The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary For December 21 – 25!

Jack-Y&R-SummaryPatty obsessed, Chloe lost her job, Adam proposed, and many wandered aimlessly while celebrating Christmas…

Patty continued to obsess over Jack, while decorating her makeshift Christmas tree, as Emily confessed to Jack that she’d fallen in love with him.

Gloria laid eyes on Tucker and couldn’t help but flirt, and Tucker called Jill out for her jealousy then planned to spend the holidays at the Chancellor Estate – at Katherine’s invite. Meanwhile, Paul and Nina, who shared another kiss, followed a tip from a nurse who oversaw Kay’s child’s adoption. Billy fired Chloe from Restless Style then showed up at Chancellor Estate for Christmas, drunk, and blurted out that Mac was pregnant! After Chance drove Billy home, Jill presented Kay with a gift – that contained a name in a box!

Nick continued to butt heads with Sharon over her relationship with Adam, especially when Sharon claimed she and Adam were in love. After Sharon banished Nick from her life, he confided to Phyllis how much that hurt then asked Phyllis to help him not care about Sharon anymore – and his wife slapped him across the face! Later, Nikki arrived home to celebrate the holidays with her family then received a visit from Tucker, who said, “Hello Darlin’!”

Sharon caught Adam hiding something in her Christmas stocking and when she opened the box to find an elaborate engagement ring, Adam proposed! Though Sharon initially turned down the proposal, after being shunned at the tack house, while overseeing Noah receive the snowmobile Nick bought him, from the both of them, she boarded the Newman jet with Adam – and planned to elope!

After Lauren found out that Daisy wasn’t staying at the dorms for the holidays, Daisy admitted her parents died and she applied at Walnut Grove under a fake name, Daisy Sanders. Lauren insisted that Daisy spend the holidays with them, much to Eden’s chagrin, who later spotted Daisy hugging Ryder!

Though she was free of Deacon, Amber couldn’t get his reference to Little D out of her head, and after expressing her need to find him, Daniel promised to help her after the holidays.

Cane and Lily informed her family that Mac was pregnant but during their ride home, Lily demanded that Cane take her to the hospital!

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