The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Summary For January 18 – 22.

The war rages on.

The Hope for the Future campaign got underway with Graham Darros taking test shots of Hope. The photographer told his young model he originally anticipated shooting all the Logan women, but was now excited to focus his attention on her. They later met at Insomnia to go over her photos and ran into Steffy, who agreed the pictures were good. After Graham left, the young ladies met the coffee shop’s new DJ, Oliver, who also happened to be Sandy’s brother. Olivier took special notice of Hope and vice versa.

While Graham cozied up to Hope and Steffy, Sandy told Whip about her rape. Together with Nick, they looked up Graham online in order to find him so they could question him about the party five years ago. Upon seeing his photo, Sandy had a flashback to her photo shoot with him and got emotional.

Ridge spent the week frustrated over the Logans taking over Forrester. He and Brooke debated the issue and just as they found some common ground, Brooke invited Katie and Donna over for dinner, which sent Ridge over the edge. Instead of coming home to break bread with his in-laws, he called Taylor for support. After spending the evening with Whip who told her she deserved better than Ridge, Taylor invited her ex over where he told her he had been making the same mistake for years and kissed her.

Bill caught Justin up on what happened with Steffy, but assured him nothing would happen because he had everything under control. Later, Steffy and Katie pressed him to choose which campaign he wanted to go with and he sided with his CEO. Katie was pleased, but Steffy fumed. Privately Steffy asked Bill to put her in charge of FC because the company was part of her and her family’s soul.

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