General Hospital Weekly Summary For January 18-22.

Dante gets a new enemy.

Maxie managed to distract the lab tech so that Spinelli could slip in and get a glimpse of the forensics results. It turned out that one of Sonny’s hairs was found at the cabin and placed him at the scene of Claudia’s death. While Spinelli vowed to try and find a way out of this, Sonny decided to take Jason out of the fray. Jason was still convinced that his boss’ plan to frame Franco for Claudia’s death would be a disaster. He tipped Johnny off about Sonny’s plan and stayed at home to stew. Michael soon dropped by to tell him that his mother was on her way over to ask him to be Josslyn’s godfather. When she showed up and asked him, he was reluctant to let another of her children get involved with him, but she wouldn’t accept his refusal. She also asked Lulu to be godmother.

Dante told Ronnie about hearing Sonny and Michael discussing Claudia’s killing. Though Dante was sure that this proved Sonny was guilty, he still had misgivings about turning a son against his own father. He also had serious issues with what bringing Sonny down could do to Lulu. Johnny warned the couple what it could mean and Dante took it to heart. In spite of Lulu’s protests, he ended things with her. She cried herself to sleep. The next day, she bumped into him and they couldn’t stop themselves from flirting again. Lulu went to work and finally admitted to Maxie that she had fallen in love with Dominic. Meanwhile, Dante admitted to Johnny that he’d fallen completely in love with Lulu, even though he knew it was impossible for them to have a relationship. His relationship with Sonny abruptly changed when the mob boss informed him that he was considering handing his empire over to him. When Michael heard about it, he was shocked and incredibly angry. He blew up at Dominic, warning him that he would never allow him to usurp what he believes to be his rightful inheritance. Sonny came in and calmed his son. Michael went straight to Jason and told him about Dominic’s rise to favor. Jason calmed him down and sent him home. As Michael trudged through the snow, he managed to walk by Dante as he was speaking to Johnny and heard him mention that he was a cop. Meanwhile, following an earlier tip from Lucky, Jason questioned Maxie about what she saw on the night of Claudia’s death. She promised to help shield Michael and say that she only saw Sonny.

Lucky arrived at Wyndemere only to spot Elizabeth and Nikolas making love in the turret room. He quickly turned and left, leaving Nikolas to tell her how much he loved her… but he still planned to leave for Paris so that she could be happy with his brother. Lucky went home and smashed things up before loading his gun and tracking the Prince down at the airport. He convinced his brother that he needed him to stay and be a part of his life. He then turned to Elizabeth and told her that he couldn’t lose her or his brother. After he trudged off to the Haunted Star and cracked open a bottle of whiskey, Liz and Nikolas joined together to feel horrible for what they did. Once again, she said that it had to be over between them. Ethan figured out that his half-brother had been drinking and tipped Lulu off. Lucky didn’t deny it when she confronted him, though he didn’t explain why. As he drank the night away, Luke returned. Lucky spilled his guts to him and then stalked across town. He found Nikolas and Liz at her place and confronted them for betraying him.

Meanwhile, Edward bustled around and informed Monica and Tracy that his great granddaughter Maya Ward and her little sister Zoe would soon be coming to live with them. Over at the hospital, a young couple was brought in following a crash. The woman had to undergo a lot of surgery and might never walk again. The man confessed to Patrick that he wouldn’t be sticking around for her. This brought back painful memories for the doctor about the crash he was once in with Lisa and how he treated her.

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