Days of Our Lives Video Clip: Maybe Things Will Be Different.

Sami and Rafe say a sad farewell.

Although they can’t be together anymore, Sami tries to part on a positive note with the man who still refuses to rest until he finds her daughter.

Check out this preview for Friday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Will things be different?

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  1. From Kino

    Oh come on, Sami is so stupid in letting herself get more vulnerable to Elvis’ torment. As soon as Anna rats him out to Arianna, she’ll go to Sami and smack some sense into her by telling her what’s really going on and how she made a terrible mistake in trusting the wrong person to find Sydney because her ex-husband is an untrustworthy slimeball. Then, Sami will feel very angry and betrayed that he has played her for a fool. She’ll go back to her spitfire, scheming ways(this time for a good reason) by finding Rafe and tells him to get the FBI involved so they can bring Sydney home and expose Elvis’ fraud.

  2. From Missy

    don’t think so love him to get away
    w/ this let him pretend that he, doesn’t know anna. & pretend that sydney, is really w/ anna. I, would love rafe, be as in a guide for his another sister gabby out in the olympics. thanks,

  3. From Kino

    forget it. When Arianna learns the truth about Elvis’ fraud kidnapping, this horrid storyline better end soon. I hate how long they’ve dragged it on and I have no interest in it now. Just let Sami find out that Elvis is really tormenting her by keeping Sydney away from her, because he still wants her to pay for Grace’s death since she kept her away from him. Even though she wasn’t their biological daughter, Sami still loved her and gave her a good home with her family.

  4. From dc

    sami is so stupid (about believing ej and letting rafe leave).. someone needs to smakc some sense in to sami..
    i think arianna will tell someone about that phone call she accidentally took and mention anna’s name..
    maybe brady and ari together will find sydney and implicate ej.. but wait ej is a dimera and will find some way to get out of it..
    this kidnapping thing is getting as bad as the baby switch..

  5. From Kino

    I agree. It has gone on long enough. Elvis is just torturing Sami with Sydney’s kidnapping because he wants her to pay for Grace’s death. When Brady and Arianna finds the truth, let her wise up and go back to her spitfire, scheming ways. This time Sami has a good reason to do so because she’s doing it for Sydney.

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