Days of Our Lives Comings and Goings For January.

Here is the latest on the comings and goings in Salem for this month.

Dylan Patton‘s time as Will Horton came to an end of January 20. Look for Chandler Massey as the new Will on February 1.

Arianne Zuker returned from maternity leave to begin taping new scenes on January 25.

Darin Brooks
is coming back to town as Max Brady for a few episodes this March for a few episodes.

Arnold Chun will play Mr. Lee on February 3.

Lisa Trusel will return as Melissa Anderson for a funeral on January 14 and 19.

Patricia Harris-Smith
will play a doctor on January 19.

Effie Seymour appears as Marion O’Brien on January 20.

Geoff Reeves
will be appearing as a cop on January 22.

Bryan Datillo will be leaving the role of Lucas Horton behind. His contract expires in February. For more, read this article. His final airdate will be February 16.

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  23 responses so far...

  1. From Missy

    miss Lucas,def will always be in our hearts.

  2. From G

    I’ve missed the Max character…can’t wait to see him back. Maybe he can put Stephanie in-check and give his sister away…if the wedding happens, that is.

  3. From dc

    sorry to see you go bryan (aka lucas), good luck in all you do..
    yea, i’ll be glad to see max again.. i tuned into his show in spike and was really not impressed.

  4. From Clear

    I liked Max when he was the sophisticated race car driver. What happened to him and to Stephanie that they left it other than the one accident? EJ is quite another story.

  5. From sharon

    Whatever happened to Rolf?

  6. From Lindsay

    Yeah I am so glad Max is coming back I love him. His chealsea comming back too?

  7. From Noxie

    I almost forgot EJ was a race car driver as how things change.

  8. From Lisa

    Can’t wait to see Max returns to Salem…to Lindsay, I don’t know if Rachel/Chelsea coming for a visit to see her father

  9. From Donna

    Will be glad to see Max back in town as well. Does he know that Carly is Mel’s mommy dearest?!? HMMMMMM…..

  10. From Rose

    So sad that Lucas will be leaving. I hope they give him a proper exit scene instead of him just disappearing without being mentioned.

  11. From Anna

    So glad that Max is coming back…I really missed him. Maybe he’ll get back with Stephanie. I really liked them together. She was strong with Max and not this whiney and needy person that the writers are making her to be with Phillip and Nathan.

  12. From Anna

    I’m so glad that Max is coming back, even for a little bit. I really missed him. Maybe the writers will get Max and Stephanie back together. I really liked them as a couple. Stephanie was a whole lot stronger person with Max.

  13. From Joe


  14. From Kaitlin

    Going to miss Lucas so much. Have always held out for my Sami + Lucas reunion.

    Hopefully that means Max will be coming for the Mel/Phillip wedding.

    Loved seeing Melissa again!

  15. From used2BAlumifan

    Can’t wait to see Max! Wish him and Chelsea would come back for good. Just when Chelsea was starting to turn her life around, she left. Wasn’t happy about that.

    Will miss Lucas. I don’t like the way they turn him out to be such a wimp and all. Wonder if he just got tired of being the “old shoe” that everyone threw around. Poor guy!

  16. From carol

    i hate the idea your letting go all the old actors and actress i never seen any soap get rid of the people who made the show like days , i’m really disappointed in this soap for doing just that, i’m really sorry they are letting you go lucas i’m so sorry about the rest of the old actors and actress as well. i hope you well bring back john and marlina some day if your soap last that long , good luck lucas god speed

  17. From Lisa

    Can’t wait to see Chandler Massey as Will Horton! I wonder if we’re gonna see Bryan and Chandler together and along with Alison S! Give him a chance I know I am but I already missed Dylan Patton!

    Also I can’t wait to see Arianne the newest mommy back in March as Nicole I hope she will get to the truth about her ex-wacko of an ex-hubby!

  18. From bettyg

    Good Luck to you, Bryan! I always thought Lucas was the best match for Sami, and will always hope for that to happen.

  19. From babs

    I’ll sure miss Lucas. Please say this isn’t forever.I just love this character and the actor that plays him.

  20. From queen

    Have been a days fan all my life. I do howver check y & r because E. Davidson is on that show. (I loved her as Kristen). Was watching last nite on the soap channel and who do I see…….Patch. Think he is a new important character on that show so I guess we wont be seeeing him with Kayla on days anytime soon. Bummer. I am so sick of this kidnapping story and I wish that they would bring back marlena and john at least.P.S. I hate carly

  21. From nancy

    I like the new Will…at least his hair is not in his eyes….Where is Nicole’s dog Pookey??

  22. From Susan

    Who dies that Melissa comes back??

  23. From Treasure

    I already miss Lucas and he isn’t gone yet. I would be great if the writers would come up with a story line in which he moves in with Maggie and helps her with the great loss that she had, after all she always helped Lucas,LOVE YOu BYRAN and Good Luck, hope to see you soon back on DAYS. Imagine if he does and come back as Stefano’s son, he is Italian like Stefano wouldn’t that be a great story now that Kate is married to Stefano. AHHH! writers where are your imaginations.

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