Days of Our Lives Poll: Melanie’s Papa.

The other half of the big secret.

We all know by now that Mel is actually Carly’s daughter. What we don’t know is who the father really is and that’s a revelation which could change a lot of lives… or maybe not.

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. If you don’t see the answer you would have picked in the list, why not tell us who you suspect of paternity in the comments section below.

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  1. From Lhsanna

    Don’t care who is as long as it’s not Bo. Send Carly bzack to where she came from and leave her there.

  2. From dc

    well, i still think that dirt bag trent was melanie’s father..

  3. From Jessy

    Ummmmm if Bo was her father… Mel sleeping with Phillip would be…. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW! lol

  4. From Angie days

    When the reveal does happen, wouldn’t it be neat if Nick was released so he could be there!

  5. From josie

    I certainly hope Bo is not the father. My favorite couple has always been Bo and Hope. He can be
    “in the words of melissa rycroft” such a bastard. He replaces Hope so easily. She and Melanie are the best characters on the show. Bo
    should put Hope first for once.

  6. From cass

    If Trent is NOT the Father, then how and why did he end up with her???

  7. From Jenn

    I think that it is Daniel. Since Dr. Jonas is the specialist of all trades, I think he was the one who was treating Lawrence.?????
    I think Trent got Melanie because of Lawrence. I think that Lawrence was acting out on pure evil and intentionally gave Melanie to a slimebag. Who knows…just a speculation!

  8. From Sandra

    So how is the Max DNA connection come into play? If she winds up being Daniel’s daughter, then that means that the DNA report that Max said proved that Mel was his sister must have really said that she wasn’t…and Max, being the good guy that he is felt sorry for Mel and wanted to protect her….OR, that Max is also Carly’s or Daniel’s biological son….oh, this is making my head hurt. I agree with dc, ol’ Trent was a dirt bag and I hope he isn’t either Max’s or Mel’s father. If they wind up being Daniel’s, (which, I know is a stretch for Max)then that would explain where Max gets his “predisposition” to be so gifted intellectually. And being Carly’s daughter totally explains Mel’s airheadedness at times! LOL:)Tangled webs……….

  9. From Missy

    I, hope it is daniel, for sure. I, just have a gut feeling,He,may have
    helped Lawrence, in the past. they may be friends, & carly. just a gut thought.

  10. From Lisa

    Mel’s Papa is or was Trent with Carly

    Max’s father was also Trent but unknown mother

    Carly’s brother is Frankie so I am wondering since Max is back in March, I wonder if Max gonna bump into Carly…probably so… :D!

  11. From Lily

    I kind of hope that it’s Victor, because that would be totally disgusting with her marrying Philip. And totally hilarious.

  12. From Casey

    I voted Daniel but think it could be Trent. Carly could have met him on some scientific project. Most likely Mel and Max have different mothers.
    Sure hope it’s not Bo – that story was already told with Chelsea, enough already!

  13. From Jezibel

    Isn’t Daniel in a different age bracket than Bo, Hope and Carly? I always think of Daniel as early 40′s and the others as 50ish.

  14. From Kino


    I doubt it’s Daniel because I don’t think he could cheat on his wife like that. I suppose that could be the case though. If Daniel is Melanie’s father, then they can explain that Max was his biological son with his deceased wife, Rebecca, who may have been kidnapped by Trent because he was being an ungrateful ass to him and his son ended up with the Brady family.

    I don’t think it’s Bo either because he already has 4 children. Three are from his marriage with Hope(Shawn-Douglas, Zack and Ciara) and Chelsea is his daughter with Billie Reed.

  15. From Katie

    Don’t you think if it was Victor Carly would have said something like you are marrying your brother!! She says that she is there to protect her so I think marrying her brother would count as protecting. I think it will be Daniel so then there are no incest issues.

  16. From Jezibel

    Isn’t Daniel supposedly a 40 year old man while Carly, if she’s Bo and Hope’s age, would be over 50. I also agree with Kino that Daniel was so in love with Rebecca that he wouldn’t cheat on her. I don’t think Mel would be Victor’s child but Bo is a possibility.

  17. From Deb

    I think it’s Daniel – he mentioned Carly had “helped” him after Rebeccsa died, plus it will play well with his weanting kids and Chloe can’t have them dilemna. That being said, I can’t bear to watch Carly. She is an amoral slimebag and Bo is a pig to defend her at the expense of his wife. Really DOOL writers – end this disgusting and offensive plot line! I have zero sympathy for Carly; a killer and a husband stealer who cares only for herself.

  18. From Leigh

    I’m beginning to wonder if Mia is actually Carly’s daughter and Carly has been directing the trail to Melanie to protect her daughter…..

    But I guess then some of the flashback and dream sequences would not make sense. Just a thought to throw out there!

  19. From Leigh

    Daniel and Carly may have had their affair before she introduced him to Rebecca. I don’t remember if they said how long they were married

    #12 “She is an amoral slimebag and Bo is a pig to defend her at the expense of his wife” I can’t agree with you more!!!

    I’d love to see Max end up being the son of Trent and Nicole!

  20. From joy

    I wish they would get rid of Carly this whole plot is stupid. Hope and Bo belong to each other and nothing or anyone should come between them.

  21. From bruce

    I really like the idea of Victor being her dad. Then Melanie could once and for all decide between Phillip and Nathan.

  22. From Valerie

    I used to like Carly, when Hope was thought to be dead. I was happy to hear she was coming back on the show originally, but that was before this storyline. I can’t believe the writers are making Bo be such a jerk toward Hope. Sure, she moved out on him, but they certainly were not divorcing. I do agree with some of the posts that Hope was being a witch. But wehn you think about it, Bo has screwed up a lot of times in the past. He slept with Billie, etc. They need to get Hope moving on to someone else, then Bo will come crying back to her and then they will be back together and this storyline can end!

  23. From amanda

    IF trent is not her father I do not see him adopting Mel when he put Frankie and Max up for adoption unless he wanted a little girl to whore out as he did.

  24. From LovingMoreThanMusic

    I am so tired of Hope at this point. Something I never thought I would say before.

    I’m perfectly fine with not seeing much of Hope, Stephanie or Mia (who I truly believe is acting challenged)

  25. From Susie Nutt

    Hope is 44 in real life. I think Bo is about 5 years older. Daniel is about Hope’s age or a little younger (maybe). I also think that Daniel is Mel’s dad. Daniel knew Carly before he knew Rebecca. She introduced him to her. As far as Max and the whole DNA thing, I’m not sure. He could have done it to give her someone to have left after her “Dad” died. He is coming back in March and he may have to come clean about the whole thing. I expect the daughter thing will be out before April. I hope so, it needs to end now. If Chloe does end up pregnant that would be good. Then Mel could have a baby sister (sound familiar, Chelsea/Cierra). Anyway that is my opinion for what it’s worth.

  26. From glo

    I also think that daniel is the father, and i hoping that bo and ho get back together real soon. I can’t believe the writers would go there. There has got to more to write about that keeping bo and hope apart. I always thought bo and hope would be the next alice and tom horton couple.

  27. From stacey

    Its has to be Daniel…Or so I hope. I really want Hope out of there with Bo. Carly has always been my fav.. Hope has turned into a crazy person. First it’s I need time, I want to come home, He’s my man!

  28. From carebear

    Hope was such a jerk when Ciara was missing. I think Bo just got fed up. I do think Melanie is Daniel’s daughter. But if she is Bo’s, that would be interesting too.

  29. From KYTessa

    LovingMoreThanMusic I haven’t blogged on here in a very long time but came looking for the blog to see if perhaps anyone else had gotten feed-up with Hope. You wrote “I am so tired of Hope at this point. Something I never thought I would say before.” Thank you I could not have said it better.

  30. From cathy hill

    yea i think that would bother cloe if danial is the dad. and if she preggie that would bring another spin the tale.

  31. From clara

    I think they should
    ‘kill off” Carley the ho and Vivian. Or, wend them and Kate to jail for awhile. Why do they never have Eric, Sami’s twin brother, ever show up?

  32. From Dinky

    Mel’s father needs to be LAwerence. That would be the ultimate twist. Carly did not want her to be raised an Alamain. That would definitly change lives on the show. Imagine Vivian when she realizes she almost killed Lawerence’s daughter. It would be great drama.

  33. From trish

    omg been watching days for 35 years are they still using the same hairdresser? Is Kate a punk-rocker in real life hair looks like a bad home dye job, Phillip what is with all the multi-lengths hanging around. Vivian did you pay $2.99 for that wig only good hair is hope, carly and melanie. sami’s hair great on biggest loser not on dool

  34. From Missy

    love daniel & carly be the father & mother of thier daughter melanie.
    love for them to be together. bo bk w/ hope. lucas, bk w/ chloe.

  35. From ron

    Melanie’s dad has to be doctor horndog…he sleeps with everyone!

  36. From Rebecca

    The father of melanie is victor. Its said on the upcoming episode info.. So exciting!

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