Days of Our Lives Video Clip: Sami Sees The Kidnapper’s Note.

Sami pays EJ a visit.

When he’s even moodier than usual, she wonders what’s up. The second he leaves her alone, she discovers the kidnapper’s note.

Check out this preview for Tuesday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. What will Sami do next?

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  1. From Missy

    needs to tell Rafe, when they finally get Syndey bk Ej & Sami, will comw to be SUPERCOUPLE IN SALEM bring them bk in the romance
    department. PLEASE ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. From JNIC

    NO WAY – Rafe and Sami all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Days has more life now that Rafe is on the show. EJ should go back where he came from – Seriously!!! Bring on a new girl for EJ so he can leave Sami alone.

  3. From JNIC

    NO WAY – Rafe and Sami all the way!!!!! Days has much more life now that Rafe is on the show! He’s soooo hot and knows how to handle Sami. EJ needs to find his own woman or go back to where he came from – Seriously!!!!!!!!

  4. From erica

    “Days has much more life that Rafe is on the show !” You are kidding i hope LMFAO !!!!
    Rafe is good-looking, a nice guy but he is above all the MOST BORING CHARACTER on Days !! He is painful to watch, i rather see Sami single who actually takes care of her children than stays in couple with Rafe, he sucks the life on Sami, the destruction of her character is painful to watch. I don’t care if she is with Lucas, Brandon or Ej i just want her away far far away from Rafe once and for all and soon pretty soon !!!!

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