The Young and The Restless: New Storyline For Michael Poll!

Michael Baldwin0When will enough be enough?

Michael has always been the go-to guy when one’s in trouble, and he’s bailed his family out of their fair share of it more than a handful of times. However, are you sick of always watching Michael deal with everyone’s drama in the courtroom and would you like to see him in a non-legal storyline?

Please take a moment to vote in Soap Opera Fan Blog’s New Storyline For Michael Poll today!

If there is something else you’d like to see Michael doing, please share your ideas with Soap Opera Fan Blog below!

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  1. From Stephanie

    I love Michael and Lauren so I would hate for him to have a new love triangle. They are a great couple.

  2. From frosty rose

    I don’t want Michael and Lauren to break up or have a love triangle. They are good together.

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