General Hospital Weekly Summary For December 21-25.

Christmas in Port Charles.

Ronnie was rushed to the hospital after being run down by a car. Franco dropped by to see him and gave him a message for Jason before leaving his tag. Lulu called Dante, who quickly ran over to the hospital with Stone Cold. Ronnie scribbled a message on some paper, “You choose.” Jason wasn’t sure what that meant. He went over to his hangout and discovered Josslyn’s hat waiting for him and took this as a message from Franco.

Earlier, Carly had a run-in with Franco in the Christmas tree lot. She had no idea who he was, but he swiped Josslyn’s hat without her noticing and went on a rather strange rant before running off. Jason later arrived with Josslyn’s hat and she explained her unusual run-in with the man and his rant about how his hospitality had been insulted. Jason rushed home, worried, and confessed to Sam how much he loved her. Meanwhile, Carly tried to get her presents out of Jax. She even tried to convince her children to hand them over. Finally, on Christmas Eve, they revealed a large photo of Josslyn and her two brothers.

Rebecca announced to Nikolas, Elizabeth and Lucky that she would be leaving town. She kept things short and then went back to the Quartermains to tell them that she decided to move to Paris. After telling Lucky what a good man he was, she went to her sister’s tomb where she eavesdropped on Nikolas confessing his affair to Emily. He vowed to end things with Elizabeth for the sake of Lucky and the children. Moved by how terrible he felt, Rebecca decided to keep quiet and leave town immediately.

In the course of their work at the hospital, it came out that Robin was HIV positive. Lisa couldn’t hide being taken aback by this but didn’t say much. Lisa wound up joining Matt and the couple for Christmas Eve. Others also dropped in, like Mac, who made his way around town distributing gifts. Maxie and Spinelli remembered Georgie’s passing and decorated the tiny tree he got for them. They decided to try and move on from her mistake. Alexis’ daughters roped Mac into dropping by for the festivities and trapped her and the cop under some mistletoe.

Olivia dropped by Sonny’s to make sure he paid his bill to the hotel. Since his children had other plans for the holidays, he invited her to join him for dinner. Dominic just happened to walk in so he invited him as well. The three shared their first family meal without most of them knowing it. Dante later joined Lulu for a Spencer Christmas at Lucky’s. Lucky even managed to convince his father to turn up for the event after they shared a heart to heart about how much Lucky really loved his childhood.

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