Days of Our Lives Video Clip: I Know Somebody, Who Knows Somebody, Who…

“I know somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody who knows where Sydney is.”

EJ tries to reassure Sami by explaining how huge his criminal organization is.

Check out this video preview for Wednesday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Missy

    please bring ej sami,rebound to bk to trust ea other. this storyline needs to go. love days & love the drama, big drama. for them to reunion to be together. make it wk
    keep doing a good days ahead. thanks,

  2. From Kino

    Forget it, missy. After all the hell that Elvis inflicted on Sami, plus the many more he will put her through, she should wise up and tell Rafe to get the FBI involved already so they can end this travesty. I hope Anna feels guilty about keeping Sydney hostage because of him that she reaffirms her hatred for the Dimeras and betrays him by returning her to her mother. I hope Sami goes spitfire and smacks Elvis around for what he’s done and force him to confess to his fraud. Then, let him go to jail and deal with Nicole’s anger when she learns about his fraud. Elvis is a Dimera and he will never change. He is a rapist and a drug lord. Just bring Rafe and Sami back together by having him tell her what really happened to his fiancee, Emily, and why he was trying to keep her from snooping around his past. That way she will finally understand that he really loves her and just didn’t want her to suffer the same fate like Emily did.

  3. From raymoone

    Because this is a soap, a story of fiction, it is ok for us EJ/Sami fans to want them to be together. THe character of EJ has done dastardly things, as have most soap characters (this isn’t The Waltons)but his chemistry with Sami is undeniable, and often times we care about people in real life, warts and all. And thank goodness they care about us in return, complete with our own shortcomings and disgraces.

  4. From Cali

    I love Sami and EJ.. They are the only reason I watch Days. Sami and Rafe make my skin crawl. For some reason folks tend to forget all of the things Sami has done.. and she has done some evil stuff in her day. Sami and EJ make a great couple. When EJ was with Sami there was a diffrent side to him and then she was in WP and came home and lied and hid stuff and could not man up and it blew up in her face. Ej is just paying Sami back for the Grace thing as well as not telling him she was even pregnant. I can understand her being afraid of Stephano but EJ… Come On… He had a right to know and she should not have hid it. I dont believe it is kidnapping as she is his child and had they had yet worked out a legal and binding custody agreement. I do believe this will come back to EJ but I am sure he will charm his way out of it by telling Samantha he had the same fears as she did. all the while thinking to himself also he did not want Rafe playing daddy to another one of his children which I can understand.

  5. From Lisa

    When this will ever end!? I want Sami sees what a snake EJerk is!

  6. From Kino


    I agree, I’m already tired of this and Sami should wise up and see what an asshole Elvis really is

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