General Hospital Spoilers For January 4-8.

The New Year could start with a bang.

Lucky just happens to overhear Nikolas moaning about how much he loves Elizabeth. This quickly leads to her dreading that Lucky knows about her affair. Apparently though, this fact hasn’t exactly crystallized in the detective’s mind yet. Liz lets him believe that Nikolas’ love for her is totally one-sided. Meanwhile, another relationship seems poised for danger. Robin has reason to be jealous as Lisa tries to manipulate Patrick with tales of their wild past.

Things are considerably more dangerous for the rest of Port Charles. Jax is terrified when he discovers Franco’s graffiti tag in Josslyn’s nursery and the baby’s mother has vanished. Jason is desperate to find Sam and Carly as Franco places them in danger. Jason hooks Lucky into helping him lure his nemesis into slipping up. After he rescues Carly, he realizes that Franco is already a step ahead of him again. She returns to Jax and they decide to take the children out of the country until Franco is dealt with. Sonny refuses to let them go but Jax insists they need to leave immediately. Michael breaks down as he confesses to his mother that he has felt tormented since killing Claudia. As Sonny attempts to work through things with his son, Kristina shows up to blame her father for the danger Sam is in.

After Sonny orders Dominic to find Claudia’s body and take care of Franco, Michael begins to panic. While Sonny keeps the wraps on his son, Dominic questions Ronnie about his relationship with ‘the darkly focused one’. Ronnie refuses to say anything, but that might change when Jason shows up and sticks a gun in his face. Spinelli soon informs Stone Cold that a warehouse has been rented under Sam’s name. With this discovery comes a more disturbing one – it looks like Franco is building a bomb.

While searching Franco’s studio for hints of where Lulu has disappeared to, Dante discovers plans for a bomb. Meanwhile, Lulu finds herself bound to a chair that has been wired with explosives. As Dante and Jason desperately search for the women they love, Franco pushes Jason into revealing more about himself. Finally, he warns him that Sam and Lulu are close to death. Although he tells Jason where to find them, will he and Dante be able to rescue them in time?

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  1. From Erik

    I Hope Lucky Learns That His Fiance, Elizabeth And His Brother, Nikolas Are In Love With Each Other, But He And Elizabeth Will Try To Get Married For The 3rd Time For Real Because It’s For Lucky And Elizabeth’s 2 Sons, Cameron And Jake.

  2. From Erik

    Sonny Wasn’t The One Responsible For The Kidnapping Of His Ex-Girlfriend, Sam…Franco Was The One.

  3. From Erik

    When Carly Gets Saved By Her Best Friend, Jason, She Goes Home When She And Her Husband, Jax Lives…And Then, Jax And Carly, Along With Her Sons, Michael And Morgan, Decided To Go Out Of The U.S. To Go On Vacation Until Franco Dies Since Franco’s Reign Of Terror Came To An End.

  4. From Erik

    Robin Gets Jealous When Her Current Husband, Patrick Gets Manipulated By His Ex-Girlfriend, Lisa With Tales About Patrick And Lisa’s Past Wild Nights. Robin Must Save Her Marriage To Patrick, But Getting Comforted By His Brother, Matt.

  5. From Erik

    Lucky Must Learned That Elizabeth’s Not In Love With Him For Real…She’s Falling In Love With His Brother, Nikolas. Will She Marry Him For The Sake Of Cameron And Jake…Or Will She And Her 2 Sons Move Into The Wyndemere Where Nikolas, Spencer And Alfred Live?

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