General Hospital Spoilers For December 28-January 1.

12.15-dante-luluNext week’s three episodes promise to be rife with romance and more than a little stress.

Jason finally comes clean with Johnny and tells him what really happened to his sister. As Johnny trudges off to digest the disturbing bit of information, Jason runs into something disturbing of his own when Sam suddenly goes missing. While Jason starts to loose his cool and expect the worst, Johnny turns to Olivia to confide in her and tell her that he knows who really killed Claudia.

Regardless of the turmoil in her lover’s life, Olivia’s mind seems to be stuck elsewhere. She begins to seethe when she spots Sonny flirting with Lisa. For his part, the mob boss should have been paying more attention to something other than chasing Port Charles’ newest skirt. Lucky catches Michael drinking and driving, which is sure to put a damper on keeping his story under lock. Meanwhile, Elizabeth plans a special romantic surprise for Lucky.

Across town, Lulu is excited for her first actual date with Dante. Will he be able to live up to the expectation, or will their real date be eerily similar to all of the non-dates they’ve already enjoyed? Her roommate, Maxie, is still determined to make things up with Spinelli properly. Lucky for her, Mac will be too busy to get in the way. The matchmaking sisters, Kristina and Molly, try once more to push, and maybe even shove, Alexis and Mac together.

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