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Fans of Lori Wilson’s weekly blog on our sister site,, will be glad to know that she has a fresh edition of her GH Rundown posted.

Here’s a sampling of what she had to say about last week’s holiday episodes:

“Speaking of Sonny, I enjoyed his dinner with Dante and Olivia and how uncomfortable mother and son were when the conversation hit too close to home for each of them. Of course Sonny was oblivious to it all, but wouldn’t Dante at some point question Olivia about her time with Sonny and if he could possibly be his father? I would think the Bensonhurst exes’ constant walks down memory lane would make him do the math at some point.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

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  1. From Missy

    don’t even let olivia tell about dante, love dante to bring him down.don’t let any 1 to bail him out not even olivia, or connie. or else. thanks,

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