Days of Our Lives Video Clip: Weekly Preview.

New Year’s comes to Salem.

Christmas brought a few surprises and disappointments, but the promise of another new year will bring many more.

Check out this week’s preview and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Clear

    So, I’m cheering Nathen on to tell Melanie he cares and dump the superficial Steph! Will Melanie meet him half way and use some soap to get the ring off her finger and give it back to Phillip? Seeing who her mother-in-laws might be should be enough to put her off Phillip!
    Yea, Carley! Hope is so stupid she is giving Bo to Carley without a fight. Bo’s conversational skills leave a lot to be desired, but it’s hard to be up front and clear when the Hope wench cannot shut up!

  2. From Dotty

    They need some new plots. Babies being switched/kidnapped;Bo and Hope at it again. Pardon me while I yawn. It’s getting borrring!

  3. From Kino

    Just get Melanie and Nathan back together. They had better chemestry than that.

    Also give Stephanie some personality and make her a stronger woman. Hook her up with someone new.

    Please give Sydney back to Sami and Rafe and be done with the baby switch/kidnapping story. Just keep them together.

    Let Bo stand up to Hope and tell her off their marriage has been over for a loooong time and hands her a document indicating that he’ll sue for full custody of their daughter, Ciara. Keep him and Carly together. If Hope must be hooked up with someone, put her with Elvis and let them fight all they want.

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