The Young and The Restless: Stephen Nichols In, William Russ Out As Tucker McCall!

stephen_nichols-300x191A quickie recast!

TV Guide Magazine is reported that The Young and the Restless has decided to recast the role of Tucker McCall, recently played by William Russ, with former Days of Our Lives actor Stephen Nichols (ex-Steve ‘Patch’ Johnson, 1985 – 2009)! The show simply explained while they appreciated William’s acting, they have plans to take the character in another direction. Look for Stephen’s first airdate on January 27, as he begins taping in the studios today December 17.

Soap Opera Fan wishes William the best, and we want to welcome Stephen to the show! We can’t wait to see him back on the Daytime scene! If you want to know what’s he’s been up to since leaving Days of Our Lives, please visit Former Days of Our Lives Star Stephen Nichols To Appear On Crash.

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  2. From Kelsey

    I want William Russ to stay on as Tucker. Didn’t like “Patch” on Days and was glad when he and Kayla were off the show – now they are going to ruin Y&R for me by bringing him on here. Let’s see – him and a poor choice replacement for Malcolm – Y&R is going downhill fast – another loser show on the way folks.

  3. From Paul

    I like William Russ in thew role, and hope they keep him. I hate it when they switch characters midstream.

  4. From Brenda

    Y&R needs to keep William Russ as Tucker. His look is a good fit for the part, and he will be a great addition to the show. Stephen will always be associated with “Patch”. Y&R… WAKE UP !!! Your driving your fan base to other day time shows. Maybe you don’t care ???

  5. From Sherry S.

    I am so looking forward to Stephen Nichols appearance on Y&R!!! January 27th cannot come soon enough!!!

  6. From Barbara

    I am shocked that they are replacing Tucker McCall. There is just no comparison to these two actors, Patch as Tucker, give me a break, bad choice, the only reason that I keep watching is that Eric Braeden is returning, the show has been so boring and I am so sick of the storylines with Billy. I keep fast forwarding the show, it’s just not what it used to be.

  7. From KATHY

    I love Y&R and have watched it every day from the first day it aired in 1973. Nick is great and victor is wonderful and I like Nikki so much. Victor and Nikki should stay together, don’t ever change those actors. I hope Jill and Katherine stay the way they are now, nice to each other. I watch this show every day and tape it and then I watch it again in the evening. I LOVE Y&R. It’s party of my family and part of my life.

  8. From L Mikki

    I’m too happy for Stephen Nichols to replace William Russ! I want to throw up every time I see William Russ and his ridiculous hair. I cannot see him as a legitimate character. Ugh…is hair and makeup on strike on the days he’s on???

  9. From Granny Barbara

    I have watched young and restlessfor
    more than (all the years they have been on )If you were to change two people you would not have a show. I agree thatthe tucker is ok ,but do not ever change mrs. chanceler or
    Victor Newman the people as well as my self would not watch it.

  10. From sharon T.

    tucker mccall is william russ not patch from days no offense stephen but william was and is the right man for the part, so good bye y&r i’m sick and tired of watching soaps that keep changeing there formats,william russ will find something bigger and better and you peoples will regret it.sharon t.

  11. From Barbara

    This switch in actors is horrible, there is absolutely no comparison from William Russ to Stephen Nichols. William Russ did a fantastic job in his Tucker role and I sure don’t look forward to the change that they are making, what are they thinking…..surely not about the fans, that is very obvious. I agree that Tucker is the right age for being Katherine’s on
    Katherine’s son

  12. From Brenda

    Put William Russell back in the Tucker McCall part…the other guy stinks. !!!

  13. From Jeff Serletic

    I agree with most of the post. Bad choices of character changes. Stephen Nichols is to young for the part. Willam Russ made the part. Needed the hair cut, but the acting was to the tee for the part. Oh and Malcom….can’t understand a thing the guys says. He mumbles and tries to act “to cool”.

  14. From Linda

    I was VERY disappointed that they let William Russell go. Loved his work

  15. From shirley

    William Russ was very good in the role of Tucker McCall. Give Stephen some time; It looks like an easy adjustment to me. I also think the story lines are wonderful; keeps you guessing for the most part; not like other soaps I have tried but couldn’t stay with. BUT, no to new casting of Malcolm….really bad!

  16. From Jacki R.

    William Russ is a heavyweight actor with a big resume that reflects his acting ability. What is Y&R thinking? To let an actor of his caliber go?!!! No wonder people aren’t watching soaps anymore. Yeah, he needed a haircut. Big deal! So cut the hair. I’m going to miss him. And the new Malcolm – not good! But of course, no one could ever fill Shemar Moore’s shoes!

  17. From Debbie F

    I really liked William Russ as Tucker and am very disappointed that he is no longer on the show. You say you are recasting him to take the show in a new direction, but maybe you should have thought of that before. Jill Abbott and he have great chemistry and it would have been really good to see what would have happened. I don’t watch the show as much as I used to especially when Victor was gone and then you switched Adam characters. UGH.

  18. From Debbie F

    Brenda (posting #12) said it best when she said you are trying to drive us to watch other daytime shows. Yeppers. BIG TIME.

  19. From Linda

    William Russ was the best fit for Tucker — I am soooo disappointed that he is no longer in the show. He was one of the main reasons why I continued to watch the show. Stephen is definitely no Tucker – I can’t stand this storyline now that he is in it. BRING BACK WILLIAM RUSS

  20. From Kimberly

    I’m glad they casted Stephen Nichols as Tucker Mccall. William Russ in my opinion didnt portray Tucker right.When I think of Tucker Mccall =Stephen Nichlos is better. He portrays him better=Suave, minpulative,gorgeous,smooth. Frankly, William Russ dissappointed me as Tucker Mccall.

  21. From Sue Carter

    I like William Russ in the role, changing actors is just silly. Patch is Patch can’t change that. Think it will spoil the character.

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