but she is good with Nathan.
    I like Kate with Stephano.
    I cannot believe Anna kidnapping the baby…has she lost her mind too?

  111. From Clear

    Peg, I figured Alice was too feeble to make it into the living room, and was stuck in the kitchen talking to more relatives they couldn’t pay to come on camera. I did know she wasn’t going to be on from reading it earlier. The old folks often gather in the kitchen as I recall.

    Yes, to Dolly’s ideas. Mel and Phil aren’t married yet! Nathen may yet talk her out of it. I want to keep Rafe though I figure his deep dark secret with his sister and Emily’s death will finally have to come out and stop their wedding or some such thing. Oh well, he’s a hunk a chunka burnin’ love!! I must admit I enjoy Dirty Dan’s furry chest scenes too though.

    Anyone ever watch Summerland that Shawn Christian, who plays Dr. Dan, was on? He has an unrequited love going there that I’ve watched so far in the ones I’ve seen.

  112. From Toby

    Enough of Bo and Hope. It’s a New Year, BO kidnap hope ( they are all doing the kidnap thing)) and take her to the Hortan cabin. Tie her up if you have to. Stephanie, boring storyline(Sorry) I have been watching since Bo met Hope, so I will continue to watch, just get them BACK together. Carly, she has to go!!!!!

  113. From Newgray93

    Melanie is Carly’s daughter. It just hasn’t been revealed yet. The storyline started out that Mia is Carly’s daughter but changed. I found it under spoilers @

  114. From Annie2

    I so agree with Dolly #90..I have been waiting for a year and a half for EJ and Samantha to get together. I fast forward every Rafe and Sami scene. I like Rafe but not with Sami. Rafe and she have no spark.
    Melanie should get back with Nathan. I liked when she told Philip that she “likes who she is when she is with Nathan”.Lastly I love Victor . You never know what is going to come out of his mouth, he is fun to watch.

  115. From Shawn

    I agree Hope has to go, I do not like the story line they have her in, I believe hope would never act the way she has been. I have read on another spoiler page that Mel will be Carly’s child but dont you think Carly would know the age of her child, isnt Mia like 2-3 yrs younger. I have also read that EJ is behind the kidnapping to get back at Stepheno, he is the one helping Anna and making it look like he isnt.

  116. From judy

    good idea Toby isn’t that what bo did the first time kidnap Hope from her wedding? I’ll never forget the look of Howie Hoffsteder in Hope’s wedding gown and their exscape on Bo’s bike mullet and all here’s to better story lines in 2010

  117. From missy



  118. From Mary

    In the new Soap opera Digest cover they advertise “SHOCKING DAYS DEATH… SALEM LOSES A FAVORITE SON” in 2010…Is that Lucas? I hope not!! I must be the only Lucas/Sami fan left on this planet…but I loved the two of them together. Always the black sheep, enemies, best friends, years of plotting together and then finally get together…I hate Sami and Rafe together! ugh. he’s too boring.

    I must add, it seems like people are maybe split between Hope/ Carly? I’m 100% Carly (for now)…I believe Bope will end up together in the end…but Carly/Bo have so much more chemistry together. Bope has gotten so boring lately.

    Just my opinion…

  119. From Marie

    Maybe Vivian will kill Carly’s daughter and it will turn out to be her’s (during the embryo switch when she carried Phillip). What about Melanie’s brother, the one with Chelsea whatever his name is. Didn’t he open a box from Trent Layton that had the name of her or his mother in it? I thought they said it was Nicole. Maybe I’m hallucinating. LOL

  120. From Zythr

    Lol, All you Ejami fans, did you forget that EJ was the gloved stranger who caused all those problems when he landed in Salem, including slipping the note under the door, ending Sami’s wedding to Ausin. Too bad Sami did not find out. It’s funny that he can lambast Nicole for what he did, when he has his own skeletons.

  121. From Marie

    Why is Nathan’s last name Horton? Isn’t his mother Melissa the adopted daughter of Maggie and Mickey? Did she not get married when she had him?

  122. From julie

    Did I miss the traditional hanging of ornaments on the Horton tree??? I have watched that for at least 20 years and will be sorely upset if they did away with it!

  123. From Sami

    I think it would be cool to see Hope with Rafe, Bo with Carly, Sami and Lucas back together, Arianna and EJ together, Brady and Nicole, Will & Gaby, Chad & Mia, Mel & Nathan and I don’t even like Phil or Stephanie, and I don’t like Justin either…….and the whole Sydney thing is getting OLD.

  124. From fan of many years ... but starting to lose interest

    ian’t about time for family updates on ALL family members after all that’s what makes this show work is the family relationships…..Hope and Bo I am sure will find their way back together but I feel their daughter will have a hand in this…..Justin needs to reconnect with his wife…….Carly needs to finally admit to Hope what she is really needing Bo’s help with …is it Mia? or someone else…Rafe and Sami need to make it legal…EJ is to much of a sleaze ball and should get what is coming to him….I feel the writers need to get real on some of the story lines…more story lines for the older cast..we don’t see much of Caroline and very little on Mrs. Horton (hope she is feeling well – I really miss her)…the Christmas show wasn’t up to the snuff of previous years really this years was very boring…………Sami’s daughter will be returned to her I’m sure but what is Anna really after……has she gone off the deep end…and is it Tony helping her..after all people don’t seem to stay dead in this show….I really miss Marlana and John….maybe its time to quit watching this show as I’m sure it will go the way of other soaps and be going off the air……hope not but that seems to be the way of things these days…..

  125. From kappyblu

    #99, Mary…
    From reading a spoiler from the site, that favorite son will probably be Mickey. Sad, but will make Maggie’s story more interesting.

    #34 and #36 Pam, Carly’s brother is Frankie Brady
    and Hope also got close to Franco. Can’t remember if they had sex, though.

    Ok, here is what I am thinking about Carly’s daughter. It’s obviously either Mel or Mia. Carly already said that her daughter is in Maggie’s house. When she bumped into Mel, the look on Carly’s face said it all. She recognized her. I believe that she knew Mel was her daughter because remember that Lawrence showed Carly a photo of her daughter. This happened right before the “murder.”

    I have been watching the show since 1984, but I admit I quit watching for about a year and a half. So I missed how Mel is Max’s sister. This is kind of weird–Max is Mel’s brother. Max is also Frankie’s brother. Frankie is Carly’s brother. If Mel is Carly’s daughter, then she is also her sister? See why that’s weird?

    I think that Daniel is most likely the baby daddy. It makes sense. I also think that it will cause problems with Victor helping Viv’s revenge. Victor may not be too fond of Mel, but he would not want harm to come to Daniel’s child. Even if the child is Mia, she would still be his Daniel’s flesh and blood.

    Ok, and this is a stretch. If Mel is the daughter, and Viv finds out…do you think that Viv will back off? I am wondering if somewhere in the cold cockles of Vivian’s heart, she will not want to harm the girl that her “son” Phil is in love with. I just have this feeling that she may have a chnage of heart at the last minute. On the other hand, if the child is Mia then she’d better watch out.

    Sydney. Bring her home!!

    #99 Mary, I also prefer Sami with Lucas the most. But I really like Rafe. Holy cow is he smoking hot! I think they Sami and Rafe have great chemistry and he is a good guy.

    I don’t understand why people want Sami and EJ back together. He’s a drug dealer! He’s a spoiled brat who screams at people when he doesn’t get his way! And everyone seems to forget that:

    HE RAPED HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember waaaaay back when Jack raped Kayla? No they didn’t ever put Jack and Kayla together again. But we later loved Jack to pieces. We wouldn’t want Jack with anyone else but Jennifer.

    Now I’ll step down off my soap box. lol

    Happy New Year to all!!!!!

  126. From Ellen

    I wish that they would put Bo and Hope back together. They have been through so much, and to split for who knows why. Does Hope forget that the kidnapper was upset with her when he took Ciara?
    Also does she forget that they got her back regardless of what Bo did or didn’t do. Does she forget that Bo is the one who saved them when the kidnapper was in their home? Does anyone else agree with these statements, or am I missing why Hope is angry? I just wish that Bo never kissed Carly, that was awful to watch.

  127. From Ellen

    #22 if Bo was Mia’s father then Will and her would be half-siblings not cousins. I hope that Bo is definitely not the father of Carly’s daughter. I hope it is anyone else but Bo. Like, Victor, Daniel, or just anyone else.

  128. From twitchy

    I like Sami with Rafe, I’m so over Sami and EJ.
    Rafe reallly loves Sami,he doesn’t act like he owns herbut EJ does.
    Sami is making a big mistake not telling Rafe about the letter.
    As far as Christmas they HAVE to say something about Alice and Mickey…even though they aren’t there.We always spent Chrismtas with the Hortons, but this one wasn’t very good at all ornaments were already hung. Kind of sad.
    Mel belongs with Nathan,Stephanie needs a kick in the butt.She’s a spoiled brat and she acts just like Phillip.She’s a manipulator just like him,maybe they do belong togehter?
    I like that Days is playing head games with us andthings aren’t so black and white.I thought Mia was definitely Carly’s daughter, but always wondered where Melanies mother was.I like not knowing even though it was said that it is Mel.
    As far as Sydney, I don’t think Anna could do this alone, but is EJ helping her? I really don’t know, and I like that!
    Happy New Year!

  129. From Diane

    I also would like to see Sami and Lucus together.Nathan and Mel.let steph and Phil get married and move far far away.I agree bo should kidnap Hope they belong together.don’t like Carly,she can go.I like Justin,but not with Hope.

  130. From Doris JJ

    I don’t want Sami to be with EJ either. If they did get together and Sami did something EJ didn’t like he would threaten to take the children away from her again and then he would say he is sorry and do it again the next day. EJ should be in jail for so many crimes and so should Stefano. Don’t know why people want Sami to be with a criminal. Does anyone remember that awful story line where half of Salems finest were thought to be murdered and put on that island? That was EJ doing the so called murders. And don’t forget what he did to John and Patch. He is evil through and through and why Sami should have to live with this is beyond me.
    I really hope Nathan finds out what Steph is doing and dumps her. I do want them to make his character a little stronger.
    I’m not a fan of Viv either. I didn’t like her before because she was always doing something to someone and never got in trouble for it. Is this the typical the rich get by with stuff. She did some evil things in the past and I hope that Bo and Carly catch her and put her away. Let her wear those drab prison outfits and her hair a mess. Now that would be funny to watch.

  131. From kimmy

    First off I can’t stand Stephanie or Carly the two should be wrote out of the show.I want Nathan and Mel to be together.I like the Sammi and EJ thing to I would like to see them together.Make E.J turn over a new leaf and turn into a good person.Hope Philip turns out to be Viv and victors. Don’t think Mel can be Victor’s or Bo’s because that would make Mel and Philip related oooh!.I think She could possibly be Danial’s.

  132. From Mary

    I know that it has probably been said before…above…but just a general question:

    Would you say the majority of DOOL fans are pro bo/hope or pro carly/bo? It seems to me like it is about 60/40 in favor of Hope. Just curious…

  133. From Clear

    It looks like more of a split. I believe some have ambivalent feelings wanting Bo to get even with Hope for her arrogance and stupidity, but not really divorce her.

    The link to the Days sister site keeps listing last on the spoilers that it’s Melanie. Why would they continue to leave it that way if it’s Mia? I wonder if they have this all on the famiy tree on the NBC site–have to look. I guess Melanie could have a different parent, or Carly?

  134. From amanda

    just to clarify for everyone, there should be no confusion as to who carly’s daughter is, while talking to bo a couple weeks ago she clearly stated mia was her daughter. she said her daughters name and used the name mia not melanie. watch a little closer people.

  135. From honeybun

    I think they will put bo & hope back together. I watched them from the very first, and I don’t like them together. But I know they will always make them be a couple. I always wanted him to be with Billy. And I want Lucas back with Sami. Even though I don’t like her. She is a spoiled brat through & through. When will she grow up & take care of her kids.Will raised himself. I don’t remember Jack raping Kayla. How was that?

  136. From patsy

    Ilove BQand HOPE together .They,er the reason I starTed watching DOOL.Why are are they trying to turn every one against Sami.I guess where every ome will route for NICOLE. NOT I!! LOVE SAMI AND RAFE BUT ALSO LOVE EJAND SAMI FOR DIFFRENT REASONS

  137. From Honeygirl

    I am sooo sick of Bo. Every time one is ex come back into town He has to be their Hero. Then he alway put them before his family. Billy and Her Daughter and noe Carly and her kid. Bo character is probaly the worst one yet. I have stop watching they are. Remember Hope was first before All of the other women.

  138. From Honeygirl

    People keeps getting mad at Hope for make Bo jump threw hoop. But Any real mother would get mad if someone took there child for a ransom and the husband refuse to pay. Not only did it put his child in danger, but his wife too. Then He is keep a secert with his ex, kisses her and had her living with him. She suppose to had love Lawrence when they left. Now she killed me. Ugggggggh BO IS A CHEATER. Stop with same story, Bo ex come to town with baby or run to him for help. Find a new love for carly. JUSTIN or someon new.

  139. From Honeygirl

    If Sydney is Nicole baby, Then where Sami’s baby and who did Grace really belong too? Where Mia’s baby?

  140. From Mary

    Also, I haven’t watches in awhile but who is Trent?? I don’t care who Carlys daughter or father is as long as it isn’t dr. Asshole!!

    I have a feeling that is where they are going though– if victor knows the daughter viv wants to destroy is related to his godson I’m sure all bets are off with vivian.

    I’m really enjoying Carly being back. Too bad about Mickey :( at least they don’t have to keep talking Bout him when he’s not going to show up….

  141. From Clear

    Maybe they will surprise us, and it will be Victor’s child like someone else said. That would really put a spanner in the works, he,he! Apparently, Carly got around a lot when she in Salem, and did not go without.

  142. From Michelle

    I know I’m not saying anything new here, as I agree with most…
    I believe Mel is Carly’s daughter with Dr. Dan, as the implications that would have are much more exciting than if Mia was hers.
    There was no excitement with Bo and Hope anymore, even the kidnapping was boring (except for Dean and his croonies), so I’m all for a Bo/Carly and Justin/Hope matchup to add a little excitement to it all. Though I think then throwing Dr. Dan into the Bo/Carly mix would be great as well. And hey, while we’re at it, let’s give her Rafe too! Not a love triangle, but more like an octagon!
    I am an Ejami fan, so hope they bond and get back together over Sydney. Don’t have an opinion on who Anna is working for, if anyone, and what her motives may be. If it’s just money, she seems awfully loving with her, and determined to keep her away from the Dimera’s. Rafe is a good guy but a little dull for my taste, I am curious as to when the whole Emily incident is going to come out and just exactly what that’s going to be about.
    Used to love Brady, but he has become so boring and predictable with both Ari and Nicole.
    Lucas hasn’t been seen in a while, I know spoilers say he’s going, but I think he could really draw us viewers in if he had the right story line.
    Steph is a TOTAL snake in the grass, and although Mel is younger and supposed to be more immature or whatever, I think she handles Steph’s jabs with such grace (and subtle smugness), and I love it!
    What do these women see in Philip? I just don’t get it.

  143. From cher

    kappyblu is a kindred spirit – I felt like giving a high five after that post.
    Whatever Bo and Hope might have had – it is definitely a thing of the past. Hope needs to focus on getting herself to some retreat to get that body-mind balance back.
    Rafe is dang hot – and he thinks too!

  144. From cherie

    #99, I too prefer Lucas with Sami, but apparently the writers don’t care about the Lumi fans because Lucas is soon to be gone…Sami and Lucas were so good together…lots of chemistry…I don’t want her with EJ…he’s a snake…and I do like Rafe, but he’s just not Lucas…I will truly miss this character, as I miss John, Marlena, Patch and Kayla…and I also hate that Mickey will soon be dead…but I like the fact they are showing the old Mickey in flash backs…those were the days…Mickey and Bill…and Susan..It was great seeing Doug and Julie though…I hope they never get rid of them…their little visits from time to time lift everyone up…

  145. From Linda

    I so wish that Hope would come to her senses and go back to Bo. I can see her being upset over the way he handled the kipnapping, But thier child is home and living and is in fine health… LET IT GO.. You have had so many great years with this man.. and have ben thur so much.. Go… NO… RUN.. back to him and send Carly and Justin packing!!!

  146. From Jill

    Ok for all you people out there that think Mia is Carly’s daughter and not Melonie. Read the spoilers on I never miss the show, and read the spoilers on both web sites. Melanie is the secret daughter and Trent is her Dad. Just wanted to help, Jill

  147. From Fred-Garvin

    Sami reminds me of a pig and I think Rafe and EJ should have a ham sandwich with her. I think the creepy lady should get the baby and raise her as vegetarian – Stay away from pork products. What ever happened to luke and Laura??

  148. From Fred-Garvin

    Oh and by the way Michelle, Philip is very handsome……thats what these woman see in him!!

  149. From Fred-Garvin

    Sami looks like a ______ and Rafe and EJ should have a ham sandwich!! I hope you creepy lady gets the baby and raises her as a vegetarian – Just say no to pork products. What ever happened to Luke and Laura? Michelle, Philip is handsome, thats what these women see in him.

    Edited for actress bashing. Please view our guidelines. SOF Admin

  150. From jnic

    2010 couples should definitely be: Rafe and Sami, Bo and Hope, Daniel and Chloe, Mel and Nathan, Philip and Stephanie, Ari and EJ, Brady and Nicole,Carly and Justin, Mia and Will, Gabi and Chad

    As for Lucas – his contract is not being renewed – read NBC website.

    What about Roman? He is probably phasing out too i believe after Sydney is found. I think that Tony is back to make sure that he gets the Dimera fortune.

    Why are Lexie and Abe still on? The only real story line was when she was with Brandon (Nicole’s brother) cheating on her husband Abe…..i think its time to go!!! Sorry!

  151. From Clear

    It’s too bad our story has to depend on people’s contracts and individual options. When an actor or actress leaves sometimes they get a new one to play that character and sometimes they don’t. I just hope they keep Days viable so that it doesn’t get cancelled. I’ve been watching it since the days when I had black and white TV.

  152. From Renee

    I think Daniel and Carly would be a great couple. Kate was too old for him and Chloe too young. Carly just right.

  153. From Missy

    bring philip & melanie,to become getting married nathan w/ stephanie, love for them to be in a asupercouple for them in the furture to get married. thanks please ??????????????????????????

  154. From dalerri

    lucas contract has been cancelled..he will be last seen in february….the brady’s adopted max and frankie…whom are not blood brothers….frankie was “looking after” max when the brady’s found both of them….i have read on a few websites that melanie is carly’s daughter…why all the bickering of who carly’s daughter is anyway…we will all find out at some point….i also read that mickey is going to die this coming week

  155. From sheila

    I believe Trent and Carly had an affair, and Melanie is thier child. I’m tired of Sami screaming and crying all the time, and what’s with her always having her hands in her jeans pockets? Trying to look sexy? The writers are really scraping the bottom with why Hope is upset with Bo. Com’on their making a bitch out of her for nothing, well I guess they had to make up something to bring Carly and Bo back together!

  156. From Clear

    Stephanie has become a wishy washy, high maintenance wench. I liked her character better when the red haired actress played her. What happened to the warrior princess, hands on mechanic, race car driver, make things happen, smile and laugh personality? They can Change her back any time and make her less needy and less manipulative too! I don’t like her with Nathen.
    On the Captcha to type letters to submit this, I have unreasonable Bleats. Is that what they think of our opinions! LOL!

  157. From Days Fan since Inception

    #109 I think the death will be Mickey. It has not been shown on the show in several months. There is a weekly preview on Facebook showing the hand of someon on a gurney and a woman’s hand touching his hand. Both hands look older, and I think it is Maggie touching Mickey’s hand. That’s my opinion.

  158. From Michelle

    To #136 (Fred Garvin) – why do people feel the need to bash the actors/actresses? We are all here because we watch and like the show!
    It’s ok to have opinions on the characters and the storylines, but grow up.
    Now go have yourself a ham sandwich!

  159. From Fred Garvin

    I am not bashing anyone, Sami reminds me of a member of the swine family, especially when she confronts Nicole. Tone down the nostrils a bit!!
    To #142 (Michelle) – I have just given my visual opinion, I am sorry that your life revolves a fictional storyline – the drama depicted can be a bit stretchy…..
    As for the ham samwich…..this is like farmer porn.

  160. From Katie

    Ok.. so how does anyone figure that Nicole and EJ can be Sydney’s parents? She lost her baby at like 20 weeks, it wouldn’t survive. We know for sure Mia had a baby and Sami had a baby. There were two babies, one dies and one lives. I just can’t see how Nicole could actually be her mom. If Nicole’s baby lived then there would be three babies. Where is the other baby? ie.. Sami’s or Mia’s?

  161. From Lisa

    I get tired of hearing people say that EJ raped Sami. He did not rape her. As dumb as it was, he bargained with her in order to help save Lucas she had to have sex with him and then he would help her. I like EJ but I think Sami belongs with Lucas.

    Bo doesn’t seem too keen on getting back with Hope. It is almost as though he has already moved on with Carly (who needs No-Doze by the way)

    I think Mel is still in love with Nathan but she is beneath him and Steph is a better fit for him.

    Maggie is a pious busy body, as bad as Julie used to be.

    Hope is not acting like the strong woman that she used to be. Remember when she punched Billie for seducing a drugged Bo? That is the Hope we need to see again. But does Bo want to be won in a fight for him? I get tired of the hero act. Be a hero to your wife and famiy and stop trying to save the world and save our own!

    I like Justin but I want to see Bo and Hope work this out.

    Also, it doesn’t seem to be bothering Sami that her baby is missing. Making love, drinking champagne and fooling around with Rafe, I know she has to live her life but she seemed to be too happy on New Year’s Eve. Maybe she is not attached to her and is not that worried about it. Maybe poor baby Sydney is just a pawn, a possession.

    I don’t know who is helping Anna. I would really hate to hear that it is EJ, I don’t think it is. He seemed to be too distraught over her kidnapping.

  162. From Arlene

    To #136. Luke & Laura were on a different soap opera, not Days of Our Lives!

  163. From barbie

    I don’t like that fact that Bo kissed Carly so soon. Sheesh he and Hope haven’t even officially divorced or separated. No wonder relationships never work out they don’t ever give them any time to heal from the previous one. Speaking of which, I hate how fast Phillip is moving with Melanie. He must be pretty insecure and doesn’t trust that she loves him enough to wait which I hope is true because I want her and Nathan together. I seriously have to fast forward the scenes with him and Stephanie she does all those weird things with her mouth and google eyes. It’s sick, I tell you. I would love it if Victor is the father and then Melanie and Phillip could not be together because their blood related but then it would be gross too because they slept together. But Tony did that with Renee many moons ago and wasn’t she a half sister or something? I’m dating myself but I’ve watched it since I was a kid with my mom. I think something is either going to happen to Micky or they are bringing the original back because they keep showing his picture and the flashback was the original one. Does anyone know?

  164. From Star

    I heard Mickey is going to die this month :(

  165. From Cand

    Bo is stupid and Hope is worse.
    He needs to tell her off…getting really old fast!
    So stupid that Sami spends all her time looking for childern and not taking care of the ones she has. She is one soap star that should have never had kids at all.

  166. From Apryl

    #116 BRAVO!!

    And I think that there is no way Syd can be Nicole’s baby…she feigned the pregnancy after they SHOWED her miscarraige, hello blood and pillow belly?

    I miss the old characters and can’t believe that with all teh other soaps being cancelled they wouldn’t wiggle some financial magic to bring back people like Marlena and John when Sami has a missing child.

    The Bo/Hope thing is tired.

    I think that if the father of Carly’s baby ends up being Daniel it would be great to get under Chloe’s skin, since she pisses me off anyway and she is the reason that Sydney debacule happened with Nicole in the first place because she is a (her character) whore who can’t keep her mouth shut.

    I miss would be sad if they kill off Mickey, but it is probably inevitable and it’s likely a way to bring back the old charchters.

    Maybe bringing back Jack and Jennifer and Kayla and Steve, Marlena and John, the GOOD people who once ruled the cast would make this less of a tweenibopper show and back to the good story it once was

  167. From Clear

    Yeah! Ditto to that, but leave Marlena out of it. I never liked her character all that much. She was the learned doctor, but also seemed to me an extremely sappy, overly sweet character I thought.

  168. From CarlyFan

    Mel is definately Carly’s Daughter. And Daniel is the father. What a perfect story line. How can Victor help destroy Carlys daughter when she turns out to be his beloved godsons daughter?

  169. From janiebell

    “Killing Mickey off “, isnot such a good idea when Mickey and Maggie could have simpley have gone on a cruse around the world.

    Why did it take so long for Nichol to get her sentancing?

    Get Bo and Hope back together. We donot want another “Bo/Billie Hope/Patrick jumble”.

    Take Vivian, Carly, and Melanie off days. While u r at it send Phillip away too.

  170. From Charlotte

    I watched the epi of today (monday) and now i really want to see Nicole and Brady together !! I begin to really like Nicole when she interacts with Brady and on the other hand i begin to really dislike Sami and particularly when she is with Rafe !!

  171. From BoFancyFace4Ever

    I really hope that the rumors about Sydney being Nicole & EJ’s baby are true. That would be great. Sami does not need any more kids. She has enough to deal with anyways. Plus I really want all of the current kids to be Lucas anyways, regardless if Lumi get back together or not. Yes, I am still one of the few Lumi fans out there, but with Bryan departing there doesn’t seem to much hope for them. I’ll take Sami with anyone EXCEPT EJ. Can’t stand the 2 of them together after all he has done to her & the Brady’s. I believe Sami & Lucas would still be happily married if it weren’t for his threats against her family.

    I wish Days would come up with a DIFFERENT storyline for Bo & Hope. They have already been through too much over the past few years. Let them be happy – together! I don’t like the way Days is currently writing Hope at all. Hope always fought for her man….although I can understand why she is so hesistant lately. It just seems like Hope has come second for so long…Billie, Chelsea, visions, etc. I just don’t agree with the way Days has written Bope lately. Their love should STILL be the type of love to withstand anything w/o affairs! Hope & Justin and Bo & Carly are just yuck yuck yuck!

  172. From Wendy

    The thought of Bo and Hope being with anyone but each other is gross, disgusting, and JUST PLAIN SICK!!!!!!!

  173. From Lea

    For months, Hope has actled like a spoiled and whining brat. For past years, she had some strength and good sense. Sammy has always been kind of spoiled and manipulative (but out of selfishness, not evil), and Hope is acting the same way. Bo didn’t really do anything wrong. He did his job as police chief and he got his daughter back alive. Hope could be police chief instead, if she had wanted to. She didn’t, so let’s move on.

  174. From barbara

    hello, hello! is anyone out there with as much frustration as i have? this new bo/hope thing is stupid. dragging out the baby thing is stupid, too. i’ve liked this show for years, even taped it when i went away, but it’s like the writers are trying to slowly finish it off. so sorry.

  175. From Jennifer

    Kudos to bringing Crystal Chappell back to Days! Although I am not sold on the Bo/Carly or whatever storyline…I feel like this is the first REAL storyline that Bo/Hope have had in a long time. They are too young to settle down into a veteran role like a Doug/Julie or a Mickey/Maggie. Ultimately, I am sure they will end up together…but what kind of soap opera would it be if they lived harmoniously for the next 10 years?

    Kudos for bringing back Viv too! Days does a good job mixing old characters with the new ones. The characters are gone but obviously not forgotten. Although we hate her, she brings sarcasm and wit to every clip she is in!

    Even though I have always been a Bo/Hope fan, I think I could easily switch– Crystal and Peter look great onscreen! Thank you writers for finally giving Kristian, Peter, a storyline! And thank you for bringing on Crystal Chappell who has brought with her a large fanbase and AMAZING talent.

    Also, poor Mickey. :(

  176. From Jennifer

    Kudos to the writers for actually giving Bo/Hope a storyline to work with! I feel that this has made a large impact with the ratings and brought a veteran, well-respected, and previously LOVED character back to Salem.

    To all Bo Hope fans, you know they will probably be together eventually, but they are far too young (and talented and loved by fans everywhere) to simply take a backburner, boring/veteran role like Mickey/Maggie or Doug/Julie etc. I’m extremely happy that they will be making use of their talent…As frustrating and redundant as it is, what kind of soap opera would it be if they lived peacefully and harmoniously for the next 5-10 years (or however long they are on the show??) Crystal is an amazing actress and has breathed life into their boring storyline!

    Thank you Days for always coming up with the optimal blend of characters from the past and integrating new characters. While it is annoying that some characters continuously die and emerge years later, it is nice to know that the same steady and familiar face makes their way back to Salem. Makes me like DOOL over any other soap opera– they can bring back characters like Vivian, Carly Stefano, Nicole, Chloe, Carrie/Austin, Jack/Jenn, Doug/Julie, Justin etc…and mix them in with the new. I feel they will eventually do this for Lucas, John and Marlena (hopefully).

    Anyways, just my opinion.

  177. From Jennifer

    I LIKE what the writers are doing the the show… Well, not necessarily to Hope… But I think that this is the first time in long awhile where they have actually given Bo/Hope a substantial story line to work with. They are far too young (and talented and loved by fans EVERYWHERE) to take a back burner, veteran presence in Salem. I’m already tired of all the new young crowd in Salem and would hate to turn on DOOL to not recognize ANYONE I know!

    KUDOS to the writers for giving Bo/Hope something to work with… And yes, while we may hate what this is doing and turning Hope into (a crazy monster), it is a storyline for them. I know it seems repetitive and redundant (e.g. Billie all over again) but I’d rather see Bo/Hope get airtime rather than have their contracts cancelled and have the show completely infiltrated with Salem High!!! And, Carly is an amazing actress who happens to have great chemistry and potential with Peter Reckell…let’s see more, PLEASE!!!! How boring would it be to let Bo/Hope live happily ever after and only be seen at Christmas??

    So, again, Kudos for picking up Crystal Chappell and Vivian and Justin. I’m loving how Days brings back characters every couple years. This has happened with Carrie/Austin, Jack/Jenn, Frankie, Stefano, Viv, Carly, Doug/Julie, Chloe, Nicole, Lucas, etc. I think it seems more realistic and I’d rather them bring back a veteran, loved character than keep introducing new/young/teenyboppers I hardly know or have no allegiance to! Thank you for having an optimal blend and bringing back fan faves (and even those hated characters like Viv).

    Not trying to offend anyone above, just my opinion!

  178. From Eve

    To comment person 147 – 149 -one of the rules of this blogging -is not to be rude to another blogger or actress or actors….Sami a pig… rude….she is great.

  179. From pattypat

    I read the above comments and the majority are the same. Bring back the older actors to get the story back on line. The young actors are ok and I am sure they are trying for younger viewers, but remember we who have watched the show from the beginning are fromt the old school. Bring back Marlana and John to help find Sydney. I will still watch the show and love it dearly.

  180. From DaffyTaffy 4 elvis

    …YES, mickey dies this week sometime…but it’s a good way to handle the fact that they haven’t actually shown him in about two years now, they’ve only referred to him in the third person….now suddenly with his death maggie as his widow will have a new and dramatic s/l future on DOOL for a while….[[ there's the grieving widow for a couple of months, learning to live alone again, dealings with the things that her husband mickey always used to handle, starting to mix with other couples and going on dates...having sex with and being naked with someone new after twenty-five years or so with one partner..learning to not feel guilty about wanting someone special to share her life with..]] maggie’s got a whole lot of new s/l coming up…enough for at least two years……..i miss the old mickey but he’s been gone for years now……it’s maggie’s time to shine again….hip hip hooray !! go red..

  181. From Dru

    I absolutely love EJ!! I really want him to be with Sami. Rafe is cool but when EJ smiles….I just love him. Even though he has an evil side I still love him. Sami and EJ would make a great couple.

  182. From honeybun

    I use the justins site, but what are the other ones to find more spoilers at? Thanks any one who can help. I never read that Melanie would be Carly’s daughter. At this point any thing could have gone wrong & it could be any one. I don’t think Rafe is boring. He is with Sammi who always has problems, so I guess he can’t be any thing else right now. But I like him. He’s the only one who has any brains. Has E.J. gone mad. He is always screaming at someone. He is really crazy.

  183. From Michele

    OK, so everyone thinks that Hope was being stupid, however that is not a good enough reason to cheat on your wife! He cheated on hope when he kissed Carley then said he did not regret it, and now thinks he has the right to be mad at Hope for Kissing Justin? Carley does not care about Bo, she only cares about herself, she knew Hope was Bo’s love, she knew how he felt when he thaught he lost her and she knows that she is causing problems for Hope & Bo and yet she does not care. She could have told Hope her big “secret” if she knows Bo she would know that he would not be with a person that could not be trusted.

    I did like when Anna called Sami out on all the things she has done, because most of the pain she has caused in Salen has been on Anna’s daughter Carrie. A mother would forgive what Sami has done to Carrie and Auston.

    I do not care one way or another about the teenagers love lifes, maybe its because I am older but they have not made me care one way or another.

    I agree there is NO WAY that Marlana would not be there for her child. She did not come home for her grandchilds funeral and is not there when her grandchild is missing, at least they should show Sami on the phone with her regularly.

    I would just love it if Sydney was Nicoles. I know that it would be unrealistic, but hey so is all the back from the dead stuff, the Victor always gets away Stuff, and the fact that no one noticed that John was too tall to be Roman.

  184. From maria

    EJ is no good fo Sami. Sami and Rafe should be together, but Sami must come clean with Rafe. They make a very romantic couple.

  185. From missy

    ej and sami belong together. rafe and sami are more like bed buddies, when she first slept with rafe, she stated she had never felt this way before now, she is a liar, she felt it with lucas, brandon, austin, and ej, when they made love her and ej before lucus got out of jail, it was totaly hot. they belong together.

  186. From Sandy

    Does anyone know the storyline for Lucas leaving the show? And, when?

  187. From Marilyn

    I am so tired of Days changing story lines, can’t they let anyone hava happy marriage. Carly and Justin have to go this is insane how many times are they going to try to split Bo and Hope up. I stopped watching before for three years came back when I heard Sami may end up with Lucus and now why didn’t they write Nicoles’s pregnancy in? She has proven that being a Motehr was something she was good at and changed her. I am going to be leaveing the show again or maybe it will be dropped like Guiding Light and As the World Turns, I am sure it will if it keeps this up.

  188. From LULU

    Does anyone know if the Micky we know on Days. the one in the picture they show on Days – the real Micky as i would call him – if he died in real life a while back?

  189. From Alishia

    ROFLMAO @ the lady who said get your facts straight. This is a spoiler site..not the encyclopedia. This is also a fictional show so technically the writers can make Carly’s daughter anyone they want to. Heck they could make Hope Carly’s daughter via some worm hole time traveling accident. Oh wait I forgot this isn’t passions. Seriously though CHILL OUT. It could be Mel, it could be Mia. Yes everything points to Mia but that tactic would be called a \red herring\. It’s a literary strategy I suggest you look it up. No one can be right, and no one can have the facts, unless one of the writers is leaking their plans to this website. So get over yourself. As far as for confusing people, it’s a soap, it’s supposed to be confusing.

  190. From days fan

    ok ej scene with ari over her kidnapping sydney was heart felt is ej and actor too. come on mel is the best. she deserves to be a super couple aka mrs phillip k. give phillip a stronger storyline been a fan of him for a long time ej and phillip are handsome so is daniel lets see more of them hehehe

  191. From Debbie

    I haven’t heard if John Clarke (the original Mickey) passed away, only that he left Days because he was retiring from acting. He will always be the “real one” to us long time fans. The first one they hired to replace him was too old and I hardly saw the one they hired afterwards. I forgot the name of this last one although he’s very famous. Why did they make a big thing of his hiring if they weren’t going to use him?

    I don’t want them to kill off Mickey. I always thought they were going to have Mickey and Maggie assume the Tom and Alice roles as heads of the Horton family since they kept Maggie around all these years and are giving her lots of airtime.

  192. From Ellen

    #22 you were right Mia and Will would be cousins not half-siblings.
    I don’t know what I was thinking. CCan we just have Bo and Hope back together again, and not let Bo have anymore children from someone else. It is getting sick to watch what has happened to Bo and Hope. It gets more and more frustrating to watch, so maybe I should just stop watching Days. Who agrees with me? Maybe we can get them back together, if the writers know they are losing their fans. I still miss John and Marlena too. Who do we have left from our couples who have been through so much, and are still together?

  193. From Linda

    #34 Pam
    Carly’s brother frankie brady
    caroline and shawn’s adopt son

  194. From lori

    The mystery man is EJ. He always knew where Sydney was and who had her, EJ planned the whole thng.

  195. From elle

    OMG! What a bastard EJ is. I never would’ve guessed that he was behind his own daughters kidnapping!

  196. From Number1fan

    OMG! Well, first off, anyone who wouldn’t think that EJ wouldn’t do such a thing has been living under a rock. I personally can’t stand that actor. Sami is a true blonde (dumber than a box of rocks). Now, come on, how many times before she learns. RAPE, Kidnapping, all that loser does is lie. I can’t believe that Lucas has been let go. Him and Sami were cute together. And Rafe is a lot better than Sami. She deserves to be w/ EJ. Perfect couple. Losers!!! Now, lets talk
    Melanie, Loser, Should be w/ Phil. Stephanie, who knows! Nathan deserves to get a good girl after someone knocks some sense in him. Maggie, a beautiful person. Mia, tramp! Will, move on. Vivian, you go girl. Carly, slut. Stefano and Kate, perfect combo. Victor, him and Vivian, cute couple. Hope and Justin definately. Bo deserves Carly. Losers. Brady, now whoever thought of him w/ Ari, Total Mistake! Gabi and Chad, cute. Now, the absolute star of Days of our Lives is: NICOLE. Give this girl a break, Put her w/ BRADY that is true love. Ratings would sore if EJ gets prison, Nicole gets released and lives happily ever after w/ Brady!!! Ari Zuker is a fantastic actress. Kudos to Ari and her new baby girl.

  197. From deb tifft

    just my opinion!! iam gonna miss mickey very much but after maggie has time to greave pair her with roman hes hot and has been alone for a very long time!! as far as ej goes he deserves to be alone he didnt want anything to do with poor little sydney when he thought she wasnt his now hes the mastermind behind her kidnapping!!what a SOB i also agree with cheryl # 26 i want mel to be carlys daughter not mia mel resembles carly more and even tho it would make for a great story line to have someone on the show to be the daddy it only makes since that trent should be the dad

  198. From Number1fan

    I believe that Carly had a son. I do think that we will find out that Chad is Carly and Bo’s son. Chad is the adopted son of the DA. I do believe that we will learn that Melanie is also the daughter of Carly and Daniel. Well, it would only fit because Carly is the Salem town PUMP!!! Now, I do so hope that it is found to be true that Nicole is Sydney’s mother. Then I would love it if Nicole gets out of prison and her and Brady get married and raise Sydney. I would love to see Hope w/ either Justin or Rafe. Bo is perfect w/ Carly (can’t stand either one). I know that DOOL is letting Lucas go. Total mistake. What they should do is make a story line that makes Lucas the father of Johnny (have it that EJ had the DNA results switched). Make it so that EJ is not a father to any of Sami’s children. Make it that Sydney is the daughter of Nicole and EJ. Have Nicole get released from prison and let her have sole custody of Sydney and be raised by Brady and Nicole. Nicole deserves to be very happy w/ the love of her life. I would love to see Rafe w/ a new character. Sami is not a good fit for him. Rafe needs someone who doesn’t believe a rapist over him. Actually, Hope and Rafe may be a cute couple. Knowing Carly’s character, just as soon as she gets out of bed w/Bo she is going to be looking for a new bed to hop into. She always seems to be on a man riding like seabiscuit. HEHEHE!!! I love the character of Maggie Horton (but it would make a good storyline for Maggie to turn into a lonely alcoholic). Stay tuned.

  199. From Number1fan

    Kate and Stefano (I love the combination).
    Vivian and Victor (can’t get any better than Vivian). Too bad that DOOL didn’t bring back Vivian’s side kick. (sorry, can’t remember his name***it’s right on the tip of my tounge). (Eventhough I can picture his face). Now, those two were the funniest couple. Loved them***who didn’t!!!

  200. From justafan

    #198-wow, I agree with that!

    Mel is Carly’s and Bo’s daughter.
    EJ is behind the kidnapping of Sydney, because he is taking total revenge on Sami..for when Sami kept Grace from EJ, he is doing it right back at her. And EJ does not want to share Sydney with Rafe, because he doesn’t like Rafe, so he is making Sami feel guilt for no darn reason – and he knows EXACTLY what he is doing–ruining Sami and Rafe’s relationship. He is a true Demira, and I hope to GOD EJ and Sami do not get back together. That’s just plain dumb.

    Sami is Sydney’s mother for sure, because Rafe already did a DNA test with hair. I would like the twist to be that the father is Lucas! Now that would be cool.

    Can’t stand Mia and Gabby and Sami’s son..none can act that good.

    And it’s nice to see a break between Bo and Hope. But yea, Bo’s an idiot and Hope is high maintenance…she’s not even fighting for her man.

    But I still believe and heard that M Mel is Bo and Hope’s.

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