General Hospital Spoilers For February 1-5.

The fallout hits Port Charles.

As if things couldn’t get any more difficult, Jason receives another weird and menacing message from Franco. He puts that aside for the moment to deal with the chaos which is filling the town. As Sonny beats himself up about shooting his own son, Stone Cold does his best to convince him to flee the country before it’s too late. Sam steps up to do what she can to protect him as well.

As Dante struggles to stay alive, on more than one front, Johnny stands by Olivia to offer his support, in spite of her betrayal. A brush with death hasn’t softened Dante though. He doesn’t waste time telling her how furious he is at her for all of her lies. All the same, he bands together with his mother to lie for Sonny’s sake. Will this be enough to save Dante? Luke is already dreading what could happen to Lulu for her part in all of this.

Meanwhile, Michael confesses to Kristina that he’s actually the one who killed Claudia. While he attempts to figure out his next move, Alexis accidentally makes his choice much more complicated. And other residents of Port Charles are also struggling with the truth. Jax tells Carly about his involvement with Dante and the plan to take Sonny down. She doesn’t take it well and walks out on him. Across town, Lucky continues to crumble after having his heart torn out by Elizabeth. He decides that the only way forward is to turn his back on her.

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  5 responses so far...

  1. From raymoone

    Laura needs to come back to Port Charles to help her family out (and to give us Luke and Laura fans something to hold on to for the next few years until Genie Francis comes back again. Tony Geary is never as good as he is with Genie Francis…and he is a very good actor.

  2. From Missy

    I, am a luke laura fan love for
    them to come bk as in a supercouple. I,m not a huge fan of luke & tracy. love for laura, to remarry her true love always luke.

  3. From Sunni

    Bring back Laura and Dirty old Scottie!!!!! Those were the good old days. Go back to the Brownstonem, there was always drama there, miss ya Bobbie

  4. From AJ

    I am absolutely glad that Luke and Laura are not together. I watched this soap since the 70s including the episode where he raped Laura, their relationship is way too twisted for me. Ya just don’t fall for your rapist! Scottie was a decent character until the writers vilified him to no end in bad storyline after another.

    The Cassidines, Quartermaines, and Webbers need to be the focus of the soap, am also tired of all the mob stories.

  5. From sollatina

    Have to say I loved this storyline with Dante and Sonny and Friday’s showdown was the best Acting and deserving of a Emmy I always loved Sonny’s will always be a Maurice Benard fan Now I will be a fan of Dante aswell.

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