Days of Our Lives Video Clip: New Year’s Eve.

The people of Salem ring in the new year in their own special way.

While Melanie and Stephanie try to avoid fighting through a kind of polite sneering, their beaus don’t fair quite so well. On the way to getting hitched, Philip ends up throwing some punches at Nathan. Meanwhile, Hope tries to figure out how to open a box and Carly remembers being trapped in one.

Check out this preview for Thursday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Missy

    this new yr will bring philip melanie finally get narried nathan be w/ stephanie, let vivian break up bo & carly so bo & hope, be bk as supercouple please ej w/ sami
    rafe w/ nicole def ??????????????,

  2. From Kino

    Melanie and Nathan should be together and married. Philip is so wrong for her and her soul mate is always been Nathan. Stephanie needs to find a new man and get a stronger personality than that.

    I don’t agree with Rafe and Nicole. It just seems soo wrong and I think she and Philip should hook up some time. along with him being paired with Carly. The only person who deserves to be with him is Sami. She needs a good man in her life shouldn’t miss out anymore. Even though he isn’t the father of her children, he has proven to be a good father figure to them, especially when he raised Mia’s daughter, Grace, with her and can be a good one to Sydney as well.

  3. From Toby

    YES YES Mel should be with Nathan. Come on ,Philip is to old for her.:) It think Steffie is jealous and she still wants Phil.,. YES? Rafe, he is the one for Samie. writers please don’t mess with them.

  4. From Missy

    bring philip be w/ melanie, nathan w/ stephanie. bring them to be a supercouple. let philip marry his girl melanie, I, know she will be more happier. because she loves philip, before she met nathan.
    ej w/ sami for def to become an supercouple def don’t let them be apart they love ea other. they have a wonderful chemistry history love to see another anniversary for them on fobidden love. love them to be supercouple PLEASE & Bo w/ Hope. Rafe & Carly, be a supercouple PLEASE ??????????????/

  5. From Kino

    Mel and Nate deserves each other, not Philip and Stef. I think Philip should hook up with Nicole sometime, she looks like she could use him. Stef needs to leave town and spend some time with her parents, not Lucas.

    Also keep Sami and Rafe together because they’re good for each other.

  6. From Missy

    bring nathan & stephanie wed sometime near the furture ej sami remary in def. rafe & carly,be together let rafe be the biologcial
    father of carly’s baby, let them bring bo hope bk together as a supercouple. philip wed melanie, if the word id def. at nathan & wed
    stephanie in the near furture. PLEASE ???????????????????????

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