Days of Our Lives Video Clip: Anna’s Big Mouth.

Ari might not be an undercover agent anymore, but she still manages to stumble onto something.

While Rafe is leaving a sobbing Sami, EJ shows off pictures of Syd to Ari. When he steps out, she answers a call she shouldn’t have.

Check out this preview for Thursday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Kino

    Go ahead Anna, rat Elvis out to Arianna, so she can tell Sami what what’s really going on and end this horrible storyline. It’s sad that she trusts the wrong person, but at the same time it’s her fault. If she had trusted Rafe instead, he could’ve gotten the FBI involved, brought Sydney home and Elvis’ fraud would’ve been exposed by now.

  2. From Missy

    I, pray hope not. not right this sec. this storyline would be interesting, hang on tight bumpy ride let not have a jump bump. thanks,

  3. From Elizabeth

    I’ve been watching Days for about 35 years and have seen some really bad story lines, but Bo, that takes the cake. I can’t believe what they’ve done with his character. It is very sad!

  4. From Kino

    I hated this storyline since it started. Enough with it. Just end it fast so Sami doesn’t have to endure more pain of losing her biological daughter, Sydney, like she did with Grace(though she is Mia’s biological daughter, she still loved her and gave her a good home).

  5. From Mom of Four

    I have been a viewer of DAYS since my mom watched it back in the 70′s but I have to say this storyline with EJ is one of the worst I have seen. Does he want Sami back? Does he want Arianna? Where is this ridiculous story going? I’m losing patience watching this every day because I don’t think the writers of DAYS even know where this story line is heading..please..close it up already..move on or else more viewers are going to move on without DAYS.

  6. From dc

    i would love it if ari would finally take down ej.. with the kidnapping and deceit..
    and sami is so dumb not to realize what ej is doing to her. hopefully she will realize before rafe gets away..
    can’t wait until nicole is back.. maybe she will be tougher and take on ej..
    it’s time for the baby kidnapping to be over and sydney to be back with sami and hopefully rafe..
    i can see ari helping rafe on trying to get sydney back but ej may get in the way..

  7. From Lisa

    I hate EJ now than ever..come on, Arianna uncover the bastard’s secret!! And get Rafe and Sami together again! And come on Brady follow EJerk to Sydney…

  8. From Kino

    #4 & 5

    I agree, end this travesty already and come up with new storylines. Bring Rafe and Sami back together and send Elvis to jail with Nicole so she can slap him around.

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