Days of Our Lives Video Clip: The Vigil.

EJ and Sami make a public plea to the kidnapper.

At the vigil, Sami sobs as she begs for the return of her daughter, but will it be enough to convince Anna?

Check out this preview for Thursday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Missy

    bring ej sami, alot closer & bond w/ thier daughter bring them bk as a supercouple PLEASE ?????????????,

  2. From Kino

    Please keep Sami and Rafe together because they’re good for each other. Even though he isn’t the father of her four children, he has shown that he is a good father figure, especially when he raised Grace with her and will show that he can be one to her biological daughter, Sydney, as well. Since Sami met Rafe, she has straightened out her life and spent more time with Will, Allie and Johnny after she got out of the Wtness Protection Program. He supported her thoughout the darkest time of her life when Grace died from Bacterial Menigitis. Please don’t screw it up by putting them with Carly and Elvis, it’ll be so wrong. Rafe and Carly as friends is fine with me, but not as a couple. Sami deserves to have him in her life because he’s reliable and steady. Carly deserves to be with Bo, not Hope, because she can take care of him better.

  3. From dc

    i am so sorry that they did not bring sydney back before christmas.. hopefully they will get her back to sami and rafe soon.. i would rather see sami with rafe and not ej..
    i just wonder how long the engagement of melanie and philip will last.. and when will melanie find out that carly is her mom..
    i wonder if vivian already knows that melanie is carly’s child.. she probably does know because of the letter that she read of lawrence’s..
    glad to see stephanie and nathan together.. i wonder when daniel and chloe will get married..
    i just read where stephen nichols (aka steve on days) is going to be on the young and restless..
    and with hope telling justin she wants out.. i guess that means her marriage to bo.. what a shame!!..

  4. From Charlotte

    Ej and Sami : real deal ! Right now the writers create a Sami who is not rootable.. the futur will not be happy for her..drama, drama …

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