General Hospital Spoilers For January 27-28.

Someone is about to go down.

Following Michael’s accusations, Jason and Spinelli begin to dig into Dominic. After a chat with Sonny’s housekeeper, Jason’s suspicions only grow. Finally, it is Spinelli who gives Stone Cold and Sonny the evidence that Dominic is indeed an undercover operative who has come to take them down. Sonny orders Jason to make sure that Dominic has a fatal “accident” before Josslyn’s christening.

Across town, Johnny can barely believe it when Olivia admits to him that she turned to Dante’s superiors in a bid to have him removed from the case. He accuses her of attempting to save Sonny and walks out on her. She’s not the only person afraid of what Sonny’s downfall could mean either. Jax tells her that he’s worried that the fallout from Sonny’s arrest could destroy his family. While he furrows his brow, Carly perkily continues planning Josslyn’s christening.

As everyone prepares for chaos, Dante admits that it seems like a relationship with Lulu will be impossible after what’s about to happen. All the same, Lulu refuses to let him push her out of his life. Ronnie tells him that the arrest warrant has come through but Dante insists on waiting until after Josslyn’s christening to make the arrest.

Over at the hospital, Nikolas takes a fragile Elizabeth away after she has been publicly destroyed. Luke confesses to Tracy how worried he is about Lucky’s fall from the wagon and Patrick gushes to Steve about what a great doctor Lisa is.

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  1. From Missy

    bring steve hook up w/ lisa. patrick, saves his marriage to robin. hopefully, He, could go to see her in paris, I, think. they all need a vacation esp patrick.

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