The Young and The Restless Video Clip Promo: Adam and Sharon Tie The Knot!

A wedding in Lake Tahoe…

You won’t want to miss the show today when Adam whisks Sharon away to make her a Newman again! Watch this video clip promo of Monday’s episode on Soap Opera Fan Blog!

What do you think Nick will do when he finds out that Sharon is now his sister-in-law? Please tell Soap Opera Fan Blog below!

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Fun fact! Amy Mistretta wrote this story just for you on December 28th, 2009 |

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  2. From Angela

    The storylines are getting worser and worser. Sharon is being presented as an unstable person and adam is being allowed to get away with anything. i’ve started watching the soaps on ABC because Y&R is getting ridiculous.

  3. From Angie

    What is wrong with Y&R?The storylines are a joke.The writers need to get it together.

  4. From Linda

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  5. From Diane

    I think Sharon and Nick belong together after what they have been through seperately and together. How long does it have to continue with them being apart?

  6. From margaret thomas


  7. From Linda

    When will Sharon discover the truth about her and Nick’s daughter’s being alive? How will this information affect her and Nick’s
    relationship? I think Phyllis will uncover this secret. What will she do with it? Come on Young and Restless writers make this happen before baby Faith is a grown woman.

  8. From Linda

    Do you realize those of you writing this soap that the main thing to uncover is Adams problems then to get nick and Sharon back together will be a lot easier? Or is this why you are taking so long to accomplish this? Just do it, you can divorce them again next season. Do something! I have been on your side a long time. We fans need some thing good to grasp on to too keep our creative jucies flowing. Give us something to hold on to too make us feel it is worth waiting for.


  9. From Linda

    I loved the way everything unfold today in the cabin. Now to see how and when the baby Faith is returned to Nick and Sharen. I am curious to learn how the DNA tests will look with Victor and Nick’s similar DNA! I do not know enough about this to speculate, but I have a feeling I am going to get quite an education. Adam really needs a lot of psychotherapy. Then as I recall so Phyllis did too. She as I recall she is personality disordered. Adam, if he is a sociopath he knows the difference between right and wrong, but does not care, where a psychopath does not know the difference between right and wrong and could care less. some schools of though deem both diagnosis to be the same while others do not. This will be interesting. Was worth waiting for too. Good Job.


  10. From Linda

    Very interesting the way the writers presented Faith back into Sharon and Nick’s life. What will happen to Nick and red’s relationship now that he has his daughter? The stage is already being set for Sharon and Nick’s reunion.

  11. From Linda

    I have this thought in my head that the work in for the Diane investation will uncover the information Adam throw into the pond?

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