Days of Our Lives Spoilers for February 1-5.

Thinking of Salem.

The kidnapping fiasco takes an uncomfortable turn as Sami opens up all about her suffering. While Sami weeping and wailing to anyone with at least one of their five senses is hardly unusual, this time around she manages to do it in front of someone who has more than the usual reasons not to want to listen to her. The blonde Brady unburdens herself and lays the weight of her world on the already frequently tipsy Anna DiMera. While Anna’s battling with disgust, Brady and Arianna celebrate her latest lease on freedom.

Not everyone is celebrating their new freedoms though. Bo may be out of his commitment to Hope but he’s still suffering. She threatens to take Ciara away from him due to his less than well-thought out actions of late. Meanwhile, Daniel’s been thinking some things out for himself. Maybe he’s been thinking a little too much because he’s starting to think that there’s a lot more to Melanie thanthere seems to be, or at least more than Carly lets on. Dr. Manning is also spending an awful lot of time thinking about Miss Melanie and it’s getting way too uncomfortable for everybody. What will she think when she witnesses all of the sexual tension between Nathan and Melanie? Could this cause trouble for the upcoming wedding?

If Carly doesn’t end up making trouble, there’s a pretty good chance someone else will do it for her. Kate and Vivian continue to battle it out over their roles in Philip’s life and the plotting of his wedding. While the bride and groom-to-be kick themselves for not running off to Vegas to elope, Kate sets her sights on Carly and confronts her about her connection to Vivian and Melanie.

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  1. From Clear

    Why did they let Hope have the last word again and stomp out? She’s the one who needs to suffer! Mia needs to serve penance for being nasty to her elders again too. I had to see Sami being totally ridiculous. She should figure out that Rafe is her best chance and quit listening to EJ. If she worked half as hard with Rafe to find Sydney as she does keeping up with EJ, yelling, and crying–Syd would be home. Who is taking care of Johnny and Allie too.

  2. From THOMAS


  3. From Kim

    Sami is really starting to bug with all her dam wailing and pushing Rafe away. How can that twit think the Dimeras’ could do better than the FBI? Twit. EJ is looking pretty smug for all the damage he is doing to Sami, and I can almost say she deserves it a little bit. I wonder what Anna is going to do with baby Sydney? Is she going to babysit indefinitly? She’s starting to look a little impatient.

    Carly, tell Melanie already! Vivian is gonna go for Mel’s throat soon.

  4. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    NOOOOO not again. Hope threatening to take Ciara away from Bo. Isn’t this how it all started to begin with?? She is living with Bo’s father. Who does she think she is? If she wants to take Ciara away then move out of Victor’s house! Doesn’t she have her own money? She sure acts like a pompous ass all the time. I don’t agree with Bo sleeping with Carly while he is STILL married to Hope, but seriously?!! This story is
    B O R I N G. Sami has become very annoying. I liked her better when she was scheming and evil. Baby switch/kidnapping doesn’t interest me at all. Carly needs to come clean to Melanie and Dr. Pervert already. Her dreaming of Melanie is quite disturbing. I honestly have to say I can’t figure out how both Phil and Nathan want Melanie when she is only a teenager on the show!! Maybe find some older women to coo over and fight over. Not Stephanie. I’m bored with her also. I feel like Lucas should have been kept around to help Maggie. She was there for him. He would have been great with helping her. I also had wished it was Lucas who found out that EJ was the one who kidnapped Sydney. Then they could have made it seem as if EJ got rid of him somehow to explain his exit. I do hope they bring him back sometime in the future. Arianna should kick Brady to the curb. He’s still in lust for Nicole. It’s Theresa & Ethan all over again. I know I keep saying that, but it’s the truth!

  5. From Wilson

    Hope is the Kate Gosslin of Soaps! She verbally beats Bo down then wonders why he’s so unresponsive to her needs. Now she’s going to take Ciara away from him?? Let’s just promote another child-parent seperation!! After all isn’t that whay DOOL is all about. who’s child is who’s

  6. From Clear

    Ditto! Ditto more than once!

  7. From sosh

    Bo and Carly make me sick. He is not over Hope and he sleeps with that tramp. Days makes out like people cannot go without sex. It is ridiculous. I know it is only a story, but if I were Hope, that would be very hard to forget, all because he is protecting her and her daughter. He could have done that without sex. I know Hope is an ass but she did not deserve that.

  8. From pams

    Sami has always been a screaming brat – until she and Lucas married. Then she started to act decent.

  9. From Deb

    That is the best post I’ve seen in a long time! Bo and Hope have broken up a million times before and I’ve always rooted for them to get back together (and they always do). Howver, this time, I am DONE with them. Hope doesnt deserve Bo.

  10. From babs

    So, anyone think this will send poor Maggie back to the bottle?

  11. From Missy

    let this wedding go on philip melanie,saga they waited for this for along time now. let the bride & groom, finally get married nathan, w/ stephanie,good drama ?

  12. From barbara

    NO. mel and phil must not marry. she’s in love w/nathan and who knows where phil will venture off next? guess the sydney story continues until we all throw up.

  13. From Kino


    I hope Nathan stops Melanie from marrying Philip by making her realise how much he loves her and how much he’s cared for her well being. Maybe then, she may realise that he was right and leave Philip at the altar.

    Writers, please let Sami wise up and realise how untrustworthy Elvis is. That way, she can save her relationship with Rafe by getting the FBI involved and getting Sydney home. It’s a bad decision to put her back with her ex-husband after all the hell he’s inflicted on her, plus the many more he will do. Elvis is a Dimera and will never change no matter how much he tries to “save” her. No one should forget that he raped Sami and he’s a drug lord. Rafe is much better for her and she shouldn’t push him away anymore.

  14. From daisy

    Lets see, Stehano questions E.J. about the “pills” for the baby, and there is a medicine dropper with it? Can’t imagine using those together, or carrying a medicine dropper in your pocket…unsanitary, and why not leave it at the house??? And why isn’t E.J. in a hurry to get that medicine to Sydney?????Doesn’t look too concerned!

  15. From judy

    I used to think Stephano was just about the most evil person in the soap world but his evil spawn Elvis makes him look like a school girl remember when Elvis first appeared he was all about the evil of the gloved hand switching embryos and well having a ” hand ” in several murders we all know Sami is a little thick in the head but even the Salem police could prove this guy areal jerk

  16. From Lucy

    I like Sami better when she was evil. She is so annoying, I have to turn my TV way down when she’s on b/c she’s always yelling…overacting!

    Why can’t Bo bring up Patrick Lockhart to Hope?

  17. From Josie

    EJ and Vivian should date. Both characters are pyscho-evil. What a match…together, they would bring complete destruction to Salem.

  18. From CAROLYN

    I am 80 years old and have watched this show from the first. Every year it gets worse, but don’t blame the actors. The program needs some writers with some sense.overkill

  19. From Ae1203

    Melanie sould definitely be with Nathan. Phillip has treated her like garbage in the past. He stole her prototype and fired her from Titan. Guess in soap opera land people get amnesia quite frequently. Don’t want Sami with E.J either. Hello!! He raped her in the past. Sami should get her act together and be with Rafe and Mel should definitely be with Nathan.

  20. From sharpshooter

    The show seems to keep getting differant writers & then it gets too messed up. Finally get some good ones. If E.J. is supposed to be such a good father, then why when Anna keeps calling him & saying Syd is getting worse, does he not get her the meds. He is only using Syd for a pawn that’s all. If he had the meds in his pocket all this time, why is he at home arguing with Stephano. I really like Stephano. I wish he would find out & take Syd away from them all.

  21. From Tess

    THE SHOW HAS BECOME TERRIBLE. Carly and Rafe are both the heroes of the show but both are being portrayed as anything but. Yesterday we had Adrian and Hope both yelling at Carly and telling her what a bad person she has become. Even though Carly saved Rafe’s life when her own life was on the line, almost all of Salem’s elite hate her. Among the list of people who are mean to her are Mia, Melanie, Hope, Adrian, and of course Victor and Viv. All Carly has ever tried to do is to be nice to everyone. Carly spent Christmas and New Years Day alone. What Carly needs on the show is a friend. BUT DO YOU THINK THAT WOULD OCCUR TO THE WRITERS? Apparently not. Except for Bo, she has not even one friend in Salem. Well maybe Dr. Dan but we have only seen them together briefly. And we all see what her friendship with Bo has got her. And what kind of a friend is Bo anyways since he told everyone that Carly came back to Salem with her eyes set on him? With friends like that who needs enemies as the saying goes. She needs a girlfriend that she can talk with. Maybe Maggie could become her friend.
    And yesterday watching Sami yelling and screaming at Rafe and even blaming him for everything, saying the baby switching all happened because of him made me want to puke. She is portrayed as real abuser. After all he did for her and EJ this is how Sami treats him? Rafe discovered the truth about the baby switching and this is his reward? This is sick. What a pathetic person Sami is. She is so unlikeable. You can’t feel any sympathy for her when she acts like that. And you never see her with any of her other children. What kind of a mother is she anyways? The writers should be trying to get us to empathize with Sami because of all her losses but fail to do so. They just make you dislike her intensely.
    And why wouldn’t the writers have Rafe give Elvis a lie detector test now that Rafe found EJ’s DNA all over the ransome note. Rafe gave Stephano a lie detector test but not EJ. But I doubt that will ever happen. Nothing ever makes any sense on this show. Yesterday when Rafe didn’t come home for the night because he was working on the kidnapping case, Sami said to him “you disappeared without ever telling me where you were going once before so I thought you were going to disappear again without saying anything” Perhaps this would have been a good time for Rafe to tell Sami he was almost murdered by that lunatic woman but he didn’t. Nothing makes any sense. I think I have watched my last show because this show is going downhill really fast.

  22. From Kim

    Wow! That was quite the slap Carly threw at Justin! Ouch! I love the commitment to the scene the actors display here. Bet his cheek was humming for a while!

    And I can’t believe that Sami had the gall to insuate that Rafe is to blame for everything that has happened regarding Sydney!!

    “If it had been any other FBI agent there in the safe house with me…he never would have lied to the FBI, so none of this would have ever happened!!!!” Wah, wah!

    What a completely irresponsible, brainless, useless, unappreciative, whiny, wailing, sniveling little !#@*%$! she is reverting back to! Ggrrr! Leave her Rafe! Leave her already!!!

    But ya, good daytime drama. Good stuff. Ya.

  23. From Cand

    Sami is just a lost cause. She just never gets it …. oh ya and the your such a great mother…are you kidding where may I ask are her other childern? She never has or will know anything about being a mother.
    And Hope threw Bo away and blames him for going….I am so glad Bo just stares at her like she has lost her mind, and I do think it is tacky for him to jump in bed with Carly but so so glad Hope is getting the idea she is not the queen bee.

  24. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever

    Needless to say that I am NOT watching Days at all right now. I only read the Days Ahead or recaps. I can’t stand that Sami is being fooled yet again by EJ…writers, please wake up – Sami is supposed to be too smart for this!

    I absolutely HATE what the writers have done to Bo and Hope. I will probably always be in the minority, but I absolutely agree with Hope. She is tired of ALWAYS coming last in Bo’s life. It never fails – even during the kidnapping, Hope was last. The writers do need to make Hope that strong woman that she used to be. I want to see Hope tell Bo exactly what he has done and is doing to their marriage. Bo needs to put HOPE FIRST and tell her about Carly. Bo always seems to keep secrets from her…then expects her to just forgive him. I know Hope is not blameless in this. She does need to talk to Bo about what she is going through. They both need to seriously talk.

    As for Carly, I couldn’t stand her to begin with…not even the first time around. Let’s not forget that Carly pushed Bo aside for Lawrence. Carly got what she deserved. I hope Vivian gets the best of Carly again….would love to see Carly buried alive yet again!!

  25. From ejamitogether4ever

    # 12 (Lucy)
    I totally agree with you about Sami…
    She was a much more complex character and way more interesting before they tried to make her into Mother Goose.
    She needs to go back to her old ways and EJ and Sami belong together. A Brady and a Dimera wrecking havoc on Salem!

  26. From ejamitogether4ever

    #18 (boandfancyface4ever)

    Well said!

  27. From Kino


    I agree. They need to get their acts together and end this travesty known as the baby switch/kidnapping storyline. Writers, why don’t we start with having Sami WISE THE HELL UP and realise Elvis is responsible for putting her through all the hell for keeping Sydney away from her because he still wanted her to pay for Grace’s death. Even though she wasn’t their biological daughter, Sami still loved her as her own daughter and gave her a good home. Let her feel betrayed and angry that she apologizes to Rafe for mistrusting him and has him get the FBI involved anyway so they bring Sydney home. They should cheat Elvis out of his revenge by exposing his fraud. He’ll never change. Elvis is not only a Dimera, but he’s a rapist and a drug lord. Let him go to jail and deal with Nicole after Sami’s done with him.

    Also the writers need to get Bo to try to work his relationship out with Hope, so she can go back to being the stong, loving wife she used to be. He should’ve told her about why Carly is really back and it isn’t for him, but to protect her daughter, Melanie, from Vivian. They need to work out some of their issues so they can get back together.

    Also please have Vivian and Kate go at each other’s throats again, and not make this about Philip. Let Vivian find out about Kate failed attempt to poison both Chloe and Stefano so she can destroy her once more.

  28. From MsBoulder-CO

    So who is taking care of Sydney now if they have to bring Anna in due to another phone call to EJ’s phone when Arianna accidently picks it up? Let’s get the kidnap story over with and hope Sami gives EJ a slap like Carly laid on Justin – LOL.

    I think Daniel could be Melanie’s father which is going to be weird for Chloe to be step-mommy again to a teenager. Melanie is after all suppose to be 18 or 19 right?

    Bo/Hope. Hope will drive Ciarra to hate her if she takes Bo out of her life. Let Hope deny all she wants that Justin is just a friend cause when they end up in the sack Bo will have all the ammunition to fight back too.

    We also know now that Vivian knows Melanie is Carly’s daughter she is going to love torturing Carly bonding with Melanie. Kate and Carly teaming up to get Vivian could be interesting but I would hate to see Carly get mixed up with Kate.

    We can all sit here and talk about the how bad the writing and characters have become but for some reason we all watch daily waiting for the outcome. For those of you making comments you’re ready to stop watching Days, stop watching and leaving comments. After all, it’s only entertainment.

  29. From Leigh


    You said it! I too agree with Hope. Bo only likes women he can save! Hope is a strong women and doesn’t need to be “protected” ie lied to and kept secrets from. That’s all Bo has done. Never mind he chose Billie over Hope when Hope returned all those years ago. I stopped watching Days for 5 years after that one. And I’m about to give up again.

    As for Patrick Lockhart – that was after Bo lied to her about his daughter murdering her son – Keeping secrets from her yet again with an ex-lover.

  30. From Clear

    I realize that Bo and Hope will probably get back together, but Hope is the one who needs to listen and apologize for leaving and blaming Bo for everything in the first place after the kidnapping. Bringing up Zack after all that time was dredging the past up for nothing. They had gotten past that, but Hope has to have the last word and everything her way! I don’t like her character any more. The last time I liked a scene she did was when she was trying to find out what the secret was supposedly to help Carly–one unselfish idea. She should have told Bo all about that. I would have liked to see them all three including Carly go after Viv–and Hope pay penance for her own deceit. Since she’s been consistently stupid.

  31. From Diane

    Okay, this Bo and Hope thing is getting out of control. Bo should be ashamed of himself. Couples always have trouble, but that doesnt give them a right to just sleep around! I can’t wait for Hope to knock the crap out of Carly!! So she has a daughter….if she’s so afraid for her security then she should stay out of her life and get out of town! I am sick of Bo hiding things from Hope. I’d leave his butt too!! And Rafe needs to tell Sami to shut up! Let’s get a Rafe and Hope thing goin’ on….a little \cougar\ activity would be hilarious and show Bo that he really isn’t \all that\!! ha-ha

  32. From Jack Kanov

    Clear is clearly right. Hope bringing up the past is bogus and she was the one that left and took Ciara in the first place. At first she didn’t even let Bo know where they were.
    Bo just needs to go on with Carly. She is healthier looking than hope and has bigger breasts.
    Why is it that Stefano used to see all things or have his lab rat Ralph be his eyes when he wasn’t around and now he doesn’t know anything? Why doesn’t he have his men tail E.J.? Why did Rafe take E.J.s cellphone and not question why about his other one? Rafe is kind of a chump for being with the whiny, yelling Samantha. Soon as things get rough she goes running to Elvis. pardon me while I vomit..Melanie is too loud and everytime she kisses Philip it seems like he is kissing a 15 year old. It’s a big turn off. Vivian is an evil witch and she needs to be have a spell put on her. I wish Carly would just B-slap her several times and then go after Hope and B-slap some sense into her and then I want Bo to B-slap Justin. Justin can’t be bothered in trying to save his own marriage but will butt in and act all high and mighty with Bo and Carly. Gimmeabreak! Mia is such a borish behaatch. Seems she has grown about 4 inches, what does she have high heels on. Gabi needs to go play in the traffic. She is annoying. Speaking of annoying, I do not miss Nicole at all. Keep her locked up and miserable. Back to Stefano, Why do they have him being kind of wimpish with E.J. He didn’t stand for Tony’s insubordination. E.J. is over the top and a blooomin’ bloody swine.
    Rack me, I’m out.
    p.s. go Celts over the Lakers on Sunday!

  33. From Houston

    Is Daniel old enough to have met, slept with and impregnated Carly at a medical conference? If so, it would have had to have been after his wife died (not too long ago, right??) and while he was in need of hug, as was Carly. I was hoping this was the case, but I don’t believe the timeline works right… If he is Carly’s age, then he’s MUCH older than Chole (that I had thought). Hell, she just graduated a couple of years ago with Shawn D and Belle!

  34. From Vivian

    Arianne Zucker returned to the DAYS set on Jan 25….so we should be seeing her soon….Glad she is back…..She and Melanie are my favorites….

  35. From Michelle

    Since Mel is his supposed daughter and she’s around 18yr old, then it would have had to have been longer than “not that long ago”. Dan doesn’t seem to me to be any younger than Carly, or at least not by much if his is. He was involved with Kate too, remember, but she is quite the cougar…

  36. From Di

    I really hope that Bo is finally finished with Hope. She has always been, and always will be, a selfish, thoughtless, nag. She has always thought of noboy but herself. She acts like she loves Bo but then treats him like crap if he doesn’t cater to her wants and needs. If he doesn’t cave everytime she tells him to…..she either leaves or tells him to. I’m fed up with her holier-than-thou attitude. She is trying to make Bo feel guilty for being with Carly when she is no saint. It wasn’t that long ago that she was knocked up and did not who the father was. That wasn’t the first time she didn’t know who her baby’s daddy was. Let Bo move on and be happy with Carly. I think they suit each other. I’m glad she’s back. She treats Bo like he matters and they are friends. They respect each other. Hope only respects herself and her opinions. I’m all for Boarly (that doesn’t look right… does it !?!) Maybe Barly. BoCa? Whatever!

  37. From Paula

    #11-Judy: I don’t know how long you’ve been watching DOOL, but to say EJ makes Stephano look like a school girl is simply not true. Stephano, in his hey day, was the most evil man and went to incredable lengths to accomplish what he wanted. EJ has not even come close to stepping up to that plate. I miss those days…Stephano was awsome….his name could have been in the dictionary to describe the word evil!

  38. From Clear

    How about Carbo? Scary, but I agree with most of what Jack said. LOL! I will be glad to see Nicole, but give her some meaningful scenes from the jail before they let her out–maybe Viv or Kate in there for a few catfights? She might have clawed up Arianna too, but she got a reprieve.

  39. From Clear

    My browser sticks! I also want to say I hate that Sami is messing up again and losing Rafe! Also, shouldn’t he be smart enough to follow EJ and catch him with Sydney after what he did with the ransom notes?
    I think Stephano is more in control than it appeared. He may know that EJ has Syd, and just be watching it play out, or waiting for some part of his master plan to go into effect. When Anna has heard noises, his henchman may have been watching! Maybe he is waiting for Nicole to get out of the big house to fit into a plan??

  40. From Peg

    Once again I will ask where are Samis twins? and why isn’t there a tail on EJ..come on Rafe you aren’t that dumb.
    Get this kidnapping storyline over with.

    Get Bo and Hope back together..I hate Carly….she is so ugly…

  41. From Clear

    Right Peg, with you all except I like Carly and think Hope has become an ugly character. I thought Carly told Hope quite nicely–too bad Bo broke them up.
    I did like Maggie’s conversation with Melanie today.

  42. From CarlyandBofan

    I’m loving the Carly/Bo/Hope thing!!!!! The Kristian and Crystal scenes are really, really good- especially when they got into it at Maggies house.

    I’m liking the new evil Hope. She’s changed a lot and it’s important for everyone to see that…while Bo may not have been right sleeping with Carly so soon, Hope didn’t make anything easier on him.

    Bo is Salem’s good guy…he would have put Hope first if she hadn’t moved out and ran away with his daughter. No questions asked.

    Please put Bo and Carly together…they just seem to get each other. The way they just know what to say, when to not talk and just relax on the couch…they just are so easygoing and perfect together! I think putting Bo Hope back together would be a big mistake…they have no chemistry.

    If the writers put Bo and Hope back together why not just make them Alice and Tom now and only show them at Christmas?? This is the best acting, chemistry, etc we’ve had from Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell in a loooooong time! yay Crystal for giving us a reason to watch Bo and Hope again!!!

  43. From BoandCarlyforever

    I love Carly!!! Her and Bo’s relationship is great…they know when to shut up…not argue…they really seem to get each other. They can just sit on the couch and be content and know what each other is thinking.

    I’m loving Evil Hope too! She does that one raised eyebrow thing… I’ve really appreciated her acting more in scenes where she is lashing out and upset than when she is trying to be upset. The scenes between CC and KA are great! They have a lot of chemistry in their scenes.

    Thanks for bringing CC back! I’m loving her with Bo!! (Even if it isn’t permanent)

    To all the Bo/Hope fans…putting Bo and hope together would be a big mistake!! This is the best acting I’ve seen out of Bo and Hope in a looong time. And they finally have a decent storyline!! Thank you writers! Crystal is an amazing actress!!! You saved our show!

  44. From Kim

    Ha! I like Carbo the best, I think that one is the winner! :p

    I can’t wait for Nicole’s return. I have always liked her, especially when she was trying to kill Victor! I hated how wussy she got when she married EJ, she just wasn’t herself naughty self. Too bad, I think those two would have made a great evil super couple!

    I like Carly, but I think Hope and Bo should get back together. Carly and Rafe should hook up. I hate it when they screw with the super couples. They should have done a different story line for these two. Love is never sacred on a soap.

  45. From NewEnglandClamChowder

    I have to add my two cents into this Sami/kids thing. Not only do we never see the twins. Why are they always mentioned by Johnny with EJ and where is poor Alice now that Lucas is gone without any word? Twins should be kept together, not all the time, but even with different fathers they can still be around one another. It’s ridiculous. Sami is never there for her kids. NEVER! She needs to have her tubes tied. I just have this feeling they are going to knock her up again with Rafe’s baby, but play the whose the daddy card between Rafe & EJ. YUCK! Also, if Dr. Dan is indeed Melanie’s daddy with Carly. I have a feeling he cheated on his sick wife then. The writers are making us believe that his wife died not too long ago. Hmmm. Interesting. Unless he was just married for a few years then I can see it.

  46. From Clear

    I’m sure that Hobo/Bope will get back together, but not before Hope has to pay penance and eat crow, beg, squirm and suffer for being a prideful wench is what I want to see. Meanwhile, I like Carbo, but see that she and Rafe could be good together, and a very strong couple.
    I am looking forward to Nicole’s return too.

  47. From Clear

    P.S. Maybe it was a hot and steamy affair with Dr. Dan when he was an intern and Carly was his forbidden “Cougar!”

    I still like Sami with Rafe, and wouldn’t mind seeing Nicole get back with EJ to torture all her old enemies–even Sami.

  48. From loyal viewer


  49. From DaysFan67

    Guess I am at a loss why so many people like EJ or Carly? EJ has been hateful to Sami for a long time….going back to before that “fateful” night. I really hope that EJ and Nicole end up back together. I really liked them as a couple.

    Also, why isn’t Carly in jail? She killed her husband. Sami and many others have been in jail for less. If Carly was s-o-o-o in love with Bo before, then why did she betray Bo with Lawrence? Also, Lawrence is dead…so why is everyone automatically taking Carly’s side in this matter? Does the evidence support it?

    Bo is really going to have to eat crow, beg, squirm and ask for forgiveness from Hope after putting her through more LIES and SECRETS AGAIN. You would think he would have learned his lesson from the Billie ordeals.

    Days writers need to have some HAPPY couples….and let them be happy for awhile. There are other ways to write conflict besides having people “sleep” around.

  50. From Wilson

    Too the Writers of the show- Are you trying to get people to stop watching DOOL???? Listen to your viewers- We are fed up with the sydnappong and your silly story lines. Either hear what we are saying or go write for another show. We the viewers of DOOL have had enough of the nonesense story lines.

  51. From babs

    I’m sure daniel and Carly slept together and made Mel back before he met his wife. He said that Carly introduced him to his wife so he already knew carley.

  52. From sharpshooter

    I agree that bo doesn’t make hope come first, he should.If I were him I would tell hope the secrets, but she really doesn’t deserve it any way. Yesterday made me laugh after she & carly were on the peer with bo. When they left she said–and I have no one. She only has herself to blame.In the past he used to make her come first. But he has had it with her now.

  53. From Days Fan

    To #41 babs, isn’t Trent Melanie’s father?

  54. From Rhoda

    If Carly introduced Dr. Dan to his wife, then when did they sleep togehter? Before then? That would be just as bad because she was pregnant all the while and meanwhile Dr.Dan and his wife are having problems having a baby? Still gross in my book. How come they never mention Nicholas Carly & Lawrence’s son? What is going on with him and where is he? Melanie didn’t seem to have such abad life as the writers are now trying to make us believe. She was rich, spoiled, schooled in Paris, ets. Trent may have been a disgusting pig, but he loved her as well. I still don’t understand why EJ is holding Sydney up with Anna. Just file for custody. Sami sucks as a mother and doesn’t even work. How can she afford the rent to that awesome penthouse? I wish they would bring Tony back from the dead. He would be great.

  55. From Brenda

    #13 Stephano was really bad. Just to tell it doesn’t give it justice. The show had lots of terribly good \evil \ characters. The difference I believe is the acting. James Scott can really act without saying a word. Like to see him on prime time when he gets fired. The way things are going unfortunately he may get there sooner than we are ready for him to leave. His character will never be as evil as Stephano was. Since he is carrying the whole evil load he doing a great job. Days always had several evil people at a time.

  56. From wanda

    why dont rafe save carly from viv and they get together

  57. From Clear

    That is the question–is it Trent, or is it Dr. Dan? I agree with Loyal Viewer that the story lines go on too long. I would like some resolution, justice, and closure. Some of this stuff going on for decades without loose ends tied up is not good. I may have to quit watching if I am probably going to kick the bucket before I find out Rafe’s secret! What did Arianna not want to tell Sami about her prison stay and the crime?
    All the actors looked good today, and Rafe’s lips were not so red, thank you.

  58. From Clear

    PS–I was reading the spoilers on the sister site, and I’m looking forward to perhaps hair pulling, scratching, and cat fighting between Viv and Kate over Viv’s treatment of Mel!! It should be great!!

  59. From Stacy

    I just can’t believe that anyone can just walk into the DiMera mansion to steal Sydney in the first place. Wouldn’t you think they would have high tech security and cameras. I also can’t believe that Melanie and Mia can continue to talk to Carly so disrespectfully and no one tells them to shut up. They are not being mean to any other adults. Also Stefano with all of his minions should be able to find out what EJ is up to.

  60. From patty

    I hate EJ with a passion for what he’s doing to Sammi but I’m actually glad Rafe left her for being so stupid, stupid, stupid!!!
    Who says she’s a good mother? She walks in and slams out of her house without ever mentioning who’s looking after her kids. We know it’s not Maggie and Grandma Caroline is too old to look after twins, not to mention running a pub.I can’t believe how these never ending storylines about missing and switching babies go on endlessly only to have those same children disapear backstage somewhere never to be seen again.

  61. From daisy

    Thank goodness they finally got Sydney out of her hooded heavy outdoor clothing!
    I agree, Daniel is probably Mels Dad, and she was probably adopted by Trent.
    Daniel is no spring chicken Most Dr.s don’t start practicing till their late 30′s, and he is suppose to be so experienced”known around the world”, he must be in his 50′s, and Kate( the character) is of course at least 70.

  62. From Cangel

    I love stefeno being evil, making people think people were dead, that man is truly evil. Ej is wicked but not evil, had stefeno kidnapped sydney he would have made everyone think she was dead then have her being raised up on a private island where she becomes a true dimera more evil than her dad.
    I wish they would let Sami find out all about Ej’s plans. Then with Lucas help in one of her schemes she brings sydney home, and gets Ej landed in jail for kidnapping, & running a drug cartel. An she gets full custody of her kids. An Sami and Lucas during her scheme falls back in love, find out that Johnny is not really ej’s and sydney is his also that they forgot about the “special visit” when he was in prison. So they are a true family for once.I think Viv should scratch her plans on killing melanie, and kidnaps her instead trapping her on some island. Carly, starts going nuts cause viv is playing melaines voice at times and when someone comes up they think she is losing it. Let Nathan and Stephanie go on the cruise that maggie was suppose to go on,and on one of the islands they visit Nathan gets this feeling to stay behind. Stephanie comes back alone, Phillip wonders why, so they all take off Carly, Phillip, Stephanie, mel’s father (Roman), all go to the island. A volcano is about to erupt and everyone is looking for melanie cause phillip overhears Viv tell her servant that they will never find melanine. Then Nathan & Phillip finds her Dr. Lee has injected Mel with some type of poison, where she is going in & out of cconsiousness she tells Nathan she loves him and slips in a coma. Thus Carly tells her shes her mother and she is so sorry. Viv is happy cause carly has lost her daughter. Bo should quit fooling around with Carly, start paperwork for his divorce, and bring in another woman who is strong willed an gives Bo a run for his money. Nicole gets out of prison for good behavoir and exacts her revenge on EJ for putting Sydney and her through all that hell. Sami, forgives Nicole and lets her spend time with sydney. While Nicole and Sami work together to claim the Demera empire.
    Nicole decides to do the surrogate thing, allowing Sami to carry her baby and becomes a mom to her own child.

  63. From Alishia

    I’m sorry but for Rafe to walk out on Sami while she is going through all this is completely unforgivable. Rafe is being ridiculous. Anyone going through having a child kidnapped, is not going to be thinking rationally, and is going to be easily upset. It’s all about Rafe. I am very disappointed in him. =( They were such a cute couple. EJ is a lot of horrible things, but when he was with Sami, at least he was WITH her. By that I mean for her, and not against her. They fought but they always made up. It seems like every time Rafe and Sami fight, he gets his panties in a bunch and moves out.

  64. From Paula

    ok…so maybe Dr. Dan should get with Hope and they can get their panties in a bunch together! lol

  65. From Michelle

    When Nicole “snuck” into the DiMera mansion to kidnap Syd in the first place, she had lived there and therefore knew the weaknesses or lack of security in certain places. I agree that Syd should never have been left unattended, but it’s all part of the soap world…
    I also agree that Mia and Mel’s treatment of Carly is completely uncalled for, but Maggie did put Mia in her place the other day when she came to get her science book, and I was glad for that.
    I do think Dr. Dan is plenty old enough to be Mel’s father, but how old someone looks doesn’t mean anything in the soap world either, they could make him out to be 25 and that would be that.
    Rafe is way too irrational and not considering all Sami is going through with the recent loss of Grace and now Syd, and he definitely has his own skeletons in his closet he needs to consider before judging anyone else!
    At first I really wanted and Ejami reunion, but now that they show EJ getting such pleasure out of Sami’s suffering, it’s clear he’s not out to get her back but out for revenge against her. She made the comment the other day to EJ that one thing she knew about him was that he kept his promises (regarding bringing Syd home); did she forget his promise to make her pay for keeping Grace (their supposed daughter at the time) from him??? Sami, WAKE UP! Remember how vengeful he is!
    Even yet…. I still would like to see Ejami again and Rafe out of the picture or with someone else.

  66. From judy

    Paula and Brenda I just meant thast E J is definitly following in his fathers foot steps even Andre wasn’t as despicable as E J he came to town just to cause trouble (gloved hand )remember how Sami wore a black dress on her wedding day to EJ just as Kate was supposedly so forced to marry Stephano why can’t these men marry for the right reasons like truely caring for someone even Nicole was only wed because EJ wanted to make sure he could have control over his child what a waste of life

  67. From Dolly

    Wish I had seen this soap back in the good old days when Sami and EJ were together. What fun that must have been. THe only good answer is for EJ and Sami to live together with the kids. Can’t get around their past life together. So, the problem as I see it is; How to get them to change just enough to be good for their kids.
    If Stephano does steal Sid, That would unite EJ and Sami, help them see the things which they share.
    REquire both of their strengths to get her back. EJ could see some of the evil caused by being like his DAd.

  68. From Clear

    EJ and Sami weren’t really together for very long, and it wasn’t that long ago. Rafe is the best thing that has happened to Sami because he has a brain and went ahead fighting for her even when they were not together. I had to see her whining and listening to EJ. Someone needs to teach Sami how to walk into a room too because she Kalump, Kalump, Kalumps into a room and out distracting from what is going on–plus how good she usually looks. I liked her better when she appeared stronger and smarter.

  69. From sharpshooter

    I don’t think Rafe is being unreasonable to Sammi at all. She said to him-I can’t do this anymore> Meaning with him. So he got the message & had to leave. How much more clear can she be to him.Enough of these people having to bend over backwards for someone just because they think they should be together. When it’s that much torcher from someone, just get out already & move on. Life is to short to be torchered by someone’s bad moods all the time.

  70. From Susie

    This kidnapping storyline is going on far too long & wait until EJ plants Sydney’s bloody clothes to make Sammi think Sydney died. SICK, SICK, SICK!!! What are the writers thinking?

  71. From Doris JJ

    It seems like EJ is going to tell Sami that he can’t stay in Salem and leave. Of course we know that he is leaving with Sydney. It must be hard for him to take his daughta and leave Sami behind since he loves Sami so much. And dumb Sami told Rafe to leave since he caused the return of Sydney to not happen.
    EJ isn’t the only evil person, we still have Viv and I’m wondering if Victor will try to destroy Carly. Don’t forget Kate, I’m sure her evil self will come out soon.
    I’m just really tired of EJ with his smirk and all the crap he pulls and gets by with it. I would like to see the bad guys get caught and jailed for a change.
    The people that want EJ and Sami together should Sami forget all that he has done? When or if she discovers that EJ is behind all this should she just say you are right EJ I deserved all this? Maybe she can take Arianna’s place and be the pusher for EJ since she doesn’t have a job!

  72. From Kino

    God, I hope the writers let Arianna smack some sense back in to Sami by telling her the truth about her ex-husband’s fraud. She’ll remind her that Rafe was the one who figured out that Nicole caused the baby switch and that Sydney was really her daughter with Elvis. He returned her back to Sami when her enemy got sent to jail. When Nicole kidnapped Sydney and was ready to return her, Elvis paid Anna to kidnap her by knocking her out. When Sami asks Arianna how she knows about what’s going on. She’ll tell her that Anna had ratted him out to her on his cell phone and that she’s working undercover by pretending to be a drug dealer. Arianna tells her, if it wasn’t for Rafe, she would never found out that Sydney was hers and she should’ve been much more grateful than that. Then let the fireworks of betrayal begin with Sami wising up and realising the truth. Let her remember all the horrible memories of Elvis and the hell he’s inflicted on her by raping her and trying to sue for full custody of Johnny. Let her realise that he’s keeping Sydney away from her because he wants her to pay for “Grace’s death” since she kept her far away from him. Sami’s had enough of Elvis’ torment that she goes back to her smart, spitfire and scheming ways once more. This time for a good reason because she’ll do it for Sydney and finds Rafe once more. She tells him that they should get the FBI involved in bring her daughter home and they should expose her ex-husband’s fraud to the world. Let them stop Elvis from leaving Salem and Sami reclaims Sydney once more.

  73. From Clear

    Yes, Kino! Ditto to Sami having had enough of Elvis’ torment that she goes back to her smart, spitfire and scheming ways once more. I would love for her to find out what EJ is doing, quieting and cleverly team up with Rafe to help her and take EJ DOWN!!!!!! I wonder if the writers could handle that and write it well????

  74. From Clear

    I meant Sami quietly and cleverly teaming up with Rafe. I got so excited I could barely type thinking about it, he,he,he!

  75. From Dawn

    I can careless when Hope is on screen, I even change the channel. I wouldnt miss anything all she does is go on & on about nothing. Honestly, they should kill her off or have her commit suicide. There is no story line for her. All she does is whine, threaten Bo; when its her own fault. I cant stand her, Bo is way better off with Carly!! Put her in a boat & let it float away–> FAR FAR FAR AWAY FROM SALEM

  76. From Michelle

    So on today’s show Mel agreed to a “fresh start” with Carly – then on the previews for Monday it shows Carly telling Bo that Mel is ready, she’s going to tell her she is her daugther. First of all, I think Mel needs a little more time than the weekend, which is only like 2 minutes soap time; secondly, Carly gave Mel the impression her daughter was dead (though she never said so, she just said her daughter was taken from her), and I think Mel will be angry that Carly “lied” to her about that, even though she really didn’t. Give it a little more time, and clarify a few things first is what Carly needs to do – in my opinion.
    Why is it that everyone thinks they can give everyone the 3rd degree? (Ari questioning EJ regarding who Anna is; and the way Rafe barges in on everyone questioning them). These people need to tell the ones questioning them it is none of their damn business!

  77. From Clear

    I just pulled this up and read Dawn’s and Michelle’s and see that what I wanted to say is already there! So ditoo, and I want to add that I enjoyed Victor laying down the law to Viv today though of course she did not get it through her thick head. I enjoyed today’s episode except for Sami’s cry face again–tired of that. At least she wasn’t yelling at Rafe today though she should have kept him from walking out, and it’s time she started thinking and gets a clue that EJ is untrustworthy and uses her brain to help Rafe find Sydney and get this storyline over!

  78. From Vivian

    If EJ skips with Sydney, is he going to take Johnny also????

  79. From Clear

    I wonder if he plans on somehow taking Sami with him too. Remember when Stephano had Marlena trapped in a cage in his mansion.
    I was thinking if Dr. Dan is Mel’s Daddy of all the interesting storylines it could produce. Vivian could go after him to hurt Carly at some point. Victor and she would face off over that again. Mel might be jealous and experience sibling rivalry if Chloe has a child. It might be a derivation of the Chelsea and Zack story. Kate might still want to hurt Dr. Dan and plan torturous things for him, Mel, and any future children in a hell hath no fury vein.
    By the way, where does Vivian’s henchman stay when he isn’t reporting to her, and why is he so loyal to her?

  80. From Lois

    I wish they would bring Nicole back and let her remember the woman voice as Anna and tell Rafe not to trust EJ because she feels that he had something to due with the kidnapping, because she remembers hearing the woman tell him that EJ would be glad that they knock her out. Let Brady back with Nicole. Sami with Rafe and let her find out what EJ has done. If her brings Sydney back isn’t it going to be odd that she remembers him after being gone for so long, baby’s don’t have that long of a memory, and what about her seeing Anna she will want her because she knows her so well.Sami needs to remember just what has happend to her Family in the pass with the DiMera family and how they take children and let you think their dead and they come back years later. Rafe isn’t dumb why isn’t he falling EJ he has been acting odd at times for a father that chikd is gone out of touch for hours that no one can get him that not normal when your child missing why hasn’t Sami thought of that herself it has happened quite a few times to her. People THINK we our not DUMB

  81. From Clear

    Yes! Why hasn’t Rafe in particular being with the FBI trained to consider everyone? Maybe we will find out that Rafe has EJ followed, or he will follow him and find him at Anna’s. Perhaps Stephano has already had him followed, knows what is going on and is looking for a way to play it all to his advantage.

  82. From Clear

    PS Spoiler from the other site: It says EJ and Sami find bloody baby clothes. Forensics could tell a lot from them even after they are tampered with probably. Maybe Rafe will find someone that saw them put into the water, or worse Stephano. Either way, I and everyone else seem to be particularly looking to end this one and get Syd back to Sami. I’m starting to fast forward through Sami sniveling and yelling, plus I’m not interested in seeing EJ comfort and lie to her–fast forward again! I FF’d when I saw the cry face yesterday and had to rewind to satisfy curiosity about when she gave him that saint’s medal and expressed some semblance of gratitude toward Rafe. Her character was still too dumb to give Rafe her trust and ask him not to leave.

  83. From Delores

    Carol Burnette use to do a comedy skit from a soap opera called “As the Stomach Churns”. This is exactly what DOOL has become as of lately, and there is unfortuneatly not enough Maalox or Feenamint to SPEED it all up or RELIEVE the irritation of the on-going saga’s.
    Maybe Carol Burnette and company should actually appear on DOOL because it has become the stupid comedy that Carol Burnette has protrayed on her own show.

  84. From kim

    okay….what is sami thinking??? Trust Ej after he has hurt her soooo many times? And what is up with Stefano? Is he not suppose to be the smartest man in the demara clan? And Anna?? wth?
    I think that Sami needs to get a clue. She is being stuppid. I think it would be cool if stefano found out about sydney and took her away from anna! See how ej would feel with that! But instead of dragging it out..have stephano bring the child back to Sami, then hold the info over ej…
    I would like to see steph grow a brain too…she has to know that Nate has strong feelings for Mel…dah!
    And have carly get the upper hand on viv! That would be awesome. As far as bo and hope goes…I have lost interest. They could have been the couple that everyone looks to like John and Doc, but they even had to ruin that one!

  85. From Doris JJ

    Does anyone wonder how these people live without jobs? I don’t see anyone working and when they do they have very short shifts.

  86. From anne

    I’m thinking that Daniel is Melanie’s father. He and CArley had a “good time” back then.

  87. From Clear

    Right Kim, and Doris too. The people are always taking a break too! They are always bandbox fresh at work-of course we expect that, but some of those outfits like the short skirt Stephanie was wearing almost up to her a@# was nothing I ever saw people working in a hospital wear. Of course, I wish I would look that good in that outfit, ha!!

  88. From renee

    I felt sorry for Sami yesterday when Rafe walked out the door. Then when Carly told her about her daughter and then let her believe that it died. I thought there was your chance to tell her. I think that would be a good story that Cangel was telling. It is going to be funny when the baby does come back and say something that it was not suppose to say.

  89. From patsy

    What has happened toDOOL? IT USETO TO BE ABOUT FAMILE .WHAT have the writers done to BO.NOW he,s like EJPhillip and all the other men they don,t think with their mind they think below the waist. I useto watch DAYS with my kids now I,d too embrased to .No moralsany more .Yes I know its a soapopera .and I just read the threads hopeing to have something worth watching one of these daysDOOL SHOULD BE ON PRIMTIME ITS SO SLIMEY.

  90. From C

    Days is funny. Sami is getting her just deserts for the way she treated Lucas in the past. I like the mean EJ. As for the rest, besides Hope and Maggie, who really cares?

  91. From Arlene

    I love the way Victor talks to Vivian. He’s gotten so funny on the show! Someone mentioned that Lucas could’ve been supportive for Maggie so she doesn’t drink. That was a really good idea and he could have helped Sami out too, with her problems with EJ and Rafe. Too bad that he was let go. Wonder how they will write him off the show. I also agree with another writer who said that Gabi adds nothing to the show. Frankly, I find these teen stories very boring. Would like to see Stefano have a better storyline with this EJ and Sydney story. He isn’t dumb, he smelled a rat when EJ had the baby’s medicine in his coat. I like Melanie on the show, but don’t know why the writers have her as a femme fatale, where all these men want her. Stephanie is a prettier girl, but they are turning her character around and making her sneeky and nasty.

  92. From sharpshooter

    I agreed with Michelle on waiting a while to tell mel she is her mother. She let her think her baby died. I would be mad when she told me after that lie. She could have told her then, but then she would be mad & tell people about her mother & then Viv would get her.
    Sammi is so stupid for letting Rafe go. She will be very sorry. Good for her. She deserves it.

  93. From barbie

    Sami took lessons from Hope about blaming someone who is trying to get your daughter back from a kidnapper. EJ always has his “Anna” phone on him except when she calls Arianna who just happens to have the same phone. I get that EJ is trying to punish Sami but does he want her back at some point or just punishing her by taking away Sydney and Rafe? Bo has been acting so stupid lately ever since he slept with Carly… she must have drugged his beer. It’s like he’s turned off all feelings for Hope and Sierra. I can’t believe he can’t trust Hope with Carly’s secret, it’s not like she’s going to want someone get killed. What ever happened to her and Justin snooping for the box in Viv’s closet? They can’t give up that easily or was it just an excuse for a kissing scene between Hope and Justin? Melanie and Nathan need to get together and soon, I can hardly stomach the scenes with him and Stephanie. Thank God for FF.

  94. From kathy call

    WHY, WHY WHY don’t you writers get on with it and let this sami baby thing come to a end !! This is what I hate about this show. You keep on with the same old story line. Get soemthing new going on before you too are out !!!!

  95. From Millie

    I agree with 83 Dolores, 93 Kathy call, and others about the never ending storylines about missing and switching babies. I also share the opinion Days has shifted from a family, values storyline to a sleazy, sometimes even soft porn one. Right now Maggie is the only character with character and values and I would not be surprised if that will change soon too.

  96. From Clear

    I agree with all of the above, except that Hope can keep a secret. Remember that her behavior and questions tipped Victor off about Carly. She will find out the secret soon enough, but will it matter to her? She is also a prime reason that Salem has such a defective police force. She does not act at all like a trained police officer from what I can see. Her worst weapon is the sharp edge of her tongue and slamming out of wherever she and Bo see each other, and her brain lately is useless!

  97. From cece

    I DON’T want Mel and Philip to get married. Seriously this is what i hope will happen. Mel is getting ready for her wedding when Vivian comes in and wishes Mel luck and gives her a glass of wine. Mel takes it not knowing that there is poison in it. Meanwhile Nathan is at the pup or at Maggies house thinking about Mel when he finally decides that he needs to stop her to tell her that she shouldn’t get married to Philip because he loves her he loves her. We flash to Philip who looks all handsome and happy not knowing what has happened to Mel. Phil says to Bo, “I can’t wait to marry the woman that I love.” We flash back to Mel who is now lying on the floor and in comes in Nathan. Nathan: “Mel, Mel wake up!!! Then somehow Mel gets rushed to the hospital everyone is there. Carly starts to cry and says “Noooooooooooo she can’t die, my daughter can’t die I just found her.” Then Nathan will be like “Mel you can’t die on me” while he is trying to save her life. “I love you”. And Steph the bitch will be looking out the window and angry and hurt cuz she knows that Nathan doesn’t like her. Dame I’m really good. I think I should write this story.

  98. From LIKEiTis

    Omg I agree that this sydney thing is going on way way too long.
    however i dont think that the whole show is a piece of sh!t like some of u other viewers do i mean carbo is good together he finally moved on but still has to deal with hope. at one time bo was wrong but he loved carly and for most of you new viewers he married her.
    hope is just out of it but i do love her evil side but she could’ve did a million other things than kiss adrian.

  99. From renee

    I just can’t wait to sell what happen next week. I wish they would wrap one of the storyline up. They have got the baby storyline going on since before Christmas. And that is getting very old. Then the drug deal with EJ and Arianna. If we don’t watch they might make them two a couple. I hope the writers don’t miss up and get this show off the air like Passion.

  100. From twitchy

    I would think that Carly and Dr. Dan had an affair before Carly introduced him to his wife.
    Maybe one night of friendly passion?
    It seems that all of us are thinking the same thing.
    Why isn’t Rafe tailing EJ?
    Why does he believe him?
    Why isn’t Stefano tailing EJ?
    Come on.he is certainly not a stupid man, and he really believed the explanation about the medicine?
    Thats not Stefano!
    I think that the writers think we’re stupid!
    As far as Carly Bo, and Hope…I’m so sick of them.
    Hope is the one who broke up the marriage and played games, and it seems to me that if Carly wasn’t in the picture she would still be treating Bo the samew way.
    Justin is a hypocirte.Kissing Hope then yelling at Bo.He needs to go home to Adrian.
    I don’t understand why they decided not to renew Lucas’ contract…they need him now more than ever for Maggie, and they can hook him up with someone!
    And even tho some people don’t like Nicole, I am one who can’t wait for her to return.
    Wonder what they will have in store for her. I think she will be with Brady and EJ and Arianna will be 2gether.

  101. From Carol

    I have not been watching Days lately because like most of the other readers I am tired of the baby line story. They are making Rafe look like stupid to say the least. No one bothers to follow EJ not even Stefano come on Days lets wake up and give us more believable storylines. Does anyone out there know the true ages of Vivian and Kate? I for one would like to know more about Carly killing her husband and how that was covered up. I agree EJ and Arianna have great chemistry together.

  102. From Clear

    Yes, Twitchy! Yes,Carol! Writers, we are agreeing on what we like, dislike, how we feel, and what we hope to see! If feedback is important, we should see some things we want coming soon.

  103. From christina

    whatever happened with Shawn Jr. I know he went on a boating trip with Belle..Did I hear something that they were in a boating accident…and what about Marlena and John ? I wish they would bring Kristin back..the one married to Tony.

  104. From Eve

    I am so sick of everyone on the show berating Bo – its Hope that should get an ear full of advice – its hope that walked away from Bo. Wonder if Ciera will do with the info she over heard Bo and Carly talking.

  105. From nancy

    what ever happened to Nicole’s dog Pookey??

  106. From patsy

    WAY too much Carly for my teast.Shes on every day just like Nicole use to be More EJ SAMI RAFE please they,er not boreing to watch NO Arianne please don,t care for her with Brady or EJ .MAYBE rOMAN orJustin

  107. From patsy

    Everyone keeps saying that Rafe is boreing WILLmaybe if he forced Sami to have sex with him ,then force her to marry him and then have sex with her worst enemy and marries her worst enemy and have her stillher baby then people won,t think hes boreing.what do you think?

  108. From Wendy

    All I have to say is that the scenes with Bo and Carly today MADE ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. From DaffyTaffy 4 elvis

    …first off, who in maggie’s house is spying on bo in his own house via the computer..?…and how is ciara going to process her daddy making out with carly….i mean all ciara has been exposed to thanks to hope is the constant fighting between bo-n-hope…i bet ciara says something to carly like—”you make my daddy happy, all my mommy does is make him yell and get mad”… i bet ciara decides she wants to live with her daddy and not mommy…talk about a burning in hope’s gut…lol….that would be wicked good imho…————also, ej stated in an earlier show that he wanted sami to meet him by the underground tunnels…this is probably how he’s meeting anna undetected by watching eyes…[[ maybe ]]

  110. From Clear

    I assumed that Bo forgot to turn off the webcam? I’m sure Ciara will come out with the news at the worst possible time. I hadn’t thought of the tunnels–interesting?
    Hope was her stupid self as usual after making me think maybe she was going to turn a corner to find her way back to Bo. Instead she jumps to the worst conclusion, and will probably not even give Bo a chance to explain anything. She will assume the worst and think he’s the father no doubt. If she would keep her mouth shut and listen to him, she would have been in her home ionstead of Carly. I like Carly, but I would like to see Hope crawl on hands and knees back to Bo.

  111. From Kim

    Rafe is so not boring! And I seriously doubt that he would have to force any woman to have sex with him! Even if they hated his guts! Lol! EJ sucks!

    Love Carly, love Nicole, can’t wait for her return! Liking Melanie more and more everyday. Just how is EJ going to convince Sami and Rafe and Stefano that he is just going to leave town? He sure in hell isn’t going to take Johnny with him, Sami wouldn’t allow it. He doesn’t care about Johnny? Only his revenge against Sami and Stefano? Typical Dimera. I hope Anna rats him out to Rafe and Sami!

  112. From Brenda

    I wish someone would ask EJ if he would like some of the drugs he’s selling to be distributed to his daughter Sydney….

  113. From sharpshooter

    I think Anna is going to give in & tell. I think Ciera will say that Mel is Carlys daughter since she heard it on the cam. Good thing they weren’t doing any thing else nasty for Ciera to see. It would be like a porn sight. Maybe E.J. is setting Anna up to be the kidnapper. Then he will expose her and look like the rescuer. But then Ari heard her on the phone so she would know he was involved with Anna. But I think he is using Anna.

  114. From Millie

    I loved Caroline’s conversation with Bo. She really let him have it. Don’t get me wrong, I think Hope is not a victim and probably is getting what she deserved, but at the same time I have lost all respect for Bo. I can’t believe that in such short time, and using the excuse that he is just trying to help/protect Carly, he is sleeping with her and getting ready to ask her to move in. And he has the gall to criticize Hope for getting too close with Justin. At least Hope is trying not to use Justin, and is not sleeping with him. Also I don’t blame her for thinking that Carly’s daughter is Bo’s. Hope knows they share a secret and that secret is what got them together.

  115. From joy

    There is no way that Maggie can fill Marlena’s shoes as the queen of Days of Our Lives. BRING MARLENA BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. From Arlene

    Spoilers say that Ciera will shred some of Carly’s clothes after seeing her daddy kiss Carly.

  117. From barbie

    I loved Caroline ripping Bo a new one. I’m not defending Hope but it seems that he used her moving out as justfication to hop into bed with Carly. He is still legally married. Hope jumping to the conclusion that it’s his daughter seems to be right on, after all, he had a daughter with Billie too, plus he won’t trust her with the secret, as a woman, I’d jump to that same conclusion were it my husband. Then I’d cut his nuts off.

  118. From Donna

    OMG !!!! enough about Bo Carly and Sami. Its getting out of hand on Sidney now, my gosh bring her home please.She will be in school by the time the writers bring her home,put Steph back with the little wimp Phillip and let Mel and Ethan have a go with each other, it wont last…. nothing good last on DOOL come on now.nichole will be back soon what then dont tell me she’s the one thats gonna be the hero in the Sidney’s saga oh please, put her back with Brady he gets on my last nerves anyway.i’m so over all this crap.Writers please wrap up some of the story lines and move forward.

  119. From Jeanne

    Reading the comments on this blog is much more fun than watching DOOL has been. You guys are so invested!! I agree that the writers drag out the storylines way too much. First the baby switch and now the kidnapping. I am sick of Bo, Hope and Phillip. The bedroom scene between Bo and Carly made me want to barf! I cheer up when Victor is on. He has the best dialogue and makes me laugh with his jabs at people. I think Vivian is also funny to watch and has brought some life to the show. Nice clothes!!

  120. From Prairie

    I agree that Sami yells too much. It makes Allison look bad as an actor. Her character is being made to look really stupid and I think that is sad because Sami has always been clever with her schemes. Now she acts just plain stupid.

    As far as the Bo, Carly, Hope story I wished that they had brought in a different actress to play Carly but than they couldn’t have saved money by playing old footage now could they? To me there just isn’t any chemistry between them and I find it hard to believe that Bo would risk his family for her. Hope needs to give up on Bo and move on. After all the hurtful feelings I can’t see them two getting back together.

    The idea that Phillip would be in love with Melanie who has been portrayed as a teenager not too long ago is hard to believe. I feel he will soon be bored with her. I am.

  121. From daisy

    Is DOOL so poor they can’t give Phillip a decent hair style???? Ugh!!!!

  122. From Reeves

    What did they do to Kate’s hair. It’s ugly. please dye it to a nice rich color and leave the hair streaks out.

    As for Bo, Carly and Hope story. I am on Bo side. To bad Hope you left him and took his daughter.

    As for Melanie I hope she not
    Bo’s daughter that would be sick.

    I agree with you Jeanne.

  123. From Reeves

    What happen to Kate’s hair. Please change it to a nice rich color.

    As for Bo, Carly, Hope story, I am on Bo’s side. Sorry Hope but you left him and took his daughter. He better off with Carly.

    I hope Melanie is not Bo and Carly daughter, that would be sick.

    I agree with you Jeanne.

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